Fun at the cinema

25 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Fun at the cinemaThe cinema was quiet and only a few people were out about town, for a weekend it was almost earie. There was only one person in the same screen as myself a young lady, I sat down in the row in front of hers a few seats to her left, the one of the red stair lights just above me.The movie was just about to start it was a romantic comedy, the lights dimmed and only the glow from the red lights were visible.The light above me, lightly highlighted me, I was sure she could see me. Id noticed her keep looking over during the opening adverts. I thought to myself, let’s have a little fun, I shuffled forward in my chair laying back against the back rest.The movie was quiet revealing and had quite a bit of nudity. I started rubbing myself through my jogging bottoms, I didn’t know if she was watching me or even if she had seen.I stayed rubbing myself for a güvenilir bahis few minutes, then I heard her fidget from the row behind. I pulled the string to my joggers loosening off the waist, I pulled my cock out over the waistband and started wanking it, visible in the dull red light. A minute or two after, I realized she had moved quietly along the row, and was directly behind me. She lent down over the back of the chair and took me into her hand, I didn’t refuse her. I moved my hands away, and placed them down by my sides, she moved her small soft hands up and down my shaft. Is that better she whispered into my ear, much I replied. She rubbed her thumb over my head, I could feel the precum making it glide back and forth. I could hear her breathing getting heaver over my shoulder. She climbed over the back of the chair, and nestled down between my legs, türkçe bahis she pulled my joggers down further so I was sitting in the chair bare assed.She carried on stroking me, her touch felt very soft and delicate. She lent forward and licked my shaft running her tongue over my head, she took me into her mouth, it felt so nice, I ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked me up and down. She looked up at me with these gorgeous big eyes, I couldn’t tell what color they were in the dim light. She could see how much I liked it, she stopped sucking me and stood up, she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them along with her knickers to her ankles. She turned and lowered herself down onto my cock, she was very tight, she couldn’t take all my shaft at first, I lent round and rubbed her bald pussy with my fingers as she tried to slide down my shaft a little further. güvenilir bahis siteleri She was lightly moaning under her breath. She got very wet very quickly, She started moving her hips back and forth, she finally had all of me inside her. She started bouncing up and down on me, her ass slapping against my legs. I felt her pussy contract, she orgasmed she let out a deep long groan as she came bending over and clenching the seat in front. She rode me a little longer, until I was ready to cum, she got of and went down onto her knee, she told me to stand up, I did and she wanked me off all over her pretty face, all while she stared up into my eyes. She gave me a little suck to finish me off, then she stood up, pulled up her jeans, and went back to her seat. She sat there for the rest of the film with my cum dripping off her face. As the film ended and the lights came back on, I got up to leave and she had gone, nowhere to be seen.I walked home ecstatically happy. I wondered did she walk home with her face covered in spunk, or did she go to the bathroom and wash it off? I guess ill never know.