Grandma’s Magic Resort – Part IV

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Grandma’s Magic Resort – Part IV’Grandma’s Magic Resort – Part IV'(or ‘One Fam1ly’s Visit To The ‘Real’ Happiest Place On Earth’)an erotic journey by DizzyDThe Young and The RestlessAs their mother and grandmother were beginning their afternoon of sexual self-indulgence with Walter at the Paradise Pool, Lindsay and Tommy were arriving at their new friend Jesse’s home. After dropping her beach bags by the door, Jesse turned on some music and said, “Anyone want a drink?”“Sure… what are you having,” Lindsay asked. “I like coconut rum and orange juice, it’s really tasty,” Jesse hollered in from the kitchen.“That sounds yummy,” said Lindsay as she plopped herself down on the couch.“Wait, you mean we’re going to drink alcohol,” Tommy asked.“I’ll make them weak Tommy, I’m not really a drinker but my mom and dad let me have one or two when we’re here, and I’m headed to college in the fall so I might as well get used to it,” Jesse said.“Preach sister,” Lindsay cried out with a laugh.Tommy had only had about a half a beer at a party once, and he really didn’t care for it, but he didn’t want to seem like a dork in front of Jesse, so he agreed.“So how long has your family been coming here,” Lindsay called into the kitchen.“We started coming here about six years ago, but my mom and dad have been nudists longer than that… we used to rent one of the cottages like you guys are staying in, but they bought this place three years ago,” she replied.“How much younger is your br0ther than you,” Tommy asked.“He’s starting high school this fall,” Jesse replied as she walked back into the living room carrying two tall frosty glasses filled with ice and orange liquid.As Jesse walked towards Tommy, he took another good look at her, and once again he was stunned by how beautiful she was. He looked at her pert breasts, which she had been pressing against his chest when they were in the pool earlier, and her flat tummy and shapely legs were equally incredible. Her shiny dark hair framed her beautiful face, and once again he thought of Jordana Brewster in the movie ‘D.E.B.S’, and as she handed him his drink and smiled, her teeth were so bright they sparkled.Then she turned to give Lindsay her drink, and Tommy’s eyes focused on her amazing ass yet again. He still couldn’t believe that anything could be that perfect, and this time, as Jesse bent slightly to hand his sister her glass, he even got a brief glimpse of her pink pussy lips. Unfortunately he felt his cock start to stir, so he took a big gulp of his drink to distract himself, and he immediately choked.“Tommy, don’t chug it,” Lindsay said to her brother.“I’m sorry Tommy, I didn’t mix it real good, so all the rum was probably sitting on the top,” Jesse said.“It’s… (cough)… okay,” Tommy said as he wiped his watery eyes.“Are you sure, I can put more orange juice in it,” Jesse said, really feeling bad for him.“No, I’m fine, it just went down the wrong pipe,” he said, finally catching his breath.Jesse went back into the kitchen to retrieve her own drink, and Tommy’s eyes followed her swaying derriere all the way. When she was gone, Lindsay said, “She’s got a great ass… huh?”Tommy was surprised to hear his sister compliment another girl’s ass, and replied, “I don’t know, I guess.”“Bullshit, you couldn’t take your eyes off of it,” Lindsay said with a laugh as Jesse reentered the room.“He couldn’t take his eyes off of what,” Jesse asked, missing the first part of the conversation.Tommy shot his sister the ‘don’t you dare say it’ look, but Lindsay just laughed and said, “Your ass.”He immediately felt his face flush, but as Jesse arched her back and tried to look over her shoulder at her own posterior she asked, “Do you really think I have a nice butt Tommy?”He figured the worst thing he could do was just sit silently, and he certainly wasn’t going to say no, so he said, “Yes,” in a very meek voice.“Thanks, that’s sweet,” Jesse said, smiling her dazzling smile at him, and then she said, “But I think Lindsay has a nicer ass than me.”“Are you k**ding, I’d kill for your ass, you could bounce a quarter off that thing,” Lindsay said.Suddenly Lindsay stood up and moved next to Jesse and they both turned their backs to Tommy. Then they each put their arm around the other’s waist and stood hip to hip on their tiptoes to accent their derrieres, and Lindsay said, “Okay Tommy, who has the nicer ass, Jesse or me?”Tommy had seen them standing next to each other by the pool, but seeing the two most perfect butts in the world side by side from only a couple of feet away made him realize there wasn’t much difference between the two, other than one belonged to a girl he had a crush on, while the other belonged to his s1ster, so he took the safe route and said, “I think they’re equal.”“Oh c’mon Tommy, look at her ass,” Lindsay said, and then she reached down and squeezed Jesse’s right ass cheek as she said, “It’s perfect.”“Mine, what about yours… now that’s an ass,” Jesse said as she let her arm slip down from around Lindsay’s waist as she grabbed a handful of her left butt cheek.Tommy’s eyes looked as big as cue balls as he stared at each girl squeezing the other’s plump, round ass cheek, and as he set his drink down and crossed his hands over his swelling dick he said, “Okay, I’ll say Jesse’s is better, but only because Lindsay is my s1ster, and saying she has a nicer butt might be weird.”“Well you handled that diplomatically br0,” Lindsay said as both she and Jesse laughed.After their ‘best ass contest,’ the girls sat on either side of Tommy on the couch, and then they all started talking. Lindsay had gotten to know Jesse the day before, but now Tommy was learning all about her and her family. As she talked, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and there was no doubt he had a crush on the dark haired beauty, but even though she had grabbed his hard dick in the pool, he was certain Jesse thought of him as nothing more than Lindsay’s pesky tagalong younger br0ther.When they finished their drinks, Jesse made them each another, and this time Tommy had a much easier time handling the concoction. The girls talked about their plans for college in the fall, and Tommy told them what he hoped to do when he was ready to graduate a few years down the road, and their second drinks went down so easy that Jesse mixed them each a third.Since none of them drank, they were all getting a little lightheaded, and their inhibitions were dropping even more. Just then the Bruno Mars song, ‘Treasure’ came on, and both girls screeched, “Oh my God, I love this song,” as they jumped up and started dancing. Tommy sat and watched as the naked girls gyrated to the beat of music, and he wondered if this was what a strip club was like. Their boobs bounced as they threw their heads around, filling the air with brilliant blonde and shining dark hair, and then they moved closer until they were practically grinding each other. Tommy could see their hard nipples almost touching, and the contrast between Jesse’s deep rich tan, and Lindsay’s lighter skin tone made the scene even more erotic.Just then another song came on and Jesse said, “C’mon Tommy, dance with us.”