Forbidden Fruit

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She met him on a dark night on Sunset Boulevard. Wasn’t really looking for anything special, she was tired of searching for love in all the wrong places. Sitting with a confident smile and good glass of chardonnay, Christine skimmed through the pages of her latest case. She took a sip of her wine and when she looked up, there he was. God he was perfect, built like a Greek god with a set of blue eyes to match. She felt her thighs burn at she undressed him with her eyes. As she caught herself staring, she blushed and took another sip of her chardonnay. Coincidentally, he sat two tables away and she could see his every move. What she didn’t realize is that the perfect stranger was watching her as well. After about three glasses, she could feel that unmistakable feeling run through her body. If she kept drinking she would have to be put in cab by one of the waiters, which would probably be the highlight of her evening.

When she looked up, his eyes caught hers and she was lost in a sea of desire. She looked away for a few seconds and now the perfect stranger was up and moving. She desperately wanted to follow him with her eyes, but decided against it. When she looked back up again, there he was in front of her. The perfect stranger, with the perfect body and the perfect eyes was right in front of her. He joined her for another glass of wine and hearing him speak made her panties wet. They sat there for hours getting to know each other, leaving no stone unturned. His name was Kevin, he was married, no surprise there; no kids but very a cold bed. She knew it was wrong but here she was flirting, no desiring; a married man.

One thing led to another and he invited her to his loft in Soho. A property he had left behind after he had tied the knot and now only kept it for moments when he needed to think. Barely shutting the door, Christine was on him like an animal. She could feel the tension in her body rising, she wanted it…she wanted it real bad. He began tearing at her clothes and she at his. His body was just as she thought it would be. Strong arms, big back, chiseled abs, and most importantly a gorgeous dick. He took a glance at her body; she was totally different from what he usually went for. Christine was a tall, big-breasted, wide-hipped beauty with long, black flowing hair.

He ran his hand through her beautiful hair and then cupped one her breast. He began to suck on it, flicking it with his tongue. As he bit on it, Christine seemed to purr from desire. They rapidly progressed from the front door to the living-room couch. He laid her down, viciously opened her legs and stuck his head illegal bahis right in between. He began licking her up, down and all around. Her taste made his cock rock hard. Christine began moaning and thrusting her pelvis to his face. It had been long, too long. She could feel her walls throbbing; she wanted his dick inside now. She lifted his head from her clit and told him in the dirtiest way she could: “Fuck me, fuck me good!” He fucked her really hard and fast, he would’ve never thought it would be this good.

He picked her body up and took her upstairs to his bed for round two. Here he slowly entered her, letting her feel every single inch of his manhood. She moaned and she felt her hole being completely filled. He pulled it back out and then rammed his cock all the way in. The sudden force was both a shock of pain and pleasure for Christine. He began to move his body along with hers picking up speed. He could feel her pussy contracting on his dick and it made him crazy; he would burst inside her if he wasn’t careful. He flipped her on her stomach and made her stick her ass up. He entered her just like that and she could feel herself all wet. She picked her body up and got on all fours, she had lost all discretion. He started to move ferociously, pulling her head back to put his tongue in her mouth. She grinded back at him and she could feel him hitting her spot.

She moaned all types of obscenities and all this did was excite Kevin even more. After awhile and endless positions, she could feel her third orgasm coming on and he could no longer hold it in. She came hard and long, gripping at the sheets and his hair. He pulled his dick out and she thought she’d surprise him. She grabbed his dick, jerked him off a little and he exploded all over her chest. She smiled and thought to herself, “bet your wife wouldn’t let you do that”. After two more hot and sticky rounds, Christine joined Kevin in a shower. She got dressed and gave him her card, she told him her number was on the back and left. As she stopped a cab, she could feel him staring at her from the window, his eyes piercing right through her.

On her ride back to her apartment on the lower east side, she still couldn’t shake the thought of what she’d done. She wasn’t proud, but then again there was no use crying for spilt milk. It had happened, she enjoyed it and that was that. The next morning, her exploding headache was just a reminder that she hadn’t dreamt the night before. She lied awake in bed and could still feel his lips on hers. It made her stomach flutter and her clit pulse. She closed her eyes and imagined Kevin’s heavenly illegal bahis siteleri body on hers and suddenly her hands had a mind of their own. She began to play with herself, working her finger faster and faster. Her body tensing and twisting all over her bed as she came so hard she didn’t move for an hour. Not only was she fantasizing over what he had done to her, she was now lusting over him.

