First Time part 4a

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First Time part 4aThe next couple of weeks I was at Paul’s house everyday, sometimes just the 2 of us, but more often Mark would be there too. I was getting cummed in or on or swallowing 4 to 6 times a day when they were both there. My favorite was when one of them would be fucking my ass and the other one fucking my mouth. 18yo cocks get hard over and over and I was insatiable. I loved every minute of it, and I really loved getting high with them too. Mark started giving me a joint to take home with me once in a while and I would stick my head out of my bedroom window to smoke it so it wouldn’t make my room smell like pot. I was a p*****n pothead and nympho, and it was awesome! Larry next door was almost always outside during the afternoon when I would be going or coming to and from Paul’s house and his eyes would never drift from watching my skinny little body wearing practically nothing sauntering down the sidewalk. I always waved at him and he would wave back. I could tell he had lustful intentions in his gaze, and I would exaggerate my hips wiggling as I waked past to give him a show. I went to Paul’s on a Friday, like I did every other afternoon, and after we had our fuck session he broke the news to me that he was going on vacation with his family for the 4th and wouldn’t be home for a couple of weeks. I was brokenhearted because I had become accustomed to our daily rendevouz and was also becoming quite hooked on smoking daily. Paul handed me a few joints to take home so I could at least get high, but he could tell I was really upset that I wouldn’t have anyplace to hang out or anyone to get naked with. “Sorry Chris,” he said, “I tried to talk my folks into letting me stay home, but they don’t trust me to not have a big party and stuff, so I have to go with them””What about Mark?” I asked.”He doesn’t have anyway to see you, his Mom is home all the time and there’s noplace he can take you that he wouldn’t get caught and you know what would happen if they caught him doing stuff with you.”I tried to stifle a tear, but I was completely crestfallen.”I’ll be back, and we can keep meeting. I will miss fucking you too”It was time for me to be getting home, and I slithered into my skintight shorts and pulled my tight tshirt over my head.”I’ll bring you a surprise when I get home, ok?””Send me a postcard or something maybe?””Sure k**, I will”And with that I headed out the door and down the street to my house. Larry was watching as I walked by, and it was obvious that there was no swing in my step. “Hey, you ok k**do?” he asked as I walked past the sidewalk leading to his front door.”Yeah, just a little down, thats all.””Its trash day tomorrow, you need some help with those cans?””Sure, thanks Mr. Wash…, I mean Larry”He followed me to the driveway and up to the front of the garage where the trash cans were sitting. He grabbed both of them, one in each of his powerful arms and hoisted them to carry down to the street”Wow, you are really strong Larry” I said”Not really, this is nothing compared to how much I used to lift when I played football in college””You were a football player? That’s cool. My dad watches football all the time. I tried watching it with him, but I don’t understand what’s going on and he gets mad when I ask too many questions””Well, if you have any questions about ANYTHING, you can ask me. I won’t ever get mad about it”Even at my tender age I could feel the insinuation in his statement. “Ok, Larry I will. I better get inside before Dad gets home, he doesn’t like me talking to you very much. I don’t think he likes black people.””Yeah, I kinda figured that. Its ok, as long as you know that it’s wrong to think that way, right?””Uh-huh. They taught us at school that its wrong to be prejudiced. And I like you. Most grown ups don’t like to talk to me very much, but you’re not like that””I like ya too k**do, and you can come talk to me anytime you want.” I knew there was more to that statement than met the eye, and I played it up just a little.”Ok Larry, I will. Cya around!” and I headed up the driveway to the stairs leading to the porch. When I got to the top I bent over to pretend to tie my shoe, feeling the seam of my cutoffs pulling all the way up my plump 11yo booty, exposing my entire ass except for my freshly fucked u******e hole to his lustful gaze. “Thanks again for the help!” and I opened the door and went inside.I was finishing my shower when I heard my dad come in from work. “Chris, can you come down here” he yelled up the stairs. I wrapped a towel around my naked body and walked down the stairs.”Thank you for taking the trash out without being told” he said. “Maybe you are starting to get a little responsibility to you”. I wasn’t about to tell him that I had nothing to do with it, and would have forgotten it completely if the black man next door hadn’t brought it up.After supper I went