“I don’t really dance,” Tommy said sheepishly, but the real reason was he didn’t get up was he was feeling a bit light headed, and he wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol, or the fact that all the bl0od had rushed from his brain down to his cock, inflating it to full erection as he watched them dance.“Okay, your loss,” Lindsay said, and then the girls started dancing again, but this time they moved even closer and as Tommy watched, their legs intertwined as they began rolling their hips, he could see that both were grinding their pussy against the other’s thigh.The teenage boy watched the incredible scene unfolding in front of him, totally forgetting to hide the full-blown erection that was now sticking up from his lap, and when Jesse saw her his hard cock jutting up from his groin, she leaned towards Lindsay’s ear and whispered, “I think your br0ther is enjoying the show.”Lindsay glanced over at Tommy and saw his condition, and she whispered, “I think you’re right.”“Do you want to do something that will really drive him crazy,” Jesse asked.“Sure,” Lindsay replied, not really sure what Jesse was suggesting but not caring.Jesse glanced over to make sure Tommy was still watching them, not that there was any doubt he was, and then as the two of them continued their slow, sensual grinding, she slipped her hand behind Lindsay’s neck, pulled her face towards her own, and kissed her new friend deeply.At first Lindsay was a little surprised. Jesse wasn’t the first girl she had ever kissed, but the last time she had done it was when she was th1rteen, and she had only done it with her best friend to practice for when they would actually kiss a boy. But this time she could feel the raw passion in her friend’s kiss, and she was already so aroused that she returned her kiss, and as their lips parted, their tongues met and began swirling around each other in a sensual duel.Tommy’s eyes almost fell out of his head as he watched the two beautiful girls kissing. He quickly looked down to see his raging hard on arching up from his groin, but he didn’t even care as his eyes refocused on Jesse and Lindsay. He could see their tongues moving, and then he saw Jesse’s right hand slide up his s1ster’s body until it cupped her left breast.“Mmmmmm,” Lindsay groaned into Jesse’s mouth as their tongues jousted. She had fantasized about being with another girl, and loved watching girl on girl porn while masturbating, but she never imagined it would actually happen. Now her beautiful new friend was flicking her rock hard nipple with her thumb as they kissed, and she could feel the heat and wetness gathering in her inflamed pussy.Lindsay followed Jesse’s lead and brought her own hand up to her friend’s tit, kneading the soft mound of flesh as they kissed, and then Jesse pressed her lips to Lindsay’s ear and whispered, “Have you ever been with a girl?”“Just practice kissing… what about you,” Lindsay asked as she pinched one of Jesse’s dark pink nipples.Jesse groaned as Lindsay tweaked her hard nubbin, and then she whispered, “Uh huh, for the first time last summer, and it was amazing,” and then she asked, “Do you want to try it?”“Oh God yessssss,” Lindsay groaned as she felt Jesse’s hand leave her breast, slide down over her flat stomach, and then disappear between her strong thighs to cup her wet pussy.“Uggghhhh,” Lindsay grunted as Jesse’s long, tapered middle finger easily penetrated her buttery pussy. The beautiful blonde’s eyes were closed tight as her friend started fingering her molten cunt, but Jesse’s eyes were wide open as she glanced over and saw Tommy staring at them with his mouth agape, totally engrossed in watching her finger banging his s1ster.By now Tommy’s cock was so bl0od gorged that it looked like it might burst… a sight that wasn’t lost on Jesse, and as she plunged a second invading digit into Lindsay’s sopping wet pussy she whispered, “I really want you, but I think I’d better take care of your br0ther before his dick explodes.”Lindsay opened her eyes and focused on her br0ther’s bloated cock, and as Jesse’s second finger stretched her cunt she groaned, “Oh wow, it does look like it’s going to explode.”“I know,” Jesse whispered to her excited friend as she kept fingering her, and then she looked at their naive spectator and said, “So Tommy, do you like watching us?”“Uh huh,” the teenage boy groaned, his mouth hanging open as he nodded.“It looks like it,” Jesse replied as she gestured towards his raging hard on.Tommy had been so engrossed in watching the two girls that he hadn’t even realized he was blatantly exposing the hardest erection he had ever had in his young life, and as he started to cross his hands over his stiff pole he said, “Sorry.”“No Tommy, don’t cover it… I think it’s beautiful,” Jesse said with a sexy smile as she kept fingering Lindsay’s pussy.Tommy didn’t say a word, but obeyed Jesse’s command and left his throbbing cock uncovered. Then he heard Lindsay let out a disappointed sigh as Jesse extracted her fingers from his s1ster’s aching cunt, causing a squishing sound as she did. Lindsay opened her eyes again as Jesse stepped back, and then she and Tommy both watched as their new friend sucked her lubricant coated fingers into her mouth.“Mmmm… you taste delicious Linz,” Jesse moaned as she used her mouth and tongue to clean Lindsay’s sweet nectar from her fingers. Tommy watched intently as she slid her lips up and down the two digits, purposely imitating fellatio, and then she asked, “So Tommy, have you ever had a blowjob?”Without thinking, Tommy immediately looked at his Lindsay, and when Jesse saw the br0ther and s1ster make eye contact, she said, “Oh my God Lindsay… you’ve sucked your br0ther’s dick!!”Lindsay suddenly panicked, wondering what her new friend would think of her as she stuttered, “No I didn’t… I mean I did, but I didn’t plan too… it just happened for the first time yesterday and…”Jesse sensed her friend’s sudden despair and said, “Hey Linz, don’t worry… it’s alright,” and then she shocked both Lindsay and Tommy when she said, “In fact, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard!!”Lindsay and Tommy were both relieved and a bit shocked that Jesse was turned on by the thought of a s1ster sucking her br0ther’s cock, but Lindsay still felt she needed to explain herself and said, “Honest Jesse, before last night Tommy and I never did anything like that, but we’re sharing a room, and we’ve both been so horny since we got here that we got carried away, I swear it’s something about this place.”“Oh, it’s totally this place, for sure… I’m constantly horny when I’m here,” Jesse replied, and then she added, “Even my mom and dad are way more open about sex when we’re here.”“What do you mean,” Lindsay asked as she glanced at her br0ther and thought about what had happened between him and their mom the day before.Jesse smiled at Tommy and then knelt down at his side and laid her hand on his thigh, only inches from the base of his twitching organ, and then she said, “Well when we’re at home my mom and dad are about as straight-laced as they come… but when we’re here, they become totally different.”“Different how,” Lindsay asked as she knelt on the other side of her br0ther and rested her hand on his other thigh.Tommy could feel his balls starting to tighten, even though neither his s1ster nor his beautiful crush were actually touching his cock, and then Jesse said, “”Well when we’re here, I can constantly hear them fucking through the bedroom walls, and I’m sure my little br0ther can hear them too, and they also go to the ‘Paradise Pool’ a lot, and that place is supposed to be wild.”