Fly The Friendly Skies

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Well, Jeannie Kate left Sunday morning. Caught a flight for NY’s JFK International and all points east. (FAR-East, actually!) But we had GREAT fun while she was here!!!

It started out Early Friday morning (2:30 am) when she called from the airport!

My heart started beating quicker, instantly, as I rushed out to my car, nearly breaking every speed record known to man, to get to the airport. (Luckily it was late, because I ran through two red lights!)

Anyway, as soon as I got to the passenger pick-up area, I spotted her! Oh, my, gosh, was she hot. (It WAS 80 degrees out, after all!) She also looked absolutely delicious!

As we threw her bags into my trunk, we hugged and kissed. Her lips tasted wonderful and her smell… Sheer Heaven! I could smell a faint odor of perfume mixed with her own natural scent. Both were intoxicating. Both made my cock as hard as a rock! Jack saw my rising discomfort and commented how she hoped I didn’t live far from the airport.

I drove even faster to get home and went through THREE red lights.

We were naked before we closed the door to my apartment (I had worn no underwear under my shorts and she had removed her panties and ‘hose in the car on the way.) We were all over each other before we made it down the hall to my bedroom. I reluctantly broke away from our kiss and stuck my finger in her slick vagina to see how wet she was. Her juices started seeping out immediately, drenching my finger with her fragrant essence.

Instead of pulling my finger right out, I hooked my finger up into her vagina and led her into my bedroom. I told her that I was setting the tone for the weekend, that I would not be led around by my genitals but would, instead, be leading her by hers. She laughed and said that she was glad, “It’s nice to finally meet a man who can keep my impulses at bay.”

“Oh no, sweetheart. I want you to act on ALL your impulses this weekend,” I told her, with an evil grin on my face. “I intend to act upon mine.” She gazed at me with a surprised but curious look on her face.

I just smiled and led her to my bathroom to freshen herself up. After she washed all the gunk (make-up, dirt, sweat, etc.) off her face she slinked her sexy, nude body over to my bedside.

“Mmmmmm, you look great, Jack,” I exclaimed!

“Shut up and kiss me,” she said, mashing her lips into mine, sucking my tongue into her mouth as if it were my cock.

My erection was painfully hard so I rolled over on top of my lovely stewardess and put the head of my dick into her sultry cunt and asked her if she was ready. “God, yes,” she breathily uttered, thrusting her pelvis up, engulfing my prick as I hovered over her.

I wanted to take my time so I eased back a bit. When she realized that I was pulling away from her, she resigned herself to my will. Knowing that she was now mine, I began to tease her by inching my hard-on into her, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

I stared into her eyes, wanting to see into her lovely soul as I pushed ever further into her body, trying to bury myself into her womanhood!

Just then her eyes glassed over and I could tell that she was cumming! I quickly clamped my mouth down onto hers and tasted her breath in my mouth. I moaned in her mouth; a deep, low moan that I knew she’d feel reverberate in her breast. Her nipples hardened appropriately, stabbing into my chest. She moaned back at me as her orgasm subsided.

I reached down between us and started furiously rubbing her clit, not wanting her climax to end so quickly. She reached another peak as illegal bahis I continued to diddle her, playing her like a virtuoso plays a violin. All the while I was stabbing into her cunt with my dick. Again and again and again she would cum then calm down. Cum then calm down. Cum then calm down. This drove her to the brink of insanity. It was driving me nuts, too, all this contracting of her vaginal walls, which were tight to begin with.

Finally, after twenty minutes (good ol’ Viagrow ) of this sheer torture, I knew I was going to cum! So did she. I pulled out of her box and she said, “No, don’t pull out! I want to feel you cum in me, this time! Mel isn’t here! I want your cum!”

“You want it?” I said. “Beg for it. I want to hear you beg for my cum,” I demanded. To punctuate my order, I squeezed her left nipple and thrust my cock into her pussy at a different angle, as hard as I could! This sent her into another deliciously long orgasm. I watched as she twitched and shuddered.

Then I grabbed her thighs, under her knees, and pushed her knees up to her chest. This spread her delectable lower region even wider than before, giving me even deeper penetration than before!