upstairs to my room and turned on my radio to listen to the top 30 countdown like I did every night. I opened my window and took out one of the joints Paul had given me and leaned out of the window to take a few hits while the music played. I had taken a couple of big hits, when I looked down into Larry’s backyard and saw him watching me indulging in my i*****l act. I quickly ducked back inside and spent the rest of the night worrying that the older man next door would tell my parents what I was up to and who I had been hanging out with.The next morning I ate my breakfast and went outside and sat on the porch watching up the street as Paul and his parents loaded their suitcases in the trunk of the car and pulled out of the driveway on their way to Colorado for their family trip. I sat in silence as the car passed and I saw Paul in the backseat giving me a slight wave and the car continued down the street until I could no longer see it. Dad had left instructions for me to cut the grass before he got home, but at that moment I wasn’t really in the mood to do anything. I was upset that my frind and lover was gone and was also worried that my neighbor would spill the beans to my folks about what he had seen me doing the night before. Sullen, I went back inside and up to my room. I laid on my bed for a couple hours with the radio playing, and Mom yelled up the stairs. “Chris, you better go start working on mowing the yard. Your dad won’t be happy if he comes home and that’s not done. And you know what will happen.” And I did know that I would be grounded. Not that it really mattered, it wasn’t like there was anyplace for me to go anyway.”Ok Mom, I’ll get started”I went to the garage and opened the overhead door. I sat the gas can on top of the mower and pulled it out to the middle of the driveway. I was wearing only a pair of too tight cotton gym shorts and my oldest dirtiest pair of tennis shoes as I filled the gas tank of the push mower. I had done about half of the front yard when I saw movement between our driveway and the neighbors house. Larry was satnding in the strip og rass separating the two lots. “Hey Chris”, he yelled over the noise of the running mower. “Come here. We need to talk”I shut the mower off and walked over to stand in front of the large man from next door. “I seen what you was doing last night. Ain’t you a little young to be doing that? I don’t care about pot, I used to do it when I was in college, but you ain’t old enough to be doing that stuff. uşak escort Did those guys down the street force you to do that? I seen you going down there everyday.”I was scared to death. I knew smoking pot was against the law and that I could get in big trouble and even get sent to reform school for it. “Mr Washington, please don’t tell. I don’t want to go to jail or nothing, please dont tell?” Tears were welling up in my eyes as the older man looked down at my nearly naked body standing in front of him.”I dont want to tell your parents or the cops, but I dont want you to get hooked on dope either. Are those guys doing anything else with you? They arent making you do things are they?””Things?” I asked, still fighting back tears as I answered the older man’s questions. “What things? We just listen to music and we smoke pot because it makes the music more fun.” I lied becuase I knew how much trouble we would all get in if anybody found out what we were really doing.”I see how you dress when you go down there and boys that age can get ideas and such.”I tried to play innocent. “What ideas? We just like to sit around and listen to records.” I wasn’t sure if he believed me or not, but the black man reached over and wiped a tear off my cheek.”Ok, Chris. I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you. Sometimes when somebody looks like you do it makes people think certain things that are bad, and I wouldn’t want to see you get hurt””YYYou won’t tell my parents, will you?” I sniffled.”No, not this time. But I dont wanna see that again. Not till you are older. Its not good for k**s to be involved in that””Ok, please don’t tell on me? I wont do it no more”I knew I was lying, I liked getting high too much to stop, but I couldn’t let him tell my parents. If they ever found out I knew I wouldn’t ever get to see Paul or Mark again.Larry watched while tending to his garden as I finished cutting the yard, and I thought I saw him adjusting himself in the loose shorts he was wearing. I could make out what I thought was the outline of his cock, but I decided it had to be something else. What i was seeing looked too big to possibly be that.I finished the yard just as Dad pulled into the driveway. I closed the garage door and he once again praised me for being responsible and doing my work like I had been told. I didn’t tell him that Mom had to pretty much force me to do it. I went inside and grabbed clean clothes and locked the door to the bathroom as I stripped out of my shorts and started the water running for a shower. I lathered up and after I was soapy from head to toe I allowed my fingers to explore my slender body. They found their way between my cheeks and my index finger probed my opening. The hot water and soap made everything nice and slippery and I let my hole relax and my finger slowly entered. Working it in and out it was soon joined by a second and then a third as I desperately sought the sensations I had recently become aware my body craved. My digits streteched my tightness and the speed I was fucking myself with increased until i was going as fast as I could. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body as my fingers plunged in and out of my eager passageway. I looked at the bottle of shampoo and conditioner, and it registered that one of them was shaped and sized just a little larger than Paul’s cock. I removed my fingers from my pulsating hole, picked up the bottle and using both hand coated it in soapy lather. I gasped loudly as the thickness of the botle pressed deeply into my nether regions, the feeling of fullness was amazing. I shoved the bottle as deep as it would go, and began thrusting it in and out of my greedy hole, savroing the feeling as the rigid cylinder plumbed my depths. After what seemed like hours, the water began to cool and I knew it would be time for supper in just a few minutes. I reluctantly pulled the bottle out of my 90 pound body and dried off to get dressed and go downstairs.The next few days I spent mostly moping around the house. I was lonely without any frinds my age to hang out with, and with my older lover gone out of town. The only thing I looked forward to was using the shampoo bottle on myself. I was too afraid to smoke another one of the joints I had because I knew if Larry saw me, my parents would find out and I might never see the light of day again.One night I was laying in bed wide awake after my parents had gone to bed, listening to the overnight DJ playing music on the little earplug that had come with my transistor radio. I figured Larry next door was asleep at that hour too, so I got a joint from the hiding place I had found and opened my window. It was a warm summer night and pretty much all the windows in the neighborhood were open, AC units werent that common at that time and it was mostly just fans and windows for cooling. I looked at the house next door and I could see a faint glow from the room facing mine that I knew was Larry’s office. I watched from my room and I could vaguely make out a shadow in the soft glow from a nightlight. The nieghbor was up, which bummed me out. I hadn’t been able to smoke any pot for days, and I was craving the way it made me feel. I could see a little motion, and I turned on nthe desk light to illuminate my naked form in the window. Listening to the music in my ear, I began dancing on my bed, my body visible from the window below. I pretended to be unaware that I knew he was watching,as my p*****n body shimmied to the beat of the music. I stole several more glances, and I could have sworn I saw Larry pull his pajamas down, exposing his full grown adult cock. I kept stealing glances over to the neighbors house as I danced. I couldn’t see much detail, but it was obvious that he was watching me and I could make out his hand stroking back and forth in his crotch. I wasn’t sure I was seeing what I saw, but from what I could see in the low light, his cock looked enormous. Some of the men in the porno books Paul had had big cocks, but Larry’s looked even bigger. I finally decided my eyes were playing tricks on me due to the light, and after a few more songs Larry was no longer standing in the window and the light behind him went out. I turned my light off, shut off the radio and went to bed.The next day was trash day, and after lunch I went outside to drag the cans out to the curb. I was wearing my shortest pair of cutoffs, which had become my favorites and a plain yellow tshirt that had been washed so many times it was practically transparent and clung to every inch of my slight frame. Larry was outside, and waved and yelled at me when he saw me come outside. “Hey Chris, need help with them cans again?” he said with a big smile on his face.”Sure, I hate these heavy things. I think they weigh more than I do””You might be right bout that. You look like a good gust of wind would carry you away.””I ain’t THAT little, am i?” I asked, as I stood slightly sideways to the older larger man, subtly bowing my back to cause my bottom to stick out seductively.The move didn’t go unnoticed, and his eyes dropped straight down to the shapely posterior in front of him. “Well, there’s one part of ya that ain’t that little for sure” he said almost unconciously, and you could tell by the expression on his face that he hadn’t really meant to say it out loud.”Oh really?” I said, turning even more to give him a better escort uşak angle, and sticking my backside out a little farther. “And