“Really, wild how, because our mom is there with our grandmother and her boyfriend today,” bolu escort Lindsay asked as her hand and Jesse’s both slid closer to Tommy’s dick.“Well you have to be twenty-one so I’ve never actually been there,” Jesse said as her fingertips brushed against Tommy’s scrotum, causing him to gasp, and then she added, “But I’ve heard that people have sex right in the open, and other people can watch or even join in if they’re invited!”“Wow,” Lindsay exclaimed as her fingers joined Jesse’s in gently caressing Tommy’s balls.“And there’s something else that happened,” Jesse said, and then she paused before saying, “But you guys have to promise you won’t judge us because we really are just a regular family at home.”Tommy was still too engrossed in the girls touching his balls to say anything, but Lindsay smiled and said, “Jesse, I just admitted I gave my own br0ther a blowjob, so I think we’re beyond judging.”“Yeah I guess you’re right,” Jesse said with a little laugh, and then she said, “The thing is my br0ther is being hit by puberty like a truck, I mean he used to get an occasional erection when we were here before, but since we got here the other day, he’s been a walking hard on.”“Sounds like someone else I know,” Lindsay said with a laugh as she nodded towards her br0ther’s cock.“Shut up Lindsay,” Tommy said as some of his bl0od actually left his swollen dick and rushed to his face.“I like your erection,” Jesse said as she playfully pinched his hard cock, and then she said, “The difference is this time my br0ther was getting erections from checking out me and my mom.”“Well jeez, you can’t blame him for that Jesse… you’re fucking gorgeous,” Lindsay said.“Thanks, but if you think I’m gorgeous, you should see my mom,” Jesse said as she briefly abandoned Tommy’s aching prick and retrieved a family picture from a bookshelf and handed it to Lindsay.“Oh my God, you’re a younger version of your mom, she really is gorgeous,” Lindsay said.Then Lindsay showed Tommy the picture and he said, “Wow, you really do look like her.”“Your dad’s really good looking too, and your little br0ther is going to be a serious babe magnet when he gets to high school this year,” Lindsay said as she handed the picture back to Jesse.“You mean like your br0ther,” Jesse said as this time she gave Tommy’s erect prick a full squeeze, and as he grunted and his hips involuntarily thrust his pulsing organ up into her fist, she said, “Whoa, don’t lose control there, big fella… we’re just getting started.”Jesse stood up and returned the picture to the shelf, then she knelt back down and rested her fingers at the base of Tommy’s cock again as she said, “The thing is Jack, that’s my little br0ther, never paid much attention to the naked women that much before, especially me and my mom… I mean we know he likes girls because he has a crush on one at school, but he always seemed more interested in playing his video games when we were here… that is until this visit when he just couldn’t take his eyes off of me and my mom, and it gave him an erection that wouldn’t going away.”“Like I said, just like this one,” Lindsay said, and then she boldly squeezed her br0ther’s hard cock right in front of Jesse, and as Tommy let out another groan, his s1ster said, “So what happened?”“Well my dad had to stay in the city on business, so it was just me, Jack and my mom, and he was so embarrassed by his erection that he didn’t want to leave the house because he knew there were going to be naked girls everywhere. Well my mom was getting pissed because she wanted us to all go to the pool together, so she told me to go ahead and save us some deck chairs and they would catch up,” Jesse replied, and then she said, “So I went to the pool and got us some chairs, and about twenty minutes later mom and Jack showed up, and suddenly my little br0ther’s erection was gone.”Now Lindsay and Tommy were both totally engrossed as they thought back to the day before when their mom had helped ‘relieve’ Tommy of his own persistent erection, and then Lindsay asked, “So what do you think happened?”“At first I thought maybe it just went away on its own, or maybe he jerked off, which I know he’s doing thanks to a crusty pair of my panties I found in the laundry last week, but my mom looked flushed and her nipples were hard as rocks, just like they get when she comes back from the Paradise Pool, so when she went to take a dip in the pool, I asked Jack what happened,” Jesse replied“What did he say,” Lindsay asked eagerly as she could feel the ache surging deep in her pussy againJesse looked at Lindsay and Tommy and said, “At first he said nothing happened, but I can always tell when he’s lying, so I threatened to tell my mom that he was using my panties to jerk off if he didn’t tell me the truth, and he finally told me that my mom gave him a hand job to make his erection go away.”Tommy didn’t say a word, but Lindsay suddenly started giggling, and Jesse said, “I was worried what you might think about my mom, but that wasn’t the reaction I thought I‘d get.”“I’m sorry Jesse, I actually think it’s hot,” Lindsay said, trying to hold back her laugh, and then she added, “It’s just that yesterday Tommy was having the same problem, and my mom gave him a hand job too.”“SHUT UP!!” Jesse replied in shock at the irony. Lindsay looked at her br0ther and said, “I think we can trust Jesse,” and after he nodded his approval she told the story of what had happened while Tommy and their mom had been on the nature hike with their grandmother and Walter.“Oh my God, so your mom and my mom both gave their sons hand jobs, there really is something about this place… and Tommy, you’re lucky because your mom is gorgeous too,” Lindsay replied.“How do you know our mom is gorgeous,” Tommy asked.“Because she was with you the other morning when you were meeting your grandmother, who is also pretty hot for her age… and you had this thing pointing at me,” Jesse said with a smile as she wrapped her whole hand around Tommy’s throbbing pole.“Uhhhh,” Tommy groaned as Jesse gripped his bloated cock, and then Lindsay said, “Yeah my mom gave him a hand job, but that’s not all.”“What do you mean,” Jesse asked, still gripping Tommy’s stiff prick, but not moving her hand for fear he might shoot off.“When Tommy came, she let him do it in her mouth,” Lindsay replied as she caressed her brother’s balls.Jesse’s whole body shuddered and she said, “Oh God that’s so fucking hot…I think I just had a mini orgasm and I didn’t even touch pussy.”The fact that Jesse was getting so turned on increased Lindsay’s own arousal, and she said, “Yeah, but the thing was Tommy didn’t really get to enjoy a full blowjob since he had already started to cum when my mom put his dick in her mouth, so that’s why I gave him the real thing last night.”Jesse could feel the pussy juice leaking from her aching cunt as she looked at Lindsay and said, “Well now I’m jealous of you and your mom,” and as she lifted herself to her knees she said, “But I’m going to fix that right now,” and then she leaned over Tommy’s lap and sucked his entire prick into her mouth.