First Time Office Rendezvous

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The evening was getting dreary. I peered out of the window for a short while. I could see the dusk set in. The evening rush of cars with headlights and tail lights moving out of the IT park through the narrow lanes made the impression of a computer game. I looked back again at the discussion that was going on in the board room. The real estate client meeting was supposed to end at 4 pm after the deal was closed, but it was 6.45 pm and the closure was nowhere in sight. I looked at my boss Hitesh Waswani, who was strenuously putting on an act of excitement, but the clients were simply not budging. I had lost interest in the discussion an hour ago when it became clear that the clients were only ready to pay one fourth of the negotiated amount. But Hitesh’s verve in spite of the bad tiding was noteworthy. I could not hide my boredom any longer. Suddenly, Hitesh turned to me and spoke firmly above the din. Almost all the crosstalk in the room halted.

“Ravi, what is your opinion about finalising this deal for Rs27-lakh. Will we be able to pull it off with our subcontractors. Just take that into account and give me your opinion,” Hitesh asked me pointedly. He had exasperation in his voice. I like such situations which can quickly unsettle the client who have been negotiating for three hours. I looked at the back of the envelope calculations that I had been doodling all this while.

“No, sir. We will not be able to do this deal for Rs27-lakh. Our costs for three months would be more than Rs43-lakh,” I said with alacrity. For a few seconds there was complete silence. I tried hard to hide my expectations. I could see the four officials representing the client firm shift in their seats. Finally, their chief Arun Kamath spoke slowly and deliberately.

“Then I think we would settle for Rs50-lakh as our last and final offer. It is take it or leave it,” Arun Kamath, chief technical officer of the real estate company said. It was our turn to stay quiet for a while to conceal any excitement. Hitesh pulled a long face almost as if he was going to refuse the offer. But I knew what was in store as we have been playing this tango for months now with so many of our clients. He also spoke slowly and deliberately.

“After having spent so much time in this negotiation I don’t think we should let this offer just pass. So, I think we would also be happy to close this deal for Rs50-lakh,” he said. Arun Kamath could not hide his excitement any longer. He sprung from his seat to shake hands with Hitesh even before I had consented to the deal. He was beaming. The rest of the lot in the board room looked at me to check if I had any conditions to add.

“Well, it will be Rs50-lakh plus 18 per cent GST,” I said as if it was all over and got up to shake hands with Arun. He stiffened for a moment, then when I held his hand he relented with a smile.

“I like your attitude. If Hitesh ever sacks you from your job you can always come to me,” he said with a guffaw. Hitesh was looking embarrassed but he also joined everyone in the unrestrained laughter. Suddenly all the stress had relieved from everyone’s face. Our colleagues from the other side of the glass wall of the board room were looking at us with a lot of expectations. I just winked at one of them. In less than five seconds the board room was filled with the soft strumming of guitar which was also the usual piped music when a deal is struck in the office. It was all well choreographed.

A couple of bellboys shuffled into the room holding tall glasses of beer. The sight of beer in glasses with condensation completely changed the mood. Everyone spoke to the other shaking hands, rubbing shoulders and the talk centred around the long weekend. I excused myself to go to the washroom. I could see a couple of my team members also follow me to the washroom. When about six of my colleagues entered the washroom and the door closed behind them I pulled off my tie and spoke with unrestrained pomp and glory. I could hardly believe our luck.

“We have met our target for this month with just one client. And I think we will be able to double our income by the month-end,” I said.

Everyone in the company knew that my team was the highest grosser for the last seven months and I was slated to be a senior partner by the end of the year – the youngest Senior Partner in the industry. Almost all my team members came and hugged me, and some just shook hands. They also knew that their salaries would go up 100 per cent this year after appraisal. That was my promise to them if we surpassed the target every month. We spoke for a long while even as more and more people joined us in the loo. There was excitement in the air. The clients were excited because they got the deal at half the price they had budgeted for, even as the deliverables that we promised were incomparable to what anyone in the industry would.

