Frustration Satisfied

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“I’m at my wit’s end, Darlene. I’ve moved out, filed for divorce.”

“Janice, I feel for you. It’s a bad time. But it’s happened to others. Give it time and things will settle down.”

I took another sip of my drink. What am I doing in a bar drinking Chardonnay with a co-worker? Venting my frustration, I guess. “Probably so,” I finally said. “But I think my case might be a little different than some others. I was a virgin when I met Charlie. He taught me everything I know about sex. He’s the only guy I’ve ever been with. When times were right, we had sex all the time. He could spend an hour eating me. Better than any steak dinner, he used to say. Literally all the time. One day I can remember when we didn’t even get up to eat food until something like five o’clock in the afternoon. We’d been at it like minks for hours and hours. I married him because I figured I’d have sex all the time for the rest of my life. Now he’s a drunk. An unemployed drunk. He can’t even get an erection. It’s been months since I had any good sex. So, it’s not just about the end of a marriage with me. It’s sex! I’m not getting any!”

Darlene smiled at me and looked around. “If you yell that out like that very often, my guess is that you’ll have guys offering to solve your problem for you.”

I grinned in spite of myself. “Yeah, well I’d probably take them up on it.” I took another sip of my drink. “Maybe that’s an idea, I ought to find some stud and proposition him.”

“Well, it would probably work,” Darlene answered with a wry smile. “You’re in terrific shape. Most of the guys in here would probably jump at the chance.”

“I feel like trying it. But I guess I better not find a lover until the divorce is further along. Charlie may be a drunk but he has lawyer friends. They’d probably love to prove I had been cheating on him. Although, so far, he hasn’t even contested it.” Another sip and some time to think. “But you know, I’m not asking for anything from him except to be free of him. So it probably wouldn’t make any difference if I’d been cheating on him for months. I even paid out the lease on our apartment so he has two free months before he’ll either have to move or start earning enough money to pay the rent. I did it to protect my own credit rating, not him.”

“I hate to leave you when you’re feeling bad but I’m still married and if I want any fun in bed tonight, I better get home.”

“Oh, go ahead Darlene. I’m sorry to unload my problems on you. I’ll be fine. I don’t even think I’m, going to make a pass at anyone, I’ll just go home, too. My new home that’s not so great but it’s cheap and it’s close to work. Thanks for letting me vent.”

So Darlene left. I nurse my glass of wine for a while, thinking. Darlene’s right. I am in good shape. I’m only thirty. Half the Hollywood bombshells are older than that and still thought to be sexy. Charlie always used to like my body. Claimed I had perfect tits. Delicious pussy. Shit, I better stop thinking like this or I’ll just get more frustrated, remembering all the great sex we used to have. I didn’t care if he worked, how much money he had. If he could have just kept getting a nice, big hard-on and feeling horny all the time. There I am again, thinking about sex. I better go home. Maybe a session with my vibrator will calm me down. Orgasms solve a lot of problems. I grab my purse and practically jump out of the booth and head for the door. I can’t help it, I keep thinking about his cock and how much I loved to play with it, suck on it, feel it filling me up.

Wham, It sounds almost like a car wreck or something. I’ve thrown open the door and knocked some poor guy about three feet right on his butt.

“Gee, I’m sorry. I guess I wasn’t paying attention.” I couldn’t help almost giggling. He’s sitting there, his legs out in front of him. He’s actually a very nice looking guy. Suit and tie. I take a step towards him and reach out. “Can I help you?”

“No, that’s o.k.” he says, “I’m fine. I can always say that the first time I ever met you, you knocked me for a loop.” He’s pulled his feet under him and got up. Shit, he really is good looking. Tall. Appears very fit. I bet he’d be a great fuck. He smiles at me. “The least thing you can do is keep me company and have a drink with me to make up for assaulting me.”

He really is good looking. I bet he’d do me a lot better than my vibrator. What the heck, nothing ventured, as they say. Then before I can answer him . . .

“That’s all right,” he says. “I should have known that someone as beautiful as you isn’t available, you’re probably hurrying home to your husband.”

“No,” I reply quickly, “I’m not. I’m going home alone to my small apartment. You’re probably the one with a wife or serious girl friend.”

“No,” he almost grimaces, “Not at the moment. Alone, small apartment, just like you.”

“So, are you hoping you can seduce me with that drink you’re offering?”

He gets a lopsided grin, “Truthfully? That’s my fantasy. Yes. I mean, I’ve barely met you but you’re the most attractive woman I’ve seen in ages.”