“OH GAAAWWWD,” Tommy cried out as the most beautiful girl he had ever met in his life sealed her lips around his raging prick. It felt like the bloated organ had been engulfed in a hot, wet furnace, and he could already feel his balls starting to churn as Jesse began slowly bobbing her head up and down.Tommy wasn’t the only one suffering from a terminal case of arousal. Lindsay was actually grinding her pussy down onto her own foot, and she could feel her sticky wetness spreading on her heel as she watched her friend sucking her br0ther’s cock. She always felt she gave a pretty good blowjob, but she was amazed at how effortlessly Jesse swallowed all six-plus inches of Tommy’s boy meat.Jesse could tell that Tommy probably wasn’t going to last long, so she lifted her mouth from his throbbing prick, and then aimed the swollen purple knob at her friend. When Lindsay looked at Jesse and saw the dazzling smile of approval, she leaned over and sealed her lips around his titanium shaft.“Ohhhhhhh,” Tommy groaned as his s1ster’s mouth replaced Jesse’s, but his arousal wasn’t the only one reaching a peak. Jesse’s pussy was also gushing at the sight of Lindsay sucking her own br0ther’s cock, and as she watched the incredibly erotic scene, her hand slipped between her legs and found her pleasure pebble.“Uhhhhhhhh,” Jesse groaned as she slowly manipulated her hard clit, and when Lindsay heard her friend’s moans of pleasure, and realized what she was doing, she pulled her mouth from her br0ther’s near-bursting organ and offered it back to the dark haired beauty. Jesse lifted herself up onto her knees and took Tommy’s cock into her mouth again, and as she did, Lindsay slipped her hand under her friend’s ass from behind and plunged her middle finger deep into Jesse’s tight cunt.”“MMMMMMMMMM,” Jesse hummed around Tommy’s hard shaft as Lindsay buried her finger deep inside her aching twat. Lindsay had never touched a pussy other than her own, and she was amazed at how hot, tight and wet her friend’s was, and as Jesse’s vaginal walls clamped down on her invading finger, Lindsay slipped her free hand between her own legs and started stroking her clit. Now all three teens were on sexual overload as Jesse started bobbing her head even faster, sliding her soft lips up and down Tommy’s throbbing prick. Then Lindsay forced a second finger deep into her friend’s tight cunt, causing her whole body to tremble. As Jesse’s own arousal neared its climax, she felt Tommy’s shaft swelling even more in her mouth, so she let it slip from between her lips and groaned, “He’s getting ready Linz… lets make him cum together.”Tommy watched in amazement as Jesse took his swollen knob back into her mouth, while his s1ster slipped her face under Jesse’s and began laving his balls and the base of his pulsing cock with her tongue. Then the beautiful girls switched places, with Lindsay sucking on his spongy purple cockhead while Jesse tongued his balls and shaft.Tommy was moaning steadily as the two girls switched places again and again, and when he groaned, “Here it comes,” the girls’ lips met in an open mouthed kiss at the tip of his prick, and he erupted. “ARRRGGHHHH,” Tommy screamed as the base of his cock flexed, and a thick ribbon of pearly white ejaculate exploded from his throbbing prick and splattered against Jesse and Lindsay’s lips. As the base of his cock started to spasm, both girls’ tongues snaked out of their mouths and twirled around Tommy’s spewing cock knob, collecting as much of his tangy cum as they could into their mouths. Jesse’s hand stroked Tommy’s shaft as he came, and she could feel each pulsation as the thick fluid pumped up through his shaft. Both girls’ lips and chins were covered with Tommy’s gooey discharge, and then Lindsay lifted her face from her brother’s cock and allowed Jesse to take the swollen head back between her lips and get a mouthful of Tommy’s salty-sweet offering.Tommy groaned softly as the final spasms of his intense orgasm pumped the last of his rich spunk into Jesse’s mouth, and she hummed with pleasure as the tart liquid covered her tongue and coated her palate. When Tommy was done cumming, she carefully slipped her lips from around his spent cock, keeping the last of his creamy treat in her mouth, and then she turned to Lindsay and kissed her deeply.Both girls moaned deep in their throats as their sperm covered lips met, and then their tongues pushed his thick cum back and forth between their mouths. Tommy could see his pearly discharge shining on their faces as they kissed, and Lindsay and Jesse reveled in the taste and texture of his thick spunk as they swapped it back and forth before swallowing what was in their mouths.After gulping down Tommy’s load, both girls greedily kissed and licked the residue from each other’s faces like a couple of hungry kittens lapping up a saucer of milk. When they were done, they both looked at Tommy’s softening cock and Jesse said, “That should take care of him for a little while,” and then she looked at Lindsay and said, “And now it’s your turn.”Jesse gently pushed Lindsay until she was lying on her back on the floor with her head near Tommy’s feet, and then she leaned over her friend and kissed her deeply again. Both girls could still taste the pleasantly tart saltiness of Tommy’s cum as their tongues danced with each other, and then Jesse broke their kiss and moved down until her lips latched onto Lindsay’s right nipple.“Ohhhhhh,” Lindsay groaned as Jesse’s sucked on her nipple, flicking at the rubbery nub with the tip of her tongue, and then she let out a squeal of delight as her friend gently nibbled the erect flesh.Tommy watched with great interest as Jesse sucked on one of his s1ster’s nipples, and then moved to the other, giving it equal time. He could hear Lindsay moaning and see her squirming with pleasure as Jesse sucked on her tits, and then the dark haired beauty began moving down her body, pulling Lindsay’s legs open as she kissed and licked her way over her tight tummy.Since her body was facing away from him, Tommy couldn’t actually see Lindsay’s dripping pussy as Jesse parted his s1ster’s legs wide, but it didn’t matter because he had seen it up close the night before when he went down on her. Then Jesse maneuvered her body until she was lying between Lindsay’s widespread legs with her face above her friend’s overheated cunt, and as she looked into Tommy’s eyes, she smiled and winked, and then she lowered her head and took her first lick.“Oh FUUUUCK,” Lindsay groaned loudly as Jesse dragged her tongue from the bottom of her drooling slit to the top, and then her whole body quaked as her friend made contact with her clit.Lindsay moaned as Jesse expertly licked her pussy, alternating between slowly tongue fucking her and flicking at her hard pleasure button. Then her back arched as Jesse’s lips encircled the tiny organ and she began massaging the nerve filled pebble with the flat part of her tongue.She had always loved having her pussy eaten, but this was different. Even though they usually made her cum, her boyfriends had seemed clumsy and a little rough, and their stubble covered cheeks had felt like sandpaper against her soft inner thighs. And when Tommy had licked her pussy, he did a great job, but it was his first time. Jesse however was doing things that were like nothing she had ever felt before. Her technique was soft and gentle, and her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, so Lindsay figured ‘who better to know how to lick pussy than another girl’?It wasn’t too long before Lindsay could feel her insides start to tighten as her orgasm built. Jesse could sense it too as she swirled her tongue around her friend’s clit. Then she made Lindsay shriek with pleasure escort bolu as she slid her tongue down through her sopping wet pussy to swab her tight pink asshole, before moving back up to concentrate on her clit again. While she had enjoyed the pleasure she gave Tommy by swallowing his tangy, slightly bitter load, Jesse loved the mild, sweet taste of Lindsay’s pussy juice as the thick nectar clung to her tongue.Lindsay could feel her insides tightening, and she knew that she was about to cum, but just as her pussy entered the first stage of a full-scale meltdown she clamped her thighs around Jesse’s face and pushed her away, gasping, “Wait… ju… just wait…”Tommy could see his s1ster’s juices shining on Jesse’s face as she lifted her mouth from Lindsay’s crotch and said, “What’s wrong Linz?”