Friendly Skies

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“Sir, please step over here, we’re going to need to check your bag.”

This was the absolute last thing I wanted to hear today. This was still my first year in the real working world, having just graduated from college last spring, and the consulting firm whose name now graced my business card had been in Chicago on business for the last few days, and it had not gone well. As the junior analyst in the team, much of the pre-meeting work had fallen to me, and I had spent the last few weeks putting together various presentations and documents to present to the client. But come time for the meeting, and the director on the team had decided to call an audible and completely change the plan, unbeknownst to the rest of the team. In the end, it was a disaster, and we all walked away looking like idiots. Now all I wanted to do was get home to L.A.

“Sir, do you have any liquids or gels in here?”

“No, Ma’am, just clothes and files.”

The female TSA agent roamed her arm around in my bag for a few more seconds before she zipped it back up and said, “Thank you for cooperating, sir. Continue on.”

As I grabbed by bag and climbed onto the escalator a few yards away that carried me up to the gate level, I thought randomly to myself, what happened to transportation as a customer service industry? Where are all the smiling, congenial faces and the customer-is-always-right attitude of yesteryear? Of course I’d watched a few episodes of Mad Men and seen the portrayals of sexy flight attendants in skimpy outfits. They would always ask “Is there anything else I can do to make your flight more enjoyable?” Well, wouldn’t every man respond yes, there is, why don’t you come back and have sex with me? I laughed thinking about this possibility in this day and age. Pretty sure you’d get slapped on the spot. Then sued for harassment. And that’s only if you were lucky enough that the attendant wasn’t a chubby gay dude as had been the case seemingly every time I had flown this year.

I eventually found my way to my gate, sat down nearby, and pulled out my laptop to check a few emails. My instagram feed showed a few pictures of my college friends out enjoying themselves at the beach. It had been a while since I’d had a free weekend and I was instantly jealous. The transition from college to working these long hours and traveling so much was difficult. Maybe the worst part was the effect it had had on my sex life. I’m a pretty well built guy, about 6’1 and 175 pounds, and I had had my fair share of girls in school. Whether it was at a fraternity party, day drinking at the pool, night out at the bars, I could usually find myself back in bed with a solid 8. Nowadays, there were rare nights I would get out of work in time to go out.

It wasn’t long before the plane began boarding, so I collected my things and made my way through ticket check and onto the plane. When I stepped through the door and looked up, I was shocked to see a beautiful stewardess there to greet everyone.

She was young, couldn’t have been more than a couple years out of school, similar to myself. And she was a hard 10. No doubt. I guessed she was about 5’6″ or so, but stood taller in her 3 inch black heels. My eyes traced up, her sleek, tanned legs covered from just above the knee by her navy blue skirt and then her slim torso by the attendants jacket, but her chest stood out, a good amount of cleavage visible above the buttons of the jacket. Her brown hair rested just below her shoulders.

She smiled at me as I entered the plane. “Good evening, sir. Welcome aboard.”

“Uhh…,” I stammered, shortly regaining my composure after the initial surprise. “Thank you. Do you know if this is a full flight?”

“Not entirely,” she replied. I thought I noticed her quickly give me a glance up and down. I thought. “There will be a few empty rows.”

“Alright. güvenilir bahis Maybe I’ll get lucky.”

She chuckled a little. “You never know.”

We both smiled as I turned and made my way down the aisle towards my seat. As I did, I started to think that having her to look at during this flight might just make up for my previous hassles with security. I had a window seat, 7F, and I found it and sat down. Now looking back towards the front of the plane, I stared at the young stewardess. She seemed to look in my direction once or twice, noticing where I was seated, but not making eye contact. I just watched as she greeted the boarding passengers and directed them to their seats.

The plane started filling up around me, and I hoped I would have the good fortune to get some extra space. But then I witnessed a particularly obese couple enter the plane, and the stewardess directed them right in my direction. As she did, she met my eyes, and I knew then this was not my day. Perhaps noticing my sudden look of horror, the stewardess laughed, and looked back again at me raising her eyebrows. It was one sexy look, but at that moment, I was not in the mood to see it. The obese couple made their way sure enough right to me and sat down in the middle and aisle seats, leaving me squished in against the window. This is miserable, I thought. Soon, the last of the passengers were getting seated, and I raised my hand to flag down the stewardess, hoping I could get out of this tight squeeze I was in.

