Found his stash

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Found his stashFound his stashWe’d only been married for 6 months an together for a year. We’re a mid to late 30’s white couple. Our name’s Bob, Ted, Alice, June it doesn’t matter really. This was my first marrage and his second. I had moved in with him when we married. His parents had givin him a house an I was living in a small 1 bedroom apt. so it made sense for me to move in with him. It wasn’t a big house, only 2 bedrooms but it had an attic with a staircase leading up into it, an thats where I found his stash. I wasn’t being nosey an was just making space for my desk. I was going to try my hand at writing. I had always wanted to write a book an he had suggested I take the spare bedroom an make it my office/writing room but I didn’t want to take up the only spare bedroom we had. Besides I really liked the attic.The box with his stash in it was sitting in front of the window an thats where I wanted to put my desk. The box was good sized an was very heavy. When I tried to move it the top popped open an I could see some of what was in it. I should say I’m no prude an have watched porn both on the internet an with past boyfriends an enjoyed it somewhat but really prefered the real thing. It did have it’s value in that it was good for setting the mood an gave some good idea’s. I had in the past masterbated while watching it when I was between boyfriends, so I wasn’t surprised or shocked to find it. The box was full of dvd’s and VHS video’s as well as magazines. What did surprise me was the content of everything in the box. I had thought when I first discovered them I would pick something out an we could watch it together but as I was going through everything, I found that they all had the same theme. Everything was interracial, black men with white women. I’m not racist by any means. I’d never been with a black man before but I wasn’t against it, it just never happened. A few of my girlfriends had said they enjoyed sex with black men an thought they were better in bed but I thought it was a fad an they were just being rebelious an/or experimenting. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to experience it myself, it just never happened an I wasn’t going to force it or go looking for it. What surprised me was that everything was interracial an I had to wonder if this is what turned my husband on. Is this what he watched when he masterbated? We had talked about sex many times and discussed some fantasies but he had never mentioned anything about interracial sex. As I was going through the box reading the titles I couldn’t help but wonder. Most of the VHS videos had no title, just letters and almost all the magazines were swinger mags. He had never mentioned being a swinger. I felt a pang of guilt but was to curious to stop myself. This was a side of him I knew nothing about. I wondered if I should confront him or bring it up that I’d found his porn stash or just leave it alone. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at everything. I felt like a peeping Tom looking in to his private or past life. It was titilating to say the least. In the bottom of the box I found a big black dildo, it was very real looking an I couldn’t help but wonder what he would use it for unless it was a past girlfriends or possibly his ex-wives or did he use it on himself? I wondered if maybe he shared this fantasy with them, an then wondered why he never mentioned it to me. I know most people don’t talk about their sex lives with their ex’s to their current spouse, but this all looked like more than just a fantasy. Should I of expected him to mention this to me? I really wanted to know more an I also wanted to see what was on the VHS tapes that had no label. Were they video’s he’d taken? or were they store bought? I also found a stack of dvd’s with no labels. I had to watch them an find out what was on them.We had a dvd player in both the living room and in our bedroom an I also thought I’d seen a VHS player on the top shelf of the bedroom closet. It was still early in the morning and I knew he wouldn’t be home for at least 6 or 7 hrs. I gathered up the stack of unlabeled dvd’s and a few of the VHS tapes an headed for the bedroom. The first video was as I expected interracial. It was amatuer with just a black male and white female. The next 2 video’s were also just as the first. I was fast forwarding through them. I think I was mostly interested to see if my husband was in them, or anyone else I knew. The 4th video had a title when it first started “A cuckolds dream”. I’d heard of cuckold before but wasn’t quite sure what it really meant. The video started with a white couple kissing on a bed naked and then a black male appeared naked. He had a rather large cock still flacid. The white male then leaned over and started sucking the the black males cock making him erect. To be honest I was only interested in seeing if my husband was