Thrusting my hard cock deeper into her juicy, sloppy pussy I again ordered her to beg for my cum! “Beg for it or I’ll pull out, right now!” She just scrunched her eyes and clenched her jaw and shook her head until I made good on my threat and pulled my dick out of her cunt!

The air conditioning in my apartment was blowing cold air on my sweaty back. When the cold air hit my hot cock it caused a slight shock to my brain. It must have done the same to Jack because she quickly opened her eyes in terror. Realizing that I was serious about her begging for it, she squealed for me to put it back in her!

I denied her request, of course, saying, not until she begged me for it. She got disgusted with the whole situation and reached down to frig her own clit but I grabbed her hands away and pinned them behind her head and said, “No way, bitch! You don’t get to cum again until I do! And I’m not cumming until you BEG me to fill your cunt! Get it?” I then twisted her nipple with my free hand, causing her to cry-out in pain.

“Alright, alright! You win! Please put it back in me,” she said, half-heartedly.

“No,” I said, “not until you say it like you mean it.” To which she really started squirming in disgust.

I looked down at her, in her frustration, and felt a real sense of power. It was a magnificent feeling, knowing that I had this lovely, young girl under my thumb, as it were…

I positioned my hard dick so that it was rubbing across her distended clit. This really drove her crazy as I dragged my pecker back and forth across her love button, sending electric shocks into her nervous system. After every other pass, she would twitch a little bit more than the last time. It was funny and I delighted, again, in the power I had over my little stewardess, here, lying beneath me! I chuckled as I watched her writhe in pleasure.

I can keep this up ALL night, sweet-cheeks!” I said to her. Just then I glanced at her watch and saw that we’d been fucking for an hour but before I could tell her she finally blurted, “Please, BB, please fuck me! I need you to make me cum! Please, for the love of God, cum in my cunt!!!”

“That’s all I wanted to hear, my love. Your wish is my command.” I said, as I stroked my dick into her twat a few more times and blasted a load with such volume, it must have floated her eyeteeth!

Jack just stroked my hair for the next five minutes, illegal bahis siteleri as our breathing returned to normal. I nuzzled on her neck, giving her a small hickey. I laughed as I told her how much I needed her body and how much I’d been looking forward to her visit for the past two weeks. She said that she needed it as much as I had. She’d gone without sex for three weeks, since we’d done it on the flight to Fiji.

“Good lord, Jack, why?” I asked.

“I’ve been so busy that I didn’t miss it. Not until last week, when I called you. I called Melissa first, though. I wanted to ask her if it was OK to use her lover’s body.”

“You’re kidding,” I said. “And what’d she say?”

“Honestly? She said, ‘Go for it!’ And then she said that she envied me. She does want us to call her and tell her how it went.”

I told JK, after looking at her watch again, that she’d been in Tampa for two hours and asked what she wanted to do for the next day and a half.

“I just need to sleep,” she said. “Just hold me, for now. I want to feel you next to me when I wake up.”

An odd request, I thought but I guess she gets lonely flying around the world, never having anyone to hold onto. I felt very glad that I could provide a bit of comfort in this lovely girl’s nomadic existence. I told her as she drifted off to sleep that my home is always open to her. “Just think of this, and me, as a safe port. A place you’re always welcome.”

She nodded her head once and then drifted to sleep, right there, her head on my chest.

I leaned over, turned off the lamp next to my bed and fell asleep with her.

We woke up a few hours later, still in each other’s arms. When she felt my morning erection, she went down on me, cleaning all our dried cum from the night before, off of my tumescence. She was very careful not to go TOO far, though, saying, “I want you in me again, ‘Stud!'” She gave me a funny look and winked when she said, “Stud.” I don’t really know why, but that struck me as funny at the time. In any case, she climbed up on top of me and lowered her cum filled pussy down onto my stiff cock.

Damn, that “Viagrow” works great! I’d just taken a fourth of a tablet and I was good to go for the whole day! Even after I’ve cum a few times, I can still usually get it up and keep it up for hours! It seemed that JK didn’t want to waste another minute, by the urgency in her actions! She was getting very close to another thunderous climax as she called out my name!