is that a good thing?” I looked up at the 6’5″ man with my best puppy dog eyes. The bitterflies I felt that first afternoon with Paul were quickly returning, and I made it as apparent as my 11yo self knew how that I was sexually available without coming right out and saying it.The older black man swallowed hard before saying “Um, yes, it is. Very nic..I mean good”Trying to diffuse the tension, Larry turned around and picked up the metal garbage cans and wordlessly carried them to the end of the driveway. When he sat them down, before he turned to walk back upo the drive to where I was standing, I saw him reach for the front of his shorts with one hand and adjust himself, so I knew my wanton display was having the desired effect on him. When he turned around there was an obfvious bulge in the front of his shorts. I tried not to stare as he walked toward me, but the size made it hard not to.As he got close enough, he began to speak “You know, I been helping you with these cans for a few weeks, you think maybe you can help me a little?””Well, yes, I guess so”, knowing full well there was no way I was going to say no to whatever he was about to ask”I been trimming these bushes back by the patio in the backyard and I could use a hand carrying them out to the burn can.” There were no laws against burning yard traxh, so almost everybody had an old barrel to use for desposing of any clipping and branches””Well, I guess i DO owe you, don’t I?””No, k**do, you don’t owe me nothing for helping you, but if you want to help me I would really appreciate it.””Ok, as long as we get done before Dad gets home. He would be so mad if he saw me over at your house””He gets home about 4 right? Well its just 12:30 so that should be plenty of time.”Larry opened the gate to the 8ft privacy fence and we walked into the backyard. There were four small piles of trimmings and I knew that asking me to help was just a ruse to get me to come to his house. It only tool about 15 minutes to move them, and Larry took a small amount of gasoline, poured it into the can and threw a lit piece of newspaper in to ignite the gas. Flames shot five or 6 feet into the air above the can and we watched until it had died down to a point that it was ok to walk away from it.”Larry?” I asked, “Do you have a soda pop or orange juice or something? I’m real thirsty. Its pretty hot out here and we been working real hard.””Yeah, I think I have a Pepsi or 2 in there. I’ll go get you one. As he walked topwards the backdoor of his house, I followed uninvited. The butterflies were growing stronger and my immature brain was sensing that this would be my best chance to seduce my much older neighbor. It had been over a week since I had last had a dick inside me, and my horny little body was craving it badly. When we got to the door, he almost closed it on me, he wasnt aware I had been following. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were there. Do you want to come in?” “Yes, I hate to ask, but I kinda need to pee””Ok, sure, let me show you where the bathroom is, and I’ll get the sodas while you do that.” He led me through the kitchen to a short hallway, one door leading to the little officew room that faced my house, the other to the half bath that was downstairs. I went into the bathroom, and Larry went back to the kitchen to the fridge. Once inside, I looked myself over in the mirror. My longish hair was getting even more blonde from the sun, my tanned skin glowing with youthful radience. I turned so I could see my ass in the mirror, and I pulled my shorts a little farther up, exposing a little more of my girlish cheeks. As I came out of the bathroom, Larry was walking back down the hall with the sodas in his hands. He opened the door to his office and montioned for me to go inside. He had a small sofa against one wall, and over under the window was a skinny desk and swivel chair. That was the chair I had seen him in the night before. I walked over to the window and looked out, bending forward, my p*****n ass provocatively exposed with my too short shorts tugging even deeper into the cleft between my cheeks.”Wow, you can see my room from here” I acted like I had no idea I had seen him watching me the night before.”Yes, thats how I seen you smoking that joint the other night”I turned around to face him. He was seated on the sofa on the opposite wall. I took a long drink of my soda, sat it on the desk, walked across the room and stood directly in front of the 285 pound tall black former athlete. I let my gaze drop from his eyes down to the growing bulge in his shorts. He squirmed uncomfortably as his increasing lust was becoming more and more obvious. My u******e desire was taking over, the butterflies in my stomach had taken full flight, and I knelt on the floor between his slightly sporead knees. Wihtout a word or even thinking, my right hand reached forward and my fingertips grazed the still increasing member incased in the