on any of these video’s but watching this started to turn me on. One of my fantasies I’d never told my husband was watching 2 men having sex. I had to wonder if my husand had been turned on watching this as well. Soon the black male climbed on the bed and began fucking the female. She seemed to be really enjoying herself. The white male and I’m guessing now it was her husband/boyfriend layed on the bed next to them masterbating while watching his wife getting fucked. They changed positions many times with one of them being the couple in a 69 while the black male fucked her doggy style. The black male would ocasionaly pull his cock out and feed it to the husband whose head and mouth was right there. I found myself masterbating while watching this. When the black male came, he came in her pussy an then pulled his cock out feeding it to her husband who sucked it eagerly before eating his wifes pussy. She sat up while her husband continued to eat her pussy. I came very hard myself while watching this. It also reminded me of my husband eating me out after we had fucked. I thought it odd at the time, I’d never had a guy do that before but really enjoyed it and didn’t give it much thought. He’s done it several times but not every time. Seeing this video gave me new thoughts about my husband. There was tekirdağ escort no way I’d do what I just watched or was there? I had to find out more from my husband and I also wasn’t done watching all the video’s.Part 2 or Day 2I supose I should describe ourselves some before I go on. My husband is 5’10 dark hair an well built, an yes I’m a bit prejidiced. He has an avg. endowment just over 6 inches and is a very good lover but boy can he eat pussy…the best I’ve had anyways. I’m 5’7 blonde hair an slightly chubby meaning I have a bit of a belly but not a bbw. My breasts are 38 c’s. My husband says I have nice legs but k**s me by saying I have cronic no assitall, meaning I don’t have a plump butt. I get a few looks from guys but I’m no model. I think we’re both comfortable with who we are.I had watched or skimmed through a couple more dvd’s after that 4th video that had me masterbating like mad yesterday an found they were similar to the first few I’d watched. I called it a day an I was begining to think my fear of seeing my husband in one of them was unfounded. To be honest if he’d been the male in that 4th video I don’t know what I’d of done but I’m sure it would of turned me on. To think that my husband watched that an been turned on made me wet to think about. I had a hard time not thinking about it during dinner an as we sat and cuddled in front of the TV before going to bed. There was no way I was going to bring anything up about what I’d found. Not yet anyways.As soon as my husband left for work I headed for the attic. I wanted to watch a few of the VHS tapes. I grabbed a half dozen of them an started to head for the bedroom downstairs before I thought about grabbing the dildo an took that an a few of the swingers magazines. When I got to the bedroom I grabbed the VHS player and luckily the cords were w****d around it so I could hook it up to the TV. I slipped the first tape in and layed on the bed to watch it. The first thing I noticed was it was much more amatuer than the dvd’s I’d watched yesterday. The camera man was waving the camera all over the place. I could hear moaning but was seeing a wall an then the camera would swing and I’d get a glimps of a White female being fucked by a black male an end up looking at another wall. It was frusterating to say the least. The women looked to be a bbw with blonde hair an all I could see was the skinny ass of the black male while he fucked her. Suddenly the camera showed the black male pull out an climb up to her face an shooting his cum all over her face an in her mouth. There was a lot of moaning an mmmm’ing going on an I heard the camera man ask her if she liked that baby. She could only mmm hmmm an then the camera went blank but I could hear what sounded like kissing. I thought well this sucked and then it seemed as if it started all over again only this time I got a side view of the whole show. They must of had a camera on a tripod to the side. I was also right about the ending they were kissing an sharing the cum which seemed like a lot. The camera guy was white and older, they were both older. The black male was younger an had a long skinny cock an was very dark skinned. I reached into my panties an wondered why I still had them on. I knew what I was going to do. I pulled my panties off an felt how wet I was. Watching them kissing sharing the cum was very hot. Was my husband into this? I wondered. I layed there thinking about whether or not I could do something like this and or if my husband would be turned on by it. I was very turned on an thought if my husband was into this type of sex then I’m sure I’d be willing to do it with him. I reached over an grabbed one of the swingers magazines. I noticed it