In about half hour our clients left and I and Hitesh went to see them out at the parking lot. That was rare, but this kind of a deal was also rare for a start-up like us. When I was back Erenköy travesti in my office I phoned a few of my friends to celebrate the evening. But most of them turned down the offer to drink in a pub or have a late dinner. I removed my jacket and placed it on the backrest of my chair. I sat on my chair disappointed that I had no one to celebrate with. Almost an hour passed. Even Hitesh left after getting a little tizzy with six glasses of beer and vacuous self-promotion.

The guard came in to tell me that everyone has left for home and I was the only one in the office. I told him I will be staying late so he cannot leave for home. He was cheerful and didn’t show any disappointment for the late duty. I stood at my table to clear all the papers. After about 10 minutes the guard was back again. He asked me if he could watch the TV in the reception area. He had rolled down the shutters. I nonchalantly agreed. My mind was far away planning my next move in Hyderabad. I knew I would have to travel to Hyderabad twice this month.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door. The guard was back again to check if I was planning to buy dinner.

“Sir, there is a new Punjabi dhaba which has been opened just across the street. You like street food so I wanted to ask you if you would order from there. He also makes good Kerala parantha,” the guard said. I looked at him for a long while. Then it struck me that after such a long and successful day why should I just go home and sleep. Shouldn’t I be celebrating?

“Did you have your dinner?” I asked the guard with slight discomfiture. I was hoping I was not getting too informal. This is the first time I exchanged words with him.

“No, sir. I have not brought my dabba from home and I would be having the same as you do.”

“Oh, is it? Do you think the food is made clean because I have a sensitive tummy,” I said not knowing if my Hindi was right when talking about human anatomy.

“Oh yes, sir. They make it clean. That Sardar has six children and they all eat what they make in that dhaba. I have had it so many times. It is also relishing.”

“Ok, then order for both of us. I am celebrating today. We did a good deal with the customers who came here. They are also quite happy,” I said.

“Yes sir, I know you are quite happy today. Everyone in the office was talking about you.”

I didn’t want to speak to the guard about the deal as I was over with it. Now we needed to deal with the delivery issues. So I thought of making this informal.

“Do you drink?” I asked him. The guard had a naughty look on his face in response.

“Yes, sir I usually drink beer with friends.”

“But today I am planning to have single malt. It is whiskey and it is very smooth.”

He looked a little confused about agreeing to have whiskey with me.

“Don’t worry, it is really good and I will take care if there is any problem,” I said not knowing what I meant.

“Okay, sir,” he said and waited for a moment before continuing.

“Should I bring the glasses?”

“Oh, yes, wash the glasses. I have the whiskey here in the refrigerator.”

The guard quickly turned away and before I could get the bottle of whiskey to the table he was back with two glasses. I poured large for both of us and filled the glasses with ice. We raised a toast for our successful careers and then gulped down the drink together in one go. He was good at it though he was doing it the first time. I have been drinking whiskey on the rocks for the last 15 years since my college days. He shook his head in the after-effects of the neat whiskey and extended the glass for more. I poured another large in both the glasses, filled them with ice. He took it and again gulped it in one go. Now he looked quite shaken by the drink. I just sipped my drink and pretended not to be aware of his condition. Finally, he blurted out in a loud voice.

“That is the best drink I have had in my whole life. It is incredibly good.”

I only smiled at his appreciation. That’s what all of us would say when we have single malt for the first time. He extended his glass again for a refill. I poured an extra-large. I didn’t have to put any ice in his glass as the earlier pack was still filled to the brim. But I restrained him from gulping down the whole drink. He now sat back manspreading on the couch. I gave him a long look. He was dark and his facial features were striking. He was naturally well-built, almost like manual labourers. But there was some strange kind of vibes in the room which was turning me on. I was not sure if it was him or the drink which was responsible. He must be in his early 20s. I asked him about it.

“What is your age?”

“Oh, I am 24 though I look much older.”

“You don’t look one day older than 24, dear!”

He gave me a sharp look at the choice of my words. I pretended not to pay attention to small indiscretions. I could feel that I was breathing faster almost panting. This young guard was sexually arousing me. But I was not sure if he was Beşiktaş travesti feeling the same. If he cared to notice, my erection was clearly visible. So I regretted removing my jacket. I have had bisexually orgies with friends for over ten years but it was never one-on-one sex with a male friend. Nature’s ways with sex have always taken me by surprise. Today was another unprecedented event.

