Holiday in Spain With Mum

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Holiday in Spain With MumMark looked at his mother’s naked body through the crack in the door.Their holiday in Spain had been arranged to take Helens minds off work A fortnight in Spain. “Let’s recharge the batteries,” she’d said, “and just chill – you and me, the sun, the sea and the sand.”In Mark’s mind the added ingredient of “…and the sex” also sprang forward, as he looked forward to the opportunity of meeting nubile young girls stretched out on a Spanish beach, by the hotel pool or, maybe, even in disco.Four days in and it became clear that there was little or no action of that sort available. The few young women there had boyfriends, the rest of the local resident and tourist population being well over 40. “So much for getting away out of season,” he complained to himself.He certainly didn’t want to burden his frustrations on his mother who after the first 48 hours was starting to unwind and look better than she had for years, soaking up the sun at every opportunity. She had even now switched from her all-in-one swimsuit to a pale blue bikini, skimpy in the extreme.Mark realised that he had never taken on board what a good looking woman his mother was, and as he lay beside her by the pool, he became aware of the effect that her body was having on his. As he ran his eye across her breasts, full and beautiful at the age of 32, her perfectly shaped bottom and fantastically long legs, he felt his cock harden.Two thoughts instantly crossed his mind. One said, “What are you doing? It’s your mother!” while the other wondered why he had never been aware of her like this before. He answered the latter by recalling the shapeless floppy sweaters and old-fashioned jeans that she seemed to wear every canlı bahis day.If Helen noticed his physical response to her, she didn’t let on, but that night, in their hotel suite, Mark found himself peeking through the crack in her door to watch her change. After coming back from the pool, she’d showered and after towelling herself dry had applied some after-sun lotion. Now she was about to dress and she apparently absent-mindedly turned towards the door as she went to pull on her knickers.She glanced up as she turned and saw him. She opened the door before he could move.“Mark! What are you doing?”“S-s-sorry, Mum, I couldn’t help it.”“And what’s all that about?” she pointed at his erection poking forwards in his swimming trunks.Before he could move his hands to cover, she reached forward and grabbed the waistband of his trunks. She reached inside and took his cock in her hand. She looked him in the eyes.“Did looking at my body really do this?”“Y-yes.”“I don’t know what to say, Mark. I am your mother, but I am so flattered that my body should turn you on like this. Can I – er, we – do something about it?”She pulled his trunks down so that they were both naked.Running her hands all over his firm, young body, she whispered softly,”Without another word, she pulled him towards her and she sat back on the bed. She pulled him by his buttocks until his hard young cock was directly in front of her face. Licking it first round the helmet, she then engulfed that end of it inside her lips. Slowly she edged the entire shaft into her mouth and sucked gently but urgently as though she hadn’t tasted anything like it for years, which was not far from the truth.Her just moaned quietly as her hands caressed bahis siteleri and massaged his balls, particularly the spot just beneath the sack that she knew would turn him on. She sucked and licked and took him even further in to her throat.She felt him tense and his cock buck slightly in her mouth before it began to pump from somewhere deep inside him. She felt the hot, sweet, spunk hit the roof of her mouth, then her throat, then flow down into her and she loved every minute of it. He seemed to cum forever, unloading all his teenage frustration into her.Slowly she licked his shaft clean and wiped her lips on his knob as, still erect, she slipped it out of her mouth.She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. She didn’t know whether he would follow her lead, but it didn’t matter. Her hairy cunt was soaked through and she knew she could bring herself off in no time. Her fingers played across her clit and she shuddered involuntarily. She opened herself slowly and smiled as she felt his fingers enter her – first one, then another, then another. She gently guided them so that he was on her spot and then her knees went, her tummy tightened, her back arched and she surrendered to a pumping, soaring, mind-blowing orgasm that seemed to go on for several minutes. She probably came at least three times, maybe even five.Just as she was regaining her senses she felt him move on to the bed in front of her. Looking up she knew from the almost glazed expression in his eyes what was going to happen. Her son was going to fuck her. Making each other cum as they had was one thing, this was crossing the forbidden line once and for all.“Be sure,” she said to herself, but out loud, “be sure it’s what you want.”Mark bahis şirketleri clearly didn’t hear. He was lost in a fog of lust and desire, a young man with strength she couldn’t match and a cock so hard and beautiful again she really wanted it inside her.Helen knew there was nothing she could do to stop him.She spread her legs again as she felt him push inside her. God, it felt so good to have a cock in her cunt again. And so hard! Soon she was as out of control of her senses as he was of his. He pushed his head onto her breasts and sucked on her nipples. That never failed to drive her mad and she wanted him more.In and out he drove his cock until she could hold on no longer. She had wanted them to cum together but he showed no sign of doing so and she couldn’t contain herself. Moaning loudly and trembling with every powerful surge she felt the ripples run the length of her body and still he wasn’t spent.She thought of something that she knew would bring him off. Holding his cock, she eased him out of her, turned on to her stomach beneath him and guided her back into her cunt so that he was fucking her doggy style. Not only did that make him even more excited, it meant his knob end was pushing against her spot and she felt herself cumming yet again. As she felt him tense up, she knew she was going to cum with him and let the waves of orgasm flood her once more and she felt his hot spunk filling her inside. Covered in perspiration, they lay side by side and closed their eyes. She woke first, after about an hour, and lay looking at him for a good half-hour more. “Mum…?”Before he could say anymore, she reached across and kissed him.“No,” she said quietly, “not Mum. Not anymore when we are alone together. It’s Helen from now on. From now on, you are my lover and that is how we are going to live.”Six months after their holiday they moved to a small village where no-one knew them or any of their history.