Hotel Room for Two

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Hotel Room for TwoScene: Very attractive young woman is working in an office, sitting at her desk. Long blonde hair. She wears a skirt mid-thigh. Moderate heels. She has a knit shirt on that barely reaches the skirt. She’s new out of college. She stands and walks to the whiteboard and is drawing a design on it. we’re watching from her back. When she raises her arm above her head, we see her shirt pull up and show some skin.Her boss walks into the office. Her boss is blonde, mid-20s, really stunning. 33C breasts. She’s very professionally dressed. Her skirt is a little above the knees and wears a blouse and jacket. But the skirt fits her snugly enough to show off a nice figure. She smiles and asks “How’s the work coming that I gave to you, Ashley”Ashley stops writing and smiles at her boss. “Good morning, Claudia. I stayed a little late last night to finish most of it. I think you’re going to like it a lot.”“I’m sure I will, and that’s what I came to talk to you about. You’ve been my most valuable employee since you joined my team when you got out of college last summer. Our project is ahead of schedule and has higher approval ratings than anything we’ve ever delivered before.”“I love working here and working for you Claudia.”“You know that our big electronics trade show is scheduled in two weeks. The Leadership Team just asked me to go and represent the company and give a keynote presentation.”“That’s so awesome! You’ll do wonderful!”“Thanks, Ash. It’s good for you, too, because I told the LT that you’ve been the key to our success. I want you to come along, and the Team agreed with me. You’ll get to speak directly to our customers and hear what direction they want us to take with our products, and it’ll give you good exposure in our industry.”“Thank you. Thank you, of course I’ll go. it’s so exciting.”“Here’s what I need you to do immediately. The hotel connected to the conference center always fills completely. We want to stay at the hotel so we have easy access. I need you to call this morning and book two rooms for us. Book it on my company card.”“Got it. Thank you again for inviting me!”“Okay, I have to run to get to my next meeting. I’ll be back after lunch and you can show me your new plans.”Claudia leaves and we see Ashley at her while she hurries down the hallway. Ashley u*********sly is running her tongue over her lips. She goes to sit at her desk and we see her visiting a website. She picks up the phone, dials it, and then hangs up. She slowly nods her head at the plan she’s concocting. She picks up the phone again and calls the hotel.We hear her side of the conversation.“Hello, I’m calling to make a reservation.”“It’s for the electronics show in January.”“I need 1 room, please, on an upper floor.” She leans back in her chair and is pinching her breast through her shirt with her free hand. No, I’d rather have a single bed, please. Thank you.”The scene fades out while she’s saying that she’ll arrive on Sunday night and check out Wednesday morning.2nd scene is a hotel room like at a Marriott or Sheraton illegal bahis or Hilton. The door opens and the girls walk in with a suitcase each. Claudia enters first. Claudia is wearing something similar to the first scene. Ashley wears jeans and a blouse. Claudia is saying “Ashley, you’ve got to stop apologizing. It’s not your fault. They made a mistake but there’s nothing that can be done about it. The hotel’s full, but they promised to move us if there’s a cancellation.”“Claudia, I’m so sorry for this.”“Stop and don’t say that again. I think we girls can manage to room together in a hotel for three nights. It’s not like we hate each other.”They hang up their coats and carry the suitcases to different parts of the room. We see them open the suitcases and take out clothes to hang. Claudia is saying “And don’t start apologizing again for the delays at the airport. We got here a lot later than I wanted and we have to be up early in the morning to make sure the company literature and equipment arrived at the booth. I’m going straight to bed and I’m ordering you to do go to bed, too.”Ashley starts to say “I’m sorry” but cuts it off. “I’ve been worried about how to tell you this ever since they told us we had to share a room. I didn’t pack any pajamas. Ashley faces away from Claudia but towards the camera and slowly removes her blouse, and she has a sexy bra underneath. “Oh, Ash, I guess we’re in the same boat. I sleep nude. I just can’t fall asleep with anything touching me. I’m glad you’re the same way. I was worried that I’d be making you uncomfortable.”Ashley quickly turns to face Claudia and smiles and then tries to hide her grin. “Like you said, I think we can manage for three nights if we have to.” She takes off her bra. She keeps looking towards Claudia to see if Claudia is staring but Claudia is looking over some papers she had in her suitcase. Ashley takes off her pants and stands facing Claudia and smiling. She’s wearing the tiniest thong you can find. Her smile starts to fade as Claudia looks up and then looks back at the paper. Ashley expected Claudia to be overcome with desire here and come kiss her.Claudia looks up again. “Is something wrong”“Um. No. I was just thinking about tomorrow”. She pulls down the covers and gets in the bed. She lies on her back and pulls up the sheet.Claudia puts down the papers and starts to undress. “It looks like the first event is at 8. We can have breakfast downstairs at 7:30 so let’s plan to get up at 5:30.” Claudia removes her blouse and skirt and hangs them. She has modest underwear. She takes off her bra and panties and stands there while she looks at the schedule again.Ashley is staring at Claudia as she strips and clearly is getting uncomfortable under the covers and squirming. We can tell she’s trying to rub her pussy without Claudia knowing. Claudia walks into the bathroom and closes the door. Now we can tell that Ashley is urgently masturbating under the sheet. The door opens and Ashley abruptly stops but is still squirming. Claudia asks “do you mind if i illegal bahis siteleri leave the light on in the bathroom. I hate