Helen two

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Helen twoPete was sat at his computer thinking about the events of the last three months, on the screen was a short video of Helen his 42 year old next door neighbour. How many of us as seen our near naked next door neighbour making love to a cucumber.Helen is very submissive and although she had a very sheltered life sexually she has moved on rapidly and with so much pleasure. For those who have not read chapter one I’m Pete 59 and started helping Helen financially when she lost her job. I’d be a lying shit if I didn’t admit there was an ulterior motive.For the first three weeks we continued as we’d started, Helen doing my cleaning in her most provocative outfits, before performing filthy sexual acts either with me, my dog Sabre or solo like the videoed cucumber show.She certainly wanted to make-up for lost time, unlike when I’d got my wife Mary to try new things like anal it was always a bit of a battle. Helen was so relaxed, from day one I was fingering her rose bud and never once did I get any objections, licking boring my tongue up her anal passage was greeted with moans of lust and much clit wringing.Helen smiled back at me when she lowered herself to her hands and knees that first time. The fingering preparation and anal lube certainly did the business, after stroking my cock across a sopping cunt a number of times my bell end glided into her widening rectum I did want to do it slow but the slut pushed back so hard…fuck me fuck my arse hard. We did balls deep tugging on her hair spanking her hard and as fast as her backward thrusts, my cock couldn’t have got harder sliding up that velvet tunnel gripping me so tight. Sweat poured off both of us flying across the room in a steady spray. Helen kept pushing back her fingers wringing her own clit like it was a small cock, fuck yes she screamed harder fuck my arse I’m your slut do it. I tried hard to prolong it, but we both felt it building up…fill my ass Pete fill me with cum she was begging me her own orgasm reaching it’s peak with mine.We lay there afterwards sticking to each other, two naked sweaty bodies. Helen twisted across me giggling like a school girl..it’s dripping out of my crack she laughed without any embarrassment, I knew she was referring to my spunk from her arse. She looked at my softening cock..did Mary do this asked, leaning forward she took my shitty cock between her lips cleaning every inch her eyes smiling up at me, I read about this she announced after her cleaning job was done…so filthy how naughty am I daddy…I could only smile.Once more she surprised me guiding me to my hands and knee’s she lay underneath me fondling kissing round my cock, balls and upper thighs. Then she was behind me her tongue searching along my crack before darting into my arsehole, god it was amazing having come less than thirty minutes before my cock was again rock hard. Helen continued rimming my arse while using her hands to fondle my balls and wanking my cock to the most toe tingling superb orgasm.That was the first night that she stayed over, starting that night we began to talk more freely about wants needs and our fantasies. Helen asked and I told her about Mary, but it was some weeks before she saw the photo’s and video’s we had done over many years. I answered every question she asked, she wasn’t to surprised to hear about the outfits we’d used for photo shoots illegal bahis or the fact Mary had fucked herself many times with dildo’s and dildo substitutes in both her cunt and ass, the a****l sex came as no surprise, but the amount and assortment certainly surprised her.Helen’s ear’s pricked up with this revelation and even more so when she found out about the number of men who had fucked Mary and also the pain she had subjected herself too.One morning she was watching me sorting through the bill’s with a worried frown. Are we OK Pete she asked…I admitted paying her mortgage was a bit of a problem..we’ll have to sell you to my friends I laughed. Thirty minutes later she sidled up to me I’d like that Pete…what ‘s that I asked…fucking all your friends, I’d like a cock in my mouth when you fuck my bottom.And so our lives changed completely, Helen looked through some of Mary’s early pics with my then work mates. Her outfits were nothing like we had the choice of now, but what she saw gave Helen lots of ideas.Dave a bloke from the pub was the first, and Helen relied on her maids outfit to start her new career and what a start. Dave sat with me in the lounge when Helen came through from the hallway, he’d never met her and didn’t know she was my neighbour. She looked incredible filthy the black slutty make-up looked like she’d applied it with a trowel, the skimpy maids outfit pushing up her full tits while showing her fishnet covered legs right up to the apex of her ass cheeks. The six inch CFM shoes pushed that arse even higher.She served the beers while Dave and I admired the view, when she bent to put the beers on the floor she bent at the waist her freshly shaved pussy and puckered anal ring on full show and from the front her big tits frothing over the top of her outfit trying to break free. She eventually sat down opposite Dave she leant back into the sofa, the short skirt of her outfit riding way above her stocking tops showing three inches of white firm thigh, then she lifted one leg and rested her heel on the edge of the seat knowing her open cunt was on full show.She looked directly at Dave then at the bulge in his chino’s I think you need help with that Dave am I right…he nodded weakly.I watched her kneeling between his legs releasing his cock and smiling up at him then across at me before lowering her bright red open lips and taking every inch right to the back of her throat. The only disappointment was how quick he came filling Helen’s eager mouth with cum, but she didn’t stop sucking gently until she had Dave on the rise again. Then we shared her for over an hour, we started in the lounge and finished in the bedroom Dave fucked her arse a first for him and was blown away when she licked him clean. Then he watched while I had her ankles by her ears fucking her as hard as I could and she still begged for more. Get her on her hands and knee’s Dave shouted going to fuck that mouth again….Helen was a pretty messy maid when we’d finished with her spunk pouring from every orifice, a big satisfied grin across her beautiful face.Two day’s later it was Frank, then Malcolm, Alan and Thomas. It went like this for a few weeks, and then Helen started to mention videos of Mary with multiple men.The following weekend I was checking in a group of men, my regulars plus a few others in all their were eleven of us, two more illegal bahis siteleri than I’d planned (Dave had brought his