Good Friends

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Steve fumbled through his cloths that hung in his closet. He wished that he could just pick something. He was packing for the weekend because he would be going over to his bud, Rick’s, house. He attended school at the UW and a four day weekend for him was coming up.

Steve was 21 years old and stood about 6′ 1″. He was a runner though he didn’t compete anymore. It kept him in fit condition though. He had his brown hair short and spiked. He wondered how he could change it up at his next cut.

Rick was going to try to cheer him up because of things that had happened in the last couple weeks. He had broken up with his girl because he caught her cheating on him and for revenge she started to spread rumors about his stamina. Immediately the guys in the frat house began to crack jokes, calling him a minuet man among other things.

Rick was the only one that had stuck with him through the bull shit. He knew the bitch was just making everything up; mad at the fact that she got caught. He was a good friend and Steve respected him for that. He had just finished packing when his friend came into the room.

Rick was 23 and was a few inches taller then Steve. His sport was baseball and had a scholarship to the college. This was his last year and planed to open a business after he was done. He really hadn’t told anyone what it was though.

“Just about ready, man?” Rick asked.

“Just finished actually,” Steve said as he zipped up his bag.

“Cool, cool. Let’s get going then.”

They grabbed the bags and headed into the halls. As they walked through they both heard comments directed towards Steve. Pre-me, was another popular one as well. They both ignored it and threw the bags into the trunk of Rick’s car when they got outside.

“By the way,” Rick started as they were driving. “I live with two lady friends at this house. So I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” Steve said back as he thought about being about being around two girls for the weekend. It was surprising that he was just now mentioning it though.

The drive there was a nice one. The sun was out bright that day which was great for Washington. They arrived at the house in Mercer Island in under an hour. It was a very nice neighborhood. The house looked very expensive. Rick explained that his parents were very successful investors and had their own stock firm. They helped him get this house when he moved here for college.

“Four bed, three and a half bath,” Rick said as they walked up to the house.

“That’s nice.” Steve said as the door opened.

Steve threw his bag on the floor after Rick told him too and then had a look around. It was indeed big. Nicer then anything he had ever lived in. He would be sure to enjoy it while it lasted.

“Tina?” A voice came from an archway which leads to the living room. “When are Rick and his friend going to be getting here?”

As soon as the question was asked Steve was shocked to see a beautiful girl came walking through the archway. She had to be 19 at the most. She had blond hair which she had in pigtails. She was very petite little girl, that had a banging body. Her body was not what was shocking him. The chick was wearing some jean shorts but the only thing she had on top was a black see through bra. He could clearly see the high b-cup, or low c-cup breast and nipples through the thin material.

“Um…now…,” Rick said as soon as he saw her.

The girl froze in her tracks surprised by them as well. Steve saw her cover her arms across her chest and start to blush just as he slapped his hand over his eyes. He heard her mutter a sorry just before he heard the sound of footsteps moving away. When he opened his eyes she was gone.

“Who’s this cutie?” He turned to see the other girl walking up to him.

This one looked to be a little older. She was about 21 as far as he could tell. She had long black hair which stretched to her waist. She too had a great body. The main difference was that she had clothes on… for the most part. She had a pair of tight yellow joggers’ shorts on and a matching tube top. Her breasts were easily full c-cups. Steve tried to keep his eyes off them but still found his eyes wondering there. A Zoon was clipped at her side, head phones hung around her neck.

“Tina, this is Steve,” Rick said to her.

“How’s it going?” Tina extended her hand.

“Pretty good, thanks,” Steve took it.

“I’d love to stay and chat, but I wanted to get in a run and not miss out on this good weather,” Tina said walking between them to the door.

“I know what you mean, have a good run,” Steve said as she opened the door.

“I will thank you. I was nice to meet you,” she said before putting on her headphones and running down the walkway (Steve’s eyes were immediately drawn to her ass as it rocked swayed back and forth as she ran).

“Hello. Sorry about before.” He heard the other girl’s voice behind him. He turned to see that the girl was now wearing a black Linkin Park T-Shirt.

“That’s fixbet quite fine,” Steve said rubbing the back of his head.

“I’m Shelly,” she said.

