First Experience – Part 2

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First Experience – Part 2John told me to kneel at Mary’s head and face him so I could watch as he fucked her. My balls were touching the top of Mary’s head and my stiff cock was pointing at John. He leaned forward so his face was just above Mary’s and took my cock in his mouth. He stopped fucking his wife but stayed inside her as he moved his mouth up and down on my dick. This was a first for me and I wasn’t sure how to react. It felt good. No different from another woman. Mary reached up and placed her hands behind me, feeling my arse and my balls as her husband worked his tongue on me.The positions were awkward. It wasn’t a porn movie after all so John beckoned for me to lie down where Mary was. Mary moved down in the bed and placed her leg over my hip to straddle me. John began sucking one of my nipples while flicking the other. I couldn’t see Mary anymore but soon sensed that warm, wet feeling as my cock yalova escort entered her pussy. She slid down on me and waited awhile so I could enjoy that moment inside her. John’s cock touched my side and I reached out. I’d never touched another man’s cock but it felt OK to do it now. John was rock hard and Mary was very wet as she moved up and down on me. They were both turned on by this moment and they were experienced swingers. That was a big turn on. John moved up towards my head and his erect cock was right beside my cheek. I wasn’t sure I was ready yet to take another man’s dick in my mouth. John sensed that and sat back watching his wife ride me. Her tits were amazing and I reached out to cup them both, kneading her nipples between my fingers.Mary got off me and asked for me to fuck her doggy style. I was so close to cumming I was glad she stopped for a moment. She went on all-fours on the bed escort yalova and I placed my cock into her from behind. I could see her tits rocking back and forth as I quickened my thrusting. John lay beside us, occasionally feeling his wife’s nipples and pulling on his cock. It was too much for me. “I’m going to cum,” I said. “Fill me,” was Mary’s reply. I emptied myself inside her pussy. I could feel my balls pulsing. Mary rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. There was some spunk seeping out between her pussy lips already. “Lick me out and make me cum again,” she said. As I went down between her legs, John knelt beside Mary’s mouth. She clasped his cock in her mouth and began to suck.I had tasted my own sperm before (who hasn’t) but the mix of this and pussy juice was interesting. I began by slowly running the length of my tongue along all of Mary’s moist lips before licking her clit every now yalova escort bayan and again. I put my hand under her arse and used the spunk/wetness combination to lubricate my thumb. I placed it just at her pussy, barely entering her, and then moved back down to her ass opening. I pushed it slowly inside her arse. She moaned as she worked John’s cock with her mouth. She liked it. After a short while, I could feel her tensing. I knew she was cumming so I placed my thumb fully into her pussy and rotated it slowly. I could feel the walls of her pussy clench and contract on my thumb and I knew she was having her second orgasm. I looked up to see John place his hand behind Mary’s head, holding it in place, as he pushed his cock into her mouth deeper. He groaned as he came in her mouth. Some of his spunk seeped out the side of her lips as she swallowed. As first experiences go, this was intense. We got cleaned up and said our goodbyes. No one wanted to exchange names. We lived a good distance from each other and if we wanted to meet again, we could do so through xhamster. Would I do it again? Maybe… If I do, I’ll be sure to write about it again.