Getting Even with Evie

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[Author’s note: This is just the start of Evie’s journey, let me know what you think!]


Seven months ago Evie had given up on men, work, sex, and life. It just seemed like a waste of effort. Five years in the same office and her boss still didn’t know her name. A year since the break up that left her teary if bad memories surfaced after a few drinks. On top of it all it had been God-knows how long since the last time someone made her bits tingle.

To be honest though, sex just wasn’t that important. Sure, she enjoyed the grunting, pumping and cumming parts enough, it just never seemed to take centre stage in everyday life like it did for other people. She never even touched herself. Her ex had been kinky and had tried to involve her in whatever way he could, but every attempt led to a faked orgasm and another brick in the wall that would separate them.

After the last few long and lonely months Evie had given up hope; and it probably would have killed her. But everything changed when Star Couriers delivered a little brown package.

A sharp knock on the door woke her up. Evie staggered up off the the lounge and skulked over to the front of her small apartment. Last night must have been a lot bigger than she’d realised; not only did she sleep in the lounge room but this hangover was going to be epic.

With a soft groan she opened the door, and was blinded by the early morning light. Although the sun was warm on her singlet top, the concrete of the doorstep was cold on bare feet.

Shielding her eyes Evie scrawled a lazy signature on the clipboard and accepted the small box the courier offered her. He tipped his hat and gave the groggy girl a cheeky smile, sneaking at peek at her hardening nipples as they struck out against the fabric. He left her with a wave, and she closed the door.

Evie set the box down on the coffee table and flopped back onto the lounge with a total lack of grace. By now her body had done a full damage report and the result was carnage. Her mouth tasted like ash and her brain felt like it had been minced up and charged with batteries. There was no way she could deal with conciousness right now. With a sigh she closed her eyes and crashed back into deep sleep.

A few hours, and painkillers, later she got up to start the day. She made a strong cup of coffee, nursing her head all the while, and fell back onto the sofa once more. With a jolt she remembered the package, and reached out to pick it up. It didn’t feel heavy, or jingle when she shook it. The only details on the unremarkable packaging were her name and address.

She unwrapped the brown paper and found a simple white box, as frustratingly unremarkable as the packaging it was wrapped in. Popping the side tabs she opened the box and poured the contents on her coffee table. It took a few seconds for her impaired mind to join the dots, but the moment she did Evie blushed deeply.

A smallish purple butt-plug and a bottle marked ‘Water-Proof Lube’ stared up at her. At its thickest the plug was the width of about three fingers, tapering slim at one end and expanding into a wide suction base at the other. She grabbed the box and tried to find some clue of who or what had sent this thing to her, but the sex toy’s origin remained a mystery.

Cautiously Evie picked the thing up, and was surprised by its weight. It had a slightly tacky texture, but didn’t leave residue on your hand. Musing, she guessed it was some hi-tech silicon designed to feel like skin. Even when she held the sex toy at an arm’s length she could smell a slight odour. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but a sweet, almost tangy, musk. Before she realised what she was doing Evie bought the plug to her lips and gave it a gentle kiss.

A sharp knock on the door for the second time that morning bought her back to reality with a snap. Throwing her arms around wildly she gathered up the empty packaging and stashed the surprise toy in the drawer of the coffee table.

A few seconds after she closed the drawer Evie felt a hot flush break over her cheeks. Her pulse picked up and a floating sensation swept up through her. On impulse she slid her hand down across her stomach and over her crotch, but another knock at the door snapped her back to reality and she headed over to the door. Groaning, Evie opened the front door and once again was blinded by the sunny day outside.

“Hey babe.” Kel chirped at her and stepped straight in. “Wow… You look fucked. Hit the cosmopolitans last night?” She teased. Kel’s swipe at Evie’s dishevelled looks was normal. She was incredible blunt, totally at odds with her sweet, girl-next-door, good looks.

“Yeah, no, I’m just, feeling a bit weird today.” Evie shrugged, suddenly nervous her friend would open the drawer and catch out the ‘delivery’.

