First Timers

18 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


First TimersI was looking at this picture earlier and it reminded me of when I was around 18 or 19 and a good friend of mine got a hold of one of his mom’s porn tapes. Even though we had both graduated high school and were about to start college, neither of us had ever had sex or watch porn before (this was long before the internet). We took the tape to his room and watched in stunned silence as the first thing to appear on the screen was a cock pounding a woman’s ass. Shortly thereafter another dick started pounding her pussy at the same time. We had no idea two guys could fuck a woman at the same time. Suddenly, my pants started getting tight and I started squirming from discomfort. I then noticed that my friend seemed to be uncomfortable too, so I suggested that we take our pants off. I forgot that I was going commando that day and so my hard cock was out there for my friend to see when I took off my pants. My friend was wearing underwear and I said that it wasn’t fair that he could see my dick, but I couldn’t see his, so he took off his orhanlı escort undies. We sat there on the edge of his bed, watching DP porn with just our shirts on and our throbbingly hard cocks pointing at the ceiling. When the two guys in the video finally pumped their loads of cum up the woman’s ass and pussy at the same time, I was able to break the trance and when I looked down at our cocks, pre-cum was pouring out of both of us. When the next scene started, there was no B.S. storyline or preamble: a woman was on her knees and was already throating a giant dick. I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached down and started frantically jerking on my dick. My friend then followed my lead. After about 30 seconds of furious masturbation, I asked my friend if his dick was as hard as mine. He just said, “I dunno,” so I reached over and grabbed his dick. I said, “Hmm…I think mine is harder.” He then reached over and grabbed my dick. He agreed and also said, “I think yours is thicker. I can’t get my hand all the way around it.” Sure enough, pendik escort he had a bit of a pencil dick; its long thinness felt good in my hand, so I started moving my hand slowly up and down. I said, “Yeah, but yours is longer.” I then felt him start to move his hand slowly up and down my cock. So there we are sitting on the edge of the bed, watching a woman gagging on massive dong and jerking each other off. Then, something happened that would change my life forever: the guy withdraws his huge dick from the woman’s throat and cums all over her face. Then, the woman stands up…and she’s got an equally huge cock. The guy gets down on his knees and it isn’t a dude, but yet another shemale with huge tits and a beautiful face. She starts chugging on the other tranny’s dick with equal enthusiasm and skill. My friend and I are now jerking on each other’s dicks with gusto. My friend and I then look at each other and the decision was made right then in there without speaking any words. He laid down on his bed and I flipped around and we bostancı escort started sucking each other off while 69ing. We each lasted another 20 seconds before we both blasted each other in the back of the throats at the same time with our forceful cumshots. Even though we both gagged a little bit, we both managed to swallow each other’s load. When we sat back up on the edge of the bed, we were both still excruciatingly hard; cumming in each other’s mouth just made us hornier. So, we took turns dropping to our knees and doing our best to try to throat one another. We both ended up swallowing another load before the second tranny finished sucking off the first tranny in the porno. We spent the next couple of years during summer, winter and spring breaks stealing his mom’s porn and sucking each other off and as a result we got great at giving head. We could both throat with no problem and guzzle down giant loads without breaking a sweat. Eventually, we started taking turns fucking each other in the ass. We both decided that fucking each other in the ass and then 69ing was our favorite as we would cum buckets after having our prostates pounded by each other. After we graduated college, we went our separate ways, but I still fantasize about sucking his thin cock and eating his cum.