Giving my ex a lift home

25 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Giving my ex a lift homeOne Wednesday afternoon, a week before my preliminary exams, it was about 30 mins after school ended that I just finished a meeting with my Maths teacher and I was making my way to my car. As I walked past the bathrooms my Ex Girlfriend Cassi walked out. I greeted her and asked what she was still doing at school this late. She replied telling me that both her parents are tied up at work and can only fetch her after 5 30 that afternoon. Or she could walk home but that was about a 10 km walk.I told her that really sucks and then offered her a lift home. She said that would be lovely if I didn’t mind and I told I don’t mind at all and we made our way to my car. We hopped in and I slowly drove her home as we chatted. While chatting i glanced over to her and looked down at her legs as our school just recently went back into summer uniform. Her dress was midway up her thighs and her thighs looked rather sexy. Halfway to her house afyon escort as we chatted I decided to take a chance and I placed my hand on her right thigh just above the knee. She asked what am I doing and I told her that I’m feeling her leg as it looks so damn sexy. She replied back saying that I shouldn’t as I have a girlfriend. I said yes very true and as I started lifting my hand off her leg she placed her hand down ontop of mine. She then moved my hand higher up her thigh and said if you want, this could be our little secret. I looked at her and asked if she was sure and she said yes i am. We then arrived at her house and as I stopped the car she asked am I coming in. I replied telling her that If it’s for sex then I don’t have a condom and she replied back saying don’t worry as I do. We then got out of my car and headed into Cassi’s house and to her bedroom. She handed me a brand new box of condoms to open as she removed her G afyon escort bayan string from under her dress. She then undid my pants and pulled them down. My cock got hard pretty quick and I then put the condom on. She pushed me down onto her bed and climbed on top of me, lowering her wet cunt down onto my hard throbbing cock. She started riding me back and forth roughly as I gripped her as and helped her fuck me. She moaned loudly as she reached climax and started to orgasm while riding me hard and rough. After she finished orgasmning I told her to get onto her hands and knees and I then moved behind her. Lifting her school dress up and out the way I then shoved my cock back into her tight cunt and started fucking her hard and rough in doggy style. Her moans became louder as I pounded in and out her cunt and from the deep rough fuck, my cock exploded shooting my cum into the condom as I fuck her. After I finished cumming I pulled escort afyon out of her cunt and removed the condom. Cassi put her G string back on and I got dressed putting my jocks and pants back on. As She then walked me out she said we to never speak about what we just did and I looked at her and said ok. As I got into my car she said thanks for the lift home and I then left as I said you welcome. Later that night once in bed I laid thinking about what happened. I cheated on Jessica with Cassi where initially I cheated on Cassi with Jessica and now today after fucking Cassi she said we never to speak about it. It was all a little confusing to me and as I laid there thinking about it, my cock became hard and I started stroking myself. I closed my eyes and I had pictures of Cassi’s facial expressions as she orgasmed while riding my hard cock. I jerked myself hard as I enjoyed the thoughts of my quick fuck with my ex girlfriend earlier today and then my cock exploded shooting my cum up in the air landing on my belly and chest and some on my bed. After I finished jerking off I cleaned myself and my bed before falling asleep being rather sexually satisfied after a good fuck with Cassi.