I gotta tell you, there is NOTHING like hearing a beautiful girl scream your name as she achieves orgasm. There is no better aphrodisiac than that! It just spurred me on to wanting to pleasure her until she begged me to stop!

Now because I’m an older guy and have quite a bit more stamina than her last few boyfriends have had, I was going to make this round last a while longer than anything that Jack had been used to up ’til that point.

“On top or on the bottom?” I asked.

“Excuse me?” Jack said.

“Do you wanna be on top of me or below me while I fuck you?”

“I’m good on top, right now,” she answered from above me, sliding back down my cock.

I started pumping my hips upwards, into Jack’s descending body, again trying to push my whole self into her soft pussy. After about ten minutes, she started cumming again. Her breathing became rapid and sporadic as her juices flowed out of her body drenching my balls, thighs and ass, as well as the bed beneath me! (Luckily, I’d remembered to put a latex mattress cover under the sheet when I made my bed, before Jack canlı bahis siteleri came. Otherwise, my mattress would STILL be wet.)

As she was coming down from her orgasm, she asked me to fuck her doggie-style again.

I remembered that she’d said that I was the first to love her like that, that night on the plane when we’d joined the Mile High club, together. I told her to get off me and get on her knees and I’d be back after I “tinkled.” She just giggled as I ran into the bathroom to pee, my dick still rock hard. (It’s that Viagrow stuff, man. I’m tellin’ ya’, get some.)

On my way back to bed I grabbed a little tube of KY jelly from my medicine cabinet in my bathroom. I put it next to the bed, out of sight. I then told Jack to grab my cock and guide it into her pussy.

I popped the head in easily enough and the rest of the shaft slid into her well-fucked cunt with little difficulty!

As I began sliding my dick into her, her inner-muscles began to massage my shaft. It felt incredible, to say the least.

“Hey, Jack. This is new! The last time I fucked you like this, on the airplane, you didn’t do this.”

She looked back over her shoulder and said, between grunts, “Yeah, remember my friend Ling? She was *uhnn* that Chinese flight attendant that helped us get dressed after we *uhhn* fucked, that night.”

“Yeah, I remember her. What about her?” I asked.

“Well, *nuhng* she’s been coaching me. Teaching me some *nnnh* exercises.

“Well, they’re workin’ for ya’! Keep it up!” I exclaimed, starting to feel my own orgasm building! I knew I wasn’t long from cumming

I reached over for the KY and squeezed a dollop onto my thumb and spread it around. I then popped it right into Jack’s anus causing her to yelp in surprise! Her vagina started to spasm around my penis as I kept thrusting in and out of her! I moved my thumb in and out at the same time, causing my little “stew” to go into convulsions as her biggest orgasm overtook her, rocking Jack to her core!

I couldn’t have stopped my own orgasm if I’d wanted, at that point so I grunt that I was cumming and poured out all the semen I had left, deep into her cunt!!!

A truly incredible orgasm!

My dick shriveled down to its relaxed state where it would stay for the rest of the day.

Jack and I went to see a movie (OK, we saw two movies) later that night, after having dinner at a nice place (OK, it was at Mom’s place. My mom is still one of the best cooks in town.) Mom and Jack had fun gabbing well into the night!

At about 3:00am we went to bed and slept ’til Jack had to get to the airport at 10:00 that morning. We did have time to get in a quicky, which was just fine. I told her that next time she visits, I’m going to take her out on the town before I ravage her body. She told me she’d like me to take her anal virginity, too (something Melissa had recommended she try.) I told Jack that I’m looking forward to it, with great enthusiasm!

I hope to see my little Stewardess in another few months time. Until then, I have to call and thank Mel, profusely, for recommending me to our friend from the “Friendly Skies!”


I realize that I finished part three, here, long before I finished part two and, for that, I’m sorry. The truth of the matter is that I’ve forgotten what happened in part two! I’m so embarrassed about it, too.

It would’ve made for a great read. It had everything, including — Political Intrigue, suspence, espionage all amid a backdrop of the exotic Orient!!!

You’da’ loved it, for sure!

Oh, well. Maybe it’ll all come back to me someday!

Until then, my friend, as we say in Mexico, “Hasty banana!”*

(*Or something like that!) 😉


(c)BB Kradwell 2002(:-}D)