Kel had come round for the regular bitching-session about other girls, boys and the usual. They shared canlı bahis şirketleri a coffee and Evie made toast, but didn’t do much of the talking. She sat on the lounge, listening to Kel’s giggling anecdotes feeling stifled, as if the room was too hot. Her eyes would always wander back to the drawer her ‘package’ lay in.

“Evie? E-vie?” Kel sung slowly, “You must be hung-over! Are you even awake?” She laughed. Evie didn’t reply straight away; she was distracted by the gentle grazing of her singlet top across her breasts. The feeling was incredible; any movement of the fabric over her nipple seemed amplified, even electrifying. It dragged up a forgotten feeling, making her blush for the second time this morning. Why didn’t it always feel like this? After a long pause she replied.

“Yeah, sorry Kel. I’m not feeling great at the moment.” She lied. “I think I need a long shower.”

Kel eyed her nervously through her jagged fringe. “Ok babe. I’ll give you a call later, I think you really do need a bit of sleep.” She stood up and headed for the door, turning back as she reached it.

“Evie, I know you’ve had a shit few months but I don’t want to see you drink yourself to death or see you taken advantage of by that stink-bug ex. If you don’t want us to come with you tonight that’s cool but -“

“Wait, what do you mean?” Evie interrupted; she didn’t remember making any plans. And the stink-bug ex could only be Marcus, that kinky former boyfriend. Kel used to call him stink-bug because he spent so much time researching insect pheromones at the University he would come home smelling like compost.

Kel fumbled with her phone and bought up the messages screen. “What do you mean? You told me Marcus invited you to Verdé Noonas tonight, and asked me if Theo and I would come with you for support.”

“Wait, I said that?” Evie was totally confused now; why would she accept an invitation to dinner with Marcus, who she hadn’t seen since their break-up a year ago, and on top of that why drag her best friend and her cute boyfriend along too? It didn’t make any sense, but then again either did having a butt-plug she’d never seen before delivered first thing in the morning.

“Yeah I’ve got the messages here.” Kel brandished her phone at her. “I know you don’t like talking about him but if he wants to have dinner maybe you can sort it out? I thought you’d invited me and Theo for moral support. We can leave you two to it if you want.” Kel looked concerned. Evie was acting pretty weird, even for a hangover victim.

“No, please, Kel. Look, I’m just a bit confused at the moment. I don’t remember it but I’ll go through my phone and see what he sent and get back to you in a few hours. I don’t know if I want to see him yet, it’s… tricky. I don’t feel myself today.” Evie’s flush picked up as she spoke, making her heart race.

“Haha, not yet you haven’t,” Kel replied with a wink, not knowing how close she was to the truth.

They said their goodbyes and Evie hurried her friend out the door. Her nipples had become embarrassingly pointy with the friction of her top as she moved. Glancing in the mirror she saw the pink tinge in her cheeks, and immediately reached down to her crotch again. Why was she feeling herself? It was so strange, this feeling… she was dripping wet.

“What the fuck is happening to me?” She asked no one in particular. Peeling off her singlet she stood in front of the mirror and cupped her left breast in her palm. Occasionally their size bothered her; compared to a Victoria’s Secret catalogue she was a little above average. A whole lot above average actually. Any self-consciousness she normally had was replaced today with a sinuous lust.

Her breathing picked up and it became hard to think straight. Through the haze of arousal she set herself off toward the bathroom. Pausing only to strip out of her pyjama pants she stepped into the shower. She was determined to cool herself down, and she utterly failed.

Closing her eyes and breathing in steam bought her back to reality for a few seconds, but it didn’t prepare her for the shock she got when she looked down. With a gasp she realised she was clutching the butt-plug in her right hand, and dropped it onto the cubicle floor.

The toy landed on its suction cup and Evie regarded it with suspicious eyes. She didn’t remember picking it out of the drawer on her way to the bathroom, it had appeared almost by magic. Looking over to the vanity she saw the unremarkable bottle of lube, which she also had no memory of touching.

She reached out and grabbed the little bottle, and immediately felt the haze come back over her. It was like the every connection between her nerves, brain and now her vagina was amped up to 11. Every drop of water tickled her back and neck, and the damp of her pussy welled up and slid down her leg. Without thinking she bent down and had a closer canlı kaçak iddaa look at the butt-plug that provoked such a reaction in her.

