For Jeff

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Almost too tired to think, the man named Jeff pushed open the door of his elegant, respectable North London double storey flat. It was very late. He loosened his tie and flopped down on the soft couch, rubbing his eyes. He was really tense. A bad day of bad negotiations with those impossible Russian clients. Fuck. He didn’t want to think about it, but was worried that the deal would be called off. He sighed. He felt the tension in his temples and shoulders. Most of all, he felt it in his balls. He needed relief, and incredibly, despite how tired he was, he felt very horny then.

His wife was fast asleep upstairs. Could he risk it?

He decided he could.

He felt a flutter of excitement as he dialed the familiar number of his favourite escort service. Unfortunately, his favourite escort, Darren, was unavailable that night. He enquired were there any that were willing to indulge in some fantasies, maybe play a little rough. There was. A young one called Kyan. Blonde, lean, green eyes. He was assured Kyan would prove satisfactory. Jeff was almost too horny to care, but decided a cute fuck was definitely a bonus. He told them to send him over, right away.

He put the phone down, and went to freshen up. He looked in the mirror. A tired, but still decidedly sexy man looked back. He was forty-four, but could pass for someone in his late thirties. His dark blond hair short and stylishly tousled, emphasizing his masculine jaw. A slight stubble was beginning to grow, but Jeff decided it looked good. About twice a week, he worked out at the gym, and his body was hard and fit, with impressive muscular arms. Most of the women at his office had made advances on him, and he indulged some of them, earning him a reputation as a hot lover. But nobody knew he had a secret double life: that occasionally, the handsome, respectable womanizer liked to fuck men. And tonight was one such occasion.

He dashed on some cologne just as he heard a soft knock on the door. Almost trembling with excitement, he walked quickly to the door, and opened it.

A beautiful, young hunk was standing in his doorway. He was wearing jeans, an undershirt and a denim jacket. He had longish blond hair, the prettiest green eyes and pink lips. He couldn’t have been more than 25. He smiled. “Are you Jeff?” he asked. Jeff said he was, with a big smile. Man, there was some fucking to do tonight!

Without wasting any time, Jeff took the lead and began to kiss Kyan, full on the lips. He could almost feel the stress draining out of him. He kissed him hard, messy and greedy, with plenty of tongue. Jeff took of Kyan’s jacket and his own shirt and tie. He kissed him again but Kyan pushed him gently away.

“I’d like to take care of business first, if you don’t mind”.

Jeff swore, then nodded. He took out his wallet and counted out 6 fifty pound notes. Three hundred pounds, for two hours at a hundred and fifty per hour – the standard rate. He gave them to Kyan, who folded the cash into his back pocket. He smiled, and Cihangir travesti took off the rest of his clothes. He was a beautiful thing. His body was nicely muscled, nearly hairless. Pink nipples the same colour as his lips. His white briefs bulging with cock. He whipped off his briefs and a delightful, hard cock sprang out, with a pink tip. He had blond pubes. Jeff found the pinkness of Kyan’s lips, nips and cocktip incredibly exciting. He wondered, excitedly, if his rosebud was the same shade, too. The beautiful pinkness made Kyan look both sexually aroused and innocent. It was damn hot.

“You just gonna stand there?” he teased Jeff. Jeff whipped off his clothes, to Kyan’s low whistle of appreciation. Jeff was the more muscular of the two, and his rippling torso was incredibly arousing. He had hair in all the right places – in his armpits, a thick pubic bush and a little sprinkle on his legs and chest. His cock was already fully erect and had an incredibly large girth. Teasingly, Jeff swayed his hips and Kyan watched as the cock swayed heavily from left to right. He bucked his hips, making the big cock bounce up and down. He chuckled wickedly as Kyan squirmed in excitement.

“I like to play a little rough”, Jeff said, stroking his cock. Kyan nodded.

“But we have to be quiet, my wife’s asleep upstairs”, he told Kyan.

“OK” said Kyan. “Let’s play”.

Fifteen minutes later, Kyan was tied and blindfolded, completely naked. He was totally helpless and subservient. Jeff stood before him, his big, throbbing hard cocktip inches from Kyan’s wet, pink lips. They haven’t even begun to play this first game, and already the excitement was thick in the air.

“Listen, bitch,” he told the bound and blindfolded Kyan. “In this game, I’m going to ask questions. For each right answer you give, you get to suck my cock for a while. But for each wrong answer, I’m going to punish you. Clear?” he asked. Kyan nodded, eager to begin.

“Listen closely, bitch. What’s the capital of Iceland?”

Kyan hesitated. “Is it Helsinki?”

“No, it isn’t”, Jeff said, and with that, he pinched both Kyan’s pretty pink nipples, very hard. Kyan gritted his teeth in pain, knowing he couldn’t scream. With his hands bound to his feet, the position was optimum for the punishment as his nipples were fully exposed. Jeff pinched hard, counting eight, long seconds out loud. “One for each letter of ‘Rekjavik'”, he said, chuckling. Man, this was fun. His cock still hovered near Kyan’s lips, poised to thrust into the wet mouth.

“Next question. What’s the Indonesian currency?”

Kyan thought hard. He was intensely aroused but the pinching really hurt.

“Hurry!” Jeff barked.

“Uh, the Indonesian Dollar?”

“Wrong again!” With a wicked grin, Jeff pinched hard on his still raw nipples, causing Kyan to whimper in pain. The pinching was merciless – more like pulling and squeezing. The pain was intense, but Kyan was incredibly aroused. Both their cocks were aching for Fındıkzade travesti attention, but the game had to be played right.

“Too bad ‘Rupiah’ only has six letters. My, blondes really are dumber.” said Jeff, sighing theatrically. He relished this sadistic game.

“Next question. Who wrote ‘Women in Love’?” Jeff asked.

