Filled Up

29 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

It had been a long, busy week. This is why we had not been intimate much all week. I leave work early this Friday afternoon with every intention to rectify that.

As I drive home, the sexual energy is building to a crescendo. I think of all kind of things I want to do with you at an increased pace. Then I think of more things even faster. Then I think of even kinkier things on top of all that! My cock is aching. Longing to break free of my pants and have its way with you.

One I get home I notice the house is very quiet. I think that you must be taking a nap. Not wanting to wake you so that you have enough energy for my sexual desires I enter the house stealthfully. However, once I get to our bed room door, I hear the sheets rustling around. I peer in the room. I see you and you are not napping…

You are completely naked, lying on your back. Your legs spread far apart, and I can see all of you. You are squirming with the vibrator working its magic deep into your pussy as you gently rub your clit. I love seeing you play with yourself. It really turns me on. It is clear that I’m becoming more turned on because as you play with yourself, I take my erect cock out of my pants and begin playing with mself.

You are so involved in your activity that I know I’m going to have to get you’re attention somehow.

“Excuse me,” I say, “but is there room for me?”

You jump as you were clearly unaware that I had been enjoying the show. Embarrassed, you start to cover yourself up. “I didn’t know you’d be home yet. I…. I…” I walk over and lay a couple of fingers over your mouth to signal you don’t need to explain yourself.

“I was enjoying the show,” I say.

“Really? I feel so embarrassed,” you reply.

I take the vibrator off the bed. It popped out of you when you tried frantically to cover yourself up. “I have an idea that involves this. Are you up for it?”

“I’m güvenilir bahis so turned on that in up for anything!” You say with a sly smile.

“Good. I’m going to start slow. Lay on your stomach.” You comply and roll over. You know what I want, so you automatically stick your feet up in the air so that I can massage them. I rub them gently sometimes and firm and deep at others times. You moan occasionally as the tension leaves your feet. I glance over occasionally at your bare ass. I can’t wait to get my hands on it…

As I finish up you sit up and remove my pants. You run your hands over my body, occasionally brushing and teasing my cock, balls and ass cheeks.

“Mmmmmm… Suck me.” I command.

You gently push me onto my back and begin to stroke and suck my cock. As you suck my cock your hands starts to massage my balls. It feels so good that I squirm. “You’re such an expert cock sucker,” I tell you.

You simply smile and you move your hand down to run your finger along my ass crack. This makes me squirm even more. You sense the pleasure that game me and you suck on one of your fingers and slip it into my ass crack to massage my asshole while you continue to suck my cock. After a few minutes, the pleasure is too intense. If you don’t stop, then I know I’m going to cum.

“Stop,” I say, “Get on all fours. It is your turn now.”

You do as I ask. While you are on all fours you expose your wonderful pussy and ass to me. I begin to lick your sweet pussy juices. Carefully and slowly navigating my tongue around your pussy lips and occasionally brushing your clit. You are so sensitive that when I barely even touch your clit you jump a little bit.

“I know you don’t need to be warmed up much after what I caught you doing,” I say. I promptly slip my cock into your pussy and begin pumping before you can say a word.

I pump in and out a few times and you beg, “Please, please türkçe bahis rub my clit while you fuck me.”

“Not yet, this is just to get you warmed up. Remember, I told you I was going to use the vibrator.”

I fuck you for several minutes. Primarily for my satisfaction since your clit is not being stimulated. I pull out and reach for the vibrator. I slip it into your wet, ready pussy and turn it on. The vibrations fill your pussy and are so strong that it stimulates your clit indirectly.

With your pussy taken care of, I focus on your ass. I run my fingers up and down your ass crack that is fully spread to show everything. I can’t resist any longer and I begin to run my tongue up and down your wonderful ass crack. I settle in on your asshole and lick it, suck it, kiss it… You moan with pleasure. I love hearing you moan with pleasure and I rub my cock as I lick your sexy asshole.

“Are you ready for me?” I ask.

“I am, let me take the vibrator out,” you reply. As you reach for the vibrator I stop your hand and move it away from your pussy.

“That’s not what you’re getting. You are going to be double fucked.”

A little surprised, you say, “I don’t know if I can do that.”

“I know you can, babe, you are so turned on right now,” I say as I spread lube onto my cock.

Without hesitation I slip the head of my cock into your sexy, wonderful ass. I slide in slowly, giving you only what your body is willing to accept at each moment. Eventually, I have my entire cock buried in your ass.

“How are you doing?” I ask.

“Good, I think. I feel really full! Try pumping now. I think it will be good,” you reply.

I do as you tell me. Sliding my cock slowly out of your ass until just the head in you and then I slide it back in balls deep. After a little bit of this, I can really feel your body loosening up and enjoying a vibrator in your pussy and my cock in your ass. güvenilir bahis siteleri

“I love how full I feel,” you say. “It almost feels as if the vibrator and your cock have become one giant cock filling both of my holes.”

“I’m loving it too, babe,” I say. “The vibrator is ticking my cock through your pussy. I have never felt anything like this either!”

“My clit is really being stimulated, but there must be nerve endings between my ass and pussy. I feel like my orgasm may start from deep within, not just from my clit,” you tell me. However, I am so deep in ecstasy that I don’t respond.

I can feel my orgasm building, and I pull out to cum all over your asshole. My hot cum covers your asshole. I’m aware you haven’t cum yet, so I slip my cum covered cock back into your ass and continue pumping. My hot, gooey cum oozes from your ass down your thighs… Now that I’ve cum, I can focus on you. I position my body so that I can rub your clit as I fuck you. Between the vibrations and direct stimulation to your clit it doesn’t take long for you to climax.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Fuck my ass, baby! Fuck me in my ass!” you say as you begin cumming. As you cum I can feel your ass spasming around my cock. Your asshole is spasming as well and clamping around my cock.

I can’t help myself either and I have another orgasm right as your begin cumming. However, since I just emptied myself this is a dry orgasm and my cock pulsates in your ass as you cum. My spasming and your spasming feeds into each other and our orgasm intensifies until it is nothing like either of us have ever felt. We both moan and grunt with pleasure one last time before we collapse onto the bed.

With my cock still in your ass I reach around to turn off the vibrator. I lay on top of you with my cock softening in your ass while I gently kiss and nibble your neck and ear.

“Mmmmm… cum home early more often,” you say.

“If this is what I will get, I promise I will!” I say enthusiastically as we continue cuddling together and talk about how we both enjoyed the first time you got your pussy and ass fucked at the same time.