Girl Meets World – Girl Meets Foursome

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Girl Meets World – Girl Meets FoursomeGirl Meets World – Girl Meets FoursomeTakes Place During: Girl Meets Semi FormalIt was a beautiful night in New York City. The semi-formal dance has just ended at John Quincy Adams Middle School and Riley enters her neatly decorated room in her apartment with Maya, Lucas and Farkle. With Auggie spending the night at his friend’s house and Riley’s parents, Cory and Topanga, are out hanging out with Shawn, Katy, Eric and Jack, Riley has the whole place to herself.”Tonight was really fun.” Riley said.”Aren’t you glad that you got to dance with me for a slow dance?” Lucas asked.”Yeah. I really liked the last dance.” Riley said as she sits down next to Maya right by the bay window while Lucas and Farkle join them. Lucas sits down next to Riley and Farkle sits down next to Maya and throws his arm around her.”It’s great that I got a chance to dance with my beautiful blonde angel.” Farkle said as he smiled at her.”Well, I have to admit Farkle. You’re a pretty good dancer.” Maya said.”And you look really beautiful in a red dress. You’re my beautiful devil in a red dress and Riley is Lucas’ beautiful angel in white.” Farkle said.”Yeah. Riley, you look really beautiful.” Lucas said as Riley blushed right in front of him while Farkle and Maya are busy watching them.”If only this night could get any better. It would be really magical.” Riley said.”Really? Like what?” Lucas asked as Riley moved closer to him.Riley smiled at him and leans in and presses her lips against his, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. After the kiss, Lucas smiled at Riley and embraces her and kisses her passionately. Farkle turns to Maya and stares at her as he leans in closer towards her with his lips puckered while Maya moved her hand up to his mouth to block the kiss.”Forget it, Farkle. It’s not happening.” Maya said.”Oh, come on. Just one kiss on the lips. You won’t be disappointed.” Farkle said.”Farkle, there is no way in hell that I’m going to….” Maya was cut off by Farkle kissing her on the lips.Maya tried to push Farkle away from her but she couldn’t because she began to enjoy the kiss. Riley wraps her arms tightly around Lucas’ neck while Lucas wraps his arms around Riley’s waist. His tongue runs across Riley’s bottom lip just begging for entrance. Riley gives Lucas permission to enter her mouth as the handsome Texan slips his tongue inside her. Lucas moved his tongue around Riley’s mouth, trying to pin his tongue against hers.While Riley and Lucas continue their battle for tongue domination, Farkle reaches up to cup Maya’s breasts, rubbing them while making her gasp into his mouth. Farkle slips his tongue inside Maya’s mouth to try to dominate her mouth, but the blonde wasn’t ready to give up that easy. Both lovers were engaged in a battle of domination. After Lucas and Farkle finished kissing Riley and Maya, trabzon escort the best friend duo got up and walked over to Riley’s bed to give their men a hot show. Riley and Maya look over at Lucas and Farkle as they both moved in and kissed each other on the lips. Maya embraces Riley and kisses her harder and passionately while Lucas and Farkle watch with awe. Maya darts her tongue inside Riley’s mouth while gently playing with her growing breasts, feeling her nipples getting harder. Maya slips her hand underneath Riley’s dress and began to feel her nipples growing hard through her bra.”How are you enjoying the sight of our dates kissing each other?” Lucas asked while watching Riley having her breasts played with by Maya.”I’m enjoying this hot show. I want them.” Farkle smirks.”Easy there, buddy.” Lucas said.”Lucas, I’m getting a hard-on from watching them! I felt like doing something in front of them.” Farkle said.”What? Masturbate.” Lucas said.”Yeah.” Farkle admitted.”I feel like masturbating right in front of them too.” Lucas said.After playing with Riley’s breasts, Maya pushes Riley down on her bed while Riley watches her removing her cute red dress and her black heels. Maya was now left in her silk red bra and matching panties. Maya moved over to Riley and began to unzip her white dress and pulls it off of her while Riley kicks off her white heels. Riley was also left in her pink bra and matching panties. Maya straddles Riley and began to unhook her bra and threw it over to the bay window until it landed on Lucas.”Holy… crap.” Lucas whispered.Maya unhooks her own bra and throws it over to Farkle. Farkle catches Maya’s bra and smiled at her as Maya smiled back at Farkle and begins to kiss Riley passionately. As soon as they heard Riley breathing heavily, Lucas and Farkle began palming their cocks through their pants. They were both dying to masturbate right in front of them.”Shouldn’t we let them join in?” Riley asked in an innocent tone. Maya turns to Lucas and Farkle’s direction and watches them palming their cocks.”You two. Stop playing with your dicks and come over here and play with us.” Maya said. Maya climbs off of Riley as Lucas and Farkle walk over to the bed. Riley leans up and removed Lucas’ black jacket began to unbutton his white dress shirt.”I can’t wait to see you with your shirt off.” Riley said.”Well, I saw you naked Princess Dancing-Sunshine.” Lucas grins.”Do you have to call me that, Mad-Dog?” Riley asked as she continues to unbutton Lucas’ shirt.”Yeah. You’re my adorable princess.” Lucas said. Maya, being the impatient one, removed Farkle’s black jacket and throws it across the room and rips off his black shirt.”Oh, you naughty little minx.” Farkle said as Maya fumbles with his belt.Riley kisses Lucas’ toned body while unzipping his pants and pulling it down to his ankles. Riley began to escort trabzon notice the huge bulge in Lucas’ black boxers. The innocent brunette grabs the waistband of his black boxers and pulls it down to reveal his 9-inch cock.After removing every single article of clothing, Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle were completely naked in front of each other. Farkle lies down on the bed as Maya straddles his face while Riley moved in between Farkle’s legs and grabs his hardened 8-inch cock while Lucas is behind her and licks around her thin pink pussy lips. Riley began to kiss the tip of Farkle’s cock and licking around the mushroom-tip before taking the whole thing in her mouth. Maya moans softly as she felt Farkle licking her pussy, tasting the sweetness that flowed all over his tongue.”Oh, fuck. Farkle. Lick my pussy. Mmm. Just like that.” Maya moans.Farkle latches his mouth onto Maya’s pussy lips and gently sucks on it and plunges his tongue inside her pink wet hole. Maya moans and watches as Riley engulfs her lover’s cock and bobbing her head up and down. Riley’s moans were muffled as Lucas continues to lap at her clit.Wanting to try something new on Riley, Lucas stops licking her dripping wet slit and began to lick her tight, little asshole. Riley continues to moan from the feeling of Lucas licking her puckered hole. This gave her an inspiration to be adventurous and the kinky and naughty side took over her sweet and innocent side. Riley removed Farkle’s cock out of her mouth and moved lower by licking his perineum and down to his ass.She, the adorable brunette, began rimming Farkle while she wraps her hand around his cock and pumps harder, feeling his pre-cum leaking all over her hand. Farkle grabs Maya’s thighs and starts rimming her. The horny blonde began to play with her drenched flower while grinding on Farkle’s face, making him lick her ass.”Fuck!” Maya cries as she plunges her fingers inside her dripping wet hole.Riley spits on Farkle’s ass and continues to lap at his hole, making Farkle moan into Maya.Lucas starts stroking his cock while lapping at her ass. Lucas spits on the palm of his and continues to jerk himself off, and moaning to the sensation of his own saliva coating his member. After finishing their oral assault on each other, Maya climbs off of Farkle’s face while Riley moved away from Farkle and lies down on her back. Maya climbs on top of Farkle and lines up his cock in front of her entrance while Lucas positions himself in front of Riley and rubs the tip of his cock up and down on her wet slit and teases her ass for a bit before he proceeds to fuck her. Lucas slips his hardened member inside Riley nice and slow while Maya eases Farkle’s cock and began to slowly ride him.”Lucas.” Riley moans.Maya sped up her pace as she begins to ride Farkle nice and fast. Lucas could hear Maya and Farkle’s trabzon escort bayan breathing getting heavier as the young genius continues to fuck the blonde rebel in the cowgirl position.”Harder, Mad-Dog.” Riley moans.Lucas thrusts harder and deeper inside Riley’s pink hole. Maya sticks her middle finger inside Farkle’s mouth for him to suck on it for a couple of minutes until her finger is nicely coated with his saliva. Maya sticks her fingers inside her tight ass and began to finger fuck herself while being fucked by Farkle. Both boys enjoyed the sound of their girl’s pleasurable moans. Riley began to feel Lucas’ balls slapping against her pussy. Then, an idea popped into Farkle’s mind.”I want you…. to be on top…. of Riley.” Farkle breathes.Maya climbs off of Farkle as she starts to climb on top of her brunette best friend and began to lick her clit. Riley continues to moan cutely from the feeling of Lucas fucking her and Maya eating her out. Feeling left out of the action, Farkle moved behind Maya and pushes his cock inside her. Riley grabs Maya’s thighs and proceeds to lick her clit while licking Farkle’s cock while Maya mimics the actions of Riley.”God, Riley. Your pussy is so wet. Lucas said. The handsome Texan lifts Riley’s leg up and brought his mouth closer to her foot and began to suck on her toes.”Riles, your toes look so delicious.” Lucas pants as he licks around Riley’s pretty toes. Farkle licks his thumb and slips it inside Maya’s tight asshole.”Let’s switch girls.” Lucas said.The two pulled out of Riley and Maya as Farkle points at the window seat for Riley and Maya could go to. Lucas goes behind Maya and Farkle goes behind Riley.”Think you can handle it, Ranger Rick?” Maya grins.Lucas slips his cock inside Maya and pushes deeper inside her drenched cunt while Farkle does the same with Riley. Farkle and Riley both watch Lucas and Maya getting into the rhythm. Farkle continues to pound Riley’s pussy harder while rubbing her clit at the same time. Maya leans in and kisses Riley passionately as their moans filled the room that everybody in the apartment would hear them. Farkle could feel Riley getting wetter. Maya starts bucking faster and moaned louder, she wanted to cum so badly.”Lucas!” Maya screams.”Farkle!” Riley cries.”You two want to cum for us?” Lucas asked.Maya and Riley could only nod. Lucas and Farkle were ready to shoot their load inside them. Lucas and Farkle both pushed deeper and harder into their girls until they couldn’t take it anymore. Feeling that their cocks were about to twitch, Lucas and Farkle both pulled out of Riley and Maya as the two girls get on their knees, facing their men. Riley was facing Lucas’ cock and Maya was facing Farkle’s cock. Lucas shoots his gigantic load all over Riley’s face while Farkle shoots his load all over Maya’s face and in her mouth. Some of Lucas’ cum landed in Riley’s brown locks and all over her breasts. Maya leans down and starts to lick some of Lucas’ cum off of Riley’s breasts and share it with her.”Holy cow. That was pretty hot.” Lucas said.”Yeah. It was pretty hot.” Farkle said.THE END