First Photos – A True Story

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First Photos – A True StoryFirst PhotosI am a lucky, lucky man. I met Brenda when she was just a young woman. I really didn’t pay any attention because I thought she was really a couple years younger than she looked. I thought she was still too young, but that soon changed.Brenda had just starting dating a friend of mine, a guy on my softball team. We kind have run the same social circles. I was just one of the older members of the group and she was one of the younger. As time past, she and my friend had some bumps in the road and she called me to ask advise being that I was older. I didn’t want to get involved in their issues, but we talked and I though it was the end of the two of us talking.A couple of days later Brenda called again to tell me thank you. She and my friend were going their separate ways and she just wanted to talk. The next day, she called again. Before we knew it, we had become good friends, but not lovers yet.Brenda lived a very, very sheltered life. In addition to my friend, she had dated only one other boy. Although she is an intelligent woman, she was extremely naïve about the real world. We started dating and she wanted to explore romance.From the time Brenda and I met and until we had started dating, Brenda had transformed from a schoolgirl into a blossoming young woman. Brenda face had smooth white china doll skin and she had the most beautiful big deep brown eyes. Her body had also changed. She had been a cross-country runner in high school and her legs were tone and shapely. Most noticeable about Brenda though were how her breasts grew to ample 36 C cups, almost D cups.Being the boob man I am, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get my hands on them. I especially couldn’t wait to get a look at them. The virgin Brenda had let her two previous boyfriends touch, look and kiss them, but each of them only got to do this a couple of times. Again, Brenda was young and naïve and had told me all about her previous experiences so I took my time. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to wait long.We had been actively dating for a couple of weeks and were sitting in church one Sunday, the same church both of our families attended. She leaned over and whispered, “Let’s leave.”I remember that night like it was yesterday. We slipped out of church and she suggested that we go to my place. I was in between places as I took the opportunity to rent out my home and I was staying with my parents. We both knew the house would be empty. We arrived and went straight to my room. Brenda was in a white blouse, a black skirt, black nylons and black heels. She was absolutely stunning!She kicked off her shoes and we began to kiss. We had made-out in the car a couple times before, but this was the first time together on a bed. The heated passion grew quickly and after my kisses made their way to her neck, something that really gets her going, I slowly began to unbutton that white blouse. We stopped kissing and Brenda watched my facial expressions and me. One button, then two, the third and soon all of them were undone.I made eye contact with Brenda as I undocked her blouse from her skirt. Brenda pulled her blouse off and tossed it and I helped her remove her camisole. I tried to keep eye contact while figuring if her bra clasped in the front or in the back. Brenda sat-up straighter and stretch a little giving me the opportunity to see the snap in the middle of her two large cups. There she was, my beautiful Brenda in a lacy white bra with her smooth white skin and firm belly. I took my time and returned to kissing her. I knew our time was somewhat limited, but I didn’t want to rush this beautiful young woman.The passion heated again as my fingers made their way to that centered clasp. I kissed my way down her neck and lightly to her cleavage. I again made eye contact, but this time only for a moment, as I was ready to see her marvelous breast. I used both hands and unhooked the clasp and stared as I slowly pulled the cups away from the loveliest breast I had ever seen, or have seen to date, twenty-seven years later.They were beautiful! Her large firm breast just stayed there. These two mountains of flesh were capped with large, soft pink areolas that peaked with perk nipples. I already knew I loved Brenda, and now I had two more reasons to add to that love. Before I touched her big beautiful breast, I hovered above one of them and gently kissed one of her magnificent nipples. I then made my way to the second and again kissed the nipple at the peak. I kissed it again, and then again and then again. I opened my mouth and slowly sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could and gently sucked. I allowed the big beautiful breast to slip from my mouth and I moved up Brenda’s sexy body and lightly kissed her on the lips before repeating my kissing and sucking