was pretty old with the date being 7 yrs ago. I still thumbed through it reading many of the adds. There were quite a few couples looking for black men an a good number of black men looking for women or couples. I re-read the adds a few times looking at the pictures rubbing my pussy an thinking what it would be like fucking a black male with my husband. Watching these video’s was turning me on an making me think about things. I looked over at the dildo an thought that things way to big for me but thought I’d go give it a good washing not knowing where it’s been. After washing it good I looked around in the bathroom for some lube. Not finding any I thought I could be wet enough to give it a try anyways. Returning to the bedroom I sliped another tape in the vcr an layed down on the bed to watch it with the dildo in hand. I started rubbing the didlo on my pussy and between the lips, letting it rub my clit. I enjoyed seeing the color contrast of the black dildo against my white skin. It made me feel naughty. When the video started playing there was a couple in a 69 position an I thought oh good this might be like the one I watched yesterday I liked so much. The view was of her ass and his head was up eating her pussy. It almost looked like the same bed the last video was made on. When the guy lowered his head for a minute I very nearly had a stroke. It looked an alfull lot like my husband but after sitting up an looking real close I could see it wasn’t him. In fact it looked like the same guy in the last video. The camera came around an showed the womens face an I could see it was the same couple as the the first VHS I watched just mins. ago. Then the camera man showed a black guy getting up on the bed an kneeling behind her getting ready to slide his cock in her while her husband kept eating her pussy. The camera man came down for a side view an I could see the black guy wasn’t yet fully hard. He slipped his cock in the husbands mouth for a few strokes an then pulled it out an pushed it in her pussy. I could hear her moan loud as he slid it in her an at the same time I slid the dildo in my pussy. I was surprised it went in so easy an I very nearly came as it went in. I left the dildo alone till I got used to the size and feel of it in me while I watched the black guy fucking her. He was really slaming her good now an I couldn’t see what the husband was doing but I guessed he was licking whatever he could. Slowly tekirdağ escort bayan I started working the dildo in my pussy while I watched the video. I wanted to match strokes with the guy fucking her but he was really slaming her now. Then he grabbed her hips pulling her to him an shoved his cock in hard an started grunting. I knew he was cumming in her an I shoved the didlo in me as far as I could an came all over it. I layed there with my legs shaking as I held the dildo in me as deep as I could. I looked back at the video an saw the husband licking an sucking her pussy. It was to much an I started cumming again. I’d never ever cum like this before. I had to pull the dildo out an as I did I started squirting all over the bed. The orgasm was very intense. I’d heard of women squirting before but I had never done it myself let alone think I could. I layed there panting an trying to catch my breath thinking holy fuck what just happened. I started getting scared thinking what was going on when all I was doing was masterbating. Was I that turned on by what I was watching? It had to have something to do with the size of the dildo, an yes I thought to myself I was very turned on. I really needed to talk to my husband. I looked back at the TV and saw a different black male fucking her. I reached for the remote an hit rewind to the place I’d left off. While her husband sucked her pussy the camera panned around the room aimlessly before comming back to the view I’d been watching. I could see a different black male kneeling there now. It looked as though it was the same black male that was in the first tape, that long thin very dark cock. He slapped his cock on the husbands forehead an said “come on an suck me hard. I don’t have all day”. With that he started slapping his cock all over the husbands face. I could here laughter sounding from the guy running the camera an he said “He sure loves that cum” Then the guy slapping his face with his cock said “yea an he loves sucking cock too” an with that put his cock in the husbands mouth. The husband sucked it greedily. I rubbed my pussy good while I watched this an wondered if my husband had ever sucked a cock. The black male said “You like suckin my cock don’t you” The guy with the camera said “He loves eating cum out of his wife too” “Yea an I’m about to fuck her good an fill her full. Whatya think slut, you want my cock in that pussy?””Oh yea, Fuck me with that big black cock an fill me full of your cum please” she saidHe slid his cock in her an slowly fucked her. Looking down he said “thats right lick my balls