thin fabric of his shorts. Looking up into his eyes, my hand wrapped around it and it sprang to full size. He looked down at the tiny creature whose face was even with his crotch”Chris, you can’t do that. I’m a grown man, and I’m way too big.” My hand began rubbing up and down, feeling the huge thickness of his adult shaft, my fingers not coming close to going all the way around it. He grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away. “you have to stop. If you get me excited I might not be able to control myself. Please, I dont want to hurt you””You like me that way don’t you? I could tell the way you looked at me when I walked by. I like you that way too” and I placed my hand back on his now rock hard phallus.”You don’t understand Chris, I’m a full grown man and you are barely anything.”My lust had taken over, my insatiable need for it was driving my moves and I reached inside his shorts and felt his skin in my hand. I began rubbing him even faster. “I want to, I like doing it. I seen you watching me last night and I know you want to too. I won’t ever tell anybody, please let me” and I pulled his enormous black cock out of the waistband of his shorts. I’m sure my eyes got as wide as saucers when I finally saw the full size of this gigantic football players manhood. It was at least 9 inches long, but even more than the length, it was the thickness that made me gasp. It was as big around as my forearm. He was uncut, with the head of his dick peeking out from the foreskin, a much lighter color than the dark black shaft I was rubbing, now with both hands. I looked him in the eye and leaned forward, swiping my 11yo tongue along the underside of this immense cock.”Stop, we can’t do this” and he grabbed my head in his hand and pulled me away from his crotch. I started jacking the length of his cock with my hand as he held my face in his hands, looking up into his eyes I couyld see his resolve melting as the pleasure he was receiving grew stronger and more intense. He eased the pressure on my head, and I leaned back to his cock, opening my mouth to allow the plum sized head to pass between my lips as I pulled his foreskin back with one hand.All he could do was moan and he watched as I struggled to get more than just the head into my undersized mouth. I was jacking his shaft wioth both hands uşak escort bayan and started bobboing my head up and down the head of his cock. I could taste the salty flavor of his precum coating my taste buds as his excitement grew under my oral ministrations. “Oh God k**, that feels so fucking good” and I redoubled my efforts to force as much of his baseball bat cock into my oral cavity as possible.His hips began involuntarily bucking up and down, simulating the motion of intercourse, driving another fraction of an inch of his immensity into my mouth, causing me to gag, and as I did, copious amounts of thick gooey saliva covered the shaft of his cock, and I used it for lubrication for the constant jacking I was doing to him. I could sense he was getting close to cumming, so I leaned back, his cock leaving my mouth with a pop and wetly slapping against his stomach. I stood up and turned around, pulling my shirt over my head. I bent forward at the waist, my plump p*****n ass sticking out directly in his face. I stood back up straight, undid the button and zipper of my tiny cutoffs, peeled the skingtight fabric down over my hips and let them fall to the floor. The huge man seated behind me grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me back towards him. I felt him spread my cheeks, exposing my tight little hole to his lustful gaze. He leaned forward and buried his face between my cheeks, and I felt a new sensation as his tongue darted out and licked around the outside of my waiting hole. “Oh that feels good, oh oh oh” I moaned as he started to slipm his tongue past the outer ring to explore my insides. He pushed his thick meaty tongue deeper inside of my, making my hole wetter and wetter and relaxing the muscles that stand gaurd around my most intimate space. He ate me for what seemed like forever, feelings of pleasure I had never experieinced before blasting through me, preparing me for what was to come.I couldn’t stand it anymore, my desire to be fucked was overwhelming me. so I reached behind me and foiund his dripping wet gooey shaft, lowered my ass until it touched the tip of his cock and placed it at the opening to my body. His work on loosening my hole with his tongue eased the entrance of the gigantic cock i was impaling myself on. His cock was slippery with precum and spit, and my hole was drenched with his saliva as he slowly gained a half inch of penetration. Slowly my hole stretched open, my body weight f****ng a little more with each passing minute until I felt the entire head of his cock pass throught my tight ring, and enter the forbidden place I needed it to go. I began to bounce slowly up and down, another half inch disappearing