Fishing With The Wrong Kind Of Bait

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This is about as perfect as it gets. Early morning sun rising in the east, a light mist rising from the water, the soft splash of my lure as I cast it along the brush lining the shore. Fishing just doesn’t get much better. I love fishing in the morning like this; watching and listening to nature. A blue heron wading the shore, a lone turkey gobbling on the hillside. I wondered if the stupid turkey realized that mating season was already over, but the wondering was short lived as the water exploded a few yards from the boat where my buzz bait was chopping its way through the water as I retrieved it.

Yeah, it didn’t get much better than this. I let the too small fish go back into the lake with a splash and ticked on the remote for the trolling motor, its electric driven prop cutting into the water and dragging along my big V hull with only the slightest whisper of the ripples gurgling past the hull.

I really loved these nice warm mornings, just me against the fish. What are they eating, where, how deep, what color? My tackle boxes were stuffed with what my wife considers an excess of lures in an attempt to have just the right lure at the right time. This morning it felt like I had the hot combination as yet another bass pounded my bait. There was always the instant rush of adrenalin when you first feel the fish jerking wildly on the end of the line when he realizes that his breakfast was firmly stuck in his mouth and dragging him through the water. He fought under the water, and then in a desperate attempt to throw the offending meal out of his mouth he flipped in the air; standing on his tale and shaking his whole body vigorously.

Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t. This time it did and the fish went to hide and think about how unpalatable that particular meal was. I went back to selecting the next spot to throw my lure to see if I could entice another fish to bite.

Yeah, it was almost a perfect morning…almost. What was disturbing the morning was the knock-down drag-out argument between what sounded like a young couple on another boat. Funny thing about a lake in the early morning; sound carries a long way. The other boat could be a few dozen yards through the mist, around the next point or all the way across on the other shore. Not that it really mattered all that much, the fish didn’t really care about the argument and it did provide a certain amount of entertainment. Well, entertainment might not be the right word. The longer the argument went, the more obvious it became that the couple was in serious trouble.

“What the fuck do you mean by that?” The female voice shouted.

“Just what it sounded like!” The male voice shot back angrily.

“How the hell could you say such a thing?”

“It’s easy. You’re not enough. Not now and never have been!” He shouted.

“Is that why you’re fucking some God damn bimbo?” She screamed. “Why the hell did you even marry me if you don’t think I’m enough woman for you?”

“Let’s face it, you’re too damn skinny, your tits are too small, and fucking you is like fucking a blowup doll!” He answered angrily.

“A fucking blow up doll?! You think having sex with me is like a God damn blowup doll? How can you be so fucking mean?” She screamed.

“Hey…You’re the problem here, not me. I can’t help it you just lay there take it.”

“Oh? And I suppose your God damn bimbo just screams her little lungs out and bounces her body all over for you?”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact, she does!” He shouted back.

“Well, I hope you really enjoy fucking the little cunt because it’s all you’re getting! I’m done. Get your shit out of the house! I don’t want to ever see you again!”

“So what, you’re going to walk home?” He shouted back with a laugh in his voice. “Have fun with that!”

“Yeah, I’ll fucking walk home if I have to! And by the time I get home you and your shit better fucking be gone!” She screamed just before a large splash could be heard.

“Fine! Just try to walk your ass home!” He shouted over the sound of a cranking outboard.

The outboard lit up and within seconds you could hear a bass boat screaming across the lake.

“Well, that certainly sounded bad.” I muttered, thinking back to some of the fights that my wife and I had over the years. I pitched my lure at the shore again just as the waves from the bass boat gently began rocking my boat and then washed against the rocky shore. I guess they were pretty close, which was not a good thing for the woman if she did what it sounded like. The piece of shore I was fishing looked like a long peninsula, but with the water over five feet above the normal level it was essentially an island.

I shook my head and cast out my lure again, looking at the rising sun and thinking about how long it would be before it started getting stinky hot. The depth finder said the water was sixty-five degrees, which explained why the fish were along the rocky shore. The heat from the sun beating on the rocks the day before warmed the water along the shore slightly higher, attracting the tiny minnows, casino siteleri which attracted the small fish which attracted, well, what I was interested in catching.

