Granny’s Big Day

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Granny’s Big DayWhen there’s three, there’s usually four. So far we’ve met Betty, the horny one and leader of the pack. Gladys is the wild one and Helen is the lonely one. The remaining member of the group is Patty, also known as the slutty one. In her day, Patty was the type of girl who would spread her love everywhere she went. In Woodstock, she dropped by any tent she saw and bragged to the others about the rock stars she supposedly got to know better.Even after Woodstock Patty never gave up on her sexual appetites. Even as she got older she had no intention in quitting the game. Unfortunately, the seventy something year old had hit a slump for the past few years and needed to get out of it. Several hours before the year ended, she found her way and succeeded.Later, she would tell her story to Betty, who happened to call her about a retirement party they were invited to. Patty was very hesitant about showing up; having a miserable time and ruining the exciting moments she had most recently. Patty laid on her bed in her silk robe, with her legs far apart and her hand touching her pussy, still feeling the affects of earlier on.Patty had a story to tell and Betty was willing to pay attention to every detail. Betty was fully aware with how Patty told her stories in every explicit detail she could handle. Today was no different.It all started when Patty attended a class on nude sculpting, recommended by a friend, just to get her mind off things. Patty thought she would be sculpting some nude young lady holding a bowl of apples or some other fruit. Turns out she was wrong. The model that came out and posed was a young man around his mid twenties; the best looking one Patty had seen in so long. When he removed his robe, Patty’s jaw just dropped. She was so flabbergasted by his fully erect cock she felt a massive stroke was on the rise. With a swollen cock right in front of her, Betty would need at least two cold showers to get her through the day.When class ended, Patty barely finished with her sculpture. In the hallway she helped herself to the water cooler, drinking four straight cups. Despite all that she needed to speak to this fine specimen before anyone else did. Once he came out fully dressed she quickly pursued him and had a nice long chat that went on until lunchtime. They spoke and laughed for hours. His name was Kenny and he enjoyed being around Patty, even if she was old enough to be his own grandparent. He enjoyed her laugh, her smile, and found her quite arousing to look at. Her long gray hair, turkey neck, and crow’s feet was not a problem for him.”So, you’re all alone?” Kenny asked.”Afraid so”, said Patty. “Do you know how hard it is for someone my age to get laid from time to time?””I can’t imagine. It must be tough.””Tough is not a word I would choose, man. This gal went places you wouldn’t dream of. I was the type of gal guys wouldn’t take home to their own mothers.””You were that bad?””Oh, I was more than bad, trust me. You should have seen me at Woodstock. I was a maniac back then.””Sounds like you missed those days.””Not so much now. It’s not like I could go back in time and relive those days. Of course, I wouldn’t mind doing that right now.””Really? Well, how about we continue our talk someplace more cozy? Continue your trip down memory lane with less people around.””You live around here?””Just güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a few blocks, if you don’t mind the walk.””Hey, man I may be old but I’m not weak.””I didn’t think you were. While we’re at it I’d like to hear more on that Woodstock guy you bagged.”Patty laughed like a big joke was told just now.”What’s so funny?” Kenny asked.”Woodstock was a place”, she said. “You young people have a lot to learn.””Maybe you should teach me.””I think I will. I hope you’re ready.””I don’t like the sound of that.””Too bad.”At Kenny’s place, he and Patty already started rolling on the bed. Patty practically ripped his shirt off, getting a feel of his deltoids. One foot at a time he removed her running shoes and socks, then each leg of her pants, tossing all aside. Kenny gently brushed aside her gray hair and planted his wet kisses on her lips and neck. His tongue tickled her turkey neck, leaving her giggling and her body trembling. He removed her shirt and prepared to unlatch her bra when Patty noticed something from across his dresser. “Wait a minute”, she said.”What?””Is that a camera?””Where?””Come on, man. I may be old but I’m