For My Wife

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You’ve often asked me write a story, you like to read about men masturbating and what they think about. I’ve seen how much it turns you on when you do, so I hope this does. It certainly made me hot writing it

I’ve been working away in Africa, I’d set off on trip supposed to last for 10 days, but something cropped up and I have had to stay longer. I miss my wife and I’m missing sex – somehow it seems much worse in a hot and humid climate, I feel much more horny than normal.

I’m staying at a house with a a guy who lives out here, we’d been out for something to eat and as we drive back we pass the usual sights of the girls on the streets trying to pick up customers! As the car stops at some lights the girls come to knock on the car window, displaying plenty of leg and boob. This doesn’t help me in my horny state, so I decide I’ll have to resort to giving myself some relief as I won’t be able to last till I get home.

When we get back to the house I quickly excuse myself and go up to my room – it’s hot and humid because I forgot to leave the AC on, but somehow it adds to my excitement. I quickly strip off and lay naked on the bed. I close my eyes and think of home and start to dream…..

We’re sat in the lounge, we’ve had some wine and are very relaxed, with house to ourselves. You say that you’ve got a surprise for me and to wait here, and you go off upstairs leaving me wondering what it can be. After around 15 minutes of waiting, my mind is working overtime! Then You call for me to come up, quickly I come up to the bed room, the quilt is thrown on the floor, your lying naked on the bed, apart form a nearly see-through flesh coloured thing. You’ve used my ties to tie your ankles to the bed posts and have 2 more ready for your hands – “well isn’t this what you fancy” you say, grinning at me.

As I think of you in my mind, I feel my cock stiffen..

I quickly tie your hands, and then lean over to kiss you gently on the neck and lips. I start to undress, I take off my belt and trail the end of it gently over your body; round your boobs – I see you nipples get hard as the belt circles round your boobs without touching your nipples. Then I let it trail down over your stomach to your illegal bahis thong, I let it rest on your mound gently making small movements up and down; I let the thick edge fall between your legs rubbing your pussy lips. I put the belt down to strip off, my cock if standing hard, I take it in one hand and start to stroke it, while I run the belt up and down your legs with my other hand.

As take my cock in my hand in my dream, my hand move down and does the same, it’s so hard, there is already wet juice dribbling from the end.. I start to stroke it.

I see your hips starting to squirm as the belt gently rubs up and down, I gently tap it quickly against your pussy and bend over to take your nipple in my mouth and suck it hungrily – I’m so horny! I want to make it last, I want to take it slowly, but I’m so horny I control my urges

My hand is moving faster now, I scoop up some juice with my finger and put it to my mouth to lick. I move my mouth to your other nipple, and gently squeeze the other with my thumb and finger. I feel you starting to squirm more and pull against the ties. I climb on the bed between your legs and mouth my lips to your pussy, as my face gets near I can small that sexy aroused smell. Your thong is wet from you juices. I start to trace up your thighs with my wet tongue, fluttering up them like a butterfly. My hands are on your boobs, massaging them and stroking your nipples.

As I think of this my hands got to my nipples and pinch and squeeze them.

I pull you thong to onside and lick up and down you swollen lips, and then push in between them to probe inside, as I open your pussy with my lips, you juices flow out down my chin, you are so wet! I push my tongue in and out like a small cock, you push back against my face, lifting your bum of the bed to try and get it deeper in. I take you lips inside my mouth and start to suck them in and out, like you suck my cock.

One hand moves back to my cock and starts slowly and rhythmically pumping up and down, slow long strokes.

I part your lips and take your clit in my mouth, gently nibbling it – I’ve never felt it so big and hard before. I keep nibbling and sucking as your hips buck up harder and harder. Your illegal bahis siteleri thong is wet and getting in the way – I kneel up and rip it off completely, I put my hand to you pussy and rub your juices down between your legs and bum, my wet finger gently probing your holes. I can fell your excitement building and you push down your other hole against my finger trying to take it inside.

As this happens my finger starts to push inside my own hole here and my hips gyrate against it.

I slide my finger deeper inside, you’re so wet that your juices run down and help my finger slide in and out easily. I pull out to to pause and let you have a rest, while I reach under the bed for “our box”, I take out your favourite toy, the Rabbit. I can see you’re very turned on and decide its not fair to tease you more. As I put the tip of the vibe near against your pussy, you thrust hard against it, and I can feel you trying to pull it inside with your muscles. I help by thrusting it deep inside, you’re so wet you swallow it easily. I turn one switch a low and it starts to pulse and move, then I turn the ears on full, watching them go wild on your clit. Now your moaning loudly, your orgasm is building, I thrust it deep and hard inside you – in and out. At the same time a push a finger in your ass, you cry out loudly as you cum. I turn the Rabbit off but leave it inside you and quickly kneel over you, my hand is pumping my cock hard and fast

I can feel myself close to cumming as I pump hard and fast.

As I wank hard my sperm squirts out over your boobs and I rub it into your boobs

Just as this happens I feel my self coming all over my chest and I rub it round my nipples, laying there I drift off to sleep.

I untie your hands and legs and roll onto the bed beside you. We lay there in silence for a while, until you get up and got to the loo, I lie on my back breathing heavily, my cock still throbbing – WOW what a surprise that was, I think. I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I’m aware of, is that my ankles and hands are tied to the bed and your leaning over me. “well fairs fair” you say

You start to suck my limp cock, which responds slowly, it feels sore from canlı bahis siteleri wanking it so hard. You reach into the box and take out the vibrating ring and slip it over my cock. I feel you turn it on as you start to suck again. My cock hurts but soon starts to get hard, the harder it gets the more it hurts but I am soon very turned on. You turn round and kneel over me, so your pussy is in my face and continue to suck me while lick you. You reach down to into the box, but I can’t see because your sat on my face. I hear a buzzing and then you start to insert a thin vibe in my ass, you push it in deeper and continue sucking. As you slip it, I push my tongue in your ass and thrust my hips hard at you. With the two sets of vibes going I feel the cum building in my balls ready to explode.

I wake up to find I have my balls in one hand and a finger probing my ass with the other.

You sense I am close and climb off my face, turn round and climb onto my cock, sinking it deep inside. You hold still, with my cock all the way in, pushing your clit against the vibrating ring. Then you lean forward for me to suck your nipples, teasing me with them. Brushing them across my face but moving before I can suck them. You kneel up and take them in your hands, asking me if that’s what I want to do.

I lay back with my hands above my head and my legs apart, wanting to touch my cock but resisting as it throbs.

I can feel you grinding your pussy hard against me and the vibe, I know that neither can last long, I want to thrust my cock in and out, but I can’t move against you. “Please, please I need to cum” I say. Suddenly you start to ride me hard up and down, and we both yell out as we climax together. You turn off the vibes and lean down on my chest with your hands to catch your breath. “Well now’s your chance to do what you always promise, but never do! You say. I’m not really listening as I lay there breathing heavily. Quickly you pull off my cock, swivel round and sit on my face with your pussy over my mouth. “Come on then lick me mow” you say, slapping the side of my bum. I can hardly breather as your ass is over my nose and your pussy is over my mouth. I open me mouth to gasp foe breath, and as I do, my cum and your juices fill my mouth. You lift up and little so I can get breath then sit down again. I have no choice but to swallow the mix of salty spunk and sweet juices.

At this my cock spurts out and take some cum in my hand for me to lick.