“Nothing,” Lindsay replied, her chest still heaving as she fought to slow her breathing down, and then she said, “I just want you to turn around so I can lick you too.”“You mean a sixty-nine,” Jesse asked.“Uh huh,” Lindsay replied with a nod, and then she added, “I want to taste you too.”Tommy watched in amazement as Jesse spun her body 180 degrees until her pussy was directly above his s1ster’s face, and from his vantage point he could see that her labia was a darker pink than his s1ster’s, but just as swollen and wet as Lindsay’s had been when he went down on her. He could even see her pink anus as Lindsay gripped Jesse’s round ass cheeks and pulled her pussy down onto her face.An an1malistic groan came from deep in Jesse’s throat as Lindsay plunged her tongue deep into her friend’s slick gash, giving her a taste of another girl’s juices for the first time. The flavor was subtle and earthy, not like the tart, sometimes bitter taste of a boy’s cum, and the inner walls of Jesse’s pussy felt like velvet as they squeezed her tongue. Then as Lindsay tongue fucked her aching twat, Jesse lowered her own face to Lindsay’s crotch and renewed her oral assault on her weeping cunt.Tommy could hear both girls moaning as they performed their joint cunnilingus, and he could even hear some lapping and slurping sounds as Jesse and Lindsay went to work on each other’s quivering cunts. Jesse was actually a little amazed at how well her new friend was doing since she was licking pussy for the first time, but she didn’t have time to think about it very long as Lindsay targeted her clit, causing her to moan into the other girl’s crotch as her whole body quivered.Both girls could feel their orgasms approaching, and it almost became like a race to see who could make the other climax first, and even though Tommy had just cum from the intense joint blowjob they had given him, he was already sporting another erection from the incredible scene that was before him, but just as Lindsay and Jesse were both about to go over the waterfall, Jesse’s cell phone went off.Jesse suddenly lifted her face from her friend’s crotch, and Lindsay said, “Oh God, please just ignore it.”“I can’t Linz, that ringtone is my mom’s, and she wouldn’t call me unless it was something important,” Jesse said, and then as she tried to catch her breath she said, “Tommy… my phone is right next to you on the end table… can you hand it to me?”Both girls kept their position as Tommy handed Jesse her phone, fully intending to continue their oral engagement when she got off the phone, but as soon as she hit the button and said, “Hey mom, what’s up,” Lindsay pulled her back down and plunged her tongue back into her friend’s aching cunt.“I’m ahhhhhokaaay,” Jesse said as Lindsay started laving her hard clit with her tongue again. She tried to raise her body and disengage her pussy from her friend’s mouth, but Lindsay wasn’t having it as she wrapped her arms around Jesse’s waist, keeping her in place, so Jesse had no choice but to talk to her mom while Lindsay ate her pussy.Neither Tommy nor Lindsay could hear her mother’s side of the conversation, but they could both hear Jesse as Lindsay’s tongue continued a feverish assault on her friend’s pleasure button. “Ummm… I’m ohh… okay, just wor… working out… whaaat time will you beee here,” Jesse asked as Lindsay fluttered her tongue on her pleasure button like a butterfly’s wings. Then as Lindsay sucked Jesse’s clit between her lips while her mother talked, she finally had to reply, and just as she did Lindsay unleashed her tongue on Jesse’s nerve filled pea and she stammered, “Nooo, really mom… I’m fff.. fiiine.”Jesse’s explanation of working out must not have satisfied her mother, so she continued to question her daughter about her erratic breathing and odd speaking, and as Lindsay finally paused her assault on her friend’s clit, Jesse composed herself and said, “For God sake mom, I was masturbating, and I was just getting ready to have an orgasm when you called, so if it’s okay with you, I’d like to go so I can cum!” Then there was another pause as Jesse’s mother said something, and then as Lindsay resumed swabbing her friend’s throbbing clit with her tongue, she and Tommy both heard Jesse say, “Okay mom, see you to…tonight, love you toooo,” and then after hanging up she laughed and said, “You fucking bitch… you’re driving me crazy,” as she pressed her crotch onto Lindsay’s face.Lindsay took a few more swipes at her friend’s tiny sex organ, and then she disengaged her mouth from Jesse’s dripping box and said, “I can’t believe you just told you mom you were masturbating.”“Well I had to tell her something because she wasn’t buying that I was working out, and I certainly wasn’t tell her some girl was licking my pussy, so that was the first thing that popped into my mind, and besides, she knows I have a vibrator,” she replied, and then she groaned as Lindsay resumed her incredible tonguing.Jesse was just about to lower her face back to Lindsay’s pussy when she looked over her shoulder and saw that Tommy had his hand wrapped around his regenerated erection, and was slowly stroking it as he watched the two girls, and she lifted her pussy from Lindsay’s face.“Are you okay Jesse, am I doing it right,” Lindsay asked, wondering why she lifted her sweet pussy from her mouth.“Oh my God Linz, you’re doing it perfect,” she replied, and then she looked back over her shoulder and said, “Tommy… are you still a virgin, I mean, have you ever actually fucked a girl?”At first the question stunned both Tommy and Lindsay, and as Tommy sat speechless, Jesse said, “Tommy, you can be honest… are you still a virgin.”“Yes,” he finally answered sheepishly.“It’s okay Tommy, I was pretty sure you were,” and then she added, “And so am I.”“Really,” both Tommy and Lindsay both said in total shock.“I know, after what’s happening today you wouldn’t figure that, but it’s true, I mean I broke my own cherry years ago when I found my mom’s vibrator, and I’ve had boyfriends who have done just about everything else, but I’ve never let a boy fuck me, I guess I was waiting for, I don’t know, the ‘right’ guy.”Suddenly Tommy felt less awkward about still being a virgin, and he smiled at Jesse, and as she smiled back at him and softly said, “The reason I ask is I wanted to know if you might like our first time to be with each other?”Tommy’s heart pounded in his chest as he pondered the possibility of losing his virginity to the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and then he said, “But I thought you were waiting for the right guy.”Jesse smiled the sweetest, most loving smile Tommy had ever seen as she said, “You are the right guy Tommy, and doing it right now would kind of be like losing my virginity to both you and Lindsay, and that would be the most perfect way I could imagine.”