First Time

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He turned 18 years on Tuesday and hardly waited Saturday as father said he can take his car for the first time and drive her on a diner. He said he will pick her at 19 as she needs to be back at home till 22.

That agreement he made with her parents. He took so long time to the bathroom that almost be late for going…shower, showing…he used a perfume she gave him.

He came to her house and enter like he did many times. Something was different. It was dark and there was a path lighted with candles. He followed them and got to the bathroom. “Come in,” she said from another side when he knocks the doors.

There she was in the bath full of water.

“We are alone…long time…so I thought we change our plan”… she said…

He came to the bath and kiss her with passion and love only true lovers can. She raised slowly from water showing herself to him and start opening his shirt buttons… covering his chest with kisses she continues until he was naked. He watched her gorgeous body…he really liked how she looked. Next moment he was standing there in bath kissing her like it would be the first time they kissed. They lower to water continue to kiss hanging arms travel all over their bodies. She felt his big, hard and standing dick on her back while he gently plays with her pussy.

They did that a lot lately…exploring illegal bahis each other, massage and even together removing pubic hairs…

He makes her finish by licking and finger playing with her pussy every time and she played with his dick until he finished also. This time she knew it will be different and she prepared special evening for both. After some time she said, “I have a surprise for you but need to go and finish it. Enjoy here until I call you”. She went out of a bath and without even wipe herself left the bathroom. He waited for her call…

He was out of the bath in a moment when heard her calling… in the living room was a big box with his name on…really big box… he opened and she raised from it with a red ribbon around her body.

Happy birthday…I’m your present and I…I’ll gave you what I did not give to anybody else…she whispered in his ear. a moment later they were in a kiss again. He lifted her out of the box and she put her legs around his hips. They stand there in a long single kiss… now they both knew that they will make love for the first time. She will give him her virginity.

They talked before about that and he dreamed and think a lot about how that would be as she was his first virgin girl ever…but in that moment he just holds here there and kisses. Slowly he moved until finally got to her illegal bahis siteleri bed. He sits on it while keep kissing her and she still holds herself with legs… his dick pressed against her puss just like it would know that today is a day he will open that flower.

He turned and lay her down on a bed… they look each other and he asked Are you sure my love? We can wait for you know…I’m ready…and protected, she said and kiss him again… he start to kiss her face, neck…stopped on her breast… removed the red ribbon and went lower until got to her pussy… He knew he needs to prepare her and he also knew how…they have done that a lot lately. His large start to lick her pussy and her button of joy (as they called clitoris)… her pussy was wet…really ready when he entered with a finger… she liked that and was able to finish very fast that way. He finger fucked her juicy pussy until she almost finished but at that time she pushed him off and on his back.

She climbed on him and aimed her pussy to his dick. For a moment she stops and thinks and then start to lower her body. He watched her while she closed her eyes. She put her arms on his body to have better control of body moving down. He felt pussy pressure on dick head and how he start to stretch. She kept pushing her body down and in one moment dick passed through hymen…he canlı bahis siteleri saw a sign of pain on her face and she stopped moving. He put his hand under her butt to support her and make it easier.

Dick’s head filled her tide pussy that struggles with it. That dick was bigger than anything she ever imagines to have in. He felt her tide pussy made pressure on his it from all directions. After few moments she starts to move again… A little down a little up. She did not move fast…she simply could not…

He reached to her clitoris and gently rub it with a finger to help her while his other hand played with her breasts. She speeds up a little and tries to keep the body up not to get dick to deep. After a short time, she lifted her off and lay on her back…Be gentle… she said while he lay over her and enter slow and gently best way he knew. They kissed and he speeds up his movements… she put her hand to pussy and played with clitoris while he speeds up again and penetrates deeper.

Her breathing becomes intensive and she starts to move against his dick accepting it deeper and deeper. He knew what that breathing means…few more moves and she really was near the end…so was he. Her body start to shake in her first finish with a dick ever, her hand was faster and faster but still gentle on her button.

Contraction of her tide pussy pushed him to heaven and for the first time they finished together. For a few moments, they just stay as they were and just enjoy the moment that they sealed with kisses knowing it was first but for sure not last…