Kyan knew this one. “David Lawrence” he said confidently.

Jeff grunted. “Are you that hungry for cock?” he teased. “But rules are rules.. Get ready for me.” Jeff thrust his big, thick cock into Kyan’s mouth and let him suck it feverishly for all of two seconds. Then, he removed himself out of Kyan’s mouth. Kyan said a coarse “Hey!” in frustration. He was aroused beyond belief, and yet couldn’t touch his cock. It was torture. And although Jeff enjoyed the brief blowjob, the night was young, and he was feeling very playful.

Kyan strained to get near his cock again, but Jeff said, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Look how badly cock-dependant you are. You have to earn cock, you know”. Kyan could almost hear the taunting smile.

“Next question. What are bezique, euchre, and pontoon?” Jeff asked.

Kyan knew they were card games, and said so. The pinch then came as a nasty and painful shock. “Hey my answer was right!” Kyan complained, blinded by the pain. “I know…,” Jeff said lazily. “But your nips were losing their delectable redness, so I decided to pinch them anyway.”

“You don’t play fair,” Kyan complained.

“Aw, come now. Would some cock make you feel better?” Jeff asked, sensually.

Kyan didn’t answer.

“I’m afraid I can’t give you any then,” Jeff said sadistically. “Please, sir, I need some cock”, whispered Kyan, humiliated and horny as hell.

Jeff smiled. “You mean this?” he said, as he grazed the tip of his cock ever so softly across Kyan’s wet lips.

Kyan wanted to weep in frustration. “Please…..”

Jeff wasn’t finished. Slowly, he guided his thick pole across Kyan’s nose….across his blindfolded eyes…….and used the tip to make lingering circles on Kyan’s lips, moistening it as if it were lip gloss.

“Lick my precum off your lips” Jeff instructed. “Taste me”


Relenting, Jeff said “Open wide, bitch” and thrust his cock into Kyan’s deprived mouth, right to the balls. But he removed it after only four thrusts, saying:

“It’s time to wrestle”.

No sooner had the cords and blindfold been undone that Jeff threw Kyan on the expensive carpet of his living room. The nude hunk on the floor completely at his mercy made his cock so hard, but he refused to stroke it. He got out a bottle of oil and poured it all over himself and Kyan, making them glistening and slick. He got down, and pinned Kyan’s struggling body down on the floor. Breathing heavily, he told Kyan “If you still want cock, pussyboy, you’re gonna have to wrestle me for it,” he whispered, right into his ear. Kyan flipped around and lunged at Jeff, in lust and genuine rage. He was more Fulya travesti agile than Jeff, and managed to grapple Jeff’s powerful thighs, temporarily getting the upper hand. Jeff laughed. “My, somebody wants my dick real bad”. He kicked himself out of Kyan’s grip and elbow-locked him. Kyan grunted and tried to escape by squeezing Jeff’s balls.

“Motherfucker!” Jeff hissed, and released Kyan. Kyan wasted no time and locked Jeff’s neck in a thigh-twist. Unfortunately, this position completely exposed Kyan’s balls to Jeff, and he crushed them. Nearly howling in pain, the thigh grip weakened, and Jeff got on top again, pinning his weight down on Kyan without mercy, his balls still in Jeff’s grip. “Say you’re my cock slave, bitch” Jeff told Kyan.


Jeff pulled the balls. “SAY IT” her ordered.

“Aaarrgh!” Kyan gasped. “I’m your cock slave, I’m your cock slave!”

Jeff smiled and released Kyan’s bruised balls. He kissed him roughly, possessively, and sat on the couch, spreading his thighs wide. His cock, incredibly, was even bigger and harder.

“Show me some service, then, cockslave”, Jeff said.

Showing total submission, Kyan got on his hands and knees and began to tongue wash Jeff’s feet. Kyan sucked each of Jeff’s toes, slowly, and lovingly. He fellated the big toes the longest, sliding his tongue beneath the nail and savoring the distinct taste. Without any hands, he licked and sucked his feet, like a dog.

It excited Jeff.

“Put your cock between your thighs and wag it”, Jeff ordered.

Kyan understood. Pushing his big cock between his thighs so that it protruded from behind lie a stumpy tail, he shook his hips, “wagging” his “tail”. To complete the image, he lapped Jeff’s feet and panted. Jeff smiled. “Good boy,” he said. After he serviced Jeff’s feet, he, at last ordered Kyan to suck his cock.

The blowjob was beautiful – urgent, long and wet. Jeff folded his hands behind his head and enjoyed Kyan’s wet lips as they filled with his cock. Jeff looked into Kyan’s intense green eyes as he drew on his cock, making sure he licked the balls, the shaft and the head in perfect timing. He waited so long for this, and the cock felt so right in his mouth. Jeff lovingly held Kyan’s head stationary as he slowly mouth-fucked him, with long and deep fucks. They were both sighing in ecstasy.

Gently – they both knew when it was time – they broke the blowjob and assumed the missionary position. Jeff sheathed his cock with a condom and slipped it into Kyan’s love hole – so smoothly even without lube. They swore in pleasure as they fucked, slowly at first, then gaining momentum, powered by their erotic encouragement. Jeff’s long, thick cock kept striking some unknown, glorious spot deep inside Kyan’s hole, giving him pleasure he never knew could be felt. Giving and taking, they rode each other, and after a long time, Jeff plucked himself out of Kyan, and firmly pushed Kyan to his knees once more. He pushed Kyan’s chin up, pumped his tense cock a few times, and came all over Kyan’s beautiful green eyes.

After the sex, they cuddled for a long time, until Kyan said he had to go. Jeff gave him a hefty tip, and as he trudged upstairs to his bedroom, he thought to himself, smiling, “Fuck Darren. I’ve got a new favourite.”