on her other breasts.It was then that it hit me, take a picture. I quickly karaman escort stood and told her to wait and not move. I ran and got my dad’s Polaroid camera and returned to my room. I said I needed a picture and Brenda just smiled. I pointed the camera and snapped one photo and returned the camera.By the time I returned, the time one had to wait for a Polaroid of that era was almost over. Brenda remained topless on my bed while we waited. Finally I peeled back the photo and I realized I had captured Brenda’s beautiful face and exquisite breasts. Additionally, her sexy shapely legs clad in black nylons as she had propped herself up on her arms was the sexiest photo ever.Brenda, being the k** she was, wanted to see. I laid back on the bed and put my arm around her and pulled her bare breast to the side of my bare chest and we looked at the photo together. We kissed some more and yes, I gave her breast a lot of attention before it was time to make ourselves presentable before anyone arrived home.Helping place Brenda’s firm breasts back into her lacy bra was almost as exciting and removing them. Once dressed, I secured my prized photo and we left. Over the next couple of weeks, I became more and more familiar with Brenda’s big beautiful breasts.Two weeks to the day, it was my suggestion that we slip out of church. Brenda willingly agreed. This time there was no casual stroll to the car or questions about what we were going to do; we were quickly on our way to my house and my room.Once at the house there was no slow, passionate build-up or gentle touching, it was more a****listic. Our tongues were buried into each other’s throats even before the front door was closed. Brenda’s dress was off about the time we stepped into my room. We kissed passionately as her bra soon followed. I pushed Brenda onto my bed. She was wearing white pantyhose with pink bikini panties on underneath.I wasted no time in rolling her pantyhose down her hips and off her legs. My thumbs slid into the waistband of her pink panties and now I slowed things down a bit. This was going to be my first time to see Brenda naked and I wanted a mental imagine that would last forever. I peeled her panties passed her well-trimmed bush and while slowly pulling them down her thighs she lost her patience with me and grabbed them and kicked them off her legs.Brenda took over as she guided me between her legs that she was spreading. Brenda’s sweet pussy was before me and I wasted no time allowing my tongue to find its way between her love lips. The a****listic behavior returned and Brenda shoved her pussy at me as her juices covered my face. Minutes later, well maybe only a minute later, Brenda was cuming on my face. She came once, again and then again. She then pushed my face away and said no more, “I can’t take it anymore!”I kissed my way up Brenda’s tight sexy body and asked her if I could again take her picture. A smile came across her face and she said, “Sure.”Almost like before, I soon was aiming the camera at my young sexy and naked girlfriend. Brenda is sexy when in clothes, I can’t describe how much sexier she looks out of them.The anticipation of waiting for the second sexy photo to be ready was as exciting as the first one. To this day I don’t know how I was able to hold the camera so steady and snap photos of such a sexy woman. We had decided to not have sex until we were married, so one can only imagine the pent up hormones racing through my body with such a tremendously sexy woman lying naked on my bed before me.I hide the second photo with the first one. Of course I was so proud of them that I wanted to share them with the world, but I didn’t. Over the next year Brenda presented her sexy body for me many times, but the opportunity never presented itself that we could capture her beauty on film. She only allowed the first two because the camera was a Polaroid, as she didn’t want anyone else develop the film.Brenda is a conservative woman, even to this day. Back them she would never leave home without having her body covered and she always worn a bra. She hasn’t changed much except there are days she will go braless. Finally the day came and we were married.The lovemaking and getting to sleep with my naked bride on our honeymoon was wonderful. We stayed in a nice hotel our first married night together and headed to the airport for a Hawaiian honeymoon the very next day. I tried to talk Brenda into going braless, but she wouldn’t.Halfway on the flight between LAX and Honolulu, Brenda returned from the restroom and discreetly showed me her bra as she quickly put in her purse. Yes, I had the “mile-high” thoughts, but that didn’t happen. Once Brenda was back in her seat and covered with a blanket, I did get to fondle her braless tits under the blanket as we flew to our destination.Brenda remained braless for the remainder of the flight until it was time to descend. escort karaman Even though I asked