“Awww Jesse, that’s so sweet,” Lindsay said, and at that moment she wanted to give her new best friend a kiss on the lips, but since they were still in a 69, she did the next best thing and gave the full lips of her pussy a tender kiss.Jesse’s body trembled as Lindsay pressed her mouth to her quivering cunt, and then she groaned, “So do you want to Tommy, but be sure before you answer.”It took Tommy all of one second to say, “More than anything I’ve ever wanted.”Once again a beautiful smile came to Jesse’s face, and a lump formed in her throat as she whispered, “Okay, why don’t you kneel behind me.”Tommy knelt behind the beautiful girl, and as Lindsay looked up from beneath them, she could see the dark pink head of her br0ther’s bl0od gorged penis pointing directly at her friend’s glistening slit. Once he was in position, Jesse said, “Now hold my hips Tommy, and Lindsay, will you guide him in, I want you touching his cock as he goes inside me, so it will be like both of you are taking my virginity at once.”“Okay Jesse,” Lindsay said as she reached up and wrapped her fingers around the base of Tommy’s hard dick, and then as he gently gripped Jesse’s hips, Lindsay pulled him forward until the puffy head of his cock made contact with swollen, wet labia.“Mmmmm,” both Jesse and Tommy moaned as his dick made contact with her pussy for the first time, and then Jesse said, “Okay Tommy, start pushing inside me, but please go slow… I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life.”Tommy began slowly pushing his hips forward, and as Lindsay continued to hold the base of his throbbing prick, she watched it begin to pierce her friend’s tight cunt. First the head began pushing her pussy lips apart, and she could see the wetness that had gathered around her clit as the swollen knob disappeared inside. Then as the rock hard shaft began penetrating her friend’s virgin quim, pushing the head deeper into her body, Jesse moaned, “Oh my God Tommy, you feel amazing.”“You too,” was all the teenage boy could manage to groan as he felt Jesse’s molten hot pussy enveloping his aching cock. He had never felt anything so tight yet so soft at the same time, and the warmth and wetness that was surrounding his no-longer virgin prick made him worry that he might cum before he was all the way inside her, and he probably would have if not been for the blowjob he had just gotten.Lindsay’s own pussy quaked as she watched her br0ther’s cock disappearing into Jesse’s delicious cunt, and she had to admit that her intense arousal was accompanied by a bit of jealousy that it wasn’t her own pussy being skewered by Tommy’s impressive fuck stick, but that feeling quickly disappeared as she remembered what this moment meant to her br0ther and her beautiful friend. Then she had to move her fingers from the base of Tommy’s dick down to his balls as the final inches of his shaft disappeared into Jesse.At first Tommy just kept his hips still as both her and Jesse imbedded the moment into their memories, and then Lindsay whispered, “Well, you guys are no longer virgins.”“It feels incredible Linz,” Jesse replied, savoring the feeling of being so filled by real live cock, and then she said, “How about you Tommy.”“It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt Jesse,” he replied as he pressed his hips against her perfect ass, keeping his raging prick as deep in Jesse’s tight cunt as he could.“Even better than a blowjob,” Lindsay asked.“I think so,” Tommy answered.“Wow, better than a blowjob… that’s some pussy you got there Jesse,” Lindsay said with a giggle.All three of them laughed at Lindsay’s joke, and then Tommy quipped, “Leave it to my s1ster’s sick sense of humor take all the romance out of the moment.”Once again they all laughed, and Tommy noticed that as Jesse did, her pussy actually tightened around his cock even more, and then she said, “Well I’m all for romance Tommy, but right now I just you to fuck me… so go ahead lover.”With that Tommy began moving his hips back and forth, and Lindsay watched intently as his shaft began disappearing into and reappearing from inside Jesse’s inflamed slit. Each thrust was accompanied with a slapping sound as Tommy’s trim hips collided with Jesse’s round ass cheeks, and each withdrawal gave Lindsay the sight of her br0ther’s titanium-hard shaft shining with a coating of Jesse’s pussy nectar.“Oh God this feels incredible,” Jesse groaned as Tommy began a steady fucking rhythm, and then she lowered her face back to Lindsay’s drooling gash and began swiping at her friend’s hard clit with her tongue.“Oooohhh Jesse,” Lindsay groaned as her friend surprised her with her sudden tongue action, and then she lifted her head slightly and began lapping at Jesse’s pussy as well as Tommy’s juice coated shaft and tight balls.It took only a few seconds for the three overheated teens to develop a perfect harmony of licking, sucking and fucking. Lindsay managed to contort her head into a position where her tongue could actually reach Jesse’s clit while Tommy fucked her, and even with the constant back and forth motion Tommy’s thrusts were causing, Jesse managed to keep her mouth firmly glued to Lindsay’s sweet pussy.Before long the intense sexual situation had all three of them hurtling towards orgasm. Lindsay could actually see Tommy’s balls pulling up against his body as he prepared to unload, and when Jesse pushed a finger into Lindsay’s pussy, she could feel the walls clutching the digit as her climax approached, but it was the combination of Tommy’s cock slamming into her cunt and Lindsay’s tongue lashing at her clit that pushed Jesse over the edge first… and it was an enormous one.“OH FUCK GUYS… I’M CUMMIIIIIIIING,” Jesse wailed as she momentarily lifted her face from her friend’s crotch. Her whole body trembled and quaked as the most intense orgasm of her life exploded deep in her groin and then tore through the rest of her. The feeling of a cock in her pussy and a tongue on her clit was more amazing than she could ever imagine, and the pussy contractions her orgasm was causing gripped Tommy’s raging prick so hard that it was more than he could take, and with one more hard thrust, he was the next to cum.“UNGH, UNGH, UNGH,” Tommy grunted as he started pumping his seed deep inside Jesse’s still convulsing cunt. He was still moving his hips as spurt after spurt of thick cum splashed against her cervix and coated her vaginal walls. The base of Tommy’s prick flexed wildly as the tiny muscles contracted, pumping his rich cream up through his shaft, and Jesse could actually feel the warm liquid filling her vaginal canal, intensifying her own orgasm. “I can see him cumming,” Lindsay said as she watched base of his cock pulse again and again as he filled her friend with his salty sperm, and just as she felt Jesse’s tongue return to her throbbing clit, Tommy’s dribbling cock slipped from Jesse’s gaping pussy. Lindsay quickly captured the twitching organ in her mouth, and the intense taste of the spunk still leaking from the tip and the pussy juice coating his shaft combined with Jesse’s incredible tongue lashing was more than she could take, and she became the last reach the summit.