Having Sex with a pregnant girl

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Having Sex with a pregnant girlBack in High School, it was the 12th grade, this girl I knew got pregnant and her boyfriend dumped her. He didn’t want a baby, so he left. Katie, she was 7 months pregnant and she was looking hot. Her now ex-boyfriend left her when she was almost a month pregnant. I have a girlfriend, Jennie, she was good looking girl. Jennie and I didn’t have sex, she wanted to save that part for marriage, she did give me a blow job and I ate her out. I asked Jennie if it was alright to take Katie out to a movie, she feels lonely and she feels like no man wants to go out with her. Jennie was ok with that. So I went up to Katie and asked her out to a movie, her face lit up and she said yes.I picked her up around 6 pm on a Friday, I took her out to eat, then watched a movie. The movie ended at 11 pm. I drove her home, walked her to her door. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and was heading back to my car. She stopped me and asked if I could come in for a minute for a drink of soda and chat a bit. So I said sure. I came into her house, it was quiet, we walked to her bedroom. She said I can sit down on her bed or stand and she’ll get some drinks. I said ok, so I sat down and waited. Katie came back with some soda, she sat down next to me, we drank and talked about random things. She put her head on my shoulder and was telling me how she miss being with a man. She had her hand on my thigh, I didn’t jump or anything, I was use to having Jennie putting her hand there. Her hand moved towards my crotch. She started to rub it and I know she felt my cock going up. I stopped her and told her I had a girlfriend. She leaned in and just kissing me right on my lips. When she pulled back, I said I can’t, I have a…… Before I could finish, she took her shirt and bra off. Her big tits and that belly, my mouth was open starring at them. I couldn’t get any words out, my cock was about to burst out of my pants. Katie told me she was super horny and was tired masturbating every night. I said every night??? She said yes. She stood up and took off her pants and panties. Her pussy was little bit hairy, guessing she couldn’t shave it or trim it because her belly was in the way. Katie told me she wants my cock inside of her now. She laid down on her bed spread her legs open and said, cum on big boy. I asked about her parents, she looked at her clock and told me its 12:30 am, there asleep. I said what about if we düzce escort have an orgasm, again she said, how did you think I got pregnant, we fucked around this time, I had a lot of orgasms and my parents never came in or said anything.I took off my shirt and pants, my cock was rock hard 6 to 6 1/2 inches. I went over to Katie and slid my hard cock inside her very wet pussy. Her pussy was warm, and tight, it felt so good. I started out slow, she moaned some. Katie told me to pound her cock hungry pussy. I said, will this hurt the baby? She told me No. I pounded her on her request, she was moaning more and little bit loud, then she had some orgasms. I fucked her for a good 1 hour or so. Next thing I know its 2 am, I’m still pounding her pussy, she still having orgasms, I think she came twice so far. I asked her, Can I cum inside of you? She replied, Yes, fucking cum inside of me. After she said that, I shot a huge load of cum in her. I had to cover Katie’s mouth, her last orgasm was super loud. We kissed, while I kept my cock in her still. I didn’t want to remove it, her pussy feels so good. Her pussy was so fucking wet after I came in her, I was still moving my cock in and out of her and still kissing her. I finally pulled out, saw how wet the bed was from her pussy juice and my cum. Katie told me she needed that fucking in a very long time. I got dressed and drove home, it was around 3 am when I got home.Next afternoon, Jennie called me and asked me how the movie went. I told her it went very well, I told her I might take her out again, you know being a nice guy. I took a shower and went over to Jennie’s house, we went out on our date. Afterwards she gave me a blow job in the car, I shot my load in her mouth. I took Jennie home and then went home. Saturday night, Katie called me, I was surprised. I asked if she is ok, she said everything if fine. She said she was bored and wanted to talk, she told me her parents went out somewhere. While we were talking, I heard her moan softly, I asked her if she just moaned, she said maybe. My eyes gotten big and so did my cock. She said that she masturbates every night. I went to my bedroom and locked the door, I laid down in my bed with my pants down to my knees. I told Katie that my cock was hard for her, she said it is, I told her yes. I asked her if her pants was down to her ankles, she said no, there off. I stroke my cock fast when she said that, escort düzce I asked if she was