Female security officer CH.1

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Female security officer CH.1By Dina PetroI was unemployed for a little while, I needed the job so bad to get going in my life, one of my close friends, Lisa, told me, her boyfriend was an owner of a shop that needed a security officer in charge, and they prefer female officer, I was shocked saying “a security officer, I have never done such a job before, I was a secretary most of my working life”She said “I know, although you are so sweet and a gorgeous looking girl, and security officers usually are more of tomboys or not all that good looking women, but we can reverse the idea about officers, I know you have a very sharp, strong personality Sally, and you are a smart woman too, so with some required training, you would make a great security officer”I thought about her words, I really needed the job so bad, besides it was a good paying job, and it is her boyfriend who will decide, so why not try? I wasn’t sure if he would accept me on the job or not, but I made up my mind to go for it no matter what.Lisa had arranged an appointment for me with him, I met him the second day, he said “I want to help you Sally, but you are a real good looking woman, so feminine as well, don’t get me wrong, any woman would dream to have your looks, or your curvy body specs, but how are you going to fit as a sharp security woman?”He continued saying “our stores sell, very expensive materials, especially women underwear and things, true most of our customers are women, but the shoplifters happen to be sluts and real bad girls, some shoplifters are boys and men too”I smiled saying “Don’t let looks deceive you Bill, I can be real tough, besides, I am a real slut, forgive me for the expression”He laughed saying “well, I want you to get the job and do well, so I will give you the chance, but you have to take a special course and some special training for a short period, is that ok with you?”I smiled nodding and saying “yes of course it is, when I can start?”He said “tomorrow morning, I will make all the needed arrangements for you”To make it short, I went through the special training course and all needed requirement and started working as a security officer dressed in a special security uniform, which looked nice on me, as I was told by my best friend Lisa, and some other friends.Everything was perfect for me on the job, I had a few male and female officers under my command, and I was the person in charge, with all the power and authorities in my hands, to either contact the local police in some issues or end them myself as per my personal judgment.A long time had passed, and I was gaining all the experience needed, and was in total control of the situation, I was facing lots of issues of shoplifters, or shoplifting trials by some people, all were handled correctly, my boss told me, his main concern was to stop shoplifters, and made sure our merchandise was safe, other than that he did not care what would I do with people tried to shoplift and got caught.In the following parts of the story, I want to narrate some of the real funny and interesting experiences I had gained and faced during my work that I had directed towards my own pleasure as a bisexual woman who happens to be a nympho in sex.One time I was watching the cameras at my office when I spotted a young guy trying to steal some of the merchandise, he actually took a couple of things, but it was all clear on the recorded, closed circuit camera system at all areas of our izmir escortlar shop, I got out and walked to him, asked him to step into my office, he did without any problems.He was a petite guy of late teens of age, a real good looking, handsome boy, with some tattoos here and there on his body, just like now a days k**s do.I closed the office door and faced him with what he did at the shopping hall, accused him of stealing, and I have to conduct a body search on him, he refused at first, then I said “Look boy, you have been spotted on the store cameras all over and it has been recorded, it is better me searching you than the police”He wasn’t that easy at the beginning, but when I lifted the phone speaker threatening to call the local police, he said he would accept the body search by me, I started searching him and I easily got one expensive piece of merchandise on him, I lay it on the table smiling at him saying “now that you are a thief, I have to strip search you”He denied it first, then he accepted it when I said I was calling the police, I started asking him to strip his clothes piece by piece, searching each garment he takes off, I spotted a couple of other things on him, stolen of course, he was definitely in deep shit already, and would be a toy in my hands.He was stripped down to only his boxers on, to be honest, I liked his body looks, and I started to get turned on, feeling some itches and some mist between my legs at my pussy, by then, I had decided to make personal use of the situation for my own personal pleasure if I got all the stolen things back, I stood back asking him to take his boxers off, he looked me in the eyes saying “what?”I said “you heard me, try to make it quick; I don’t have more time to waist, I think I got enough proof on you being a thief, should I start dialing the police number?”Without a single word, he pushed his boxers down to his ankles, kept his hand over his crotch trying to hide his cock, and that was the major point of my shock, the boy had one hell of a cock, nobody, including myself would expect such cock on a petite body like his, it was straight, very long and super thick, he was truly hung, with at least 10 inches of cock meat, and it wasn’t even fully erect by then.I was naughtily walking around him, starring at his marvelous dick with many naughty ideas on my mind, but by then I could not control my pussy any longer, it was leaking wet, damping my undies under my uniform skirt, I asked him to sit down as is, his cock was pointing upward, the more I looked at it, the harder it was getting and he was embarrassed somehow.I asked him “do you want to go to jail?”He said “no, I don’t, is there any other option?”I said “well, maybe we could work one out, if you are willing to cooperate with me”He was all attention again, looking me in the eyes saying “Yes mam, I will cooperate; I would do anything to get out of this”I said “Anything?” and I started walking closer to him, looking directly at his rising cock.He said “Yes mam, anything”By then I felt relaxed, as I think I was in full control over that guy, and wanted to dominate him for my own pleasure, the way I wanted him to do to me, I just wanted his cock so bad, I placed my hand over his dick, held it in hand, massaged it a little up and down, looking him in the eyes, smiling with lots of passion and lust for his cock, which was showing clearly on my face.I unbuttoned a couple of upper buttons from my shirt, izmir escort bayan showing more tits and more cleavage, still