Evie had never owned a sex toy, or even really considered her ass to be a good place for a foreign object. But she could see why the shape of the plug would be perfect. As she admired the sexy curve of the fuck-toy a little part of her brain protested at the thought of using her ass hole like that. The thought lingered for a second, but the haze of arousal proved to strong, and a moment later she had popped the cap on the lube and squeezed a long drop onto her fingers.

Squatting down she gave her pussy a few long strokes, massaging the slippery goo all over the wet folds and sucking hole. Masturbation wasn’t classically part of her repertoire, but this felt amazing. Her fingers grazed her slick, sensitive parts in a way that made her gurgle with delight. Strangely the lube didn’t wash off in the steamy water of the shower, and seemed instead to have a warming quality about it. Every spark of contact sent shivers straight through her engorged clit.

As the young girl fingered her pussy in ecstasy the lube did its work. Chemical compounds seeped through the exposed membranes of her heated cunt and into her bloodstream, delivering their message of desire and arousal to her entire body. It felt like every part of her was as sensitive as the nub of her clit, and without taking her hand off her slopping pussy she squeezed a long drop of the gooey liquid onto her abdomen and rubbed the slippery goodness all over her stomach, thighs and ass.

As the the feeling intensified she got one hand to work her clit and the other to slide into her throbbing pussy. Evie gasped out loud as she shoved three fingers deep into her cunt, immediately sending her into spasm. Planting her back against the wall of the cubicle she surrendered herself to the all consuming fuck-frenzy playing through her mind. The hot water falling down made a sloshing noise as she worked herself with three fingers, grunting as she thrust in and out.

Every time she thrust into her pussy she pushed the life-changing lube deeper inside her, intensifying its effect. Slamming her cunt with as much force as she could muster Evie felt total bliss, moaning hard as her pussy squeezed around her fingers.

Her orgasm seemed to begin all over her body at the same time. As she furiously strummed her clit and fucked herself hard the pressure built up inside, forcing her to shout a long, drawn out groan. Evie was breathing fast and hard. It wouldn’t be long now before the full force hit her and she began to cum.

It hit her like a freight train, forcing her pussy to shoot a long squirt of juice all over the wall of the cubicle. Evie’s hand blurred as it slapped her clit, sending her climax up into the stratosphere. Screaming like a wild animal the young girl fucked her pussy all the way through the biggest orgasm of her life, letting a wet gush of girl-cum dribbled out of her well-fucked hole and onto the floor.

Her scream faded to a slow, guttural groan as her body melted away with the pleasure. The whole time she played with herself the butt-plug sat a foot away, and it wasn’t until her orgasm at last subsided she remembered it was there.

The haze in her mind cleared after she came. She sat back, legs spread wide, absent-mindedly toying with her engorged cunt in the glow of the fucking she’d given herself. Shock and shame drifted through her at how easily she’d succumbed to mindless masturbation. It had felt out of her control, like some horny beast had taken over her pussy and all that mattered was having her holes stuffed and fucked, as hard and quick as possible.

She reached out and picked up the butt plug. As it touched her skin Evie felt a sudden relaxation spread across her. The hazy fog of her sex-lust was beginning to rise up through her again, but it immediately faded when she touch of the plug’s silicon. The effect was totally confusing, but it didn’t stop her self-pleasuring rampage.

Without pausing to think about it she squeezed more lube onto her fingers and started to slop it up on her virgin ass hole. She was in total auto-pilot, the haze of sex and lust had descended on her and all she could do was take a back seat and watch as she prepared to defile herself.

The electric feeling of the cool lube on her pussy was nothing compared to what it did the moment it touched her puckered rose-bud ass hole. The instant it touched her ring Evie’s clit twitched and began to swell. Her breathing picked up to a fevered pace and her heart felt like it was about to explode.

After a gentle massage she slipped one finger into her back hole, and groaned as bliss spread from her virgin anal ring. The finger slid in past the first knuckle, then the second, finally wriggling in all the way down. The lube worked its chemical magic on her. Animal canlı kaçak bahis pheromones got to work on every cell in her tight young body, linking arousal, desire, sex and pure fucking into every neuron in her brain. Entire muscle systems began to gently shift and relax, opening her anal canal and preparing it for penetration.