naked, no still have her shirt and bra on. She told me to wait, then came back and said her bra is up and her nipples are hard. I told her I’m stroking my cock, she moaned, she said she want my cock back inside of her. I told her I would cum so hard inside of her.Next day after school, me and Jennie was walking towards my car when Katie stopped us. She asked if she can have a ride home, she missed the bus. I said sure. Katie whisper in my ear to take Jennie home first. While I was driving, I talked Jennie into stroking my cock, Katie was in the back seat and she couldn’t see what we are doing up front. Jennie took my cock out and stroke it while driving to her house. I got to her house, she put my cock back in my pants, gave me a kiss and whisper, I was going to suck your dick, and she got out and went in her house. Katie hopped up to the front seat, we started to head to her house. Katie leaned over and took my cock out and started to suck it while I’m driving. It was little bit hard to focus on the road with her head between my lap. I pulled off to a empty parking lot, I let Katie suck my cock. She went all the way down, she stopped, looked around, and took her pants and panties off. She laid the seat back and told me to fuck her. I climbed over to the passenger side and we started to kiss. My cock was already hard, and her pussy was very wet. I slid my cock in and fucked her slow. I was still worried about the baby, didn’t want to hurt it. She wanted me to fuck her hard, I said, are you sure, she said yes. I slammed my cock in her hard over and over, she moaned, she lifted her shirt and bra up and she played with her nipples. I kept fucking her hard, she started to have an orgasm. A few times I heard her say ouch, but I kept going. I grabbed her tits, squeezed them some. I was so into it, didn’t know she was asking me to stop. Her pussy got very very wet, it was warm. Katie was saying, oh god oh god. I shot my load in her pussy. Well it turned out, I made her go into labor and her water broke while I was fucking her. I drover her to the hospital, we got there, they put her in a wheel chair and asked me where her pants was. Forgot to put her pants and panties back on. I grabbed them while they rush her to a room. When I got to her room she already had a gown on. I put her pants in the cabinet and düzce escort bayan waited. Hours later she had the baby. When the doctor asked about the pants and why she went into labor early, I told him I was fucking her when the water broke.Couple months past, Katie returned back to school, I asked how was her and the baby doing, she told me there doing good. After school, Katie asked for a ride home, I said sure. We got to her house, I saw her parents and the baby. We went to Katie’s room, I asked if she has been horny since giving birth. She said sometimes, I asked what about right now? She said a little, but she can’t have sex yet, doctor told her one more month. I asked what about anal? She said, anal sex, are you crazy. I told her yes, and it is just like fucking the pussy but tighter. She wasn’t too sure, I got on my knees and begged. She finally said ok. She locked her door and took her pants and panties off. I took off my pants and boxers off. She laid on her stomach, I went and kissed her butt cheeks and started to lick her butt hole. She enjoyed, she really enjoyed it when I put my tongue in her ass. I licked her ass until it was wet. She moaned while I was licking her. I asked if she was ready, she told me yes. I slid my cock in her ass, it hurt her a lot. I covered her mouth, I put my cock in the hole more. She was in pain, I slid it down until I was all the way in. I slowly went up and down on her. I did that until the pain was gone. When she started to enjoy it, I took my hand off her mouth, I kiss on the side of her mouth and fucked. She started to moan, her ass was so tight, she told me this was her first anal. So I popped her anal cherry. I fucked her ass hard, she moaned and started to have an orgasm. I told her I’m going to make her pussy cum. 15 minutes later I made her cum and she had one loud orgasm. Her ass tighten up when she came, I came in her ass, while I was cumming, I thrusted in her ass hard. I pulled out, saw the cum run down her ass, down her pussy. We put our clothes back on and she asked me about Jennie, noticed I wasn’t with her today. I told her she found out I fucked you that day you went into labor. So she broke up with me. Katie felt bad, that she cause the break up. She told me in a month, she will let me fuck her brains out.Month later, we went to a motel, so we can have some privacy. She kept her word and let me fuck her how ever I wanted. I had her on top, on her back, doggy. I fucked her for hours and hours. I came in her 4 times. I loved all the orgasms she was having. The kicker here now is I didn’t have a condom and she wasn’t on the pill. I ended up getting her pregnant again.