First Bi Time

27 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


First Bi TimeMy first ever bisexual experience took place eleven years ago in 2005 when I got chatting to a local guy on a sex site called Tony who lived not to far away from me. Over several weeks we chatted and swapped messages and phone texts until we decided to meet for the first time one cold Friday afternoon in November. I was running late having finished work early and thinking that I might blow it by being late I texted Tony who was cool about it and not to worry about it and to call him when I was close to the railway station car park we had arranged to meet at.We arranged to meet at the station car park at 4.45 pm and rang him just before I got there. When I got to the car park he was there waiting in his car and waved and he let me in his car and we introduced ourselves and he then drove back to his house just down the road in a housing estate.Once at his house we bodrum escort went inside and I took off my coat and put down my bag and gave him the Ben Dover porn video I had brought with me to watch with him. I went upstairs to his bathroom and had a quick wash to freshen myself up. I came back down and Tony had started the video and had unzipped his jeans and was wanking his cock. That was my first cock that I had seen belonging to another guy and it was quite big especially in girth. He was uncircumcised and his foreskin rolled back to just below his bell-end. I dropped my trousers and got my cock out and we both sat down on the sofa and started to wank each other whilst watching the video.I was mildly aroused at first and although my cock had begun to swell up, I was still nervous and trying to overcome my jitters. I told him that I hadn’t been with a guy before, bodrum escort bayan but Tony told me not to worry about that. We softly wanked each other then Tony stooped down and began to suck on my cock which started to stiffen. I tried to wank his cock at the same time but it was difficult as I couldn’t really pull his foreskin too far back as he said it was painful.Tony then knealt on the floor between my legs and started to suck on my cock again which felt excellent. He stopped then pushed my legs apart and back and started to rim my bum, which was a really nice feeling when his tongue licked across my arsehole. WOW!!!! He reverted to wanking and sucking my cock and I started to thrust my cock into his mouth which made me feel really nice. I was leaking pre-cum easily whilst being serviced by Tony. I took some photos of our cocks and Tony sucking on my escort bodrum cock.After he had sucked me enough I was harder than before and I asked him if he wanted me to cum in his mouth but he said that he wanted to watch me ejaculate my cum first, so he continued to wank me off and I asked him to go faster and I could feel myself reaching my climax.I shot my load and spurted a good three or four times onto my belly and pubes and then he wanked me to milk out the remaining cum. Tony mopped up my cum with some tissues. He softly wanked me as my cock started to deflate.We then got up and I went upstairs to clean up my cock and arse before coming down and dressing. Tony got dressed then he dropped me off in his car near to where we met in the car park.And there ended my first foray into the world of male on male sex. I met him again the following January and we had another good time on his bed but I never did see him again. But for my first time I certainly enjoyed it, fast paced and hot it wasn’t but it was what he did to me that blew me away. And onto meeting lots of other men (and a few women) and explore more sexual things.