Gay Slave Training PT3

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Gay Slave Training PT3It’s been ten days since this teen boy first knocked at my door. I remember when I first looked through the peephole to see proof that he was legal and had shaven his thin eighteen year old body for me. He was such an innocent boy in that first moment, so horny and so inexperienced. How was he to know that what I had been doing to him was anything other than a normal phase that all teen boys go through.By now he was more of a pet than a human. I had spent the first several days keeping the boy on Viagra and amphetamines while totally bound, tormenting and fucking all the holes in his body every few hours with either a toy or a cock and then tying him in a different uncomfortable position. Before I left him every night so I could sleep, I would feed him more stimulants and force a large black dildo deep into his ass and tape it there. Then I would force a big butt plug into his mouth and tape it in place so it almost went into his throat and made him work constantly not to gag. I would tie his wrists and ankles together then tie the ropes to either wall, stretching his body tight on his back against my tile floor, so tight that you could see his ribs and his breathing became shallow and labored. Once he was tied tight, I would sit next to him while he watched his own body being abused on the video. I would listen to his gagging and painful breathing while I forcefully masturbated us both to orgasm. When he would cum, I would direct it onto his hairless, flat stomach and then cum on him as well. I would take the cum in my hand and smear it all over his face and push some into his mouth for the butt plug to force into his throat. I would leave him covered in his own cum every night night.I had been tying him up often with his head pointing down between his legs, a little tighter each time. I could now stand behind the boy and push his head down until his cock was about an inch into his own mouth. Pretty soon I would be able to tie him up with his own cock all the way down his throat. It was fun to think about tying the boy up and leaving him alone to gag and drool on himself while he was forced to fuck his own throat with his cock.Right now he was basically hanging by his collar which was chained to the ceiling in the corner of my bathroom. He was nude except for the cock ring that was tight around his hard little hairless teen penis. I’ve kept his hands either handcuffed behind his back or tied to something the entire time he’s been here, helping to teach him that he is completely powerless and was born solely for submission to older men.He was currently wearing the virtual reality headset. For the first several days, I played a continuous feed of severely brutal bondage and sadistic porn on the headset, forcing him to watch and listen to these depraved acts constantly. Sometimes I would leave the headset on while I played with the boy, it was like a blindfold and earplugs but better. I would abuse the boy while stroking his little cock, forcing him to orgasm while he watched the videos. It kept the boy totally unaware of his surroundings while mixing with the d**gs to warp his mind, helping him learn to equate the pain and fear in the videos with the pleasurable sexual feeling of orgasm. Eventually the boy’s mind would begin telling him that his orgasm was completely tied to his bondage and submission. I edited all the video that I had taken of the boy throughout the first three days to create a four hour loop of him being bound and repeatedly abused in his throat and asshole by myself and several of my friends, as well as video of him tied up alone with dildos taped deep in his mouth and asshole, writhing and gagging and crying while drooling all over himself. I took the video loop and added subliminal messages to it that told the boy that he was worthless, that he liked what was being done to him, that his purpose on earth was to be a hairless little slave for other men, and that he would totally submit to any man that told him to.Over the tokat escort last seven days I’ve forced the boy to wear the headset and watch the porn of himself being fucked and bound 24 hours a day while feeding him stimulants every few hours. Since he came to my house, I haven’t let the boy sleep more than two hours at a time, and have kept him d**gged. It helps to keep his body weak and his mind fuzzy. I think that the subliminal messages have begun to take hold in his subconscious because he no longer cries or pulls away when I fondle his body, sometimes he would even push his hips forward when I stroke his little cock, or he sticks his tongue out before I gag his throat.I know that his parents will be coming home soon, and I hope he’s ready for what I want him to do. I walk up to the boy, checking which point in the video he is watching. On my computer, I see that the video is showing the boy kneeling in my living room with his hands bound to his ankles. The headset has been replaced by a tight blindfold. As the video plays, it shows the light from my front door opening. A moment later, the two large black men that I had found online entered the room and walked up to the boy. I had put an ad on craigslist stating that I had a small, totally shaven, white, eighteen year old boy who was my voluntary slave. I had said that whoever wanted to