Her Irish Neighbor Ch. 03

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Dear Readers,

This is the last installment of Her Irish Neighbor series. If you would like me to continue with their children I would be happy to do so. I’m also going to be posting some excerpts from novels I have started and new stories. Thank you for following along. I have relished immensely falling in love with these characters and shaping their future. I apologize for the long wait, so here it is, enjoy!

Yours truly,


The wedding hadn’t gone as planned.

No, the caterer ran late, causing the reception to be delayed, there was a spot on Cassie’s veil, and her parents were not able to make it due to her father having a heart attack.

Luckily her brother had shown up, saving Sean’s father from doing the honor of walking her down the flower laden and fairy lit aisle.

But Cassie refused to cry, even after she stepped on her Cathedral veil, ripping the seam at her crown, almost tearing her tiara off her perfectly done plait.

Worrying her pink glossed lips, Cassie thought if her father was okay. She had learned of his heart attack two days before the wedding and she cried. Sean tried everything he could to console her but there was simply nothing to be done.

Every girl and woman wants their father to walk them down the aisle, to give them away to their future, to change their name.

Sean came up with the idea to have a separate ceremony in the states, being that they were in Ireland, so her family could see.

Cassie poked her head around the two perfectly placed trees and saw that her side of the ceremony was nearly empty; the weathered benches, made to look old, had only two filled while Sean’s was nearly full. Only a few family members were able to make it, including her brother, and a select handful of friends, not counting her bridesmaids.

Taking a deep breath, Cassie asked Leah, her maid of honor, “How do I look?”

With tears in her eyes, Leah nodded, her short bob bouncing, while blubbering, “You look beautiful!”

Leah and Cassie had been neighbors and best friends ever since they were born, literally. Their parents used to joke of how Leah would pull on Cassie’s hair when she was a baby while Cassie would throw her pacifier or bottle at Leah’s head. And they were never separated since.

Her other best friends, Miley and Tara, were there also, posing as her bridesmaids. She had met them while in college; her and Tara graduated at the same time while Miley was still in school. Miley had recently broken up with her fiancé, and the man she’d been sleeping with for the past couple of weeks, who fawned over her every day, made the trip with her, not wanting to be away from her.

Cassie took a deep breath and put a smile on her well done made up face and hooked her arm through her brother’s.


Sean stood near the white arch that had hanging lilies and small white flowers he couldn’t name.

He’d been holding his breath ever since the night before, not caring about his party or the way his friends checked out the bridesmaids as they walked down the aisle. No, all he could focus on was the entrance and how he couldn’t wait to see his future wife.

He closed his eyes for a moment until the cue for the bride to walk down the aisle started playing from the live orchestra set far enough back to where they wouldn’t overpower the ceremony.

Sean’s eyes opened and his breath halted while his heart beat uncontrollably.

She was beautiful, gorgeous, striking in her simple white dress with a lace overlay. Her sash around her waist matched the colors she had chosen: pale pink and ivory.

Words can’t describe how she looked to Sean.

Their eyes were only on each other as John escorted her.

Sean couldn’t wait to get his hands on her.


It felt like hours to Sean as the priest went on and on. He wasn’t even paying attention to what Father George was saying. All he saw and felt was Cassie. Her sweet perfume was carried on the light breeze in the Irish Spring. He wanted so desperately to get closer to her, to feel her warm, trembling body near his.

Immediately his trouser pants became tight.

He didn’t care if anyone saw the obvious bulge in his pants. Hell, it’s been almost a week since they last made love, purposely waiting to make tonight special, their wedding night. Fuck the admonishing glares and the nasty coughs.

He only shrugged as his eyes were glued to Cassie’s.

Her bottom lip was quivering and she bit it at least a hundred times, only turning him on even more. It took every ounce of his energy to not grab and take her right here, right now.

After the passing and receiving of the rings and the lighting of the matrimonial candles, it was finally time to kiss her.

He couldn’t wait to taste those buttery soft, supple lips.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride,” Father George recited and smiled, like he’d done a thousand other times.

Sean grabbed Cassie’s arm roughly, maybe a little too rough considering the surprised perabet gasp she gave, and kissed her, tongue and all.

She moaned into his mouth, just as greedy and ready as ever.