She worked one finger in all the way in and out, and with some long strokes back and forth relaxed her ring, allowing a second and then third finger to slide up into her ass hole. The feeling was indescribable; this was bliss, ecstasy, the end-game pleasure designed by God and Budha and all the good things in the world.

Evie groaned as she filled her own ass hole, sliding up and down on her fingers, fucking herself with joy. She threw her head back and slid her free hand over to her clit, massaging the soft fleshy nub. The engorged folds of her vagina quivered with what felt like pure electricity. Her pussy shot little spurts of girl-cum every time she thrust her fingers into her ass. It was time for the butt plug.

When her fingers left her ass hole and her tight ring gaped empty something happened to Evie. She began to panic. The feelings of emptiness caused her to fret and breathe in ragged gasps. She needed something in her ass hole, craved it on a base level. Shaking as she went, Evie tried to calm herself down, and lubed up the plug. She didn’t know it then, but this first anal fucking marked the start of a whole new life.

As soon as the plug’s little nose touched her ass hole she began to feel gentle waves of calm spread across her abdomen and throughout her mind. Evie gave a guttural grunt as she forced herself down onto the plug, stretching her wet, pink ass ring wider and wider. The plug was unrelenting as it slid slowly deeper into her virgin back hole. She reflexively clenched her bowel and forced the plug out with a slight plop.

The effect was immediate. As soon as the plug broke contact with her body she began to feel an insatiable lust spring back to life. Her hand flew straight to her pussy and she frigged herself off frantically as her head became a blur of hazy sex and furious fucking.

Strumming her ripe clit with both hands Evie tried to fight back against the fog of arousal and desperate need that clogged her brain. The chemical agent deep in the molecular structure of the lube had done its work, and the effect was both immediate and everlasting. Evie slammed her sopping pussy with three fingers over and over, not even pausing as she reached out and realigned the butt plug with her puckered ass hole. She had no choice, she needed to fill her ass hole.

The friction of her fingers curling around her cunt was beginning to boil in her abdomen, making her push down on the plug harder this time. The orgasm building in her accelerated as the plug slowly slid up into her bowel, stretching the ring past the reflex point right up to the plug’s widest girth.

Her fingers continued to smash into her sloppy cunt, forcing pussy juice to spray up over herself and across the cubicle. Her girl-cum began to shoot out in strong squirts and eventually a solid stream as the plug slid all the way into her tight virgin’s ass, causing her to orgasm with a force she never knew possible.

Her pussy spasmed again and again as the combined feeling of the toy buried in her ass and her hands thumping her clit thrilled up and down her shaking body. Every second felt like an eternity of fireworks and music. Having a full, stretched ass hole was bliss like she’d never had before, like she’d never even known possible. As the magic of her orgasm spread across her body and slowly faded Evie’s mind returned from the haze of her lust.

What had happened to her? Just this morning she had never even considered touching herself in a sexual way and here she was practically fisting her pussy and ramming foreign objects deep into her ass. This couldn’t be right. What was in that lube that drove her crazy, and what was it about the butt plug that made her want to fill every hole she had? None of it made sense.

Her orgasm had faded into a dim glow, leaving her flushed pink and breathing heavy. Her pussy was still swollen and sensitive as she stood up and turned off the shower, enjoying the fading steamy mists that lingered in the bathroom. She’d come down from high orbit and with her returning sense of self began to ask some serious questions. She wasn’t a nympho, she knew that much, but what else could explain the desperate horniness that seemed to hit her in waves? It was almost like she was on heat all of a sudden….

The phrase ‘on heat’ floated through her mind. It set off a chain of images and memories; the butt plug, Kel’s phone, the ‘stink-bug’ ex. All of a sudden she knew who she had to call; and raced off to find her phone.

Evie found her handbag on the lounge room floor, and stretched down. As she rummaged through the debris of her bag, she didn’t even notice the little purple butt plug still nestled deep in her stretched ass hole. Something was different right down in her core. Something had changed deep inside her and she needed to speak to Marcus.