On the other side of town, Kevin was enjoying some breakfast after a monotonous quickie with his wife Elizabeth. The sex wasn’t the problem, the sex had always been good, but he found himself out of love with her. Elizabeth and him had been married for some time now and had dated for twice than that. She was beautiful: a petite brunette with a gorgeous smile and hypnotizing eyes. He could remember the countless times he had made her his, but now everything had changed. He knew he cared about her, she was above all his wife, but he couldn’t lie to his heart. He flipped through the newspaper and he almost chocked on his croissant. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There she was on page seven of the New York Times, his black-haired beauty. To his surprise, Christine was an extremely successful attorney who had just defeated one of the most notorious drug dealers ever. She was stunning; her mesmerizing lips, that long black hair, those long, sensual legs. He had had many women in his life but none like her; if only he could see her again. Thinking about her made a huge bulge in his pants and he closed the newspaper.

Back on the east, Christine sat on her couch and flipped through the channels of her wide-screen plasma. As she admired Vera Wang’s new spring collection, she was surprised by the multiple rings of her house phones. She got up and picked up the line in her kitchen and when she heard the voice on the other side, she nearly dropped the phone. She had honestly thought it had been a one-night stand, but there he was her Greek god asking her out on a date. She reluctantly accepted and then stood in her kitchen, her face flushed with confusion and anxiety. This was wrong and she knew it, what would her mother say. She would tell Kevin during their dinner that this could no longer go on, he was married and what had happened was a mistake. Kevin and Christine never made it to dinner and now found themselves in the middle of Christine’s bedroom.

With every kiss her excitement grew; she had never wanted a man this much. Kevin touched her, his hands gliding through all the places he had been thinking about. Christine was unaware that just like her; Kevin had been lusting over her body. He kissed canlı bahis siteleri her, their tongues intertwining and sending all kinds of electricity through their bodies. He threw her up against the wall and kissed her neck; Christine moaned at the rudeness but eagerly wiggled out of her black lace panties. She undid his belt buckle, unbuttoned his slacks and watched them fall to his feet. His package was hard as a bone and she yearned for it. He picked her up on the wall and she wrapped her legs around his long torso. He let her body fall on his dick and began to do her on the wall. He held her and walked over to the bed and laid back. She rode his cock like no other women had before.

He kissed her, licked her, and tasted every inch of her body. In the back of his mind he knew it was wrong, but he had never wanted it so bad; never. Christine rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit on him. She loved the way he felt inside of her, God it felt so good. She whispered in his ear, “Do me Kevin, do whatever you want with me.” Again he felt as though he would burst inside of her, he slowed his pace down and retreated from inside her tight, hot pussy. She got on her knees and put her juicy lips over the head of his penis. “Damn did she have some lips on her”, he thought to himself. She began to suck him off, like the dirty whore he wanted her to be. She took it out and looked as it glistened with her saliva. She devoured his perfect dick and soon Kevin felt himself cumming inside her hungry mouth. He couldn’t believe it, he let out a loud groan and let his body shudder as Christine drank every last drop.

He was captivated by her, she blew his mind. Christine got up and looked at him in the eyes. She went into the bathroom and began to run a bath. When the tub was filled, she got in and she hoped Kevin would follow. Sure enough he came into the bathroom and got into her over-sized tub. She sat on him, her back to him and slowly rocked her pussy on his dick. He pulled on her nipples, making them hard under his fingertips. While she was on top of her, he ran his hand down her chest and onto her pussy. He played with her clit while she fucked him slow but agile. When he was about to explode, she locked her pussy over his cock and held on to him. Simultaneously, they both reached their peaks and sparks flew. He busted his load all inside of her and she let her juices drip down his balls. Their bodies slumped in the tub and they held and kissed each other for what seemed like eternity. As Kevin was exiting her apartment, he explained that he needed to get back before he arose suspicions. Christine understood and closed the door behind him. She took a long hard look at the door and knew that she would never see Kevin again. That same week she changed her telephone number and said goodbye to that perfect stranger she had met that night.