“Janice,” I say.

“Oh,” he stammers. “Matt.”

“Well, casino oyna Matt, I don’t really want a drink. But for a whole combination of reasons that we can discuss sometime, I’m really anxious to be seduced. What’s the old saying. your place or mine?”

“Oh,” he hesitates and then grins again, “I’m about two blocks from here.”

“I’m about ready to pull your pants down right here. So let’s get there before good sense takes over and I change my mind.”

He takes my arm and off we go. We get across the street and turn the corner. “I don’t know who’s done what to you but, whatever, I’m glad they did, Janice. You’re extremely attractive.”

“Well, so are you, Matt. So I suspect we’re both rebounding from problems. You’ll be the second man I’ve ever been with. I just moved out from my husband of seven years and filed for divorce. What’s your story?”

He looked at me as we walked. “A variation. My wife moved out on me. With another guy. Divorce. Lousy lawyer. So I have no assets except a decent job. Just a minimal apartment as you’ll see.”

He turns into a building. It’s the same building I live in. I think about saying something but don’t. It’ll make it easy to go home when whatever we do is over. It makes me realize that my financial assets are minimal, too. But also a decent job.

Inside his apartment it’s a reversed clone of mine. One bedroom. I’m as ready as I can be. “Unless you’ve got an argument with it, I’d just as soon get naked on the bed together and get started. I’ve been frustrated for months.”

He leads me into the bedroom. I start undressing and so does he. “Should I turn off the lights?” he asks.

“I don’t care,” I say. And then change my mind. “No, leave them on. I think I want to see what we’re doing. See your body and the expressions on your face.” With that, I’m naked and on the bed. He’s not far behind. We have our arms around one another kissing, pushing our bodies against each other. My hands move down his back, his move onto my butt. I can feel his erection against my thigh. I reach down between us to touch it. Fuck, it feels so great. Finally, an erect cock to use. I can even feel it’s size. Not much different than Charlie. Maybe a little fatter. I slide my hand up and down it. About the same length. Are all cocks the same like this? I’m almost drooling. Feeling it and thinking about it really turns me on. I break our kiss and pull back, slide down on him until I’m squatting at about his knees. His cock is beautiful. I lean forward to taste it, lick it. Fuck, this is perfect. I get my lips around the head and lick and suck a little. Slide down, taking as much of it in as I can.

“I’m not going to last long,” he says.

“Mmph,” I say, my mouth full of him, meaning that’s exactly what I want. I start moving my whole head up and down, sucking and pulling on him with my lips. My other hand is holding his balls, feeling them. I had almost forgotten how sexy a good, fat cock is in my mouth. The feel, the tastes, the anticipation of everything that’s going to happen, the naked bodies. I’m drooling for sure now as I suck and lick this thing that’s stretching my jaws a little. I start moving my hand that’s grasping the base up and down just below my lips, masturbating him as I suck on him, also using my lips to masturbate him. I’m so in to it that I have no idea of how much time has passed, not long enough, when I feel his cock stiffening even more, his hips sort of pushing up, and I know a load of cum isn’t far off.

I could hear him sort of moan or growl as he shot with some force a sticky load into my mouth. A warm, sticky load of sex. I swallowed and used my lips and hand to coax out as much more as possible. I don’t really want to stop but I guess this part of the action is about over. I sit back and look at his cock, dark red now and maybe half the size it was, leaning over sideways. Then I look up at his face, his body, and smile. “I really liked that,” I say to him and crawl on top of him. Charlie liked to kiss me after I sucked him. I hope this guy does, too. He does. We kiss. His hands are moving all over my back, my butt. He holds me and rolls us over until I’m on my back.

“If you taste as good as you look, this will be delicious.”

He’s got both my breasts in his hands, his mouth on one. He knows how to do this. He’s forceful, pulling until it’s almost painful but very sexy. His mouth changes breasts, I can feel his hand sort of cupping my mound. His finger is moving in my vaginal lips. His whole body moves. As he gets down there, I roll my hips and bring my knees almost up to my shoulders to give him all the room he wants. Fuck, he’s good at this. My mind is going kaflooey. I don’t even know what all he’s doing but I’m not going to last long. I can hear him. I must be getting awful wet because it’s sort of slurping noises. Oh fuck this is so great. Uh, Uh, those other noises I hear must be me even though I’m not even aware of making them but it’s here and my whole mind and body is going wild. Wow, that’s about as good as it gets. A lot more than my vibrator ever gave me.