could make plans with me to come to my place, open the unlocked door, and find the boy waiting in the living room to be used however they liked.These two black men had contacted me almost immediately, asking me what the boy was into and if they could fuck him as hard as they wanted. I of course said yes they could, and that it didn’t matter what the boy liked, he would do whatever they wanted him to do.The men in the video walked up to the kneeling blindfolded boy, and one knelt behind him and put his huge hands around the boy’s throat, holding him still. The other man dropped his pants and grabbed the boy tightly by his hair. Holding him still, the man didn’t waste any time. He pushed what must have been a twelve inch cock past the boy’s lips and into his mouth. While he stood there, the other man squeezed hard while pushing the boy forward, choking the boy on the outside of his neck and gagging him with cock on the inside of his throat. He didn’t stop pushing until the boy’s nose was touching the other man’s belly. Once the cock was totally down the teen’s throat, the man began to squeeze the boy around his neck tighter, making his face turn bright red. As the first man choked the boy roughly, the second man grabbed tighter on the boy’s hair and began to fuck his throat. He was fucking it as hard as he could and with the other man choking him so hard, it must have made the boy’s throat feel much tighter, already stretched around the huge black cock. At one point you could tell that the boy lost consciousness, his head slumped to one side but the men abusing him didn’t care, in fact it looked as if they enjoyed it more when he was u*********s, the one cock fucking his throat harder than before as the other man began fucking the u*********s boy’s asshole, holding his limp body by the neck. As the two black men fucked the u*********s boy’s bound body hard, they took turns slapping him hard across his face and torso, leaving large red welts all over his smooth, thin body. I took a moment to relish what was occurring. This boy had been watching this and many other things happen to him for a week straight with no break. Whenever he wasn’t watching and listening to himself get abused and degraded, he was in the process of making more video or he was u*********s. He hadn’t worn clothing in ten days, only the collar and the cock ring and whatever I used to tie him up. I decided that now was the time to tell him part of what he would be doing tomorrow.Since he was eighteen he was a legal adult and was free to move out of his parents house if he wanted to, and I wanted him to so that was that. I was going to let the amphetamines escort tokat wear off and then feed him an extra Viagra and some caffeine pills to keep him awake, then blindfold him. Then I’d put the clothes I had bought on him for the day. I had purchased a skin-tight slightly see-through black tee shirt that said “whore” on it, as well as some very tight white spandex boy-shorts that barely covered the bottom of his ass and caused a large bulge in the front where his hard cock had been forced between his legs. I had thought long and hard about what I was going to do with this boy when his parents got home from their vacation. The one nice thing I always made the boy do was once a day call his parents and check in with them. It seemed to calm him down a bit, and he never mentioned anything to them about what he had been doing since they left. I would turn off the headset and make the boy recite his parent’s names and phone numbers to me. I would tell the boy I was calling his parents and that he should say he was calling from his new cell phone, and tell them whatever he needs to tell them, then I would dial the number and put the phone to his ear. While still bound in whatever position he was in, he would talk to his parents about their trip, always telling them that he was fine at home. This meant that the boy was agreeing to let this continue and cementing his position as a permanent fuck slave for any perverted man that wanted to use him. It was also nice because then I could be sure when they would be home. I had devised exactly what was going to happen tomorrow when his parents returned home. With that, I tied the boy tightly to the floor and inserted the toys in his mouth and asshole, then left him so I could get a good night’s sleep.The next morning, I took the boy with his collar and cock ring on and blindfolded him, and then roughly forced my largest butt plug into his asshole and duct taped it in place. I then dressed him in the slutty shirt and shorts I had bought, adjusting the shirt to show his bare stomach and making the shorts show the huge bulge of his Viagra-swelled and completely hairless cock. I then handcuffed his arms behind his back and put six inch shackles on his ankles. Next, I covered him with a floor length hooded coat and zipped it up, then walked him to my car. I put him in the back seat on the floor and removed the coat. I hooked the ring on his collar to a ring on the floor of the back seat, then left him in the car while I ran back to the house to grab his drivers license and his keyring.I returned to the car and entered the boy’s home address on my GPS. It was 9am and his parents would be home at noon. I drove the boy to his parents house and parked in the driveway. I opened the rear car door to put the coat on the boy and released