Hard at work

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Caroline Nicole

Hard at workSo i haven’t really talked to Cher much since our Saturday encounter at work. I went down to purchasing, smiling at my neighbor, Niki, who had gotten a job there shortly after i drilled her ass.Cheri was getting chips out of the vending machine, bending all the way over. I swung by and playfully slapped her huge ass.”Hey, who did tha… oh it’s you.” She smiled at me. “Nice butt,” i whispered. I picked up the supplies i need and started back to the office. On the way back, Cheri caught me .”Hey can you help me with something in this storage room?” she asked casually.”Yay, no problem” I followed her in and as soon as the door closed she was on her knees, unzipping my pants.”I just wanted to suck your cock,” she explained with a giggle. She stuffed my half limp cock in her mouth and it started getting harder. “I really just need to swallow some cum before i go back” Her chubby cheeks slide up and down along side my now hard cock. I ran my fingers through her curly hair as her glasses brushed against my pubes.The door opened. It was Niki, Cheri practically spat my cock out and had a look of horror.”We, um…its…don’t tell!!” is all she could say.”It’s fine, i know iskenderun escort him,” Niki said, “and fucked him””Oooooh realllly?” Cheri was curious. “I’m just getting a drink a yummy sauce.””Wouldn’t it be quicker if you fucked her in the ass?” Niki asked.”I could use a butt-pounding,” Cheri said. “I haven’t done it up the butt since that Saturday. But I don’t want to suck it out of my rear.””Well,” Niki said, “he can butt-fuck you and I’ll suck him off until he cums. One French kiss and I’ll snowball the jizz to you.””I don’t usually kiss girls or do stuff with girls.” Cheri said.”C’mon. It’s a brief kiss. It’s not like your doing anything dirty. It’s just so you can get a mouthful of um to swallow.” This argument cracked me up. Even before Niki was finished talking, Cheri was pulling down her pants. She stood up and bent over some boxes.”Fuck my butt and make it quick,” Cheri said. I was already inside her ass. I loved fucking her fat ass. My throbbing cock slide in and out of her tight poop chute. Niki began playing with Cheri’s pussy with one hand and her own pussy with the other. Cheri moaned with pleasure. As she got wetter, Niki began licking her.”Your escort iskenderun pussy tastes so good,” Niki yelled as she shoved her face in Cheri’s twat. I wanted to let them to get back, but i wasn’t done, so i held back. Niki was getting horny watching me tool Cheri’s plump tushy. “Fuck my ass, too!”Niki got up and she wasn;t wearing pants anymore. She laid on a box, liftied her legs and yanked up her shirt to show off her braless tits. I slide out of Cheri lovely backyard and crammed my cock into Niki’s butt. It wasn’t lubed but no one gave a crap. I started slamming her tight ass. She had no booty and i would much rather be drilling Cheri’s luscious extra-large rump. It didn’t matter, i was ready to burst. I rammed my cock into Niki’s eager mouth and she began sucking like a maniac. The very thought of A2M and she was squirting a little as she sucked my meat-rod that had been in 2 hineys in 15 minutes. I exploded, shooting a massive wad of cum in her mouth. As i blew my load, i wasn’t sure i’d ever stop. I pulled out and accidentally shot one more line right across both of her tits. Cheri immediatly licked it up, her tongue fully extended and iskenderun escort bayan stopped to suck each nipple.Cheri put her mouth on Niki’s and Niki sprang forward practically catapulting them sperm in Cheri’s mouth. She swallowed all of it and Niki discreetly swallowed the little bit she snuck for herself before stuffing her tongue in Cheri’s ample cleavage and licking her breats.”I’ll have to suck you big tits sometime, Cheri””Oh kiss my ass.” Niki dropped down and licked all the way up Cheri’s ass-cheeks before french kissing each, passionately. Cheri playfully pushed her away.”Hey we gotta get back, ladies,” I said. “It was real fun.””I’ll have to jump you at home tomorrow,” Niki said, bumping me with her hip and winking. “I know where you live.””You do?!” Cheri exclaimed. “Tell me and i’ll come over tomorrow, too!””Fuck yeah,” Niki said. “But I’m gonna lick your ass and tits and eat you out. I’m not a dyke, but I love a full female body.””Sure, whatever you too wanna do to me.””Great, ladies,” I said, smiling. “It’s a date.”I return to work only to have my boss Jackie bitch me out for disappearing. She could be annoying but i tuned out staring at her boobs. She turned to leave and i leaned out of my chair to watch her sexy big butt wiggle down the hall. All i could think about is how i could get my cock up that fat ass next. Butt-fucking the boss would be great. That, and i couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow. I can hardly wait.