Grits & A Flashback – Pt II

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Grits & A Flashback – Pt IIThe five-foot-three, dark skinned sissy finished packing his man’s lunch. As he closed the stainless steel refrigerator, he heard Terris behind him.“You look so sexy in them scrubs, gurl!”“Thank you,” she smiled at him. “You look good in those boxer briefs.”“You like I look in dees shits?”“Yes, sir!”“That’s wassup! Can I get one of them pancake sticks boo?”“Of course.”Kye Merrit opened the freezer and pulled out the item Terris had requested. The cute fag put it on a plate and nuuked it in the mocrowave.“Thanks, boo,” Terris said moving in for a kiss. “You’re welcome!”“I wanna fuck you so bad right now. But I know I gotta get to work.”“Can I suck it while you eat?”“Hell yeah, faggit!”Kye Merritt pulled the plate from the microwave and fixed her husband a glass of OJ. Terris sat at the table. Kye got on her knees and crawled towards him. She pulled out Terris’ dick. “I love your chocolate complexion,” she opined.“I love you, faggit boi! Ahhhhhhhh!”Terris groaned as Kye swallowed his now hard 9½ inch dick. sakarya escort “You like dis shit, boo?”“Mmhmm!”“Good boi!”“Mmmmmm!”“Oh fuck,” the five-foot-ten lean-built Negroe howled. “You bout to make daddy cum!”“Mmmmm!”“Arrrrrghhhhhhh!” Terris busted a huge nut all the way down Kye’s throat.“Let me go clean up, sweetie,” Kye bounced away.Terris could not wait until he got off work tonight.“Bye sweetie,” Kye called out as she left.“Bye, baby boi!”Terris got dressed and headed out of the house. He jumped in his shiny cocoa brown Ford F-250. The engine roared as he cranked it. Today was a short day for him. Only four hours and he was done through the weekend. He spoke to the truck and instructed his phone to send Kye a text. “I love you, sissy boi,” he said the device transcribed it. The message sent just as he was pulling out of the driveway of their 2,500 square foot rambler ranch. He glanced at the yard and decided he would cut the grass when he got back home.At work, it was a good day. Terris handled his business and went escort sakarya back home, but not before eating the roast beef sandwich and two apples his sissy baby mama had put in his camouflage lunch cooler.Terris pulled up at home. He changed into a gray sweatsuit. Then, he walked out to the shed and hopped onto the Troy Bilt red-and-black riding lawn mower. It puttered as he drove it to the front. He made the yard look super professional. He knew Kye would love it. Then he did the back yard.Terris put the yard tractor back into the shed. He went inside and took a shower.He waited for his itty bitty sissy to get back home.When Kye returned, she came into the house in a fury. “Oh my god! The yard looks amazing!”“You like dat,” checked Terris. “You know I do.”“Kiss me,” he ordered the sissy.“I been dying to fuck you all day!”“Is that so?”“Hell yeah, faggit! Go freshen up and put on one of dem jockstraps.”“Yes, sir,” Kye winked.The shortstack came back in the room after twenty minutes. She had douched and showered. Now, sakarya escort bayan she was wearing a rainbow colored jockstrap. Her clitty was already hard.“Damn you sexy as shit, baby boi!”“Thank you,” the pussyboi replied.“I wanna see yo’ li’l dick flop when I fuck you.”“Really?”“Yeah, guhl! Git ovah here!”Kye took the long, thick dick down her throat.Then, Terris spat on her. “I love you, faggot nurse!”Kye’s body warmed as she heard that. “I love you too,” she pulled off the pole.“Hop on it, boo!”“Yes, sir!”“Take dem shits off.”Kye rode Terris’ big dick. The thing was deep in his guts. Her own little 6 inch dick was bouncing all around as she rode.“That’s what I like boo,” groaned Terris.“Oh yeah?”“Hell yeah! I’m your fuckin’ husband boo! I love yo’ faggit ass!”“I love you too, Daddy!”“Dat’s right, boo! You love me!”“Yes, sir,” moaned Kye.“Stroke that thing for me, baby!”Kye complied with the order. Terris stood and carried his tiny fuck puppet to their bedroom. He placed Kye on her back and just started digging.“Mmmmmm,” she whined.“Yeah,” he grunted.“Fuck me!”“Hell yeah!”Terris pumped as hard as he could. He felt his nuts swelling. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”Kye took all of the baby batter inside his hole. They kissed and took a nap. This was going to be a long weekend of fucking.