“MMMMMMMM… MMMMMMM” Lindsay screamed around bolu escort bayan Tommy’s drooling cock as her pussy melted down. Jesse concentrated all her efforts on her friend’s tiny pleasure, swirling her tongue around the nerve-filled organ at a speed that Lindsay never imagined possible. Her insides felt like they were going to implode as the muscles deep in her groin convulsed wildly, and when Jesse forced a finger back into her friend’s pussy, she could feel the incredible contractions. Then she slowed her tonguing and gently fingered Lindsay’s pulsing quim until with one last sigh, all three of their orgasms were over.A completely drained Jesse turned her body around and then she lay down next to Lindsay. Tommy was still kneeling at their heads, and his semi-hard cock was pointed at them. The girls rolled over so their faces were on either side of Tommy’s crotch, and they began slowly kissing and licking pussy and sperm residue from the still twitching organ. Then they each took it back into their mouth, giving it one last, loving suck. Then Tommy lay down between them.They all lay in silence for a few minutes, cuddling as they basked in a post-orgasmic swoon. Both Jesse and Lindsay had an arm and a leg d****d over Tommy’s body, and they each held the other’s arm, and it was Jesse who spoke first when she said, “I’ve never experienced anything as amazing as that… you guys are…” and then her voice trailed off.Lindsay lifted her head to look at Jesse, and when she did she saw a tear rolling down her face and said, “Jesse, are you okay… are you sorry we did this?”“Oh God no… meeting you and Tommy is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and today has been the best day of my life, it’s just that the phone call from my mom wasn’t good news,” she said, wiping another tear away.“What’s wrong,” both Lindsay and Tommy asked.“Well they took my br0ther to the doctor and he has to have surgery… nothing critical, it’s just to have his tonsils taken out, but my dad is coming to pick me up tonight, so I won’t see you guys any more this week… or when I might see you again,” she said as her eyes welled with tears again.“Oh Jesse,” Lindsay said as she got up and moved so she and Tommy were laying on either side of their friend, and as the three of them hugged, tears came to all of their eyes.The three of them held each other tightly as they realized there was a chance they may never see each other again, and as the emotions flowed, Jesse said, “Tommy, I know this might sound like a strange request, and I know you’ve already cum twice, but can you get hard again… because I’d really like to make love to you one more time.”“I can try,” Tommy said, looking down at his shriveled and spent penis lying softly in its small nest of pubic hair.I’ll tell you what lovers, why don’t you two get better acquainted while I slip down there and see if I can’t help Tommy get hard again,” Lindsay said with a sweet but mischievous smile on her face. Tommy looked a little confused, but Jesse knew what she meant and smiled back at her friend, and then she leaned over and kissed Tommy deeply, and as she did Lindsay slid down and took his soft penis into her mouth and began sucking it back to life.Tommy’s heart began pound as the most beautiful girl in the world kissed him in the most loving way possible, and at the same time he could feel his overworked dick swelling in his s1ster’s mouth again. As Jesse and Tommy’s tongues did a tango in each other’s mouths, Lindsay coaxed him back to full hardness, and while part of her wanted to finish what she started, she knew why she was doing what she was doing, so she let him slip from between her lips and softly said, “Okay Jesse, he’s ready.”Jesse broke their kiss momentarily as she straddled him, and as Lindsay held his cock in place, she looked into his eyes and smiled her sparkling smile, and then she slowly impaled herself on his hard shaft. “Ohhhhhh,” they both groaned as Jesse’s body engulfed every inch Tommy had to offer. The residual cum he had deposited in her earlier made Jesse’s pussy feel even hotter and wetter, and then as she leaned forward and kissed him again, she began riding him slowly.Lindsay moved to where she was sitting on the floor with he back against a chair, and from their she had a perfect view of her best friend’s pussy slowly sheathing and unsheathing her bro0ther’s six-plus inches of hardness, and as she watched the erotic sight she spread her legs and started stroking her own clit.Both Tommy and Jesse were groaning deep in their throats as she began fucking him harder and faster, and as Lindsay watched Jesse’s perfect ass bouncing up and down and Tommy’s cock disappearing and reappearing from deep in her slick pink cunt again and again, she increased the finger speed and pressure on her own clit. All three were racing towards orgasm again, and it didn’t matter who finished first.Then Jesse suddenly broke their kiss and then rolled her body until Tommy was on top of her, and his cock never left her pussy, then she said, “Make love to me Tommy.”Lindsay could see her brother’s balls bumping Jesse’s asshole as he fucked her, and she began frigging her clit more furiously, and as she looked around Tommy’s shoulder and saw what her friend was doing, Jesse smiled. Then Tommy groaned, “Oh God you feel amazing Jesse, I’m gonna cum again.”Tommy raised his upper body to get more leverage, and as he did Jesse’s hand slipped between their bodies, and as his thrusts became harder and more erratic, she began stroking her own clit, determined to cum with him.Just as Jesse felt her pussy start to contract, Tommy cried out, “Oh Jesse… here it comes… aaaggghhh,” as the involuntary spasms around his prostate began pumping what little sperm was left in his balls into Jesse’s waiting cunt, grunting with each hard cock contraction. “Do it Tommy… cum in me,” Jesse growled as she continued frigging her clit, and then as her pussy clamped down on his twitching cock she wailed, “I’m cumming tooooo!”Lindsay watched intently as her br0ther and best friend climaxed together, and as she felt her own orgasm approaching, she watched a spent Tommy roll from Jesse’s body and lay next to her. When Lindsay saw Jesse’s gaping, cum filled pussy still twitching involuntarily in front of her, she pounced like a cheetah and glued her mouth to the pouting quim, licking up the mixture of female lubricant and male ejaculate from her friend’s cunt Jesse was still in the final throes of her own orgasm, and the incredible feeling of Lindsay’s tongue on her well fucked pussy helped to prolong the incredible feeling. Then as Lindsay plunged her tongue as deep into Jesse’s sperm filled cunt as far as she could, her own climax arrived with a vengance.“MMMMPPPFFFFF,” Lindsay grunted into Jesse’s pussy as she came. She kept lapping at the creampie as her pussy contracted, and then she jammed two fingers deep into her pussy and slowly fingered herself until her orgasm finally started to fade, and then with one last contraction, it was over.When Lindsay raised her face from Jesse’s crotch, with her mouth covered with the thick mixture of her friend’s and her brother’s fluids, she said, “I’m sorry Jesse, I know that was just supposed to be about you and Tommy, but your pussy just looked so inviting.”