Halloween party

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Halloween partyBack when I was younger a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a Halloween party. I asked do I need to dress up. Of course he said. Wondering what I should dress up as, my sister came in carrying her costume. Having a kinky side I asked her it I could wear some of her clothes. She just stared at me for a minute, then said are you for real. Yes I said. Steve invited me to a party and I wanted to surprise him. She said I have to think about it. Little did I know she ran to her room and called a couple of friends. About twenty minutes went by when the door bell rang. Opening it, Ann’s friends were looking at me and laughing. I let them in, and they went to her room. A few minutes later Ann came out and said, if you’re going to wear girls clothes you’re going to do it right. Puzzled I said alright. Ann pulled me down the hall giggling. When we got to her room, I seen her friends going through her drawers. Embarrassed I said, you had to call your friends. One friend, Mary came over and said, you want to go to a party where your canlı bahis friends will be dressed as a girl and you’re worried about us. She did make sense. I was having second thoughts when Ann said, go take a shower. Before I could react Mary and Megan pushed me out the door and down the hall to the bathroom. After my shower I pulled the shower curtain open. Ann and Megan were waiting for me. Do you mind, I yelled. Ann said I seen you naked half your life, what’s the big deal. Megan said you need to shave. Looking in the mirror I said I don’t need to. Megan pulled some chest hair and said, this stupid. Stuttering I said what do you mean. Ann said, how many girls have you seen with a hairy chest. Looking in the mirror for a minute I said OK. Let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes. They watched as I sprayed shaving cream on my chest and started shaving. Ann rubbed some cream on my stomach. Here too I asked. Yes they said. Megan left, then came back with Mary. I wiped the extra cream from my chest and stomach, and was about to leave when Ann bahis siteleri said you’re not done yet. What do you mean I asked. Ann said look at your legs. What about them I said. Hairy legs, Ann said. You have hairy legs. So, I said aggravated. Megan butted in saying, with hairy arms and legs you’d look like a monkey in a dress. This is going to far I said. Ann leaned her head on my shoulders and squeezed my arm, and said you’ve gone this far. Taking a deep breath I said I don’t know how to shave my legs. Ann said don’t worry about it, we’ll do it for you. Alright I said. Let’s get this over with. Mary grabbed the towel and pulled it off me. Stunned I stood there for a minute. What the fuck I yelled. Megan boosted my man hood by saying, my boyfriend’s bigger than that. Mary just looked. Ann said don’t listen to her. Sit on the tub. Ann knelt down and started rubbing shaving cream on my legs. As she started using the razor, Mary joined in. I was so embarrassed all I could do was hang my head. As they worked their way up my legs Ann said bahis şirketleri you may as well go hair free. I didn’t know what she meant till Mary sprayed cream on my crotch wait a minute I said angrily. Megan giggled watching. Ann stood up and pulled her pants down. Staring at me was the hairless pussy I remembered from when we were younger. Ann said there’s nothing wrong with going bald. Before I had a chance to say anything Mary dragged her razor across my crotch. As she moved around my balls I started getting hard. Looking up I said I can’t help it. Mary said, don’t worry about it, I shave Tom all the time. With my balls completely bare, she held my stiff dick and shaved around it. My dick hurt it was so hard. Between Marys shaving and holding it, Megan and my sister watching, the head was nearly purple. As Mary finished, a long strand of precum hung from my dick. Ann said you look like you need some help. I said I don’t want to Jack off in front of all of you. Ann took my dick and started stroking it. I didn’t care she was my sister at this point I just wanted to cum. I came the hardest I have ever came. Shooting cum across the bathroom. I must have pumped out for a good twenty seconds. Wiping her hand, Ann said wash your dick and come to my room.