“Steve, it’s nice to meet you,” he said shaking her hand.

“Steve go ahead and relax,” Rick said picking up the bags. “I’ll put these in the guest room for you.”

“Thanks,” he said as Rick headed through the archway.

“Would you like something to drink?” Shelly asked him.

“Actually yeah,” he said realizing how thirsty he was.

She led him into the kitchen and got them both a Pepsi out of the fridge. After a salute they both took a drink. They started talking a little about each other as they drank.

Shelly was, just as Steve thought, 19 years old. She works at the local YMCA as a lifeguard. She had met Rick while she was a freshman in high school. He had been a senior and was walking past her one day as she was being picked on by some older boys. He stepped in to stop them they became quick friends. After graduating she wanted to get out of the house for a while and asked to move in with Steve.

“Man, I already know that I’m going to have fun here,” Steve said at one point.

“How do you know that,” Shelly asked.

“Well I already good friends with Steve,” he started. “Now I’m finding that I may have a few things in common with you ladies as well. Tina I guess likes to run which is something I did back in high school. You seem to like the same kinds of music as me, I.E. Linkin Park. And last but not least you all choose Pepsi over Coke. Well, I don’t know about Tina.”

“She does,” Shelly said with a smile and a giggle.

“I do what?” Tina asked suddenly walking into the kitchen.

“Like Pepsi over Coke,” Shelly finished.

“Of course I do. What else is there?” Tina said with a ‘duh!’ kind of voice.

Tina was 22 years old. She met Rick back in middle school. She was a year younger then him and met during a party at some friends. They hit it off immediately. After high school she got her own place but after a year she wound up hating it. Steve asked if she wanted to move in with him and some other friends and she said quote, “Hell Yes!” She now works at T-Mobile in Bellevue.

After Rick got back down stairs the four of them spent the rest of the out in the sun. Shopping was the main thing that they decided they had to do. After the sun had set Rick cooked dinner for them all back at the house.

They talked about random stuff at the dinner table. It was a long rectangular table that would have been enough to fit at least eight people. Steve sat next to Shelly and Rick sat next to Tina across from them. They talked about random stuff. Everything was fine. Until Steve felt something brush against the inside of his leg.

At first he thought nothing of it. Then it happened again. This time whatever it was stayed there and rubbed up and down a few times and then dropped. That was weird. Was one of the girls playing footsy with him? He got had answer a second later when he felt it higher. It was defiantly a foot.

Steve looked at Tina who was sitting across from him. She was listening to Rick as he talked at the moment. Her head turned to him and, as soon as she saw that he was looking, gave him a sexy grin. Steve could only crack a small smile back as he felt his dick begin to harden.

She tortured him like that for the rest of dinner making sure to rub even more when he tried to speak. After everyone else got up he had to stay sitting for a while so his woody could subside. Tina said she was tired and decided to go to bed a little early. Steve was confused at what happened then but decided that he would ask her about it tomorrow.

It was about 8:30 PM then, so the others decided to pop in a movie. Steve and Shelly sat at opposite ends of the couch and Rick sat in a lounge chair in front of them. It was about 10:45 when the movie got over and everyone decided to go to bed.

Steve lay on his bed thinking about what Tina had been doing to him. He was in what he slept in, which is to say his boxers. He grabbed a book and started to read trying to get the thought of her out of his mind. He was alone and about to go to sleep at about 11:15. That’s when he heard a knock at his door.

The door opened and Tina walked in to the room. She had a full silver spaghetti strap night gown on. She walked to edge of the bed and stopped. Steve could see she had no bra on underneath and could also see her nipples poking at the fabric. He felt his dick start to harden again

“Um… hi Tina…,” he started. “Can I… uhh… help you?”

“I was actually hoping I could help you,” she said. “Let me explain. Today I was talking with Rick and heard about what’s been happening back at school. So I wanted to try and cheer you up. Give you some confidence back.”

“Cheer me up…?” He trailed off as Tina’s left hand came up to her left strap.

She gripped it and started to slowly pull it down. Steve felt his dick fixbet giriş start to twitch. Was this actually happening? She stopped the strap a little below the shoulder so that the tit was still covered. She smiled at Steve and then grabbed the other strap with the other hand. She did the same with that one too and then climbed on to the bed with Steve who was sitting up against the head of it.