an suck em good” His pace was picking up as he fucked her deep.I was rubbing my pussy an clit totally engrossed in watching an close to yet another orgasm. When he finally started cumming in her I came yet again. I loved seeing her husband licking an sucking her pussy full of cum. I wanted so bad to do this very same thing with my husband. I layed there exhasted from cumming so hard an so many times. I’d never cum so many times before. I wondered why I was so turned on by these acts. They were so nasty and perverted yet I wanted to do them myself. I decided to talk to my husband tonight. I wanted to know if this type of sex turned him on an tell him how turned on I got watching an fantasizing about doing it myself. I wasn’t sure how I could confront him about it. Should I leave the video’s out an tell him I’d found them in the attic an that I got turned on watching them? What if he freaked an claimed they wern’t his? What if he said that it didn’t turn him on anymore? I decided to put everything back an mention what I’d found, not telling him I’d watched any.That night after my husband got home an we had dinner, I snuggled up to him on the couch. We hadn’t had sex in a couple days an I was rubbing him all over. He responded back kissing me an suggested we take it to the bedroom. While we were in the bedroom getting undressed my mind was franticly trying to come up with a way to tell him what I’d found an hopefully really enjoyed. My pussy was sore from the dildo an all the orgasams I’d had earlier but I still felt horny an wanted sex with him. We layed on the bed an began kissing. I reached for his cock which was already hard an stroked it a few times. “Umm honey””yea” he replied”I found something the other day I wanted to ask you about” I stamered”Whats that” he asked”Well I don’t want you to think I was snoopin around or anything, but I found this box of porn up in the attic” I continued stroking his cock.”What were you doing up in the attic” he asked”Well I was thinking of putting my desk up there. I like the view out the window from up there an I didn’t want to take the only spare bedroom for my writing room as you’d suggested. The box was in front of the window an when I tried to move it, it popped open” I explained”Did you look through it” he asked”Well kinda. When I saw what was in it I kinda looked through it to see what else was in it. You’re not mad or anthing are you””No I’m not mad” he replied, he seemed a bit embaressed.”I mean cause it was all interracial video’s. You’re not into that are you? I mean it’s ok if you are, I was just curious if that’s a fantasy of yours””I guess I used to watch a lot of interracial stuff before I met you””And that turned you on” I asked. I could feel his cock getting harder”Yea I guess it did” “What about it turned you on”” I don’t know, I guess it being taboo. It felt naughty, nasty, slutty an the color contrast. Black guys are supposed to have bigger dicks. I can’t really explain it all other than that. I just liked watching it””Have you ever done anything about it” I asked still wondering if he was in any of the video’s I hadn’t watched.”what do you mean””Well you said you liked watching it. Have you ever watched one of your other girlfriends do it””No, I brought it up to my ex one time an she thought I was a creepy pervert. Said I was sick in the head. Can we just drop it? I’ll throw it away””No” I said ” I don’t think you’re sick in the head or a creepy pervert. You can’t help what turns you on an to be honest it turns me on too” There I said it I thoughtHe sat escort tekirdağ up an looked at me for a min. an said “really?””really” I replied “I’m not a prude or judgemental in any way an you should know that by now. I’ve had fantasies about black men before. Of course I’ve never done it but still. An I don’t want you to throw them away, in fact why don’t we get a couple of them an watch them together? It’ll be fun. We’ve never watched any porn together””You want to watch them?” he looked shocked”Yea, don’t you think it would be fun?””Yea if you want to I suppose”I jumped out of bed naked an ran up to the attic. I made sure to grab a few of the VHS tapes I’d seen of the older couple an hoped I’d grabed the right one. When I got back to the bedroom I played dumb an asked if we had a VHS player.”Yea in the closet” he replied “but I’m not sure you wanna watch them””Why not?””Well they’re mostly video’s I bought from this couple I met. They’re pretty kinky””Well lets just see then” I went to the closet and got out the player. He got out of bed with his cock still hard sticking straight out an took the VCR player from me an hooked it up. As he was hooking it up I snuggled up behing him kissing his neck an reached around an stroked his cock a few times. He reached around for a tape an I handed him one.After looking at the tape he said “I’m warning you now this couple is pretty extreme””I don’t care lets see it”I ran over to the bed an patted the bed