“By the way, what is your name and where do you hail from?” I asked trying hard at my Hindi. He now started to speak to me in perfect English.

“My name is Krishna but most friends call me Locky. I am from Orissa. I completed my MBA after graduation. But last year I had to run away from home and come to Bangalore because I had an affair with a girl. Both my parents and her parents were against the affair. She was undecided. So I decided to leave all of them behind.”

His name as ‘Locky’ seemed to be an accent issue.

“Oh, you are as interesting as you look. And you told the whole story even without me asking for it. My name is Ravi Menon. I have also completed my MBA from Mumbai after graduation in IT. But tell me, why are you working as a security officer if you have done your graduation and MBA. And your English is better than mine.”

“I could not get any better job when I turned up in Bangalore. I even had to starve for three days before I got this job. I took some advance money from Sourabh, our HR chief. He paid me Rs3,000 for my upkeep till I got my first salary and deducted that sum from my salary.”

I started to like Lucky’s forthright attitude and his openness to tell the whole story rather than tidbits.

“Oh, you don’t seem to stop surprising me. Sourabh knows your story? He never mentioned this to me. I and Sourabh have been close friends. We even drink together every weekend. I could have put you in a better position if I knew that you were a graduate and MBA holder.”

“Almost the whole office knows about it. Can you tell me if I will get a raise from my current salary? I am paid Rs23,000 while other guards get Rs17,000 all because Sourabh wants to acknowledge the fact that I am an MBA.”

“Sure you could, you actually should start working in the admin from next month and your salary in the probationary period itself will be more than Rs34,000. You will have to go through three months’ probation. Is that okay with you?”

“Absolutely, sir. I have been trying with so many people here to get a better position because my roommates back in Belandur laugh at my job. I am ashamed to reveal my job to anyone.”

His voice trailed off as I was thinking about speaking to Sourabh and any hurdle that could come my way before promising Lucky the job. Sourabh has been a good friend but I have never given him any professional advice before. I didn’t know how Sourabh would react if I asked him about taking Lucky in the admin department. We were badly in need of people in that department.

Lucky waited for a full minute. Then I spoke with a tinge of uncertainty.

“Let me speak to him tomorrow and check if he can do something about you.”

“Sir, can you please do it for me. I am desperate. I will do anything for you in return. I don’t feel like going back to my roommates in the evening as they mock at my position everyday after drinking.”

I looked at Lucky sharply. He seemed desperate though he was also a little tipsy. He had manly features, and he did not even look like a bisexual. His forearm muscles were rounded and powerful. Was my gaydar getting it wrong today. I sized him up from top to bottom. Lucky had a broad chest and his package between his legs also looked impressive. That’s something I never fail to notice in any man. I didn’t know why he had kept his legs apart as if to advertise his package. He was short in height but his legs were proportionately longer. His thighs were large and his dark green pants bulged widely because of his thighs.

I picked up my phone and dialed Sourabh’s number. Usually for such conversations I would have walked out of the room to speak to Sourabh in private. But I was not going to take no for an answer though Sourabh has an image in the office that he is a difficult man. Within about four minutes I had convinced Sourabh that Lucky was perfectly fit for the admin probationary officer’s job. Sourabh was surprisingly cool about the idea, probably because he was himself under pressure to get someone quick, and he knew Lucky quite well. I wasn’t sure about the causes and I couldn’t care less.

When I put my phone back in my jacket pocket on the chair I saw Lucky was beaming. He got up to give me a hug. I also got up and held him in my arms. His breath was smelling of whiskey. I didn’t release my grip on him and he did not try to move away. I held him for almost two minutes. I strangely started to get a hard on again. And I was also tipsy. I first kissed his eyes, then his nose and chin. He had his eyes closed. I didn’t know if I could kiss his lips. Is he too drunk or is he just pretending to enjoy my Avcılar travesti friendly embrace. I wasn’t sure. Slowly his left hand moved down to my arse. He pressed my buttocks. It was a manly squeeze. Then his left hand started to move further around my waist. He clutched my groin tight. I don’t wear an underwear and both my dick and balls could feel his palm tightening around them.

