Friends or…More?

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A friend and I found ourselves at a small café intimately surrounded by the dimming, golden pink glow of sunset. We watched the hustle and bustle of people around us as they made their way through the twilight towards whatever destinations awaited them. Today was the day. Today I would tell him and finally have the answer I had been searching for since the first time I had set eyes on him. We had been playing this game of round-about for far too long. I certainly wasn’t the type of girl to be afraid to go after what I wanted, and I definitely wasn’t made for beating around the bush.

“What is this really about? You didn’t really ask me here to catch up. I know you.” His dark eyes narrowed suspiciously as he watched me from across the table.

“I suppose…it might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been hot for you since the first time I saw you.” My direct response left a shocked expression on his face that would have been comical had the situation not been so critical. His lips twitched as if he were trying to decide just how seriously to take my bold statement. When my expression never wavered from its intent, his took on a new uncertainly. A slow smile worked its way onto my lips when I saw his eyes slowly peruse me up and down with new understanding…perhaps this was going to be better than even *I* had anticipated.

“Why did you never tell me?”

I shrugged, the perfect picture of nonchalance, as the words that could change everything came forth. Words underscored with uncertainty, not questioning outright but their intent obvious. “I could never be quite sure if you felt the same way.”

“…Just how…hot are we talking about here?” he asked low, his voice husky. In my head my eyes rolled in exasperation. He was such a guy. He couldn’t really have missed my point so entirely could he?

“That isn’t fair, you didn’t answer my question…I can’t tell you everything while you say nothing.” I spoke as if explaining the moves to a chess game.

“You never asked me a question,” he stated, his eyes sparkling with amusement. The feigned innocence so perfectly crafted I knew he understood exactly what I had been asking.

“Was it all in my head, were you ever interested?” I asked pointedly, surveying his features for the truth.

“No.” He said it so evenly my heart sank but I kept my chin up and my eyes trained on his. The severe expression he wore broke into a playful grin as he continued. “It wasn’t all in your head. I was always interested.”

“Ass,” I slapped him playfully on the arm, relief flooding me. I hadn’t known until those last seconds that I had been holding my breath, preparing myself for the rejection I had anticipated from the beginning. I had never had a problem feeling vulnerable around any male. I knew what I had to offer; something they all found appealing…but he had always eluded the charm and assets that brought others like moths to a flame. He returned my flirtatious banter and double entendre but nothing else, leaving me both confused and at a loss. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t *you* tell *me*?”

“That’s your job,” I scoffed.

“We’re in an advanced age,” he defended. “Besides…you have too many guys vying for the right to that *job*. Plus, I didn’t want to ruin anything. I figured if you wanted something from me you would let me know. You always were a woman that knew her own mind. Am I right?”

“I believe I’ve proven that.”

He chuckled softly, “Now back to what we were saying…when you say hot…what exactly are you saying?

My meandering smile returned, the seductiveness coming into play, “Hot as in…I want to jump you every time we’re close to each other. It takes quite a bit of willpower not to.” The sweetly innocent tone I ended with could have easily been mistaken for a comment on the weather. Any casual passersby would have been quite perplexed at the hungry look the words evoked in the man across from me. bahis firmaları The heat in his gaze had me reaching smoothly for my drink.

“God, if I had known we were both working so hard to ‘deprive’ ourselves I would have made a move a long time ago…” My eyes probably lost focus because the next thing he asked surprised me. “What are you thinking about right now?”

I glanced up, studying him closely, “You. How I want you…”

“And how is that?”

“Sweaty and panting,” I almost whispered, the words catching even *me* by surprise. I bit my lip, the suggestion in my eyes evident.

“How would you get me that way?” he returned just as low, his voice carrying over to me and caressing me, making heat bloom in wonderful places.

I lean forward slightly until my mouth is almost against his ear…”With a kiss…I would start with a kiss. You laying on a bed…me straddling your hips, both of us naked. You would shift up…searching, wanting more but I would push you back down; placing your arms above your head and pinning them there by your wrists. You’re much stronger than me, I’m sure if you had a mind to you could overpower me, roll me over and do what you wanted to me. But I think you enjoy my attempt at keeping you restrained, enjoy me taking control…it intrigues you to wonder how far I will go, what I might do next.