her to leave it off, she wasn’t raised that way and said she couldn’t. She rushed to the planes restroom and put her bra back on. I was disappointed, but things sometimes have a way that it just works out.About an hour later I was carrying Brenda over the threshold of our room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach. I had booked our honeymoon on a package plan, one in which they handled all of our baggage. We had our room and our notice indicated that we wouldn’t have our luggage for a couple of hours, so as any normal newlywed couple we used that time to make love.After an hour of being naked between the sheets, Brenda stayed naked. I even commented to her about how exciting it would be for if our luggage was delivered while we were in the throws of passion and she just laughed. I told her she was so beautiful and so sexy I would love to show her body off, but nothing doing from her on that subject.In my carryon bag I carried my camera. Brenda was walking naked around the room so I went to retrieve my camera. Brenda had turned on the TV and was sitting naked on the floor in front of it. Before she knew what was happening, I snapped a photo of her in that position. She wasn’t mad about it, but was concerned about where I was going to have the film developed.A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Brenda ran into the bathroom while our luggage was delivered. After the bellman left, Brenda came out and started putting things away. I had slipped on a pair of shorts to answer the door, but removed them once Brenda came out of the bathroom. It just seemed so natural to stay in the nude.We decided to go enjoy the beach and Brenda told me she had a surprise for me. I tried to coax it out of her, but she wouldn’t budge. She went into the bathroom with one of her bags. A few minutes later she emerged wearing a beach cover-up and flip-flops. I had changed into my bathing suit and we made our way to the beach behind the hotel.Once we were on the sand, Brenda spread her towel and I did the same next to her. She looked at me and asked, “Are you ready for your surprise?”I was and Brenda pulled the cover-up from her splendid body and she stood there in a bikini, her first bikini ever. She quickly knelt, as she didn’t want to call any attention to herself, that’s just the way she was. I told her how sexy she looked, as she did!I especially enjoyed her bikini as she had me apply suntan lotion on her exposed skin. This was the most skin Brenda had ever displayed in public.We stayed on the beach for just over an hour and thought is was time to get ready for dinner. Again, as newlyweds do, we showered together and had sex while in the shower. Ole, those were the days!Brenda dressed for dinner and when she went to put on her bra I asked her to go without it. She hesitated and said, “Why not, we don’t know anybody here.”I was in paradise! I was married to one of the prettiest and sexiest women in the world and she was going to go braless. She put on some trendy shorts for the time and a tank-top shirt. There was nothing to the imagination that she was braless. As I opened the hotel room door to leave, Brenda grabbed her lightweight jacket and of course put it on. She could sense my disappointment so she took it off and carried it. I guess the big smile on my face let her know how pleased she made me.We walked though the hotel and out to a crowded bus stop. As we walked and waited for the bus, I noticed many men check out my beautiful, sexy wife and I was so proud. The bus arrived and it was so crowded that only a few people were allowed on, so we decided to walk. We walked a few blocks and finally settled on a restaurant. We enjoyed our meal and walked back to the hotel afterwards. Brenda wore the jacket on the way back to the hotel as it was a little cooler, but I really think that it was that she was embarrassed about her hard nipples poking through the thin tank top.Once in our room, Brenda went to fix herself and to put on another one of the baby doll nighties. She had a large bridal shower and received several gifts that I guess were really intended for me. Our first night together she had worn a nice peach colored baby doll outfit and tonight she came out in a sheer white ensemble of sheer white panties with the sheer white top. I really don’t understand the purpose because they didn’t stay on long.We were both soon naked making passionate love. Afterwards I told her I wanted to take a picture of her in her nightie. She said, “Only if you promise me that you will find someplace to have the film develop where they don’t know us.”I promised and she put just the top back on. I snapped one photo and we talked about what other nighties she had brought. Over the next half hour, Brenda played fashion model in each of her nighties, karaman escort bayan except for the one she had worn on our first night together so I never got a photo of her in it. She did allow me to