“Sir, I fell in love with you since I joined here. One of the reasons why I did not leave for a better job was because I was enamoured with your looks and your behaviour towards everyone in the office. You always treat people as equals. I really love you for that.”

Do people start to say the truth after drinking? Well that’s the conventional thinking. Lucky started to kiss me. His kiss was very wet and within a minute I was gulping down his saliva. That seemed to be his fetish. But his thick and soft lips were perfectly made for passionate kiss. He was also good at the slurp, the loud noises only aroused me further. I am sure any one who watched us at that moment would have joined us in the kiss. I never knew I would ever get sexually aroused by someone in the office but this 24-year old guy was incredibly good. He had fairly good looks. He was shorter than me, he was dark, but naturally well-built. I moved my hands all over his body over his shirt and pants even as I held him in my arms. I had a full-fledged erection. I could also feel he had one but not as vigorous as mine. My pants had spreading marks of precum already. I made Lucky sit down on the sofa and then spoke in a soft voice. I was still standing in front of him with his face at the level of my groin.

“Can you suck me? I might cum fast. I haven’t had sex for the last one month and I am also desperate for a different reason.”

Lucky smiled sheepishly. He started to undo my belt. I straightened my legs so that the pants will fall off if he opened the button and the fly. And bang, the pants dropped on the floor and my hardened dick softly hit his cheeks. It was already wet. Lucky started to lick it as if he knew exactly how to go about it. I was on cloud nine. He was sucking softly and slowly. Probably he knew if he sucked harder I would come in less than five seconds. I undid his top two shirt buttons and then pull his shirt above his head along with the banian.

He had a fabulous body. It was very rustic – dark and oily. He didn’t smell of sweat or any body odour. That was surprising. I made him stand to remove his pants. He was wearing a red underwear which was old and had frayed at the edges near his big thighs. It was almost as if his thighs were tearing his undies apart. We both were wearing leather shoes so I did not bother to remove the pants completely, in case someone came in or if we had to suddenly scoot. Usually in such situations your survival instincts kick in. I kissed his ear pinna and then started to lick it. Then I softly whispered into the ear.

“Why don’t you lock the front glass door.”

“Don’t worry sir, I have not just closed the glass door but pulled down the shutters too.”

I could not hold it any longer. I laid him on his back on the sofa and started to kiss his lips and then move down. In about two minutes of vigorous licking I had reached his navel. He had short tufts of hair on his body, and with the dark skin the hair was not even visible clearly. I licked his pubic area. His dick was as upright as mine but a little longer and thicker. I always found my friends dicks to be bigger than mine. The mushroom head of his dick was bluish-pink but there was no precum. And his foreskin was just right in size to cover the opening. A few of my friends have such long foreskin that it becomes impossible to enjoy a blowjob. It also didn’t taste of any precum. I took his dick’s mushroom head in my mouth, and I knew he would also ejaculate quickly. His dick was throbbing. We both wanted this moment to last forever.

Then I went further down licking his balls. I licked for a few minutes and I noticed it had started to hang further down. Probably the heat of my saliva was loosening his balls. Lucky had never shaved his pubic region and I thought probably during the weekend I could do it for him. I loved manscaping, and I do it with lot of love with the best wax available in the market known as Perron Rigot.

I then went down further to lick his arse. Lucky had his eyes closed as if in a trance. He lifted both his legs and held them tight over his chest. I could see his small and tightly-rimmed arse hole with short hair around at the entrance. I massaged the arse hole with my middle finger without entering. He didn’t seem to mind at all. Rather he seemed to be ready for my finger poke. I spat on his arse crack with lot of saliva. It was glistening in the bright office light. I licked some back into my mouth and then spat again. His arse hole started to open by itself as if instinctively to my finger massage and licking. I slowly inserted my right middle finger into it. I took it out when I saw a little bit of resistance. I could hear Lucky moan. I looked up to see if he was in pain. Usually if the hair around the hole is not shaved the hair can get pulled in when you insert your finger and that can be painful. But Lucky still seemed to be in a trance. He was moaning louder. He blurted out a few words.