“You really are delicious,” he says as he slides slot oyna up over me. “You have a perfect pussy.”

I feel him pushing his hard cock against me. I reach down under me and help get him aimed into me. Oh, fuck, I can feel it opening me. It almost hurts but it’s so perfect. He fills me so much. This can last all night as far as I’m concerned.

“Me, too,” he says, “but I don’t think I can last all night”

Unless he’s a mind reader I must have said that out loud without even realizing it. He’s moving in me. I can feel every bit of him. The orgasm from his eating me hasn’t even ended yet and here comes more. Fuck this is perfect. I keep my knees up but lower my feet onto the bed to give me leverage. As he fucks me, I push back, When he pushes in, I push up. As he pulls out, I drop my hips. So we’re really slamming into one another.

This is the best ever! I can feel that big cock of his inside me. We’re banging away. It’s as sexy as it can get. Our bodies are whamming into one another. I move my legs so that I can grasp his cock inside me even tighter. Every time he moves in, I grip him, then relax to let him pull out and slam into me again. I realize that the sex you’re engaged in is always so good that you think it’s the best ever. I’ve had so many truly great sexual experiences that it’s unfair. But this really may be the best ever. I can’t imagine that I ever wanted a cock in me any more than I want this. It can’t last all night. I can’t keep such a strong feeling as I have for that long. I’m cumming again! And he just keeps fucking me, slamming into me. I want this cock so much! I’ve heard of women passing out from having feelings so strong that they can’t handle them and it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened to me. My mind is almost bursting. My whole body is on overload. I’m cumming again. Or maybe I never stopped. He bangs into me with extra force and holds himself in me. I can feel his cock jerking. I can feel the warm semen gushing into me. Fuck! This is just as good as it can get.

I’m loud. Not words, although a ‘fuck’ or ‘fuck me’ might erupt. I mostly just yell, moan, scream. It’s all just part of the whole thing. I don’t have to. I’ve fucked quietly when we were in strange situations. I mean, if the choice is between fucking silent or not fucking at all, I’ll choose the fucking option. The location, where we might be discovered, adds a little excitement. But having to keep quiet changes things, too. It means I can’t be open and just let things happen like I’d prefer. Tonight I definitely let things happen. Matt, however, is quiet. He said a lot of nice things but once he was in me he was quiet. He just fucked, pushed into me. As it got near the end he started grunting on each stoke and when he finally came, he sort of growled or snarled or something.

After his cock jerks and shoots off in me he holds it, stays in me, his hips and lower body relax. I can feel his weight on me. I wrap my legs up around him, my heels on his thighs or butt. My arms are around him. I want him. I don’t want this to stop. I mean, I know it’s over for a little while anyway but I don’t want it to be. This has happened to me before. Often. I’m never as horny, wanting more sex, as when the guy has just finished. We’re all wrapped together. I can feel his body, his cock inside me. I want more, even though I’ve just climaxed myself. I think if there was a second guy around, he could just move in and start on me and I’d welcome it. That’s never happened. I don’t think it ever will. But I can understand how it does for some girls. Because I really want a nice hard cock in me again right now. I don’t want it to end.

He’s so much taller that he kisses me on my forehead and then starts pulling his hips back, pulling his cock out of me. He lifts up and off to the side and lays on his side facing me. I roll towards him, get my leg between his. I can feel his sticky cock on my thigh. I can feel our stuff leaking out of me. He gets an arm under my neck and around me and kisses me. His other hand slides down my back onto my butt. He never seems to leave his hands still, he keeps moving them around, feeling me, caressing me. I like it. I kiss him back, feel his butt.

“That was the best sex in my whole life,” he almost murmurs. “You’re a truly great fuck, Janice.”

I smile. “I suppose that I should take that as a compliment.”

He quickly bursts out. “Oh, Yes. Definitely. I’m sorry if it sounded wrong somehow. You’re beautiful. A perfect body. A delicious pussy. And you fuck with abandon. You really like it and get into it. You’re perfect. You even do something I’ve never experienced before. It’s like your insides grab somehow, clamp down on my cock while it’s in you. Do you do that on purpose?

“Yes. I really want your cock in me. I grab it when it’s in there because I want it. But I can’t hold it or else you couldn’t fuck me, you’d be stuck in me like what happens to some dogs, sort of frozen together. We’d need someone to throw cold water on us.”

“How do you do that? I’ve never known anyone else that did that.”

“I’m not real sure I know how to describe it. Sometimes canlı casino siteleri when you’re on a toilet, wanting to poop, and it doesn’t come out as soon as you’d like, I imagine you can somehow push it in your bowels, to get it to come out. Do you know how you do that?”