into my skinny u******e ass with each bounce. He held my ass with both of his powerful hands, helping me to maintain my pace, not allowing himself to enter me too quickly. His cock was stretching me beyond the limits anything had ever pushed it to, and I moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure as this black man’s freakishly large member penetrated farther and farther into me.Inch by painful inch I took more and more of Larry’s oversized cock and it seemed like it would never stop. Places inside of me that weren’t supposed to ever be felt were being a*****ted by the black shaft driving deeper and deeper in. After an eternity of trying, I finally felt my ass checks touchiung his lap, and I knew that somehow, his entire cock was buried inside of me. I slowly raised up about an inch and sank back down, the fullness overtaking my senses and causing my breath to come in short little gasps. He wrapped his arms around my chest and pulled me back to his chest, lifting my feet off the floor, and he reached down and grabbed each leg with a hand right behind my knees and pulled my legs back almost to my ears. Larry began raising and lower hius hips, my tiny body completely helpless, unable to resist in any way. Larry had been patient, but now it was his time to take his pleasure.The massive shaft was continually stretching me as he lifted my seemingly weightless body up, dropping it back down as he lifted his hips to meet me, repeatedly impaling me on his gigantic cock. “OH OH OH OH OH SOOOOOOOO DDDDEEEEEEPPPPPPPP, SOOOOOO BBBBIIIGGGGGG Oh my goddddd, fffffffffffuuuucccccckkkkkkmmmeeeeeeeee” I was talking and moaing uncontroolably as the huge man had his way with me. After fucking me forever in that position, he stood up with my still impaled on his cock, turned around and placed me on my knees on the sofa, my chest d****d over the back as he began fucking me doggystyle. His huge hands were practically wrapped all the way around my waist and he sawed his monster cock in and out of my willing but ravaged body. Over and over again he pulled himself all the way out and shoved himself back in, claiming my insides for his pleasure, driving my pleasure to heights I had never dreamed possible. In and out and in and out and in and out, over and over, and I was gasping as each thrust knocked the breath out of me. I felt his pace quickening and I knew that Larry was about to cum. “Oh god yes, please cum in me, I want to feel you cum in me, please oh god yes oh oh oh oh oh oh ” I yelled, almost at the topm of my lungs. Faster and faster he fucked me, until he let out a huge groan, grabbed my waist even tighter and drove his cock as far as it could possibly go as his blistering hot seed nshot out in huge pulses, coating my interior and filling me up like I had never known before. He kept his cock inide of me, pulsing cum for minute after minute, another wave of heat coursing through me with each pulse. When the throbbing stopped, he reamined inside of me, letting his potent cim soak into my insides, his incredibly thick shaft acting like a cork, not allowing any of his baby juice to escape my body.We didnt move or speak for several minutes, my im*****e mind trying to process all the sensations a k** my age shouldn’t be feeling. Finally after what seemed like forever, Larry’s cock began to soften inside of me and it slipped wetly out of my incredibly stretched asspussy, a mixture om cum and spit dripping from both his cock and my ravaged hole. LArry slowly staggered bacl, his eyes taking in the obscene view of my p*****n ass oozing what looked like a gallon of potent adult cum. “Are you ok?” He asked, a tinge of fear in his voice from the fear that he had hurt meI was barely able to speak, I was still trying desparetly to catch the breath that had been repeatedly knocked from my tiny body. “I I I I I’m o k k k k. Dddddidd I do ggggoood??””Did you do good? Goddamn k** there are full grown women that couldn’t take my cock like you just did. I cant believe you could do that. Are you sure you’re ok?” “I’m ok, but it hurts a lot. Look how big you are.” His softening cock was hanging in front of him, falling just short of his knee. “That all went in me?””Yes it did k***o, you took it all””I’m sorry Larry, I know it was wrong for me to do that, you tried to make me stop but I didn’t stop. Are you mad?””I wont ever be mad at you, but how did you learn how to do that? It was that k** down the street wasn’t it?””Uh-huh, it was. Don’t tell anybody? Please? I like doing it. I want to do it all the time. I want to do it everyday if I can. Please dont tell my folks what I’ve been doing.””Well, I’d probably be in even more trouble than they would if anybody found out. I would never tell. But if anybody ever tries to hurt you, you tell me and I will make sure they never try it again.””Ok, I will. But its only 2 o’clock”, as I ponted to the clock on the wall. “Can we do it again??” To be continued