First Let’s Unzip Your Religion Down

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It had been a year and four months since my last physical intimacy. I needed the time to get my life back together. I still needed time, but then you came into my life, and it had really been so very long.

We were at the Washington School playground pushing our kids on the swings. They were both in the same kindergarten class. I was designated the “underducker” as my son would call it, and “underdogger” as your daughter would call it, pushing the kids up high by going beneath them.

It was getting late and the forecast called for rain. Already the dark clouds were gathering. I asked what you were doing after this.

“Probably going home to make supper.” She replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Just curious,” I said.

“Would you like to come over for supper?” she asked, taking the initiative I was too shy to do.

“I would like that very much.” I said with an honest sincerity.

“You can bring your son of course.”

“Oh, of course.” And I smile.

Later, when the sky looked menacing enough, I propose that we leave. “Shall I just follow you in my car?” I ask.

“Sure, where are you parked?” she said.

“Over there,” and I gesture with my hand. “I could pull over behind you until you’re ready.”

“Sounds great, we’ll be waiting.”

Soon we are on our way to your house. You pull into the driveway and I park on the street. I meet you at the front door and you let us into your humble abode. I help you in the kitchen while our children play. Every so often I flirtingly touch you on the hips with both hands.

Dinner was made and we all sat down to eat. We spoke of trivial things mostly. Afterwards we retired to the living room to watch television, then a movie.

While the kids watched the movie we went into the kitchen for an after dinner drink and some grown up chat.

“So do you have a girlfriend?” she asks bluntly after the first drink is down.

“No. How about you, do you have a girlfriend?” I ask and she laughs.

Soon she is against the kitchen counter and my hands are discovering her body. Our mouths are together in a deep, wet kiss. I don’t remember how it happened, escort bayan gaziantep but isn’t that the best way, to be surprised. My hands cup her full, round breasts. My erection is painfully pressed into her belly and hips, and I love it.

“Oh, I wish you could spend the night!” You whisper excitedly between kisses.

“Why not? There’s no school tomorrow. Let me run it by the little guy.”

We separate and together we pose the question to the kids. They both eagerly agree. We curb our lust until the kids are asleep together in your daughter’s bed.

Back in your room the lights are turned low. Some light classical music is put on and we hold each other. My hands renew their discovering, noting every supple curve and smooth texture.

I kneel before you, a servant. My hands knead your backside as I look up into your lovely face. I unbutton and unzip your jeans and pull them down over the curve of your hips until they are bunched around your ankles and you step out of them. I slide my hands up your calves and thighs and hook my fingers into the waistband of your panties and pull them down, exposing the neatly trimmed pubic hair of your pussy. I stand up and pull your tee shirt up over your head revealing your wonderful chest. I motion for you to turn around and I unclasp your bra letting the garment fall to the floor like all of the others.

I slide up behind you slowly running both of my hands around you and across your belly to hug you pressing our bodies together. I lean my head down and begin kissing and sucking on your neck. You turn around to face me and our lips meet again and we suck hungrily at each others mouths.

You pull my shirt up over my head and our kiss is broken. You drop to your knees to unzip my jeans and pull them down to puddle around my feet and I step out of them. You run your hands up my calves and thighs to hook into the waistband of my underwear and then they too are ceremoniously drawn down and off, and my cock stands rigid and at attention in anticipation of what’s to come.

Surprised at my excitement you take my cock in hand and devour the flared tip, sucking it into your mouth. You nurse from me, lifting your head up and down in circular motions as you draw the entire length in and out of your throat. You stroke the base in time with the movements of your head.

“I want you inside of me.” You said as you fist my cock.

“But I would like to eat you too,” I say pleadingly.

“Later. I need this filling me up.” You gesture to my cock, shaking it in your hand. “I am so wet right now, and it has been so very long.” And I agree completely.

You guide me to the bed and lay down on it, legs splayed in invitation. I climb between them. I touch your slit running my finger up and down it and over your clit. You are very wet indeed. I guide myself into the warm, I let go and push slowly inside. You sigh deep and heavy at the penetration.

“That feels so good.” You purr.

I get a rhythm going and you become more vocal, but not so loud as to wake the kids. I lift both of your legs to my shoulders and push in and out for a time in this position. I press your knees to your breasts, opening yourself wider to my turgid thrusting. We fuck with your legs hooked around my arms as they support my weight above you. Then I fuck you until you cum and cum and cum.

“Can I take you from behind?” I ask politely. You say sure and I pull out so you can get to your hands and knees. You back up in to me and with a hand on your hip I guide myself once more in your pussy, the spongy head pushing inside you, so slow and deep until my belly is pressed comfortably against your ass. My strokes are slow and deliberate, pushing so deep into your yielding flesh. Soon you are cumming again and pushing back against me. I reach beneath you to cup and knead your large swaying breasts. I lean my head down to kiss your freckled back.

“Are you cumming lots?” I ask. You grunt an agreement. “Tell me. I want to hear you say it.”

“Oh, I’m cumming!” You call out.

“Cumming on what?” I press.

“Cumming on your cock!” you call out.

“Does it feel good?”


“Tell me.”

“Your cock feels so good!” you cry out. “I’m cumming so much on your beautiful cock!” With this last she bears down on me with her vaginal muscles, pushing me back.

“Would you like to be on top?” I ask.

“Sure.” You say breathlessly.

I pull out with a soft popping noise that makes me smile. You sigh and move to the side allowing me to lie down. You swing a leg over me and hug me tight with your strong thighs. You lean forward until your tits are pressed against my hairy chest, the hard nipples digging into my skin. I reach behind you and open up your labia with one hand guide my cock into you with the other. Once the head slips inside you lean back letting the entire length sink deep inside you, filling you up.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” You moan out. You begin to rock back and forth, rotating your hips while milking my cock with your vaginal muscles.

My hands are on your hips pulling you down as I push myself up. You let out little grunts of approval with every thrust. I reach behind you, gliding my hands over your ass, across your asshole, and I pull your labia apart opening you so very wide to my upwards thrusting on your downward pushes.

“Did you want me to cum now or later?” I ask.

“Not yet. Let me take you in my mouth.” You say getting off of me.

“You promised me a taste of this, remember?” I say running my fingers over your pussy lips.

“I never promised, but I did tell you that you could.” She said with a wanton smile. She straddled my face and I marveled at her freshly fucked pussy. It was soaked. Her pubic hair was wet and the smell was intoxicating. Soon her mouth was devouring me again and as she slid her warm, wet mouth up and down my cock I leaned my head forward and began to lick her open and swollen labia.

We went on like that for several minutes, slowly eating each other in a sweet sixty-nine. There was no rush. I licked and sucked on her pussy as she had little orgasm after little orgasm. She sucked and stroked me, nursed from me until she was finally rewarded with my own orgasm, and she swallowed it all. She came so many times on my face that I had to wipe myself dry with my discarded shirt.

Spent, we lie together in the dark like spoons. I held her, snuggled into her back for warmth and comfort, until we both fell asleep.

Come what may, tomorrow is another day.