“Yes, sir?”

“Uh, yes, are there still other open seats? Is there somewhere I can move?” I gestured with my head towards the masses sitting next to me. She smirked before replying.

“Sure, let’s see what we can do with you.”

I quickly collected my bag and climbed over the others to reach the aisle, where I was pleasantly surprised to feel the stewardess grab me by the elbow and gently lead me down the aisle. I couldn’t help myself and stole a few glances at her chest as we walked. On top of what I estimated to be her C cup breasts, I saw her name badge read “JENNIFER”. Jennifer made a few gestures at the other flight attendants, both of whom were fittingly chubby older men, before directing me to an aisle seat in a row towards the very back of the plane where just the window seat was occupied by an older woman.

“I think that was the opposite of getting lucky,” I said.

“Well that’s what I’m here for,” she answered. “I think this should be a more comfortable spot for you. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

I considered for a second, but my better judgment got the best of me. “No, thank you. I’m good for now, Jennifer.”

“Great.” As she turned to walk back up the aisle, her hand lightly brushed my shoulder, staying there for longer than what could be called an accident. I watched her ass move as she walked, and I felt my cock twitch slightly.

Before long, the plane was in the air, and soon after, the beverage cart made its way down the aisle. With the day I’d had, I surely could use a drink. I was pleased it was Jennifer who got to take my order when the cart eventually made it back to my row.

“What can I get for you?” she asked.

“Jack and Coke if you have it,” and I started reaching for my wallet before she stopped me.

“On the house,” she stated. As she mixed my drink, I took my opportunity.

“So if you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been doing this for?”

“A little over a year now. Was the only job I could get coming out of school, but I’ve enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.”

“I just graduated last year too. Where’d you go to school?”


“That’s a fun place,” I said as she finished mixing and handed me the drink.

“Yeah, it taught me a few things.” She winked at me and unlocked türkçe bahis the wheels of the cart and pulled it back into the rear galley.

A few minutes later when Jennifer returned from the galley, I had finished my drink. Without a word, she grabbed the empty cup from my tray and returned a minute later with a new one. “The working world is tough,” she said, before heading off up the aisle.

With the little amount of sleep I’d gotten that week, I started to feel the effects of the alcohol a little bit after the second drink. The cabin lights had been dimmed and many of the people around me had dozed off, including the older woman in my row. This time when Jennifer returned, she already had the next drink ready for me. She placed it on my tray table and reached for the empty. As she did so, she leaned over, placing her chest nearly right in my face. I could smell her perfume, and it was nearly intoxicating. I really wanted to just reach up and pull her tits to my mouth, but resisted the urge. I could feel my cock begin growing in size thinking about it. Jennifer grabbed the empty cup and stood up, but as she did so, the straw fell out of the cup onto the floor between my legs.

“Oh, I’m sorry, let me get that,” she said. I began to protest but then she bent over at the waist to pick it up, in doing so, her ass raised up into the air. I could see the outline of her thong underwear beneath the fabric of her skirt as it stretched taught. Her face lowered to just above my belt, reaching down for the straw. My cock continued to swell in size. At this point, I thought I knew what she was asking for. Grasping the straw, she began to straighten up. I reached out, grabbing her and pulling her in, and our lips met. Instantly, she seemed to give in and she returned my kiss with ferocity, our tongues dancing for a second before she released.

“Thank god, I didn’t want to have to be too obvious,” she said with a sigh. She looked down to find my now almost fully erect cock bulging through my slacks and reached down to give it a caressing rub. “Mmmm, I think you need some additional services.” She unbuckled my seat belt and stood me up quickly. Jennifer led me down the last few rows of the plane, past the sleeping passengers, into the galley, pulling the curtain closed behind us.

My mind was racing. Was this really happening? I couldn’t get over how hot Jennifer was, and I had just been thinking about this fantasy earlier in the day. To see it maybe become reality now was almost too much to handle.

Jennifer turned to me after closing the curtain and looked at me seductively as she approached. Now looking at her in more detail, she was simply stunning. Her hands went to her jacket, and soon the buttons released and she opened it, revealing a rack of perfect tits covered only by a white bra. I was wrong before. These were D cups. My back up against the wall of the galley, she walked right up to me, pushed her tits up against my chest, and kissed me again for several long moments. My right hand felt around and grabbed her tight ass, pulling her in closer as our tongues danced. Jennifer reached down and gently started to rub up and down on my swollen member through my pants. “Mmmm, someone’s been working too hard and needs some release.” With one more look of her eyes at mine, she squatted down and opened my belt. My cock was so rock hard that it swung out and hit her in the cheek as she tugged down my pants, and she gasped.