“I love you, Cassie McCauley,” he whispered after they spent enough time devouring one another.

“I love you,” she whispered back.

After that, they took their first steps as husband and wife.


At the reception they danced and drank.

It was a party to the newlyweds.

Their hungry eyes constantly undressed one another, and they never strayed too far apart, keeping in close contact.

When it came time for their first dance, Sean kept Cassie close, letting her feel him through his tuxedo, wanting her to know just how much he loves her and needs her.

“Baby, I don’t think I can wait any longer,” he pleaded in her ear, making sure the guests couldn’t hear his attempts of speeding the night up.

Cassie tilted her head back and smiled letting the song she figured would be right for their first dance, “Cross my heart,” by George Strait, fill her mind.

Sean wasn’t a country fan, preferring his old rock and hard rock, but he loved the way Cassie’s eyes had lit up when she heard this song on the compilation cd made for wedding music. And so he agreed.

His fingers twisted in the sheer material that housed her luscious curves. He really could not wait.

And so, once their song was over and the clapping was done, he whisked her off the dance platform and onto the green grass. The sun was just setting, giving them the perfect chance to be hidden beneath the cover of the dim lights and low trees.

Pushing her up against a large tree away from the chatter and spectators, Sean kissed his new bride with all the energy he could muster.

“Sean, we should wait!” Cassie squealed as Sean’s fingers teased the halter of her dress.

“Baby please? We’ve got every night for the rest of our lives to take it slow. It’s our wedding for Christ’s sake,” Sean leaned in to nibble on her neck, right below ear where he knew she loved to be touched.

Cassie moaned, rolling her head back on the bark of the tree. She was at a crossroads. On one hand, she wanted to, and on the other, risk being caught. She shrugged and nodded.

Sean groaned and used a hand to bunch her dress up enough to where his fingers skimmed her panty line. Cassie shuddered, just as anxious to come as he was. Sean dipped his fingers beneath the sheer fabric of her thong, feeling how ready she was for him. With his mouth still on her neck, Sean inserted two fingers, letting them sink in fully, loving how tight she was after almost a week of not touching one another.

“Oh, baby,” Sean whispered as he trailed his mouth down her neck over her dress. He needed to taste her.

Dropping to his knees, Sean’s head disappeared under skirt. He used his tongue to flick over her clit that was just as engorged as his cock. Cassie’s hands gripped the tree behind her as his tongue started a rhythm that had her panting and cheeks reddening.

“Hey! I found them!” That was one of Sean’s friends, Aden.

Cassie’s head jerked towards him just as Sean’s fingers entered her once more. “Sean!” She fiercely whispered which he took as encouragement.

“Looks like they’re ready for the garter toss!” Aden yelled, of course, he knew better.

She tapped Sean on the shoulder discreetly as all of their guests gathered around.

“Fuck,” Sean grumbled as they cheered him on.

He knew she was so close and started flicking his tongue faster while his fingers thrust harder. Cassie bucked under his touch and bit her lip to keep from crying out. She cleared her throat as her orgasm took her hard and tried to put herself to rights before Sean reappeared with her pale pink garter.

Sean looked at his, literally, blushing bride and winked. To the guests, it looked like he was trying to retrieve his beloved’s undergarment, having a bit of trouble getting it down her thigh and over her knee and careful not to rip it on the heel of her high heels.

The guests clapped and hurrahed and whistled

Sean gathered all the single men and tossed the garter over his shoulder.

And who so happened to catch it? Miley’s date, Jace who had been all over her during the entire reception.

Cassie was happy for her. She deserved someone who will treat her like a princess, just like Sean does to her.

All of the younger guests winked at Cassie as she made her way back to the dance floor. They knew what she was doing.


Sean couldn’t stand it anymore.

He took Cassie by the hand as they said their goodbyes, leaving in a limousine littered with cans and cups. They had at least another week before their honeymoon because they still had another reception in America but tonight was their official wedding night.

They were driven to Sean’s father’s summer cottage out on the bay. That’s where they’ll spend the next few days before they flew home.

After carrying her over the perabet giriş threshold into the wooden interior of the small cabin, Sean placed her on her feet and kissed her with everything he had.

He took off his tux jacket, his waistcoat, and his designer shoes before helping Cassie out of her beautiful wedding gown.

