Fun with Aileen

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Fun with AileenI met Aileen through a mutual friend in a party. The moment I saw her I knew I want her, so much. She has such beautiful eyes, let alone those long legs in black pantyhose and high heels. I could barely move my eyes away from her. We had a fun talk and exchanged our contact so we can hang out from time to time.Aileen works at a local college as a lecturer and a tutor. I can feel that all the male student in her class have this impulse in them to make Aileen moan under them. I can’t blame them since when I waited for her outside the classroom I saw her wearing that tight pencil skirt and pantyhose every single time. With a pair of rosy high heels, no one could resist including me. We get closer and closer. I sometimes tell her that I like alanya escort girls too. She’s straight btw and jokes about it “Well do you like me?” “Yeah you are such a hottie” and she seems happy. Well, so am I.Our crazy moment started at a wild party. I came to the party right after my flight with my uniform and pantyhose. Aileen was there already, chatting with several guys. So I joined them. Drinks and drinks after we, five guys, me and Aileen, ended up in a private room.”I say we play truth or dare!” Someone shouted. Well apparently I was not good at it so I sometimes ended up kissing the guys in the room until one of the guys, who is a former students of Aileen at her tutoring session, asked me to kiss Aileen, for 5 minutes.”Well I never escort alanya kissed a girl before but let’s try” said Aileen. I bet we kissed more than 5 minutes as I was waiting for this for so long and after a while Aileen and I were lying on the couch hot kissing. “A fuck this is hot”. With the touching, kissing and all the alcohol, I started sliding my hands into Aileen’s tight red party dress and touching her almost wet spot. Not long after that Aileen started moaning and her legs moving around in the air and shaking. “Oh fuck it” The guys couldn’t stand this anymore. I felt someone starting to touch our legs and kissing our heels. Some even pulled out their hungry dicks and started humping our hosed asses. Our kiss was finally interrupted by alanya escort bayan two hot dicks slapping on our faces. The two guys pulled our hair to separate us and shoved their dick into our mouths. The next I knew was that my pantyhose torn apart and that hard penetration into my pussy. I don’t know about Aileen since I was too occupied by the cocks. But one thing I did know was that the only words we said in the next two hours were “Oooh, Ahhh and faster”!I lost counts of cum load shot to me, but two were directly deep in my pussy. Aileen had a big one from her former student. The guy shouted so loud and I wonder how Aileen took that big load from such a huge black cock. The rest of the cums ended up on our legs, pantyhose, feet and even in my high heels. My uniform was completely cum stained too. The guys wiped the rest of their cum off their cocks on our faces. Looks like they were very satisfied. Well so was I, to have this wild sex with Aileen and I knew I could have her from now on!