“Don’t be sorry Linz, it was an amazing way to finish an orgasm,” Jesse replied, and then as she looked at the juices shining on Lindsay’s lips she said, “And it looks delicious, come and kiss me.”Lindsay and Jesse kissed, sharing the fruits of Tommy and Jesse’s fucking once again, and then Lindsay said, “You know there’s still a little more where that came from.”Jesse knew exactly what she was saying, and the two slid down Tommy’s body and slowly licked and sucked the remaining juices from his spent cock, but this time he didn’t get hard again, so they knew they were done.Once again the two girls lay on either side of Tommy and the three of them cuddled, but after a while of lying in silence, just holding each other, Lindsay softly moaned, “Well Tommy, I hate to say this, but we have to go.”“I know,” Tommy replied.Once again the realization that they may never see each other again started to settle in, and tears began to well, and as Jesse sniffed back her tears she said, “Don’t you think you guys will be back next summer?”“Probably not,” Lindsay replied dejectedly as she fought back our own tears, “Our grandma likes to take us different places every year on some sort of spiritual retreat, and she never repeats them.”“Look, we’ll find a way to get together, maybe you guys will come to northern California to visit, or maybe I’ll come down your way… or Linz, maybe we can meet for our first Spring Break.”“Or maybe we’ll never see you again,” Tommy replied as his voice cracked.“Well that sucks, because I know it might sound weird, but I’m think I’m kind of falling in love with both of you,” Jesse said as she wiped her eyes again.“Tommy’s my br0ther so I already loved him, but I feel the same way Jesse,” Lindsay replied.Just then Tommy’s eyes filled and he blurted out, “We have to go.”As he stood up and walked towards the door, Lindsay whispered, “I’m pretty sure he fell in love with you the moment he saw you Jesse, so this is really hard for him because he’s never been in love before.”Jesse just nodded as she wiped the tears from her beautiful face, and then she and Lindsay joined Tommy by the door, and then Jesse said, “We have each other’s cell numbers, so we’re going to stay in touch,” and then as her voice cracked she said, “And I promise you we’ll all see each other again.”Then she threw her arms around Lindsay and as tears ran down their faces the two girls kissed a long loving goodbye. When they were done, Jesse cupped Lindsay’s cheek and said, “I love you best friend.”“I love you too best friend,” Lindsay replied as she gently caressed Jesse’s face, wiping away the tears, and then she picked up her beach bag and said, “I’m going to give you guys a minute,” and with one last peck on Jesse’s beautiful lips she went outside.Jesse turned towards Tommy and did her best to smile, but the tears in his eyes as he tried his hardest not to cry brought another flood of emotions to her, and as her tears flowed again she took Tommy’s handsome face in both hands and said, “Oh Tommy,” then she gently pressed her lips to his in a tender kiss, and as she barely brushed her wet lips against his she whispered, “I love you.”“I love you too Jesse,” Tommy replied and then the two of them held each other close as their bodies quaked from trying and failing to hold back the tears. Then they composed themselves enough to share one last, deep, romantic, sniffle filled kiss… and with one last look, Tommy went out the door.Neither sibling said a word, but as they started the walk back to the cottage, Lindsay reached over and took Tommy’s hand. The two held hands in silence for the rest of the walk, with neither having ever felt closer to the other than at that moment.Susan had arrived back at the cottage from her sexually eventful afternoon with Joni and Walter just minutes before Lindsay and Tommy, and was in the kitchen when she heard the door open, so she hollered, “There’s my k1ds… did you guys have fun with your friend today,” and as she walked into the living room and saw their faces she said, “Have you two been crying?”“No… well maybe… a little,” Lindsay replied as she sniffled a bit.“What happened,” Susan asked.Tommy didn’t say anything for fear he might start crying again, so Lindsay said, “We were hanging out at our friend Jesse’s house when her mom called and said that her little br0ther needed his tonsils out, and they were coming to pick her up tonight… so we won’t see her for the rest of this week, or maybe ever again,” and once again the tears started to flow for Lindsay and Tommy.“Oh guys, c’mere,” Susan said as she hugged one ch1ld with each arm, and then she said, “Sounds like you three got really close really fast.”“She’s already the best friend I’ve ever had mom,” Lindsay replied through sobs.“And she’s pretty too,” Susan said, trying to get Tommy to open up.“How do you know that mom, you haven’t met her,” Lindsay replied.“Well that is if it’s who I think it is… is it the really pretty dark haired girl that was standing there looking at Tommy the day we got here… the one with the beautiful smile,” Susan asked.“Yes, but how did you figure that out,” Lindsay asked.“Well I know you’re upset because you guys have become best friends, but I figured Tommy had to be upset because he has a crush on the girl, and I could see that day that he had a crush on that dark haired girl the first time he laid eyes on her,” Susan replied.“Wow that’s pretty smart mom,” Lindsay replied.“But how did you know I liked her mom,” Tommy asked, finally speaking.Susan smiled at her son’s handsome, tear streaked face and said, “By the dreamy look in your eyes… and the fact that she magically turned your penis into a steel pole.”Both siblings finally laughed, and Susan hugged them again. She was going to ask them what they had done all day, but judging by their emotional state, and the fact that she detected the strong scent of sex on both of them, she decided it might be best not to, at least at that moment, and instead told them to go shower because they were meeting Joni and Walter for dinner in an hour.The k1ds managed to compose themselves emotionally, and they had a wonderful dinner. They all shared some of what they had done that day, leaving out the sexual activities, but they still found plenty to talk about. After they returned to the cottage, Susan, Lindsay and Tommy were all physically and sexually exhausted, but the k1ds were still on a bit of an emotional roller coasted, so as they prepared to go to bed Lindsay said, “Mom, do you think Tommy and I could sleep with you tonight, like we used to when we were little?”“Yeah mom… can we,” Tommy chimed in.“Missing your friend,” Susan asked knowingly.“Yeah,” they both said sadly as they nodded.“Sure you can,” Susan said as she hugged them both.That night the beautiful woman, her equally beautiful college bound daughter, and her handsome teenage son slept in a bed together, with none of them even thinking about sex before going to sleep thanks to the events of the day… but they were all invited to Joni and Walter’s house for a barbecue the next day, and with the erotic energy of the ‘magic resort’, the possibilities were endless.FIN Part IVDisclaimer: This is a copyrighted story, and is the physical and intellectual property of the author. 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