The sun had climbed much higher in the sky by the time I rounded the last point on the peninsula and started working the south shoreline. What I expected to see was more rocky shoreline, what I didn’t expect to see was a slender twenty something year old woman, sitting on the shoreline, her feet sitting on the shore just in front of her butt and her knees up in the air, her head and arms resting on her knees. Her long blond hair was plastered to her head and her pink wind suit looked equally plastered, and still quite wet.

She looked up as I approached her eyes red from crying. I sighed and hooked my bait on my rod; stowing it in the rod holder. Yeah, I was one of those kinds of guys, unable to pass by a damsel in distress. I eased the boat away from the shore a bit farther and then swung the bow around, building up a little speed before pulling the trolling motor up so it wouldn’t be broken off by the rocks. It only took a few moments to coast to shore, that whole time I was perched in the open bow of the runabout; waiting for the crucial second when I would jump out, land on shore, and still have time to turn around and keep the fiberglass hull from being bashed in by the sharp rocks.

It’s a maneuver I’ve done on this lake dozens of times, and this time was no different. I made my leap, landed on the uneven rocks, swiveled around and caught the bow rail to stop the momentum of the boat before it hit the shore. I took the bow line that I held as I jumped and tied it to a tree to hold the boat from floating away when I pushed it out a foot or two from shore. In the still water I wasn’t worried about it floating back.

“You look like you need some help.” I said to the woman quietly.

“Not really.” She practically whispered.

“You sure? Gonna be pretty hard to walk home from here.” I said as I stepped over to her and crouched down a few feet away.

“You heard?”

“Everyone on the lake heard.” I answered with a shrug.

“Great. Just what I needed. I suppose everyone knows that I suck at sex now.” She said, putting her head back on her knees.

“Oh you can’t take his word for that. It just sounded like he was angry.”

“No, I was angry. He was just spiteful.” She whispered. “I was angry.”

“Well, for what it’s worth, it sounded like you had good reason.” I said. “Sure you don’t want a ride someplace dry?”

“No, I’ll walk in a bit.” She said putting her head back down again.

“Actually, you probably won’t. With the water up this high you won’t get any place without taking a swim.” I told her quietly.

“Awww shit. I can’t do anything right!” She said despondently.

“Come on. I’ll take you to the landing and then you can call someone to come get you.” I coaxed, holding a hand out for her.

“That could be tough.” She said reaching into her pocket and pulling out her cell phone. “I had this in my pocket when I jumped in.”

“Ohhh that could make it harder. I have a cell in my car you can call on.” Told her as I stood up, still holding my hand out.

She looked at my hand for a long time and then finally reached out and took it, allowing me to help pull her up. She let go when she was standing, so I turned to lead the way to where the boat was tied a few feet away. I untied the rope, gave it a gentle tug to pull in and used the bow rail to hold the hull just off the rocky shore. She looked at the boat hesitantly and then finally stepped toward it, reaching for the rail. She easily levered her tall thin frame up and over the rail to the open bow, sitting down on one of the padded seats. I pushed the boat away from the shore, and hopped nimbly over the railing, but in the process stepped on the young lady’s foot. I tried to not put all my weight on it and fell into a seat across from her.

“Sorry about that.” I said as I got up and stepped through the open windshield into the main cockpit of the boat. I dropped into the driver seat to lower the outdrive for the big I/O needed to get the big heavy boat up on plane or drive it through the heavy swells of the great lakes or costal waterways. “We’ll have you back at the landing in about ten minutes.” I said as I got ready to start the engine.

“I appreciate you’re picking me up. But if you don’t mind, I’m not sure I’m quite ready to go back.” She said quietly.

“Ohhh. Well, OK. Where would you like to go?”

“If you don’t mind, I’d just like to sit here for a few more minutes.” She almost whispered. “Why don’t you go ahead and keep fishing. I don’t want to ruin your day having to baby sit me.”

“No. It’s ok. We can just sit if you want.”

“Actually, I’d prefer if you did fish. Otherwise you’re just going to sit and look at me and I don’t feel like being looked at.”

“If you insist. I’ll have to come put down the trolling motor again.” I said, getting up.

