For Love Of Lisa

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My experience with people in general, not just women, is that they tell you what they want you to know. If you are quiet, they’ll tell you everything. People tell you things in words, in actions and in non verbal ways. A woman tells you what she wants you to know by her appearance, her scent. The more she pays to details, the more she wants you to see. A man is no different. Men who are well groomed have a similar agenda. To attract. A woman knows everything she is doing. She knows that if she wears a dress with a slit up the thigh, that when she crosses her legs, her upper thigh will show. She knows that if she leaves the second button of her blouse un-done, and wears a push up bra with deep cleavage, that she is showing off her womanliness. This is no mistake. It is purposeful. She wants you to look there, and to admire her, and to want her. Knowing what I know makes it fun when I meet someone new. They don’t know that I read these messages and I make note of them. I live in the northern inland area of the US. There is no lake or beach within five hundred miles of here. Why are the women in the local parlor getting a bikini wax? There is no place to wear a bikini here, it’s too cold most of the time anyway. The real reason has to do with sex. It is one more way to make her pussy appealing. These are just my observations.

Last month at a luncheon for newcomers to our company, I met Lisa. She was standing talking to two of the other women in the secretaries pool. Lisa was slightly taller and definitely more attractive than anyone in the room. At five seven and wearing three inch heels, she was eye to eye with me when I nodded hello as I walked past to the soft drink bar. Her eyes were a soft brown as was her short wedge cut hair. I inhaled as I passed and was pleased that her scent was soft and feminine, not making any statement other than that. She wore a skirt slightly above her knee and a contrasting white blouse. The only button open was at the neck, a lacy camisole was visible beneath the blouse. When she smiled a dimple formed in her left cheek, and creases near her eyes said that when she smiled, it wasn’t just a mouth smile, it was with her whole self. Her voice was surprisingly deep, sexy in a way.

I continued walking past after making these notes, and watched her from a reflection in a window as I poured a diet coke for myself. I took my time, and noticed that she glanced towards me twice while chatting with the other ladies.

I am not usually at these luncheons, being a broker at the company and not an officer, but I’ve learned over the years that It’s good to meet the clerical people and maintain a good rapoire with them. Lisa was different than most, sophisticated, and elegant. I was intrigued. As I re-crossed the room one of the other women said ” here’s Rick, just ask him if it isn’t true” They all broke out in laughter as one of the women, Joan, pulled me into the group to confirm a story of late night office shenanigans in the supply room. I confirmed the story, adding some humor and left them laughing, but not before getting an extra smile and glance from Lisa.

Two days later I was in the elevator and heard a voice calling to hold the door as it began to close. I stopped the door and was greeted by Lisa slightly out of breath both hands occupied with files and a paper bag. “Hi, thanks..Rick isn’t it?” She remembered my name..that’s good

“Yes, Hi, umm Lynn?, Lois..” I hope she can’t tell that I’m faking

“Lisa” she offered.

“Lisa yes, that would have been next…we met at the luncheon. How is it going?” Her smile is intoxicating, same clean feminine scent as before

“Really good actually, I like güvenilir bahis it here”

“Great, I hope you’ll stay” God I hope you’ll stay!

“Oh, why is that?”

“Oh you know, people try out a job then wish they’d taken another. Things happen.” Please let nothing happen

“What floor?” As if I didn’t know

“Seven please”

“Me too, here, let me take something”

” No, I’m fine it’s not heavy, just clumsy..I’ve got it but thanks”

“Bag lunch? There’s a fridge in the lounge”

“Yes, I’ve found it thanks. Her we are…see you later” and she is gone. A scented breeze follows her. She glances back with a smile. I’ve decided to go slowly. She is exquisite. I don’t often meet women like Lisa who are available. I’m sure there is someone in her life, how could there not be.

What have I learned. She remembered my name, her clothes are sensible and suit her. Her scent is the same as before, light and crisp. Her smile seems sincere and easily given. There are no rings on her fingers other than a birthstone. Ruby. April? Her full figure is not overtly sexual, feminine yes, sexual no. She bags her lunch. It might mean she has no one to lunch with yet. She glanced back at me. Hmmmm.

