First of Many With John Ch. 2

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Needless to say that was the best spring break I have ever had. Me and John are together now. We have been sense that night. He lives pretty far away so there is about 1/2 a month to a month before we get to see each other and when we do well we just can’t get enough of each other…… I can remember one such time… The first time he came back after spring break in fact :-)….

My parents wanted to get to know him better so we spent the better part of the day talking with them. Every time no one was looking we would fondle this part and that. By the middle of the day I was ready to just make a rude departure to my bed room and have my way with him that’s when I thought of a good idea.

I told my mother we would be going for a walk and took John to my favorite spot to go to relax. The pond Down the road way back into the woods. It was someone else’s property that they used as a hunting cabin. There was an old picnic table with the benches that weren’t connected a little ways away from the pond and we went to sit and rest after our short clime through the woods. We talked for a few seconds but I think we both knew that if we didn’t’ have each other escort bayan gaziantep soon we would go nuts!!

I was standing and he was sitting down. I was nervous because we were in a wide open area in the broad daylight but it really didn’t matter then. All I wanted was for him to touch me. He reached out and dragged me into him kissing me deeply. I moaned into his mouth and wrapped my arms around him. We stayed like that for quite a long time but I wanted more. I started to UN-buckle my pants but he stopped me and I wondered why. He stood up and started undoing my pants for me. I took his cue and did the same to him. Freeing his rock hard cock from it restraint. I reached down and squeezed it gently wanting him inside me so bad but not sure how to go about it with no where to go.

He had no such problems as he quickly instructed me to turn around and lean over the picnic table. I love having him take me this way so I quickly did as I was told. I leaned over and reached behind me to guide his big cock into me. He pushed in little by little until he was all the way in. I moaned as I felt him bottom out. He felt so good. He stayed that way for some time and my eyes flared as he flexed is cock muscles inside me making me ready to cum any minute. I started to squirm wanting to intensify the feelings. God it had been so long sense the last time I felt him inside me I couldn’t help it. My screams of pleasure as he fucked me must have been heard all over the valley.

He picked up his pace and I leaned over the picnic table for support as he slammed his huge cock in and out of me from behind. I pressed my breast into the table and held on to it with one hand as I fingered my clit with the other. The picnic table was wobbling back and forth as he put every muscle into it. I could here and feel the steady smack of his pelvic bone as it made contact with my ass. His strokes were so powerful that my knees gave out on me and if it wasn’t for the picnic table I don’t think I would have stayed in that position. I lay my head down on the picnic table and gave myself over to the power he had over me. He grabbed my hips giving himself even more leverage. He slowed down for a minute or 2 and I pleaded with him to continue.

“Oh john, oh god, please, please, harder, fuck me harder.” . He complied and rammed is cock inside of me so hard my breath left me. I let out a scream of pleasure as he resumed is assault on my pussy and my senses. He reached forward and grabbed my hair twisting it around his hand. He pulled back on it making my breast push even harder into the table and making my ass stick up more which gave him an even deeper thrust. It felt so good. I was making so much noise I thought for sure my mother and father could hear it up at the house. My pussy was on fire.

I moaned loudly. “oh god john I’m coming!!!”

“Yeah baby, cum for me,” he instructed. I lay there feeling him thrust his cock in and out fucking me so hard I was afraid the old picnic table would collapse on us. My pussy clamped down on his hard cock as the waves of my orgasm continued to flow through me. A few more powerful thrusts and he pulled out shooting long ribbons of cum.

I lay there panting for a few seconds until he helped my up and I clumsily put my clothes back on. My mind fairly blazed at the low ache he left in me. I had never been fucked so hard in my life!!! He had to help me walk down the hill as my feet were still wobbly and I stumbled without his support.

We both had a healthy grin on our face as we rejoined the visitors back on my parents deck.