She shifted in the seat enough to let me canlı casino get to the motor and tip it down. Fortunately it is a wireless remote so I can fish from anywhere in the boat. I pulled my rod out of the holder and turned the boat parallel to the shore and threw my lure out. I half paid attention to my fishing and half watched my passenger sitting in the bow for almost a full fifteen minutes before she said anything.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” She asked timidly.

“Sure.” I answered with a shrug, not sure what she could want to know about me.

“Are you married?”

“Yeah, actually I am.”

“How long?”

“Almost thirty years.”

“Have you ever cheated on her?”

“Not intentionally.” I answered.

“Not intentionally? How can you unintentionally cheat?” She asked curiously.

“Long story, but I was on some medications and a young lady that had the hots for me took advantage.” I answered.

“Did your wife know?”

“No. I never told her. Figured she really didn’t need to.” I answered.

“So have you had sex with a lot of women or only a few?”

“Me? Oh, I was pretty active in high school and college.”

“Ahh. How do you stack up sex with your wife compared to other women?”

“You really want me to answer that?” I asked in surprise.

“Yeah, I guess that is a bit personal.”

“A bit.” I answered, turning back to my fishing,

“So is she? The best I mean?” She pushed.

I took a deep breath and sighed long. “There’s a difference between sex and the kind of sex a married couple shares after many years. I love my wife and even though we often don’t agree on stuff and argue, we both care deeply for and about each other.”

“So that means no?”

“It means that it’s not the best physically, but as far as making love, there isn’t any better.”

“I see. So just because it’s not the best, you’re not looking for better?”

“Let me ask you a question.” I said, trying to divert that particular question. “How many men have you had sex with?”

“Me? Just one. I waited until I got married.” She answered quietly.

“You’re husband did before that though, huh?”

“Yeah, quite a bit.”

“I see.” I answered.

She sat quietly for several minutes again while I fished, the sun pushing a bit higher in the sky while I worked around the back of the cove, searching for the shadows the sun was casting on the water.

“Does your wife have big boobs?” My passenger asked suddenly.


“You’re wife, does she have big breasts?” She asked again.

“Uh, yeah.”

“So men like big tits instead of small ones?”

“Not necessarily. I happen to like them big, but I don’t have anything against small ones either. A lot of guys like smaller ones too.”

“Mine aren’t very big.” She said unzipping the front of her wind suit to reveal an equally pink tank top that was still soaking wet and clinging to her like a second skin. The outline of what I would estimate as small B or large A cup breasts was obvious in the wet material, along with the shape of both hard nipples. “I didn’t even wear a bra today as a surprise for that fucking bastard.”

“Ah.” I answered non-commitally.

“What do you think? Are they too small?”

“Nope. I think they’re just right for you.”

She peeled the jacket off and carefully folded the wet material and set it on the seat next to her. She swiveled in the seat to face me and then set what I had to call a defiant look on her face. “So you like how they look? You don’t want to see more of them?”

Well, if I ever heard a loaded question that was it. If I said of course I wanted to see more, I was opening a door or proving to her that men are men…if I said no I was nullifying my previous statement that they were the right size for her. “Of course I’d like to see more, but that wouldn’t be appropriate for either of us.” I finally answered.

“What do you do for a living? Politician?” She asked.

“No…Engineer.” I answered.

“Engineer. Good at evaluating and comparing aren’t they?”

“Pretty much.”

“Well. Then evaluate these. Tell me what you think of them.” She said as she reached down to her waist and pulled her tank top up, peeling the wet material up her body and tugging it over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up.

I had to admit, they did look nice. Each one, though not more than a small handful, was round and firm with a bright pink areola a bit larger than a quarter in diameter. Perfectly centered in each pink bull’s-eye was a dime sized nipple that seemed to be hardening as I stared. She clearly didn’t tan naked, because she had a large triangle shaped patch of creamy white skin covering a good portion of each breast that was a stark contrast to the dark tan of the rest of her body. Yeah, if I had to picture a perfect pair of small breasts, these fit the bill! Despite my desire to try and stay “professional” I could feel my cock hardening in my boxers, straining against my shorts.

“Well, I was going to kaçak casino ask you if you thought they were sexy, but I can see by your stare, and…well…other things that they are.” She said after at least a full minute of letting me stare at her. “So do you think I’m good looking too, or just a sex object?”

