Feeling the Burn

31 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin


All of that sex and still I wanted more. The last session with him satisfied my pussy’s need to be filled – it was good sex after all. But the rest of my body wanted, no, needed something more. I went to the kitchen to make lunch, and as soon as I saw the wooden spatula I knew that food would have to wait. It was small and its shape and size reminded me of a riding crop. It also reminded me of childhood spankings with wooden spoons. Yes, this is would give me what I needed. I stopped in the bathroom on my way to the bedroom, spurred on and inspired. I took the Icy Hot out of the medicine cabinet.

First my breasts needed some attention. I ripped off my shirt and bra. I kneaded my breasts – so full I could barely contain them in my hands, the flesh spilling out through my fingers. I worked the tingling cream into my mounds, paying special attention to my nipples, pinching and pulling them. My pants were the next to come off, but not all the way. I used them to tie my ankles together, not too tight but enough so that I felt bound, enough that I would be able to strain against them as I sought my pleasure. I took more Icy Hot and worked it into my ass – all the tingling burn of a spanking without too much pain. Maybe it was cheating the system but I didn’t care. After all didn’t such a horny, güvenilir bahis perverted woman deserve a spanking? Didn’t I deserve to feel that burn on my ass?

A horribly wicked thought came into my mind and before I knew it I was rubbing one finger around my asshole. Oh, that would burn in such a sensitive and tight area, but after all I was just getting started giving myself the tingling pain I craved.

I lay back on the bed tingling with the burning sensation just on the edge of pain. I tweaked my nipples hard, and I could sense how wet my pussy had become. The smell of my arousal mixed with my lover’s cum reached my nose. I knew he could walk in on me pleasuring myself in this lewd way and the thought only made me more wanton.

Time to play with my new toy, the spark that set this all in motion. I start by rubbing the wood against my clit, finding the angle, finding pleasure then


I bring it quickly up and down right on that tingling needy bundle of nerves. Oh fuck yes! This is perfect, so effortless and smooth, so easy to deliver a hard stroke without holding back. The best part? I only need one hand; my other hand is free to continue kneading my burning breasts. I grind against the wood, straining at my bonds


I give myself ten spankings türkçe bahis with my new friend, but I need more pain before I can come close to orgasm. I bring it up and hit my already tingling ass cheeks, coming down on the same spot ten more times before switching to the other cheek. Now I have two sharply burning islands of red flesh surrounded by the tingling burn.

Still needing more, my breasts need to feel it too, they need rougher treatment. I bring the spatula up to abuse my tits, I alternate slapping my nipple and the sensitive underside of my breast. Now the other, wouldn’t want one to get jealous of the rough treatment of the other.

My legs strained at their bonds trying to open my creamy pale thighs wider to bring some relief to my now burning asshole. I hesitated using my new toy to return to punishing my clit, suspecting that there was enough ointment on my skin that the next hits will cause it to burn for other reasons. But my clit is already tingling and maybe I wouldn’t even notice. My need forced my paddle back between my legs and now there was a distinctly wet sound as I slap it down hard. I was torn for a moment between grinding myself to completion or hitting my pussy until I came.

No, I wouldn’t let myself down, I knew what I needed, and I knew what güvenilir bahis siteleri a slut like me deserved. I started hitting faster and at a more regular tempo, no longer pausing to grind 1, 2, 3, 4 I am so close just one more sent me catapulting over the edge. I groan softly and rub myself against my toy. I hissed as I give my nipple a savage twist. I could see my cum evident on the wood.

The best things in life come in threes though. I had only just begun.

I wanted my next orgasm to be more sustained. I used the juices from my pussy to ease one finger into my burning, clenching asshole. I twisted and pumped my finger while I ground myself to my next orgasm. It didn’t take long before my body was rippling and writhing in pleasure despite the pain that throbbed at the edges of my consciousness. I couldn’t keep myself from moaning in pleasure.

I gave my pussy a bit of rest as I brought my paddle down again and again on my throbbing nipple and then switched sides, the burn of the Icy Hot had started to fade. Then I spanked my ass again, hitting a different spot but again all of my blows fell in one place, ten to each cheek for each of the climaxes I had already enjoyed.

I moved back to my pussy where I alternated grinding and slapping until I climaxed one last time. My body was finally satisfied, for now. I doubt I will be able to keep away from my new toy for long, its new home is the bedroom, I’ll find something else to use for lunch.

A special thank you to Impossible_Oswin for editing.