Finals Week

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It was finals week and my boyfriend and I decided it would probably be best to focus on our academic pursuits rather than distracting each other, so we vowed not to see each other for the entire week!

However, five days later I was beginning to think our plan was a bad idea. At any rate, I knew neither one of us had a test the next day, so I decided there would be no harm in paying him a little surprise visit.

I let myself into his apartment and was met with a wave of disappointment because no one seemed to be there. The bedroom door was closed, but I thought it was very unlikely he would be taking a nap at 10 in the morning. Nevertheless, I decided to peek inside.

There he was, sitting on the edge of the bed with a full-blown erection. He was straddling a towel that had been carefully spread out on the floor in front of him. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going on.

He shot me a look that said, “I can’t believe you caught me in this incredibly embarrassing position, but I’m way beyond the point of no return, so I’m going to finish what I started and worry about the consequences later.”

His thumb and forefinger, which was encircling his penis, resumed their back and forth motion across the area just below his glans. After 15 or 20 strokes (perhaps all of 10 seconds) his eyes closed, his face scrunched up into a grimace, and his penis erupted.

The first stream reached well beyond the towel and landed on the carpet. The second was just as intense, if not more so, and was followed by three or more smaller spurts that finally subsided to a gentle flow that dribbled down his hand as he milked himself dry. After a few moments, he used his fingers to squeegee off the remaining semen, leaving his softening erection damp, but relatively clean.

When güvenilir bahis he had regained a small measure of composure, he looked and me and I could tell he was about to offer an explanation. I quickly shushed him by putting a finger over my mouth.

Instead, I took his gooey hand in mine and looked directly into his eyes. The semen between my fingers felt slippery and warm. I brought them to my nose and inhaled the musty fragrance deep into my lungs. The salty-sweet taste pushed me over the brink.

I had no control over what happened next. I tore off my clothes and sat cross-legged on the floor before him. I gathered as much of his splattered semen as I could and massaged it into my small, pointed breasts. My nipples were already at the bursting point and my vagina was so wet that its scent permeated the room. This was not the time for foreplay — I needed an orgasm and I needed it right now! I thrust two fingers deep into myself while firmly rubbing my clitoris with the other hand. My fingers pistoned in and out forcefully as I began to feel the wonderful tingling that would culminate in the relief I needed so badly. It started in my hands and feet and gained intensity as it spread throughout my body. The orgasm hit like an explosion, but I knew it was just the beginning. I continued to pump away as wave after wave of pleasure commandeered me. Finally, the orgasms subsided and I collapsed on the floor, breathless, covered with sweat and completely spent.

Somehow I managed to get into bed next to my boyfriend. We lay completely still, just holding each other close in one of the most intimate embraces I have ever known. We both knew we had experienced something profound, and relished the opportunity to savor it together.

After a long time, I decided türkçe bahis to see if we could take further advantage of our intimacy.

“That was the most erotic experience I have ever had,” I whispered. “How often do you masturbate?”

He immediately sensed where I was headed.

“Oh, it was just about every day when I was a teenager, but now I suppose it’s two or three times a week.”

“Tell me about the first time you did it.”

“It was in the bathtub. I don’t remember exactly how old I was. I had already engaged in some erotic behavior, but it centered around my anus. We had an old-fashioned enema can and I would insert the nozzles into myself because I liked the way they felt. Sometimes I would even give myself a soapy enema if my parents were gone for the evening. However, as I got older, I developed the sense that I should be more interested in my penis. I had read books about sexual development, but I never really connected them to myself. At any rate, one day I decided to do a little experiment. I soaped up the palm of my hand and began to rub it in a circular motion on the tip of my penis — not the very tip, but on the side. The sensation was one of pain mixed with pleasure, but I kept going. All of the sudden, WHAM, there was my first ejaculation. I remember thinking ‘oh my goodness, it’s a seminal emission” — that’s what the books called it. I guess you could say my little experiment was a success. My penis was elevated to rock star status. It didn’t take long to figure out that it felt much better if I soaped up both hands and slid them down the length of my shaft, one after the other, paying special attention to the ring just under the head as they slithered by. I masturbated that way for years until I discovered that the one handed method you just güvenilir bahis siteleri saw enabled me to provide more intense stimulation to that most sensitive area. I still do it both ways, though.”

“What do you think about when you do it?”

“You won’t believe this, but my most compelling fantasy is what just occurred. Getting caught in the act by a beautiful woman and ejaculating forcefully while she watches. I can’t describe how much such thoughts excite me. What about you?”

“This is really spooky. I’m hooked on male masturbation. It’s what I think about almost every time. I can’t fathom anything more erotic than a may playing with himself and shooting all over the place. Pretending that he is doing it for me makes it even more exciting because it’s like the guy is willing to share the most private and personal thing he can do.”

All this talk was getting me turned on again. I wondered if it was having the same effect on my boyfriend, so I took a little peek under the sheets. Sure enough, he was sporting a beautiful erection.

I rolled him over and gently caressed his testicles. Something that I know makes him crazy. Then I encircled his penis with my thumb and forefinger and began rubbing up and down — just below the tip as he had done. His soft moan was all the encouragement I needed.

I straddled his body and gently guided his erection into my vagina. I could feel my muscles contract around him.

“Masturbation is fine,” I whispered, “but sometimes, a girl needs something more substantial.”

His engulfed penis slid in and out, slowly, gently. We both reveled in the intimacy we were experiencing. And then I felt the unmistakable sensation of semen, tickling my cervix as it squirted out. I couldn’t believe he had anything left to ejaculate, but I was so very glad he did. The combination of his erect penis and fresh semen filled me with the greatest sense of well-being that I had ever experienced.

We both knew that our relationship would never be the same.