Oh jeez. Another loaded question. What is it with this woman? I was beginning to think that the reason her husband was leaving was because she kept backing him into a corner and he couldn’t deal with it! “Well, even you would have to admit that with your hair looking straggly from being wet and all does detract some, but yeah, I’d have to say you’re a good looking woman.” I answered after a few more long seconds of thought.

“Humph. My husband didn’t seem to think so.”

“He was clearly an idiot.” I said with a shrug. I had fished my way to the back of the cove, well out of view of the main portion of the lake, and was hesitant about working my way down the other shore and out of cove with her sitting in the bow topless. I set my rod down and stepped back and sat down on the large padded engine cover that housed the big six cylinder engine. “You know, I can take you back to the landing any time you want, but if you want to just sit and talk, that’s fine too. I don’t think we want to go back out on the lake with you dressed like that though.”

She nodded a little. “It’s getting hot in the sun. Can we find some shade?” She asked after a few seconds.

“Sure.” I answered looking around. The back of the cove had what was usually a little creek running into it. With the water up this high the channel would probably be plenty deep for the boat, so I picked up the rod and used the remote clipped to it to maneuver the boat the last hundred or so feet into the mouth of the stream and under a few overhanging trees.

“Thanks!” She said as she stood up. She bent over and skimmed the wind pants down her legs, working them over her sneakers and then standing up again to fold them. She wore a pair of tiny pink shorts that clung to her like a second skin. Her legs were almost stick thin, below her knees, but her thighs were surprisingly muscular and well toned. “You know. It seems kind of silly now, but I wore these as a surprise for John. He always said he wished I’d dress a bit more seductively. Funny that when I do he decides to tell me he’s been fucking some bimbo where he works for the last six months.”

“How long have you been married?”

“Not even two years yet. I don’t know why he bothered to marry me.”

“Hard to know what goes on in a guys mind sometimes.”

“You said you’ve been married thirty years? Does she understand you?”

“Not all the time. Just like I don’t understand her all the time. But most of the time we can finish each other’s sentences. If we decide to go out to eat we can usually guess where the other wants to eat and what they’ll order. That kind of familiarity comes with time, but it doesn’t always mean you understand each other all the time.” I said as I crossed my arms and looked up into the trees.

“So you don’t look at other women?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m still a man, even at my age, and a sexy body, dressed or undressed will attract my attention.” I answered with a chuckle.

“So… you know what sexy is. Am I sexy?”

“I’d have to say you qualify.”

“So why would my husband feel the need to go find another woman?”

“That I can’t answer.” I said honestly, shaking my head.

She stood up from where she was sitting and stepped between the split windshield into the main part of the cockpit and stood about six feet away, her hands resting on her hips and the waistband of the spandex micro shorts. To my surprise she hooked her thumbs in the waist and peeled the material quickly down her hips and then bent over, pushing it to her ankles. She wiggled the material over her little white sneakers and then stood back up, tossing the shorts onto the driver’s seat next to her.

“What are you doing?” I practically shouted in shock.

“It’s funny. I planned on doing this for John today. Thought maybe getting naked for him out here might excite him. I’ve never been naked for another man before. It IS kind of exciting actually.” She said, standing there with her hands behind her back and a shy look on her face, half looking at me and half looking at the deck.

“Geez.” I said staring at the neatly trimmed soft downy curls on her mound and her full meaty pussy lips exposed between her legs. It had the almost immediate effect of making my partially hard dick jump to full throttle.

“Well, I guess it’s exciting to you too.” She said, shifting her gaze to my waistline. I looked down and saw that my cock was bulging my shorts out significantly.

“Uh, sorry.” I mumbled.

“Don’t be sorry. I’m glad you think I’m good enough looking to get excited.” She said, moving her hands in front of her pussy shyly and intertwining her fingers while suppressing a little smile.

“Yeah. Well…yeah you’re good looking.” I finally got out.

She stepped two steps closer, leaving her standing only two scant feet in front of me. “You know. I’ve only seen John’s cock in person before. I’ve never seen any other men in person. Would you…I mean…Can I…well…would you let me see yours?”