his neck from the floor, then led him from the car to his front door. His house was surrounded by pine trees, which made it nicely private. I took his keys and unlocked the front door and guided the boy into his own home. He still had no idea where he was as I walked him through the house till I found his bedroom. I opened the door to his room and took him inside. Once in the room I dragged him by the collar to his bed. I removed the coat so he was only barely clothed in the tight fabric and had him kneel facing the door while at the foot of his bed. I undid the chains on his ankles and tied each one to either end of the bed, pulling his legs wide apart and pushing his bulge out a bit more. I then tied ropes to his wrists and to the headboard of his bed. I undid the handcuffs and pulled the ropes tight, stretching his arms back over his mattress. I looked at the boy in his tight whore shirt, with his semi-hard cock stretching out the white fabric of the boy shorts. I took the boy by the hips and pulled his torso forward so his body was really stretched out with his shaved crotch straining out towards the door. I took several pillows and shoved them between the butt plug in his asshole and the tokat escort bayan bed so his little body would stay stretched out like this for his parents to see.With the boy prepared I went to his sisters room and found her underwear drawer where the boy had found the panties he first wore to my house. I took all his sisters panties and brought them to his room and strew them about all over the boy and his bed. With the boy ready, I put on my ski mask and took several photos of him. Then, I knelt down next to him and slowly undid the blindfold. This was the first time the boy had seen anything besides sadomasochistic pornography playing in front of his eyes in almost two weeks.As he saw his room he started to cry. I didn’t want him saying anything, just listening so I put duct tape over his mouth. I then told him the plan.”Yes boy, this is your bedroom. I have brought you home because you have a hard choice to make, so I am going to make it a little easier on you. In an hour or two, your parents will arrive home with your little sister. When they come looking for you, they will find you like this, wearing tight girly clothes and tied to the bed with a dog collar around your neck and your mouth duct taped shut, and your little dick hard with a cock ring on it and such a huge butt plug taped into your asshole. There’s pairs of your sisters panties all over you and your bed, and they will think you have done all this to yourself.””You have two choices. You can tell your parents that you made a mistake and stay here with them. Don’t try to tell them that I forced you to do anything, because I have you consenting on videotape to everything I’ve been doing to you many times over. If anyone questions me about you, I will make all the video I have taken of you public, and I will send a copy to your parents. If you choose this option you will never see me again.””Your other choice is to tell your parents that you met an older man recently. You will tell your parents that you want to be his slave and that you are going to leave today to go live with him full-time as his sex toy for as long as he wants.” “When your parents find you they will know that you like to be fucked in your asshole. That’s why I gave you an extra Viagra this morning, so your cock will be rock hard when they find you and it will make them think that you enjoy this, no matter what you tell them. I bet your father will have to help get this plug out of your ass for you while your mother has to remove this ring on your hard cock. I wonder what they will think, knowing that their little eighteen year old son likes to shave his cock and ass smooth and put things inside of his own asshole?””I am going to leave a slip of paper under your mattress with a cell phone number on it. I will be waiting somewhere near your house until 2pm today. If I receive a phone call from you I will drive to the end of your block and wait five minutes for you to come to my car. If not, you have chosen to stay with your parents even though they will always know that you have been fucked over and over by men as old as your father.”With that, I put the blindfold back over the boy’s now teary eyes and stuck the slip of paper under his mattress. I leaned down to the boy’s ear and reached in my pocket and took out the panties he had stolen from his sister. They were covered in dried cum, and I ripped the tape from the boys mouth and forced them inside. I cut a new piece of duct tape and pushed it over the boy’s mouth. I then whispered in his ear “I wonder what your parents will think when they find your little sister’s panties in your mouth?” I felt his body shake and heard muffled gagging sounds and knew he was terrified. I then stood up to leave.As I left the room, I took several pictures of the boy just in case he made the decision to stay with his parents, although I hoped that the shame of being found by his parents looking like he was would make him choose to call me to escape the embarrassment. I took off my mask and left through the front door, locking it from the outside. I hopped in my car and drove to a neighborhood bar to wait and see…………At about 1:30pm my phone rang. “Boy?” I asked.”Yes.” was the quiet reply.”I’ll be down the street in ten minutes.”