next to me “come on honey” I said as he pushed in the tape. The scene started with the old guy on his knees sucking a big black cock. His wife was on the bed behind him with her legs splayed out fucking another black male. I felt my husband turn an look at me starring to see how I was taking this. I turned an looked back at him with a big smile on my face. “Thats a turn on” I saidHe looked at me an asked “You like that?””Hell yea, it’s a secret fantasy I’ve always had of watching 2 guys having sex” I reached down an grabbed his cock an then slid down the bed to suck it. With my head in his lap I was able to suck his cock an watch the movie at the same time.”Hey” he said “I thought you wanted to watch this””I am” I said “I can do 2 things at a time””Well you’re gonna make me cum to soon” he complained”Oh p*o” I said “I’ll make it hard again””Well how about I eat you while you watch the video since I’ve seen this before””OK deal” I said . I climbed back up an propped my head on a pillow. I know I’ve said this before but my husband can really eat pussy. As I watched the video my husband expertly ate my pussy. I was in heaven. The black guy getting sucked by the old man was now holding his head an fucking his mouth. Then another black male climbed up on the bed an fed the wife his cock. The camera came around for a close up of the wife sucking the cock an then down so you could see her getting fucked. I humped my pussy in my husbands face wishing it was me in her place. “Would you ever do anything like this” I asked my husband”Oh, I don’t know. It’s one thing to fantasize but another thing to do it for real””I’d be willing to try it” I told him”You would?””Hell yea” I said “You said you know this couple””Well I met them or him really. He worked in a adult bookstore. Why?””Cause this is hot, don’t you think?” I said”Well you’re not going to find them on the internet or anywhere else I don’t think. He told me they were his private video’s an he didn’t sell them””Then how’d you get them?””I was hanging around the store bugging him about real amatuer video’s an we got to talking. He handed me one of the tapes an said to watch it an see if I liked it but I had to bring it back. I made copies of everything he gave me””so did you talk to him about them?” I asked”Well yea, he said he met guys there at the bookstore an brought them home to his wife. He said she really liked fucking black guys. I told him I really liked the tapes an he kept bringing me new ones. I doubt he still works there, this was a few years ago””So you hung out in an adult bookstore?””Not really I just went there looking for video’s an they had a pretty good selection. I’d go in once a week when the new video’s came in”I pushed his head back down to my pussy. The black guy fucking her had just cum in her an I wanted to watch her husband eat her pussy while my husband was eating mine. The black guy the husband was sucking pushed him away and pointed at his wife an said “Go clean that up” I wasn’t sure if I liked how they treated the old guy but who am I. Maybe he liked being treated that way. He went over to his wife an got up on the bed an started eating her out. She grabbed his head an held it there while she continued sucking the cock she’d been sucking. She was a bigger women but attractive an you could tell she really liked fucking and sucking them black guys. The camera man got a good close up of her husband eating her cum filled pussy. “Thats so fucking hot” I said. My husband turned his head to look an said “What?””Would you ever do that?” I asked”Do what?””Would you ever eat my pussy after another man came in me?””You like that?” he asked”Yes that is so fucking hot. I thought it was weird the first time you ate my pussy after you fucked me but it felt good an now I love it but eating another guys cum would be so much hotter””So you’re really into this aren’t you?” he asked”I would love to fuck black guys an have you eat their cum out of my pussy. I think that is so hot” My husband climbed up an started kissing me. It was a very passionate kiss an then he slid his cock in me an started fucking me. Our lips were still locked an I could feel him cumming in me. He didn’t last very long but I didn’t care. He layed on top of me panting a bit an then he lowered himself down an licked up through my pussy lips. “Oh baby eat me out, suck my pussy clean” I said an then I started cumming an he continued eating me. We layed in bed an talked for hours. I told him the truth about watching a few of the video’s an how much they affected me. I made sure he knew how much I really wanted to do it for real. He told me we’d have to really talk an think about it but was happy it turned me on so much. He said it was a big step an he didn’t want things to get out of hand an wanted our mariage to last. I could tell though he was really excited.A fantasy story I wrote. Hope you liked it, please comment an let me know an maybe I’ll try an write a few more.