Their lips clashed, vying for passion and satisfaction.

Underneath her gown, Cassie was wearing a black corset and a matching thong. How that didn’t peek through her dress, Sean will never know, but he never could have guessed. Her stockings were being held up by a garter belt and her heels gave her that look of a mistress, ready to be punished.

Sean pushed her back, not giving a fuck about the bed, onto the large dining table.

He tore her panties off and unzipped his trouser pants where his aching erection had been housed all night. He entered her, letting out a low groan as he sank into her warm, tight wetness.

Cassie moaned, having missed him being inside of her for so long. Well, only a week but it felt longer to them.

Sean pulled her corset down to where her breasts peaked over the hem of the lace and he greedily took one nipple in his mouth while his hand tortured the other.

His hips pumped slowly, keeping Cassie’s orgasms at bay. He dug and dug, thrusting softly until he paused, stilling himself so he wouldn’t come.

He hadn’t jacked off in a week either.

Sean picked up Cassie who then wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Still standing, Sean sped up, thrusting harder.

“Oh, God, Sean!” Cassie cried, panting and moaning.

The pleasure built up in her stomach and she curled her toes, nearly getting a cramp in her left foot from tensing too much. Sean pounded his hips against hers, bouncing her on his thighs as he leaned back for more leverage.

“Fuck, Cassie. Never again will we wait,” Sean threatened through his clenched jaw.

Cassie nodded while her moans were met with each bound of her bottom against Sean. She released her tight hold on Sean and reached for the top of the door frame, using her grip strength to help meet Sean’s thrust, giving him the perfect opportunity to nibble and bite at her neck, using his tongue to lick a heated trail down between her breasts up to her ear.

Cassie opened her mouth up wide and let out a cry of pleasure as she came so hard her body shook violently.

Sean gripped her hips tightly, knowing that will leave a bruise tomorrow but he didn’t care. He roughly slammed her down until his cock jerked inside her, filling her with his seed that will one day create his children.

He fell back against the wall, taking her with him, still inside her.

They both panted, sweaty as hell, and still joined at the hip.

“I’m sorry, my love, I wish it was more special,” Sean apologized, still breathless.

Cassie shook her head. “It’s okay. But that was the best we’ve ever had,” she smiled before rubbing her nose against his.

“So far,” he whispered as he kissed her, more gently this time.

He felt his dick get ready for round two.

“Again?” Cassie asked as she felt him thicken inside her.

Sean nodded. “Let’s head to the bedroom, shall we?”


The ceremony/ reception in America went a little smoother than the one in Ireland.

Everything that was planned to happen did happen; no surprises came up.

Cassie got to dance with her father and some other members of her family while Sean danced with her mother.

After the reception, Sean and Cassie headed to the airport, flying out to the port where their luxurious cruise was to depart from in Florida. They were headed to the Bahamas and Jamaica.

Sean had planned all of this behind her back, booking shore excursions, spa appointments, and dinner reservations. He loved spoiling her. He didn’t tell her where, or on what, they were going until it came time to board the ship, both exciting and scaring Cassie.

Sean would never cease to amaze her.


Cassie became seasick after the first day at sea aboard the huge cruise liner. It was beautiful though; the water was as blue as Sean’s green-blue eyes.

Every night they spent wrapped up in each other, making love all day and moseying around the ship, watching the shows, swimming, sunbathing, shopping, the works.

On the fourth night, though, Cassie was feeling irritated, most likely from not taking her birth control causing her hormones to run wild.

And Sean was not helping out any. He wanted to everything while Cassie just wanted to sleep. They had been walking around all day in some foreign name port she forgot in Jamaica and her feet were aching and she was exhausted.

“Come on, baby, let’s go see a show,” Sean begged.

“Sean, no. I’m really tired today. I’m not feeling well.”

Not wanting this marriage to start off tumultuous, Sean backed off. “Okay, fine.” He raised his hands up and left the room.

Cassie looked out over the balcony and listened to the ocean perabet güvenilir mi breaking beneath the ship. She lay down and took out her Kindle to read a book.

She must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knows is Sean stumbling through the cabin door, drunk. Seriously?

“Sean, what the hell?” She gestured towards his drunken state.