I break our kiss by nipping at your lower lip, nibbling until I reach the corner of your mouth. Your breath becomes uneven as I slowly caress your chin with my lips. I move ever so slightly to kiss your jaw. My breath skims along that curve, my lips just a whisper above your skin, their silky texture gliding towards the hollow behind your ear. I lick you there, moving up to your ear to whisper how much I want you baby, how much I need to feel you hard and unyielding inside me. How much I want you to thrust into me and take me without reservation. The low growl in response to my tongue ringing the edge of your ear and my teeth biting your lobe is enough answer for me. I know what you want, but you’re just going to have to wait. I want to taste you…all of you.

I place your hands on the iron bed frame behind you telling you to grasp it, “Let go and I stop.” My command is sweet and simple, but my smile alludes to my seriousness and you groan. You know it would be so much easier if you were tied down, but I can’t make it too effortless now can I?

I move down to the hollow in your throat licking you gently and kissing my way down the planes of your chest to a nipple. Encircling the small disk with my tongue and biting the nub that forms from my touch, sucking gently as you arch towards my mouth. My hand reaches up to tweak its twin until your breathing has accelerated from both pleasure and anticipation. I briefly glance up at your hands and am incredibly pleased to find them firmly in place, griping the metal like a drowning man would a lifeline.

My mouth moves down your stomach, kissing each striation of muscle, massaging with tender fingers. I don’t want to miss any part of your body now that I have you beneath me, exactly where I’ve wanted you for so long. I pass your navel, circling it with my tongue and watch as your stomach quivers when my lips meet the sensitive nerves along your pelvis and hip bones. When I nip the skin above one, you inhale sharply, the pain a heady surprise.

I move down lower, kissing and licking around your inner thighs, barely just missing the area where you want me the most. Your cock is hard, full and awaiting my lips. I can almost see it straining towards me…I feel the heat radiating off you like a hot poker just pulled from its fiery prison. I work from the bottom up, much as I would with a melting ice cream cone. Starting at the base of your shaft right above the orbs below, I lick up the skin encased vein bulging just beneath the surface. My tongue encircles the ridge under your sensitive head before moving to lave up the pre-cum kaçak iddaa generously dripping from the slit.

You moan softly and I hear your whispered words, “Suck it.”

Looking up into the intensity of your eyes I can almost read your thoughts through them. I chuckle low and soft as your head makes it past my full lush lips, your breath hitching as it continues across my tongue to the back of my throat. You feel the reverberations of my laugh around you and it makes you pump your hips, involuntarily seeking completion. My lips form the most perfect “O” around your thick shaft and you can’t help but look on in silent, helpless wonder.

“God, yes,” You ground out of clenched teeth as I begin to suck. My cheeks hollowing out slightly as I move slowly up then back down. I see your fingers come unclenched and move…I stop my movements and watch you closely, chuckling when you obediently replace your hand where it’s supposed to be.

I suckle you, trying to bring what I’m searching for out from within you. Waiting for you to undulate below me and call out my name in a pleasure so achingly perfect it almost hurts. It leaves you so breathless you feel yourself falling, dying and living in the same instant. *La petit mort*, indeed. My fingers move down to cup your full and heavy balls. The weighty flesh fills my palm as I fondle them, squeezing them between my fingers while my head moves up and down on your shaft. My hair falls to the side and whispers across your hips in a uniquely sensual invitation for you to run your fingers through it. You can feel the temptation and I can almost sense your desperation to fill that need and tangle your fingers in the silken web, but my warning keeps your hands securely above you.

My nail grazes the sensitive skin just behind your sack, making shivers cascade down your body as I push slightly against that delicate skin. The slight pressure on your prostate causes your hips to thrust forward as you moan and pant my name. This little trick is our best secret, don’t worry…I’ll never tell just how much you like it. My tongue encircles you everywhere, switching from delicately caressing to ruthlessly searching so quickly you can’t figure which you prefer. It dips into every ridge and laps at the salty sweet liquid continuously forming at the slit. I move my mouth down to your balls taking first one then the other into my mouth, sucking them and rolling them around; stroking up your length with my hand simultaneously until you groan.

Looking into your eyes, narrowed with lust and need, I move my hands back up your stomach; stroking up to your chest, your neck. I straddle you again and straighten my back. Flipping my hair over my shoulders with an arrogant twist of my head as if I’d just mounted a prize stallion. You love seeing me in this position…on top of you, giving you access to all parts of me and having an unrestricted view. My curves flow in perfect synchronicity and my full breasts are within reaching distance.