“Will you help me with the rest?” She asked kneeling next to him. She reached over to the bulge in his boxers and gave it a good squeeze.

Steve who was still stunned by this a little reached out with his hands to grasp her breasts through the gown. Tina began to moan quietly as he started to rub. He felt her nipples harden beneath the fabric as he flicked his thumbs across them.

“Mmm…ahh…pull it down,” she told him.

Steve did as asked pulling the fabric down to her waist as she raised her arms to slide them out of the straps. By doing so they released the breasts’ from the confining fabric. They were perfect natural c’s. No surgeon’s tools touched these. Not a hint of sag and begging to be touched.

Steve quickly did, grasping two full handfuls of tit. Tina gasped as he did, even more when he massaged them and rolled his thumb over the nipples. He actually surprised her more when he stopped.

“Tina, before this goes any further I have to ask you this,” he said looking at her in the eyes. “Is Rick going to kick my ass for doing this?”

“You’re such a nice guy,” she said after a quick giggle. “No he’s not going to. We’re not dating. We’re just good friends.”

Steve smiled and pulled her to him and grasping her breast again. Tina brought her head down and kissed him as she lifted her left leg across his lap so that she was straddling him. Their tongues sunk into each others mouths and began the twirling dance.

Steve broke the kiss after a few seconds and had Tina lean back. He quickly wrapped his mouth around her left nipple and began to suck. She started gasping, now completely turned on by the playing with her tits. She moaned louder as he kept switching between the two. Her pussy was starting to get wet. Steve could feel the wetness through his boxers. He thought he also felt no panties.

Before too long Tina pushed Steve’s mouth off of her tits. She slid down his body slowly, kissing his chest until she reached the groin. Tugging on the waist band she quickly pulled his boxers off, freeing his now very erect member. As soon as it was she wrapped her lips around it taking the 9’inch member into her mouth. She could only get about ¾ of it in, but as far as the other was concerned that was enough.

Steve reflected a bit as Tina’s mouth swirled up and down his shaft. How the hell did this happen? He must have made quite the impression! What ever her reason was for wanting to fuck him, he as sure as hell was going to let her. There was no way he was going to pass this up.

He broke from his thought process when Tina released his dick. Her mouth moved down to lick at his balls real quick and then up slowly giving the shaft a long sensual lick. She got up to her knees and pulled the lower part of her gown up to her waist.

Steve loved to be right. No panties. Tina’s pussy was bald and glistening with her juices. She went to straddle him again but he stopped her. Once again she was surprised at him doing so.

“Now what kind of guy would I be if I didn’t return the favor?”

Steve rolled Tina over and, like her, kissed his way down her body. When he got to her bald mound he inhaled her musky scent. He slid his arms under her legs to get a good position and then lowered his mouth into her crotch. She yelped as soon as his tongue touched her pussy lips, and then moaned as he continued to swirl it about the crevice, and flicked it across her clit.

Steve pushed his tongue into the tight hole which immediately clamed down on it. He wriggled it inside a few times making sure that he hit the g-spot every time it curled up. Tina moaned louder now and began bucking her hips into his face.

“Yes… Steve I’m… almost there…,” she whimpered.

Steve slipped his tongue out, moved up to Tina’s clit and sucked that inside. His slid his right arm out from under her leg so he could push two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She didn’t last long from the assault and was coming within moments. Her body went rigged, her muscles clamped down on the fingers, and she bit her lip to muffle the small scream that escaped out of her.

Steve kissed his way back up her body as Tina’s orgasm subsided. He positioned himself over her and placed the head of his dick at her entrance. He looked her in the eyes while she looked back.

“Tina, I wasn’t expecting to get laid this weekend so I didn’t bring any protection.”

Tina just smiled and took a hold of his dick which hovered at her opening. She gave it a gentle pull towards her signaling to Steve that it was ok. He let her guide his member into tight folds of her lips. Within seconds Steve was in one of the tightest pussies that he had ever felt. On top of that he had never had sex without a condom. New sensations he couldn’t think about traveled across his dick. He had to concentrate to keep from coming so soon. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he started with slow pumps, bucking her hips with each thrust.