not blind. I can see it clear as day. Are you filming us?””Sorry, I didn’t mean to. Force of habit.””Really? Filmed plenty of women lately? You must have a huge collection in that drawer.””Just a small collection.””Well, I bet that hard cock has had plenty of exercises.””Yeah, but look I’m sorry. I’ll turn it off and delete the footage.””No, leave it on.””I’m sorry?””Leave it on. I don’t mind.”Kenny thought he misheard wrong until he saw Patty was very serious with what she wanted out of him. He’d never met a woman that would actually agree or volunteer to be filmed. Most of them would kick him in the balls, slap him in the face or tell him to drop dead. Patty was the complete opposite and he admired her even more.”You’re really serious?” Kenny asked, just to be sure.”Very serious”, said Patty. “As long as I get a copy to show to my friends.””I…think we can work that out.””Groovy. Now, I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.””Who?””Never mind.”Back in Patty’s bedroom, Betty heard every word told by her old friend, leaving her all hot and bothered, and hornier as expected to be.”Oh, man”, said Patty. “The things he did to my body were far out. Shit, it was like Woodstock all over again, only better.””I can imagine.”After removing her panties, Kenny was given permission to keep them and show them off if he wanted to. Patty’s eyes rolled back and her mouth closed tight once she felt that wet tongue entering and exploring her gray haired pussy. The feeling was so great, the poor gal had little choice but to let it all out in moans and screams. The feel of a wet tongue going deep inside brought back plenty of memories, and for this old gal it was all worth the wait.”Oh, wow”, said Patty. “This is the kind of licking I missed. Aah, that’s so nice and wet. Ooh. Aah. Oh, that tongue is so wet. So, so wet and, aah, ooh. You hit that spot. Hmm. Ooh. Oh, shit. Aah. Shit. That’s so good, and so wet. Ooh, that tongue knows what to do. Fuck. Oh, shit. If I die right now it’ll be worth it.”Kenny was far from from being done. He put two of his fingers in his mouth and shoved them straight into her pussy. The feeling inside Patty was incredible. Tongue and fingers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at the same time was something she had forgotten about for so long. The intensity and feel of it left her body in tremors and her heart beating in her ears. Kenny doing work on her body had certainly reminded Patty what it felt like to be desired and having this kind of experience in the company of a man.”Oh, that’s so good. So wonderful. You are so bad. So very bad. Ooh, you eat good pussy. Your mouth feels so good. Wait until I suck your cock.””Yeah?” Said Kenny.”I’m going to eat you alive.””Yeah?””You’ll remember me in your dreams.””I like to see that.”Kenny got into position and Patty did as she said she would. Her expertise was nothing short of amazing and not even the women he’d been with had been this intense. It felt like she enjoyed it more than him which he had no problem with. Patty sucked and licked every drop she could find until there was nothing left. Kenny could feel her teeth stroking back and forth on the flesh of his hard meat. Like Patty he too was feeling breathless and his heart beating in his ears. If she wanted to, Patty could blow him all day, especially when she was in no hurry to stop.Eventually Patty would finish and Kenny would drill her doggy style. It didn’t matter where his cock was or which area it explored; the feeling was good enough for poor Patty and she craved for more before it was over. Patty was chatting up a storm but Kenny couldn’t hear her, due to the sounds of flesh slapping each other. He pulled her up and wrapped his arms around her to hear what she was actually saying. “What you say?” Kenny asked.”Your dick is so good in my ass”, said Patty.”Yeah? You like that?””If you were a porn star, I’d hire you in a second.””Yeah? Because I have a big dick?””Oh, yes.””My dick is good for fucking pretty girls?””And horny grannies.””I’ve never fucked grannies.””Once you go old you never go back.”Back and forth his huge cock went, going deeper than she ever felt before. Patty giggled at Kenny’s little dirty talk at what he was planning to do next.”You say the sweetest things”, she said, giggling. “You know how to make a girl feel good.””You ain’t no girl”, said Kenny. “That’s right. I’m a woman, and you ain’t fucked with one before. You never fucked a granny your whole life. What else do you want to do to me? Huh?””You want it?””Oh, I want