looking him in the eyes, smiling and saying “Look, if you follow all of my instructions, and do exactly as I tell you, I will let you walk out of this door clear of any accusations, a deal?”He was so pleased to hear that, saying anxiously “Yes mam, I would listen to you, obey your orders and instructions, I would do anything you want”Direct forward, without going around the bush, I said “I want you to lick my pussy and my ass, I want you to fuck me and please me, satisfy my body needs and you would be out of the hook once I cum, and feel pleased the way I want to be”By then his cock jolted as of a sudden to a full state of hardness, getting much longer and much thicker than it already was, I felt it clearly, as I was still holding it in my hand, he said “Yes mam, I would be your slave and do it all the way you want me to, or order me to do it”I let go of his cock, backed up slowly till I leaned on my desk, I spread my legs, lifted my skirt up to my waist, got rid of my panties, pointed at my pussy with a smile saying, start from here”He jumped up, got on his knees between my legs, and started passing his tongue over my pussy lips, licking, sucking and working his way around, he wasn’t bad at it at all, I was moaning with the heat building up, not only in my pussy but all over my body.A few minutes later, as I have already been worked out, thinking about his cock, my body jolted, trembled, I was screaming and my orgasm blasted hitting me, making me spaced high up the skies.I was calming down slowly, then I asked him to stop, jumped up, asked him to get back on his chair, got on my knees, held his gorgeous cock in my hand, looking at it adoring it the way I wanted to see it for the first time, not looking at a suspect.I lowered my head towards it, took its helmet between my lips and started tasting it, sucking on it slowly, going downwards till I felt my lips touching his balls, yes I took it deep down my throat, I know it was long and thick, but was my favorite pleasurable size of young, fresh cock meat.I spent another 5-10 minutes sucking on his cock, enjoying it much more than I was pleasing him, I got up as of a sudden, saddled his body facing him on his chair, started lowering my body over his cock till his cock head touched my pussy lips with the help of my hand guiding it, while he was doing nothing but watching me.I applied some pressure over it, and the cockh ead popped into my swollen cunt lips, I kept pushing nonstop but slowly till my body rested over his lap, my ass cheeks feeling his balls, he was balls deep in my ‘cock hungry’ pussy, I started dancing up and down on it, instructed him to hold both of my tits, rubbing and pinching my nipples, he did exactly as told, and I started enjoying the fuck as much as I could.Another 10 minutes passed and my second orgasm hit my hips, my pussy, and my whole body was trembling and shaking over his engorged, thick and rock hard cock, I kept at it till my orgasm subsided, I jumped off his dick, and started sucking it again and again.Then I lay down on my back on the carpeted floor, spread my legs wide open, ordering him and saying “Fuck me boy, I want you to fuck the shit out of my pussy, he did not hesitate, I am sure he wanted to fuck my pussy as much as I wanted him to fuck me.He got on his knees, between my legs, guided izmir bayan escort his dick to my slit, and started fucking me so hard, so deep like there was no tomorrow, I kept urging him to go harder, faster and deeper, all you could hear was our noises and the slaps of his balls against my pussy and crotch, I blasted in my third orgasm again, screaming and trembling, asking him never to stop till I stopped shaking.I got on my knees and hands, doggy position, saying to him “I want you to lick my ass boy, prepare it for your cock, will you?”He was more than pleased, he was on his knees behind me, and started pushing his tongue into my back fuck hole as deep as he could get it go, it felt like heaven on earth, he pushed a finger then two into my pussy while licking my ass, then he pulled, his tongue out of my ass, replacing it with a finger in and out, then two fingers same time using his other hand, and placed his tongue and lips over my clit, he was sucking and biting on my clit while two fingers in my pussy and two in my ass, oh god I was ready to cum before being fucked in my ass.I screamed “it is time boy, fuck me in the ass now”He jumped up, held his dick in hand, guided it to my rear end, rubbed it to my ass hole first, then to my pussy, he pushed it into my pussy first for a few laps to get it all wet and fully lubed, pulled out and started forcing its thick swollen head into my ass hole.He wasn’t the first man to fuck my ass, neither was his cock the largest I had up my ass, that is why it was sliding and gliding into my ass hole like a piece of cake, he kept pushing it till the end, froze there for a few seconds then started ramming it hard, deep and fast in and out of my back fuck hole, I was rubbing my pussy and clit while being fucked in the ass, with all the pleasure I was enjoying, having my fourth orgasm with that handsome young boy.Another ten minutes had passed while he was fucking me in the ass, he seemed to be close to cum when I said “stop boy, I do not want you to cum that way, I want to see and enjoy the sight of your dick splashing it’s cum all over me.He pulled out of my ass I jumped on my desk on my back, spread my legs wide open asking him to fuck me like that while he was standing up, he fucked me like that for good ten minutes, he said he was cumming, I lifted my head up facing him, looking at his cock when he pulled it out of my pussy and started jacking it faster and faster, his first cum load was so strong that it hit me on the face, the second one was shorter over my tits and belly, then he shot a couple of more over my pussy and inner thighs, I was soaking with his thick, creamy cock fluid.As of a sudden, I have switched completely to another personality, from a woman who was just fully fucked like a whore, a bare lower body half, with only the shirt wide open and hanging on my shoulders, my tits, belly and pussy covered with cum, switched to a strong, mean security officer again, I looked him in the eyes with anger, screaming at him “Now get the fuck out of here, I don’t ever want to see you again in my store”I pulled a couple of his clothes throwing them to his face, shouting “if I ever see you again in my store, next time, I will not fuck you, but I will shove my fist up your ass till my elbow, clear?”He was collecting his clothes, putting them on as fast as he could, he nodded “Yes mam, I promise it would be my last time ever”He was ready and started running out of my office door like a bullet, I watched him over the cameras as he continued running through the store then to the street as fast as he could without looking back.To be continued in CH.2Wishing you all the bestDina 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