Girlfriend Begging for Punishment. Pt 1

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Girlfriend Begging for Punishment. Pt 1This is something my girlfriend, Hanna, and I have talked about doing and, we do it when we sext. This is my first time so give me pointers in the comments please.I sit on the couch watching tv waiting for Hanna to return from work. I wanted to talk to her about my fantasy for weeks now. I’ve known she’d agree but I just didn’t know how to bring it up. My fantasy is having a total BDSM relationship. Control all the time anywhere. I wait impatiently. Aroused by the thought of where this could lead us. Hanna walks in and without even saying “Hi.” We say in unison says, “I NEED to talk to you.” Then I quickly add, “You first.””Well I wanted to talk to you about our sex life..” I reply instantly, “I did too, what is your about?””Well I want to try something new. And I don’t know if you’ll like it.””As long as if its not being cuckolded or being a swinger couple its fine be me.””Well I was thinking, we’ve had sex for a long time, I realized I like being treated like a slut..”I was in total shock. This is perfect, the way I can treat her as a Dom she’ll love then. “So you want something along the lines of BDSM?””Thats exactly what I güvenilir bahis şirketleri want. I want to be punished and want to be treated like your own personal fuck slut.”All I can do is stare. I swear to God I love this women. “Thats actually exactly what I wanted Hanna.”I could tell just by me saying that it turned her on, she started getting fidgety and giggly. “Really..?” She replied.”Yes. Of course.”Can, we start now? I’m getting really horny, Master.”That really made aroused me. Calling me, her boyfriend, ‘Master’. I already knew this was going to be a very memorable night.”Go up stairs in nothing but your underwear and get on your knees with your hands behind your back and we can.” She replied “Yes Master.” And then I swear she sprinted up there.I wait a few minutes for Hanna to get ready. Then I walk upstairs to our room and there she is as I told her. On her knees with her hands behind her back, in nothing but her panties. I walk around her examining her. “You are dressing very skimpily today, aren’t you slut?” “Yes Master.” She starts to stutter, “m-may I suck your cock Master?””First undress me you cocksucking slut.””Yes Master.” She tipobet güvenilir mi doesn’t even hesitate and she is undoing my pants hastily. Once she gets my pants off she takes my throbbing dick in her hands and just start sucking HARD. It was heavenly, she has never sucked my dick like this before. It was like she was a baby and my dick was her bottle. She started licking all over it and begging me to come in her mouth. Then she started sucking the head of my dick and looked up at me with her beautiful eyes that begged attention. I moaned “Fuck.. Suck that dick.” She started sucking with even more vigor than before and then out of no where she took my whole 6″ dick in her mouth and started deep throating it. I held out as long as I could, then right before I was about to cum she pulled out and started sucking the tip again.”Jesus Christ Slut! Thats feels so damned good.”She mumbles while sucking my cock and I somehow understand it as “Thank you Master.” And she starts to moan on the tip. I couldn’t stand it much any longer. “I’m cominggggg.” Hanna sucks hard on the tip and just drinks up all the cum and moans in delight as more and more tipobet giriş cum goes into her mouth. When I finally finish coming she sucks a bit more to make sure all the cum is off then whispers “Thank you Master. I loved that treat you gave me.” “You’ve been a dirty slut today, haven’t you?” “Yes Master.” Is all she replies.”Do you want to be treated like a dirty slut.”She nods and says quickly, “Yes Master.””Well then stand up and bend over Slut. You need to be punished.” She whimpered, but the look in her eye told me she was aroused as hell by what I just said. She stood up and bent over like she was told. Then I spanked her. We’ve done this before so I know her limits. I spank her harder than usual and she moans not in pain but in pleasure. So I keep spanking her slowly getting harder and her slowly getting wetter. I tell her to hold her ankles and she does so and without warning I start to pound my meat into her ass. I could tell she was taken by surprise but she was loving it. She was moaning and begging me to rip open her ass whole and tear it up. I continues slamming into her and start spanking her hard and she begged me to let her cum. After ten minutes of the begging we came together and she fell on the floor and passed out from how powerful her orgasm was. I picked her up and laid her in bed, then I laid beside her.As I lay there I think before I pass out myself “I wonder what this has in store for me tomorrow…”To be continued…