it. Put it in before I change my mind.””Oh, no you don’t.”Kenny removed his cock from her ass. He grabbed her legs, pulling her close and gently placing his cock in her pussy. The one part Patty had not had inside her for so long did wonders for the rest of her already tingling body. She never thought she would ever feel one inside her again for as long as she lived. “Oh, yes”, said Patty. “Ooh. Shit. This is how it feels. The feel of a good dick in my pussy. Oh, yes. Been so fucking long.””That’s a travesty.””You damn right it is. Girls like me used to get fucked twenty four seven. Oh, those were the good old days. Shit. That’s it. Go deep. Go deeper until you hit that spot. Oh, yes right there. You are so sexy.””Yeah? You like that young dick inside you?””I love the feel of young dick inside me. Oh, shit.””You like being fucked by a young dick.””I fucking love it. How does it feel to fuck granny pussy?””It’s fucking güvenilir bahis şirketleri beautiful.””You like fucking the shit out of this granny?””You’re fucking hot.”The panting and moaning grew ever loud. Patty’s legs wrapped tight around his waist with her bare heels pounding on his butt cheeks. Faster he went and Patty dug her nails into his back. He gave her exactly what she craved, going deeper and further still. One slender leg placed on his shoulder and his workout continued. The slapping of flesh grew louder and Patty’s moaning was replaced by intense groaning.”Oh, yes”, she said. “Fuck me harder. Fuck me deep. Oh, I love being pounded. Pound me harder. Keep fucking me. Go deep. Oh, yes. I can feel the tip of your dick in my spot. Right there. Right there. That’s what I want. Oh, yes I can feel it. Oh shit.”Kenny had a handful of her tits; squeezing each nice and tight. Beads of sweat came down; each drop felt nice and warm on Patty’s body. There was only one thing she wanted sprinkled on her body, and that felt even better.”Oh, shit”, said Kenny, about ready to call it a day. “I can feel it. Be ready.””Go ahead and spray it”, said Patty. “Spray it nice and good.””Oh, shit. Oh, fuck I’m ready to let it out.””Do it. Do it right now. I don’t care where. I want to feel it. I want to taste it.””I’m feeling it. You want it?””I want it. I want it right now. Do it. Spill it all over me.”One more gasp of air and Kenny laid it all out, spilling every drop all over her gray bush. Both of them needed time to catch their breaths. Patty wasted no time in sampling the taste of young cum that was as fresh as it was in her day. “Wow”, she said. “That was far out, man. Now I can’t get up.””I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Kenny asked.”Hell no. You made my day, and my friends are going to love our movie.””Are they as dirty as you?””No. They’re much worse.”Together they had a nice laugh and a time of their lives. Patty, especially, felt like she was back in the game and ready for more action. Finding another young man to play with would not be as simple as now.In her bedroom, Patty was nearing the end of her conversation with Betty and made it clear she would be a no show at the upcoming party. “He was incredible”, said Patty. “He stretched my pussy from here to New Zealand, and when you see that film you’ll be impressed yourselves.”A sound in the background caught Patty’s attention from the other end of the line. The sound turned out to be Betty dropping her phone and feeling a bit soaked between the legs from the story she was told.”Betty?” Patty asked. “You all right?””I just dropped my phone, and I’m going to need a shower.””I’m glad to hear my stories still make you cum.””Well, you always explain it in every detail. It’s just like being there.””I wish you were.””Always the freak.””I am what I am. Stop that, that tickles.””What?””Nothing.”While Betty cleaned up she started realizing her friend wasn’t alone during her little story telling. She already had an idea who it was that was keeping her company.”Wait up”, said Betty. “He’s there with you now, isn’t he?””Yeah. Romeo here has been playing with my feet, and yes he’s naked. Oh, shit.””What?””Now he has my feet rubbing his dick. Yo’u ever had your feet massage a hard dick before?””Can’t say I have.””I guess he’s getting ready for the next movie.””You’re making another one?””Yeah, it’s a sequel. I promise you when you see our movies back to back-.””Not again, Patty.””All right. Next time we get together I’ll bring the films over and we’ll all have a real party. Tell the girls I love them, and happy new year.””I’ll tell them. Goodnight, Patty.””I certainly will.”