He only laughed. “Well, I had a little fun of my own, went to the casino, won a few hundred bucks, and drank. I even had a few ladies hit on me but I flashed them my wedding ring and they backed off.” He brought up his left hand with the steel band that had “Cassie” etched on the inside and he had a goofy grin on.

Cassie just rolled her eyes. “Just go to sleep.”

“Just go to sleep,” Sean mocked her and fell on the bed, shoes and all.

Now all riled up, she put on some shorts and a top to get something to eat. She really didn’t want to be around him right now.

Cassie went onto the top deck and noticed some drunken guys rough housing and messing around. She shook her head and went to the twenty-four hour buffet.


With her mind cleared and stomach full, Cassie went to return to the room when the drunken guys from earlier stopped her. She had forgotten to put on a bra and the harsh winds from the ship and ocean made her nipples come to attention.

“Hey, pretty lady,” one guy slurred. “Where ya off to?”

He made to grab her arm but she pulled away.

Not saying anything she side stepped them and didn’t look back.

An arm snaked around her waist pulling her back. She tried to scream but it was caught by the intruder’s mouth.

“Get your hands off her!” That was Sean. He was sober.

And pissed.

The man kissing Cassie was abruptly yanked back and she was pushed to the ground, angering Sean even more.

“Dude, chill!” One of the guys tried to placate Sean but he was seeing red.

“That’s my fucking wife, and I’ll kill you if I see you around her again.” His threat was low and deadly.

Cassie didn’t know he could be like this but it sort of turned her on.

Sean gave the man who’d kissed Cassie one last time before he grabbed Cassie and headed back for their room.

“What the fuck was that about?” Sean accused Cassie as soon as they made it back.

She looked hurt. “That wasn’t my fault! They came after me.”

“Don’t ever leave again like that,” Sean pleaded. It reminded him too much of his ex.

Cassie was stunned. That’s what he’s pissed about? “Sean, I’m sorry but-,”

She was cut off by Sean grabbing her face and mashing their lips together.

He snatched her top off and jerked her shorts down, crudely inserting two fingers into her, where she was soaking wet, turned on from earlier.

“You liked that didn’t you?” Sean asked against her lips.

She only whimpered, loving the callousness of his kiss and touch.

Sean was rock hard under his dark jeans. So he pulled his cock out after removing his fingers and thrust into Cassie so hard, it forced her back against the wall by the door. He bit her lip, tugging the soft skin into his mouth, and held her hands above her head, roughly pumping into her, loving the way she cried against his mouth with each hard thrust.

Sean pulled out and turned her around, forcing her front against the wall. He grabbed her ass and entered her from behind, using a hand to push on her back so she was bent forward, allowing him to graze her upper wall, making Cassie’s moans become muffled by the wall.

“Scream for me, baby,” Sean growled.

Cassie shook her head, not wanting to scream and disturb the other cabins.

Sean, still inside her, brought Cassie over to their balcony, forcing her to grasp as he slammed into her from behind.

“Come on, scream for me,” he was still a little drunk but he knew what he was doing.

The sounds of his thighs slapping her ass as he continually thrust into her, each one going deeper and harder. He brought an arm around and took one of her breasts into his palm, kneading the soft skin with such roughness Cassie yelped.


Cassie bit her lip, gripping the railing so tight her knuckles turned white. “Sean,” she moaned.

Sean leaned forward, pressing his chest into her back, the fabric of his tee sending chills down her spine. Her abdomen clenched with the warm tingles of an oncoming orgasm. Growing brave, Cassie used her hands to push her ass against Sean, meeting each thrust with her own.

“That’s it,” Sean groaned, pulling back, almost all the way out, and then slamming hard causing Cassie to lose her footing and almost fall.

Sean caught her, drawing her up, using his fingers to bite into her seared flesh.

Cassie was panting and as her orgasm reared its head around the corner, Cassie bucked and her walls contracted so hard, Sean bit back a curse. “Sean!” She screamed. God he loved the way she said his name during sex.

“Fuck, baby,” he whispered after she let go.

Cassie pushed him back with her ass and dropped to her knees to take him in her mouth.

Using her teeth to graze along his sensitive flesh, she bobbed her head down until he almost reached the back of her throat before she gagged. She used one hand to stroke his base while the other fondled his balls.