I move down between us and grasp your cock moving it towards my opening, slowly sheathing you within my wet, hot interior. We both gasp and moan when I finally sit completely and you’re fully encased by my tight cunny. You look up at me pleadingly, “Please…” Smiling slowly I begin to move at first so slow it has you clenching your teeth in frustrated need. I know what you want but I hold off giving it to you, tormenting you with that itch to pound into me and have me reciprocate. Good things come to those who wait…But your impatience overrides you’re sense and you buck up, attempting to thrust into me. Grinning, I move my hips at the same time–away from you. You try again unsuccessfully and growl low in your throat.

“Ride me goddamnit.” Your words sound tense, and I can tell you barely have control by the way your body strains beneath me. Your frustrated edge makes me throw my head back and laugh. I turn serious the moment you reach forward and grab kaçak bahis my chin, forcing me to look into your eyes and at nothing else. “I know you want it,” you speak low and purposefully, sending frissons of heat down my belly to pool between my legs. “Ride me before I turn you over and fuck you senseless.”

I love it when you talk dirty. I have to bite my lip to keep from saying ‘I dare you’ since there is nothing I would like more.

“Where should that hand be?” I ask tersely and smirk when you move it quickly back in place.

You see my expression and your eyes spark, you know exactly what’s coming. You want a ride? I’ll give you a ride. My legs clench around your hips and I bare my teeth in an almost feral grin as I move slowly up and down on your cock. God, you feel so good inside me. My hips start bucking and rocking and I ride you with abandon. Your grunt of appreciation turns to a moan of pleasure as you thrust into my tight hole, my muscles clenching around you, holding you to me. I feel like I’m riding a mechanical bull as you piston in to me and my hips grind against you. I speak one phrase and you moan with a mixture of triumph and relief, “Touch me…”

My breasts bounce in front of you, there for your pleasure and you don’t let them go to waste. You’re hands move up to cup them, squeezing their fullness and encircling my nipples with your fingers. They pinch tightly at the pearled nubs until I’m gasping your name and begging for more. Your head moves up and your tongue finds their peaks, sucking them into your mouth and roughing them with your teeth until my hands move up your strained neck muscles to hold you to me.

Tipping your head up, you move your lips onto mine, conquering them and claiming them as your own. Your tongue plunges between them much as your cock is doing beneath me in the soft folds of my cunt. Your hands move down the sides of my stomach, one cupping and clenching a full ass cheek before slapping it unexpectedly. I let out a small squeal of surprise and moan your name when your other hand reaches the juncture of my thighs, finding and stroking my clit.

“Ah, *God* baby, that’s it,” I whisper into your ear before pushing you roughly back down amongst the pillows. I move my hands back to anchor on your thighs, my back arching my breasts upward as I furiously move up and down on you. You’re so close; I can feel you swelling inside me. Pants and thrusts have become desperate and hips are a blur. I close my eyes as your hand keeps fingering me, rubbing against me.

“Ah, yea baby, like that. Come on…shoot for me! God–yea, give it to me!”

Once more, just once more.

I’m over the edge, shuddering around you, screaming your name and begging you to fill me. You comply readily, your hot cum shooting out of you in stream after stream as you shudder beneath me, your hands clenching my thighs and forcing them down on you in one final hard thrust. We both stay like that a moment longer, the only sounds in the room, our panting as we try to catch our breath. I slowly slide forward, our sated and sweat glistening bodies coming together of their own accord. I curl next to your side, your arm coming beneath me to hold me to you. My hand reaches you, stroking up your chest to your chin, sliding along your jaw and adding slight pressure until you look down at me. Our eyes meet and I smile, that slow teasing–“

The screech of the chair as he pushes it back away from the table and stands shocks me back to where we are, back to reality. My mouth is still slightly open, the words I was about to say, lost to me. I glance up at him surprised and blinking as the real world catches up to me. I watch him take out his wallet and thrust a twenty on the table.

“What are you doing?”

“Paying the bill,” he says matter-of-factly, looking at me as if I should know this.


“We’re getting out of here.”

“Where are we going?” I ask mischievously, glancing at the bulge in his jeans and already knowing the answer.

“To find a bed and…kiss.”

My laughter bursts from me as he takes my hand in his and pulls me out into the night. Hey, what are friends for?