take one picture of her in each of the nighties.The next few days Brenda became more liberated about her need to wear a bra. She even flashed her boobs to me a couple of times, once while I was driving. I reached for the camera and she did it again and it was memorized on film.The last night we were in Hawaii Brenda did something that surprised both of us. As she was getting ready she stepped into a shorts suit that was a pair of shorts with a bib type front to it. She wanted to fix her make-up before putting on her t-shirt so she just fastened the bib top while she stood in front of the mirror. She was gorgeous and oh so sexy! I don’t know how it happened, but I suggested that she just go like that to dinner.We had been in Hawaii for a week, just enough time to give Brenda’s skin the combination sunburn-tanned red/brown glow. She was wearing white sandals, red nail polish on both her hands and cute feet and, white with red patterned shorts with attached bib top. Her back, shoulders and arms were bare and from the sides I could easily see the sides of her big beautiful breasts. Over the course of the evening I got many glimpse of part of her nipple. Additionally, the bib top only went mid-breast high and whenever she would lean forward or being that I’m so much taller than her, I could see the tops of her entire breasts, including her nipples. And it wasn’t only me it was everyone else too.Heads were spinning before we got through the hotel lobby and that type of attention continued as we walked the main street to the restaurant we had already chosen for our last night on the island. The service we receive was impeccable. Our water glasses were never empty and each person attending to our table got any eyeful of Brenda’s big beautiful breasts. “Heaven! I think I’m in Heaven,” played in my mind.On the way back to our hotel one guy stopped directly in front of Brenda and stared down her little bib top. The woman with him, his wife I assume, punched him. Until she got his attention I don’t think he realized what he was doing. I felt so proud and couldn’t wait to get back to our room and make love to my beautiful sexy wife that on that one night allowed me to show her sexy charm to others! Even to this day I kick myself for not taking a picture of Brenda dressed that way in public.Two nights later we were to meet our families at her parents house to open the many wedding gifts that had been brought to the church. We are so blessed! It so happens that Brenda wore the same outfit, but with a shirt this time and her mother scolded her for not being modest. I just laughed on the inside.Prior to meeting with out families, I went to a photo-processing center not far from the house so we could share the island photos with the families. This was the mid-eighties and one-hour photo processing centers were just becoming popular. I waited while the two guys and one young woman went about their duties processing film. I was sitting looking at a magazine and saw one of the guys call the other over to his work site. The expression on their face indicated to me that they were looking at my photos of Brenda. They even called the woman over and she looked up at me and gave me a big smile. When the one guy brought me my seven envelopes of honeymoon photos he said, “You have some really good photos!”I told him I had just returned from my honeymoon and was going straight to my in-laws to show them. He said, “You aren’t going to show them all of them are you?”I laughed and told him I was going to pull the more private ones out before I even get out of the parking lot. He said that some of them he had to adjust the color and reprinted them for me before he gave them to me. I raise an eyebrow and he said not to worry, as he would destroy them so no one would see them. I’m glad he didn’t see my hard-on as I realized that he had made a copy for himself. I smiled and hurried to my car.Once in the car, I sorted though the photos and would pause to admire the dozen or so special photos I had of Brenda. I pulled those and placed them in the trunk of my car for safekeeping. And of course I have never told Brenda about the second set of prints.Over the next few years, Brenda only allowed me to snap very few sexy pictures of her. One year for a wedding anniversary present she did take the honeymoon photos and the few others and made me a little book. She also made me promise that I wouldn’t show it to anyone, and I haven’t. That is I haven’t shown it to anyone, but maybe the work desk drawer where I once kept the special photo book wasn’t always closed real well.Once we moved into the digital age, Brenda freely flashes her big beautiful breast to me and allows me to sap many pictures of them. And even though Brenda’s sexy body has changed so much through the years, I still think her 38 Double D’s are the sexiest breast in the world! If you would like to see a pic, we can exchange one of mine for one of yours.