“Well, you’re right, I’ve done that. And while I know I can do it, I guess I can’t explain it.”

“Well, it’s the same with me. You’ve got to have seen in a lot of movies where the doctor or nurse tells the expectant mother to push, to help push the baby out. The canal the baby’s traveling in has some muscles and somehow the mother can use them to push. Well, your cock is going up into the same canal the baby comes down in. I can’t exactly explain how I do it but I’m using the same muscles that push the baby to grab your cock. And I’m doing it on purpose. I’ve only had sex with one other guy and at first it never happened. Then once, everything felt so good that I did it. He loved it. So I’ve often purposely done it since then.”

“Well, I loved it, too. It’s as if your insides are trying to suck my cock in, like it’s really wanted in there. It feels great. I should propose to you right now and make sure I never lose you.”

“I think we should just be fuck buddies for a while,” I reply. “Lots of sex. Enough that your cock gets calloused from over work. But I’ve just left my husband. I gather that your wife just left you. We’re too vulnerable to make romantic decisions. Besides, my husband might decide to contest our divorce. I don’t think he will. He’s a drunk and probably won’t think beyond getting another drink. But he could. He knows some good lawyers. So maybe we shouldn’t even date or do things in public. Just spend a lot of time in bed together. Just have as much sex as we can manage.”

I rubbed myself on his thigh, arousing my clit a little, and reached for his cock and balls. “As soon as this comes up again, I want to climb on you and use it. I should be able to get a couple orgasms before you cum again.”

“Oh, it’ll come up. And you can use it all you want. You’re going to get a couple orgasms? How do you know you’ll cum quicker than me?”

“Well, maybe you’re different. With my husband, I learned that he came fairly quick the first time. If we were fucking, he’d be done before I had an orgasm. But the next time, once he was up again, he’d last a little longer and I usually managed to orgasm ahead of him or with him. That’s one reason I often suck a cock to orgasm first time. I mean, I really like to anyway but also it means that when we fuck later, he’ll probably last long enough that I get to orgasm, too. It also means he’ll probably eat me to orgasm in the meantime, which I really like. But the third time, after he’s cum twice before, he lasts a long time and I usually can manage a couple orgasms before he cums again. And the fourth time? Wow. We can just about fuck for hours. So I’m hoping that you’re like him and this next time, I’ll have a couple orgasms. Then, if you can get up again, I might have so many that I’ll end up locked into a continual orgasm for awhile. Really wild.”

I smiled again and continued to work on his cock with my hand. “I could feel his cock moving a little. “Maybe I can do something to help get this up again.” I slid down his legs enough to get my mouth to his cock. With each lick and suck it grew until I could sit back and look at it, fully erect and ready. I looked up at his face and grinned as I moved up, raised my hips above him and lowered myself onto him.

“Fuck, this feels so great,” I told him as I felt his cock filling me. I moved my hips around, feeling his cock move inside me. “How’s this?” I asked, looking at him with a grin. I started raising up and dropping down, fucking his cock. And then I start contracting inside myself, so I clamp on him while I was sitting on him and hold it as I raise up, milking him. I then released it and dropped down and clamped on it again and repeated and repeated.

“That’s unbelievable,” he said with a big grin, looking up at me. “But it’s so good that if you keep that up, I won’t last long enough for you to orgasm.”

“Oh, well I don’t want that to happen. How about I do this?” I dropped down on him, with his cock full in me. Then I leaned forward, my breasts hanging loose above him. I pressed my abdomen down against him and started slowly rotating my hips, rubbing my clit against him. “This way, you can get at my breasts and I can masturbate my clit against you and get myself very aroused.”

He gets his hands to my breasts and then sits up slightly and starts sucking on one nipple. I keep rubbing my clit against him. “Fuck, I’m not going to last long,” I tell him. And I don’t. It takes a couple minutes but I have a truly nice orgasm. Not the hugest ever but a really high feeling. I lay down on him, his cock still in me. “That was great,” I say. “What should we do now? Do you like doggy style? Really banging into me? That’d be good, I think.” I lift off him. He’s really hard now. I get beside him and kneel on my hands and knees. He scoots around behind me. I drop my arms and head down onto the bed, leaving my butt sticking up. I can feel him rubbing his cock against my pussy. He starts putting it in. I can feel it spreading me open. I want this so much. I rock back as hard as I can and feel his cock coming fully into me. Aah, it’s so good.