“Mmm…yes! Aw… shit!” Tina’s was moaning again. She was now looking right into his eyes. “Faster! Fuck me faster! Yes… oh fuck!”

Steve increased his speed at the ladies request, pounding her pussy as hard as he could. He was sweating now; small droplets would fall onto Tina’s body. It seemed to turn her on even more as she watched. Steve could feel himself getting close. He wanted to stop to keep from coming so quick but he couldn’t. The walls of her sex felt so good that it was intoxicating.

“My god Tina! I’m getting so close. I don’t know if I can hold it much longer!”

“Please… I’m almost there. Just a little longer!” Tina said throwing her head to the sides.

Steve fought to control himself, and it paid off. He felt himself ready to blow but it was still holding on a little more. In moments he felt Tina coming again. Her vaginal walls clamped down on to his dick and that was all she wrote.

Steve quickly pulled out and started to jack himself. His cum went flying from the head of his dick and slashed onto Tina’s tight delicious belly. She smiled as it landed which let him know it was ok to make her messy. She surprised him by scooping some up with her fingers and the sucking it into her mouth.

Steve collapsed onto his back laying next to Tina on her right. He watched as she rolled to her side of the bed where a bedside table was. Opening the drawer she produced a box of tissues. She wiped her self off and tossed the used ones in the trash.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked rolling back over to him.

“Yes thank you. I enjoyed it very much.”

“Good. I was hoping you did, and look. It looks like you’re ready for more.”

Tina grabbed a hold of Steve’s semi-hard dick and began to pump him. She leaned over to kiss him as she did making sure that her breast pressed against his chest. In only moments his cock was fully erect again and he was ready for more.

Tina pulled off her night gown and tossed it to the ground. She then climbed on top with her same smile that she always seemed to have. She straddled his waist positioning his dick at her entrance again. Both held their breath as she lowered herself onto it. Her pussy engulfed Steve’s cock like it was a gourmet meal.

Tina placed her hands on Steve’s abs as she started to raise herself up and down. His dick easily slid in and of her still dripping hole. She began to moan again, the feeling of his cock in her was so good. She had to lean herself forward, placing her hands to each of his sides unable to control the feelings of lust in her.

Steve gripped Tina’s hips as she leaned, so he could help guide her up and down. His feet moved to a position so that he could thrust up into her as she lowered herself onto him. He could feel the sweat on his body begin to build again. The second time, so far, was turning out better then the first. He was having an easier time controlling himself. He wasn’t constantly on the edge and found that he was enjoying it even more. He watched as the lamp light lit up Tina’s body. Her own sweat was glistening in the faint light. A few moments passed and it was Tina who even got close first.

“Oh Steve… I’m gonna cum again! Oh shit!!!!”

Her pussy clamped down, and her body went ridged. She buried her head into Steve’s shoulder a let out a slight muffled scream. She still continued to rock on Steve as she did, letting her juices flow onto the cock as she did. This sent her into a few multiples.

Steve felt himself now getting close. The fire began to build in his balls as he realized that this one was gonna be bigger as well. His moans got louder as the walls of Tina’s cunt continued to caress his shaft. He had to pull out.

“Ah… Tina. I’m gonna cum! I have… to pull it…!”

“No… don’t keep going!” Her reply shocked him immensely.

“But what…”

“I’m on… the pill… go ahead and cum inside me!”

At that point Steve couldn’t object because he was soon pushed over the top. He thrusted into her one last time before going completely ridged. Tina stopped with him as he came, his cum blasting straight into her awaiting hole and splattering her insides. It filled her up so much that it began to spill out.

“Oh god… that’s a lot,” she said while Steve’s dick kept pumping more of his cum into her.

Steve didn’t say anything. He was still enjoying one of the best orgasms he ever had. A big smile was drawn across his face. He watched as Tina raised herself off of his dick after the last bit was inside her, as even more cum dripped from her snatch. She rolled over to the side she had been on to lay down her self. Sweat glistened off her body and her chest rose quickly up and down. She had enjoyed that herself.

“This was your first time riding bareback, huh?” Tina asked after a while.