For honor part 1

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For honor part 1I played the For honor beta and got a story idea and decided to put myself and my girlfriend in a cute roleplay.The battle was fierce and hard fought the samurai were holding their ground as their orochi warriors were slicing through our lines. The warhorn sounded for retreat but as a motto of the raiders is for victory or death i charged their lines with fury and without fear, its said a warrior cant enter Valhalla without dying in battle. My dane axe cut a path and soon i was fighting on all sides as their numbers fell by the dozen and i raised my axe as i saw our troops charging then i fell.My name is Sasha a little about myself im a 6’2 black haired beauty with striking blue eyes and a taught d cup chest and toned body, iwas well known for my lust and taking of other women and as a raider my presence on a longship or in a jarls hall was a thing of note. I awoke in the ruined samurai fortress we captured a beautiful blonde with pale blue eyes was tending konya escort to my wounds.Mostly scratches and shallow cuts then i remembered a spear was thrust in my back and i fell but apparently the great hall wasnt ready for me just yet.My nurses name was ashtyn and i learned she was a healer. She smiled and calmly kept wiping my naked body the cool water felt good but i kept noticing her dress was untied and i could see her bare breasts they were small but very firm and fit her small 5’7 frame perfectly he hands were gently rubbing my stomach and she slowly moved her way higher till she was at my breasts. I let her run the cool cloth over them and saw she was biting her lips it seems my little healer had an interest in women so i sat up and pulled her close her little body was almost powerless to resist me even if she wanted to. I kissed her deeply and tenderly she returned my kiss and we sat there in a intimat embrace her petite hands roaming my body and tenderly escort konya cupping my breasts i ripped her dress open and pinned her to the wolf furs that were acting as my bedding and i straddled her, my lust for battle was only matched by my lust of the flesh and i devoured her first kissing and biting her neck i ran my hands along her waist and cupped one of her breasts she moaned and squealed as i kept kissing and biting her the door to my room was open and anyone who roamed by could see us clearly but i didn’t care.I kissed my way to be breasts, so firm and small i bit her nipples and then started licking them alternating between them as i gripped her waist and ripped the rest of her dress off she wasnt going to be needing it anymore. She moaned and breathed out heavy sighs of pleasure once i pressed my hips into her i started rubbing myself into her as if i was a man and soon she was returning my movements with her rubbing back onto me i kissed once more konya escort bayan and our tongues met passionately and danced she pulled me close and i felt her panties moisten. This little blonde Valkyrie had cum from being tribbed the scent of lust was in the air as she was panting and I hadnt even unleashed my well known tongue skills yet. I pulled her panties off and stuffed them into her mouth my own panties were soaked, i spread her legs and her pussy was cleanly shaven i kissed it and flicked my tongue along its length then i pread her open and softly blew along the wet folds she shivered and moaned. I ran my tongue along the folds and the slowly swirled it along the edges her clit stood proudly and i bit it softly with my teeth and began to suck on it she moaned louder and i could feel she was going to cum again so i sucked on it harder and flicked my tongue against it this sent her over the edge and she came i savored her sweet yet tart taste as i licked my lips and saw she had passed out. I lay beside her and soon i passed out i must have opened my wound or i used up what little strength i had left but 1 thing was sure this little blonde was mine and not even the gods could take her from me.