The following Monday, at twelve thirty I went to the employee lounge., brown bag in my hand. She was sitting near the window with a paperback and her lunch half eaten. “Hi, c’mon over” she said with a smile when she saw me enter.

“I havn’t seen you in here before”

“I eat at my desk a lot”

” You should eat here instead”

“I might from now on” We share a laugh. I learn that she is from Chicago, single, recently broken up from a two year relationship. I tell her I am also single and currently not seeing anyone.

“Why not, you’re very attractive. I would imagine women would be lined up at your door”

“Well, I’m a little old fashioned” I said ” I’d like to be knocked off of my feet, speechless when I see a girl”

I then sat silent and dumb looking. She got the joke, laughed and threw her waxed paper wrapper at me, I feigned injury, she laughed again.

We talked more, I told her that I am from the area, never went far from home. Military service, then college under the GI bill. The lunch hour was up, I was paged for a conference and we made a date for the next day, only a little earlier.

For the next four days, we ate our bagged lunch together. Hers is usually grilled vegetables on whole wheat, an apple and diet soda. Mine is cheese and lettuce and cucumber. I like tuna, but the after-breath is awful so I stayed away. Also an apple and snapple. We discussed apples since we had them in common, then cooking, cooking with apples, and apple picking. I suggested that I take her to my uncles apple farm someday. There is nothing like an apple fresh from a tree. She says when? I said in two weeks is peak time to pick. She says fine, she’d like to go.

At this time, my heart is jumping in my chest. She is wonderful, more beautiful and lovely than I can describe. Her beauty is in her eyes, her face, and her smile. She makes me feel that she really is happy to be talking to me. I am trying not to drool.

For two weeks I am numb to everything in the world. I try to do my job, but most of the time I am smelling Lisa’s hair and kissing the softness of her breasts, until the phone rings and I’m asked to give a quote on a house for sale.

The Sunday we are to go picking is cool, slightly overcast. I got up early, who am I kidding, I hardly slept at all. I was to pick up Lisa at ten and drive the two hours to my uncles farm. I called him in advance and he told me to go to the northern quarter, türkçe bahis park there and walk in a little. He’d leave a ladder there for us against a fence.

Lisa came to the door all ready to go. She’d made a picnic lunch, which I carried to the car. She wore low rise jeans with sneakers, and a red checkered sleeveless shirt tied at the waist. Two buttons were casually undone, and her softly freckled cleavage was pleasantly on display. Her hair was wrapped in a red sash, over which were sunglasses and a gigantic smile.

We had progressed nicely over the past few weeks. We hadn’t actually been on a date yet, this was to be it. She is subtle in everything she does. She listens intently to what I am saying. She looks at me when I speak, I catch her eyes glancing at my mouth and my eyes. She has changed her perfume. Today it is spicier, it sends a different message, the swell of her breasts, the loosely buttoned top, even her nail polish is a darker more sensual red. Her laugh is freer and more throaty. When we are talking she will frequently touch my arm.

We talked mostly about the office, the business and how much she could learn there. She has considered taking classes in real estate. I told her about my last relationship, which ended badly. The woman I was seeing dropped me for a promotion to a regional office in Atlanta.

We made it to my uncle’s farm in ninety minutes. I drove the perimeter until I saw the area he described, and found the ladder. We decided to pick several baskets first, then have lunch. Lisa climbed the ladder under a fully laden tree and picked two apples. She stepped down, handed one to me and while holding it, she took a bite of the side closest to her. With a great grin I took it and bit into it as well. It was jucy and delicious. I kept my eyes on Lisa as we laughed and as I went to take a second bite, she pushed the apple aside and gave me her mouth instead. For a moment I gasped, and felt weak in my legs. Her mouth was like silk and honey, slightly tasting of apple. She slid her tongue into my mouth and we dueled for several moments. I drew her closer and kissed her deeper than I had ever kissed anyone before. We did not separate for a very long time. We sank to our knees under the apple tree, our mouths drinking each other in. Her sounds were soft moans, the scent of her perfume and her hair were intoxicating. “Lisa” I said ” My god how I have wanted to kiss you”

“Don’t stop, oh my god don’t stop” she whispered breathlessly. My hands stroked her back and down to her buttocks. I squeezed and pressed her into my now throbbing erection. “oh god I want you, she said” our mouths barely parting.