“Ohhh! Sir, I think we need to check this carry-on. It’s too big…”

I laughed at the line, but was instantly silenced when she inserted my stiff cock into her mouth.

My head rolled back in pleasure. She was incredible at sucking cock. Jennifer used one hand to pump on my shaft while her mouth expertly sucked. Her tongue dashed across the underside of my mushroom head, sending güvenilir bahis siteleri wild sensations through my body. I placed a hand on the back of her head, tangling her hair and pushing her head back onto my swollen cock each bob. “Holy shit… yeahhhh suck my cock…”

Jennifer stuck my cock deep into her throat and then licked the full length of my shaft as she pulled off and looked up at me with the most incredibly seductive look I had ever seen before opening wide and engulfing my entire length again. The look nearly sent me over the edge right there and it took every ounce of me to hold back.

Releasing here head, I grabbed her arm and pulled her up to a standing position. She smiled back at me lustfully, and I dropped my hands down to her tight ass and gave it a few nice squeezes. “Are you going to give me that cock now?” she asked. I leaned in and dropped a kiss on her neck, near her collarbone, and slowly worked my way up to her left ear and quietly whispered in her ear, “How bad do you want it?” Meanwhile my right hand reached around her back and deftly unhooked her bra and my left wandered up to her right breast. She turned to shove her ass up against my cock and I reached around to slowly massage her breasts, eliciting small moans of delight.

“Ohh I want it, baby. please… please fuck me. I’m aching for your cock inside me right now.”

With that I grabbed her arms and raised them out in front of her, placing her hands against the opposite wall of the galley. I slowly kissed my way down her back until I reached her waistline, where I grabbed her skirt and pulled it down to her ankles, exposing her fantastic ass. I grabbed her legs and spread them slightly as Jennifer arched her back, thrusting her ass prominently towards me. I knelt and began kissing up her inner thigh towards her sweet wetness. I grabbed her white lace thong and pulled it down, exposing her pussy, radiating heat. “Pleaseee give me that dick,” she moaned.

Standing up and positioning myself behind her, I thrust slowly into her pussy. “Ughhh yessss… Yess that’s good… Fuck me with that beautiful cock.”

I needed no further instruction and pounded Jennifer from behind. My hands on her hips, pulling myself in and out. Her pussy was tight but welcomed me with each thrust. I reached forward and grabbed her tits as they swung with our movements. Jennifer’s moans were largely drowned out by the sounds of the plane, but she tried to keep it down to not awake suspicion from the passengers just a few feet ahead in the back of the cabin.

Pulling my cock from her pussy, I turned Jennifer around to face me and pushed her back against the galley wall. Making eye contact again, I lifted her right leg slightly and reinserted my raging hard cock into her. Her eyes pierced back at me with fiery passion as I fucked her some more. She clenched her jaw to keep from screaming in pleasure, instead quietly exhaling into my ear “Yess yess yess… that’s so good… fuck me hard you stud.” Grinding my hips into hers faster and faster, I could feel her orgasm rising. “Yess… YESS…. UGHHHH!” I could feel her tension but I kept going. “Fuck fuck fuck…ahhhhhh I’m cumming I’m cumming,” she moaned. Her body quaked and her head leaned back as she came.

Still thrusting, I felt my balls begin to clench as my orgasm came rising to meet hers. “Should I cum?” I grunted.

“No, save your cum for me, baby,” she smiled, re-alert.

I pulled out of her pussy and she pushed me back to the opposite wall, squatting again to take my dick in her mouth. I felt her throat receive me, and I couldn’t stand it any longer. A few more pumps of her mouth and I launched my load with a deep grunt right down her throat. Without the slightest gag, Jennifer received several of my bursts of cum. “Ohhh fuckkk yess…” I sighed as I came.

Jennifer looked up at me and winked, before pulling my cock from her mouth and lapping up the remnant bits of cum with her tongue. Standing up and holding my dick in one hand, she smiled.

“Thank you for flying the friendly skies.”