two sons)The room was pretty cramped, and noisy that was until Helen walked in from the hall. God she looked unbelievable eye make-up deep green and so thick like it had been put on by a plasterer, false lashes ultra long bright red lipstick. A pair of 6” red platform shoes and silver nipple rings making her nipples poke your eyes out. She wore nothing else, her skin shimmered in the light of the room, and she radiated pure sex.I’ll tell you what she told me about the experience the next morning, I had only watched in admiration while she was used by everyone but me. I just videoed and photographed the majority of her first gang-bang.I could hear the noise coming from the lounge as I came down the stairs, god I felt so excited about what I was about to do, excited wet and very, very scared.The silence when I entered the room, could have been cut with a knife, I knew it was down to me to break the ice. Within seconds I had recognised the men I new, and pinpointed my first victim the action began. Oh for the next three hours I felt filthy and I loved it, I started to strip Owen when I was down to his pants, I looked up at the others….am I the only one who’s going to get naked here.No invitation was needed by the time I had Owen’s rather small cock in my mouth I was surrounded by naked men, they kissed my neck fondled my tits pulling gently on my nipples. Fingers traced down my spine. I spat the cock from my mouth…I don’t want to make love I want to fuck and fuck hard.We did that and more three cocks were vying for my mouth after they’d forced me to my knee’s, something wet was up my pink lined back passage while I felt a hand full of fingers opening my cunt. The feeling when the first cock rammed home I didn’t know whose and I didn’t care, mini ripples were constantly going threw my body, I was tightening and releasing my muscles to make his ride and mine more enjoyable. Someone had my tits in his mouth dragging on my nipples and two cocks were fucking my face, yes they were dragging me onto their cocks getting them halfway down my throat…god we’d only just started and these bastards almost had me passing out.There was no let up the second one had finished they were barged out the way to be replaced by some other horny bastard. When I told them I was tired on my knee’s they turned me onto my back, that’s when two of them fucked me up my cunt while the others screamed and shouted. My cunt was stretched over two cocks so tight so full and I was wishing it was three, DP another first.They both pulled out before they’d cum, the first one lay on the rug and some of the others lifted me onto him, my cunt devoured his cock, and my mouth devoured the second one. I felt so turned on couldn’t believe how hot this was making me, I knew I wanted more.Reaching back I found my asshole I slid one wet finger into the opening slowly moving it round while I continued to fuck the cock below me, his good sized cock sliding in and out with deep hot strokes. My arse began to relax and I pushed a second, then a third finger into me until I was pumping with three fingers into a much looser hole.I grabbed the cock in my mouth…come and fuck my arse I screamed at him, I want double fucking. He moved behind me and canlı bahis siteleri slowly eased first the head of his hard cock passed my tight ring then his full shaft inch by inch pulling out and then pushing more in the feeling of tightness and having two cocks in me god it was intense, and I loved the fact that you and the others were watching egging this filthy whore in me to do the filthiest of thing.I loved the way that you were the filthiest my lover, all the time videoing and taking pictures encouraging me to take another cock, to go and suck clean the cocks that went up my arsehole, to lick their balls and assholes so they’d be ready for more, you were becoming the filthiest voyeur there. Dave and his sons shot spunk into my face coating it and my tits in their slimy cum, then watching me while I rubbed it in and fed myself on it, to the amusement and excitement of all watching who started adding more and more cum, another bigger cock attacked my anal ring splitting my arse in two making me gape like a common whore. We’ll never know how many times I was fucked that night but I know I was begging for more when they were all leaving.I was covered in sweat and spunk and the house stank of sex, all I could say was more please Pete bring them back to fuck me some more I remembered this clearly.I realised Helen meant what she was saying even after the fucking she had received and all the bruising and bite on her tits belly and thighs she still wanted more. I pulled out her mating bench….you want more cock that’s what you’ll get, come on get up here… is it what you want….yes. She was ready the same night she was insatiable. I half lifted her across the leather padded bench swollen tits dangling on each side. I fastened the new leather cuffs, and just left her there while I brought down Sabre. Sabre smelt Helen’s sexual state as he moved through the lounge, if dogs could smile sabre would have been wearing the biggest grin. He moved in behind Helen in seconds sloppy rough tongue finding his target swiftly Helen moaned as he lapped furiously at her all round her arsehole and cunt lips forcing that big tongue passed her swollen lips high into her gaping hole. This wasn’t going to be enough for Sabre he roughly jumped up on her back claws scrapping across her hips, his cock bouncing and buffeting time and again against her thighs and bum cheeks until he found his target. Helen screamed out loudly as every inch disappeared, it wasn’t with pain it was pure pleasure as Sabre jackhammered into her body time and again. I watched as his fat cock disappeared time and again, her lust was at it’s highest…fuck me Sabre fuck me harder, harder harder. Her eyes were in the back of her eyes Sabre’s knot was now fully home and he was filling her belly with hot dog cum. That’s when I offered my dick to her panting lips I’d never been harder or more in need she took it eagerly sucking me hard all the way to the back of her throat….we came together a few minutes later me filling her mouth, Helen squirting all over her dog lover time and again. It was twenty minutes later Sabre slipped from her stretched cunt and sidled to the corner of the lounge, I slowly untied Helen and led her upstairs where I helped her shower and get into bed.The gang-bangs continued on a regular monthly basis including Sabre, and three months later Helen and I got married, That saves us a mortgage on the property next door and we still get some great tips on gang-bang nights. It may not appeal to everyone but I was married to a filthy slut who loves cock, for the second time in my life….. me I feel a very lucky man