I brought my hands up to the sides of her breasts and stroked her softly there, she let out a slow moan and pressed into my hands. I pulled at the knot on the front of the blouse and it came open. I put my mouth on her neck and behind her ear and tasted her perfume. My fingers found the only button keeping her blouse closed, and it popped free. Her undertakings were as feminine and delicate as I had anticipated. The bra was lacy and transparent. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible. I kissed her nipples over her bra and noticed that she had put her scent there as well. I opened the clasp in the front and her breasts swung free. I sucked her breast into my mouth and greedily sucked her nipples.

Her hands opened my belt and pulled down my zipper, she reached inside and felt my hardness through my boxers. She stroked me outside my shorts until finally she tugged my shorts down to my knees and cupped my balls in her hand.

What came next was a frenzy of stroking and feeling of our bodies. I laid güvenilir bahis siteleri her down on the grass and sucked on her navel, my fingers stroked her vulva outside of her lacy panties. Her sounds were encouraging me and I pushed her panties aside and stroked her now parted pussy lips. He clit was erect and easy for my fingertips to find. I put my mouth over her opening and slipped my tongue inside her. She moaned and begged me not to stop, and she shuddered with an orgasm. Her taste was delicious, clean and warm honey pussy.

When I came back up to her mouth, she kissed me deeply, no doubt tasting herself in my mouth. As we kissed she stoked my cock again, and this time I shot my cum onto her hand, and onto the grass. We laughed again and decided that the grass here would grow extra green next season.

After holding her on the grass for a while, we decided to pick our apples, have lunch and return to my apartment for the remainder of the weekend. We picked three baskets full and then spread the picnic blanket. She had prepared chicken salad, vegetables with dip, and cheese and red wine. We ate hungrily then cleared everything into the car. We made it back to the city in less time than driving up to the farm.

Once back at my apartment, we unloaded the car and closed the door behind us. She was different now, more playful more eager less hurried. I suggested that I shower, she suggested that we shower.

I pulled her close to me again and kissed her eyes, the bridge of her nose and her mouth. She melted into me, turned up her face and kissed me back. As she was, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my jeans. She opened my belt, and in a moment my jeans were at my ankles. I began to shuffle to the bathroom with them around my feet and she laughed again and tore off her clothes. When she stepped into the stall I looked at her body and gasped. She was gorgeous. My penis was brushing her stomach and she reached for it with her small hand. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, her nipples pink and hard. Her pubis was closely cropped and trimmed. Her hair was now matted down with the spray of the water. “You like?” she said.

“I like very much” I said with a grin “let me do your hair”

She turned around, her perfectly rounded buttocks grazed my erection. I applied shampoo and lathered it in. The suds ran down her back into her fantastic ass. As I rinsed her off, I fell to my knees and put my mouth on her ass. She leaned forward to allow me access and placed her hands on the wall. I licked her ass like it was made of candy. I noticed that she had waxed even the area surrounding her anus, which was pink and perfect. She spun around and thrust her pubic mound to my mouth and I engulfed her entirely. I grabbed her ass and fed her into my mouth, my tongue snaking in as deeply as it could. Her moans pushed me on, her honey flowed warm into my mouth.

“Oh my god… oh my god….oh my goooodddd….” and her body quaked as she came into my open mouth.

She slid down into the tub panting as if she’d run the marathon. Her beautiful smile and laugh made my heart swell. She rose to her knees and engulfed my penis all the way to my balls, which she held gently in her hand. She slid her mouth all the way to the tip which she licked with her tongue then sucked me to the root again. After a few moments she just sucked my cock and stroked it until my orgasm which began in my toes, exploded into her mouth. After several hot jets, I sank to the bottom of the tub with her, the shower still spraying on us as we lay exhausted in each other arms.

I am now madly in love with Lisa. She is all I think about each day. Most of the things I thought about her are true. She is genuine in everything she does. She is a giver, not a taker. Her love is unconditional. I am buying her a ring tomorrow. Simple, elegant, & feminine. All the things Lisa is. I hope she will have me.