to get up in the dark in a strange place.”Ashley’s just staring at Claudia the whole time. She finally realizes Claudia asked her a question. “Anything you want.”Claudia walks to the bedside table right next to Ashley and sets the alarm on the clock. Ashley is staring at the pussy in her face and rubs herself again under the covers while Claudia is concentrating on the clock. Ashley turns her head to watch as Claudia walk to the other side of the bed. Claudia takes the sheet and says “I just can’t sleep with anything touching me so I have to pull down the covers. Do you mind?”Ashley sighs because she knows she won’t be able to hide her fingers with the covers down. She lies on her back and Claudia pulls the covers to the bottom of the bed and gets in. She lies on her side facing Ashley. “Good night, Ash.” Claudia closes her eyesAshley can’t say anything. She’s staring at Claudia’s breasts and trying not to squirm much. She has her hands folded together under her breasts but her legs are still moving a little like she’s trying to rub herself just with her legs. She sighs and rolls over with one hand under her. She thinks maybe she can slowly finger herself while Claudia is falling asleep. She turns her head so she can stare at Claudia’s breasts.Ashley’s using her hand under her to finger herself and it’s making the bed move. Claudia opens her eyes. “I’ve never seen you this jumpy. You must really be excited about tomorrow.” She waits for Ashley to reply but Ashley can’t talk. She just just stares at Claudia’s breasts. “Will it help if I rub your backAfter a long pause Ashley says “yes.”Claudia starts to rub her shoulders. We hear Ashley’s breathing become faster and heavier as Claudia’s caress moves to Ashley’s lower back. This is making Ashley even more excited and she realizes it was a mistake to let Claudia rub her back. As Claudia starts rubbing at the bottom of Ashley’s back, just above her ass, Ashley says “I don’t think I need any more rubbing.”Claudia says “You are so tense, Ash, and I know the problem. I don’t know how you can be comfortable wearing wet panties.” as she says that she slides her fingers below the thong and into her pussy. Ashley gasps and starts to roll over. As she does, Claudia kisses her open mouth and her tongue finds Ashley’s tongue. When Claudia lifts her head, Ashley tries to maintain the kiss. Ashley says “fuck me! I want you so much.”Claudia sits up and pushes her away. “Just wait, Ash. When you booked this room, the confirmation message came to my email and I wondered what you were up to. I’ve been watching you for the last month and I’ve seen how you stare at me. How you try to look up my skirt and be so discreet about it. You’re a very naughty girl, Ash, to disobey and lie to your boss and try to manipulate her. Do you know how I’m going to punish a naughty girls like that?”“You mean I’m fired”“No! I can’t fire my sexiest employee. My girl canlı bahis siteleri I know who’s going to do whatever I want sexually.” Ashley is licking her lips and fingering herself again. “Take off that thong and go stand up over there and bend over so your palms are on the bed. You’re going to get a spanking for being so bad.”Ashley looks horrified. “You can’t spank me. I’ve never had a spanking before. I quit.”Claudia spreads her legs and fingers herself for Ashley to watch. “You won’t quit because after the spanking, you’ll get what you want more than anything else.”Ashley is staring at Claudia’s pussy and fingering herself faster. Her thong has disappeared inside her, under her fingers. “I’ll do anything you ask, just have sex with me.”“Yes, my little Ashley. I told you what to do already.”Ashley practically rips off the thong to get it off and bends over with her ass out. Claudia stands behind her and rubs her ass then spanks each cheek twice. Not very hard but enough to show she’s serious about this – it isn’t just a love tap for show. Then she reaches between Ashley’s legs to rub her from behind. Ashley starts to stand up. “Stay down, this is just a little break so you won’t get discouraged.” Ashley bends back over. Claudia spanks her five more times on each cheek and rubs her some more. Ashley is moaning and grinding her hips. Then Claudia spanks each cheek 5 more times. “Now you can turn around.”Ashley turns around and Claudia grabs her closely and they kiss. All Claudia will do is touch Ashley’s face and play with her hair and her breasts. “Since you’ve been teasing me so badly, you have to satisfy me first. Suck on my tits.” Ashley licks and kisses and sucks on them. “Very good. Now, my little love slave, kneel down and eat me.” Ashley does this and Claudia has an orgasm. “Do it again in the bed. Claudia lies on her back and spreads wide for Ashley to lick her and give her another orgasm.” Ashley asks “is it my turn?”“What did you say, slave?”“Is it my turn, please?”“Tell me how badly you want it. And remember that I’m the boss.”“Oh, please, boss, I love you so much. I’ve wanted you ever since you interviewed me. Every day I watch you and go home and dream about you. I love peeking down your blouse and thinking about your gorgeous and sexy body. Thank you for being a sexy boss. Thank you for being the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. Thank you for bringing me to this conference. Thank you for letting me see your naked body. Thank you for punishing me and rubbing my pussy. Thank you for letting me touch your sexy body. Thank you for letting me taste your sexy body. Thank you for letting me make you cum. I want to give you more orgasms every day. Please, please, please, boss, let me cum. Please let me cum. Please let me cum.” Ashley keeps repeating this and her hands are moving up and down over Claudia’s body while she pleads.“I love you, too, slave. You are so sexy and I will take care of you as long as you always obey me. Eat me again. and put your sexy pussy in my face so I can lick you like I’ve been waiting for ever since you made this reservation. And I also promise you that we’re going to have wonderful lunch breaks in the office from now on and fun happy hours after work.”They 69 until they fall asleep exhausted, pussies in each other’s face.”