family holiday pt4

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family holiday pt4Peter and Anjia straightened them self up and exited the toilet. Peter noticed a wicked look in his daughters eyes. As they left they were greated by the site of the red head Laura with her hands inside her bikini bottoms. “Your a bad daddy…but your a wonderful daughter” she said. Whilst removing her wet fingers from her puss and feeding them to anjia. Peter was unsure how she would react, as far as he knew she had only ever had inter family fun. But to his joy young anjia licked the fingers clean and said “thank you”. Little did Peter know that his daughter was well versed in many more actions than he had taught her. “We must all arrange to meet tonight? After dinner by the pool? ” said Laura. Peter smiled and said “yes”. The father and daughter returned to their room to inform sonjia and her mother. All through dinner the family could barely contain their excitement. Both girls karabük escort had dressed in hot pants, sonjia had a sweet but see through blouse with a top underneath. Anjia had a heavy metal band logoed belly top showing off her flat stomach. Anna wore a long tight fitting dress. No knickers and a bra that showed off her huge tit’s. Peter hadn’t gone soft since watching his daughter lick those fingers clean. They finished their dinner and made their way to the pool. Laura and her friends were waiting. “Glad you decided to join us” she said. The family sat and quickly found their polish hosts arranging themselfs around them. The guys sat between Anna and her daughters. Laura flanked the girls the other side while Sara might as well have sat on Peters knee. Imediately the flirting began and it was obvious who had eyes in who. Anna was very keen to beat her daughters to test riding the guys escort karabük and kept them interested by allowing her dress to ride up and show off her puss. This was enough for Laura “boys” she said “this woman needs to see what Poland can offer”. Anna smiled as Kiss took her by the hand and followed by Jan and Michael they left for a room. When they arrived Anna sat on the bed. Jan got between her legs and began to lick her soaking pussy. Michael and kriss undid their trousers and released two fat Cocks. Both were about 8″. But so so thick Anna suckered one then the other barely stopping for breath. She knew how to suck well but could barely fit all of these thick monsters down her throat. she briefly tried fitting both heads into her mouth but just had no luck. She was pleased that the boys were happy to have their cocks touching tho. She had plans for more of this. By now Michael had found karabük escort bayan annas cunt was very accommodating when wet. He had gone from licking, to light fingering and now he had 4 fat fingers in her and a thumb in her arse. His other had wanked a 9″ member thinner than his brothers but just as good for Anna. She laid back and Michael took the hint. Replacing fingers with his long cock. He began slowly while the other lads took out her breasts and feasted on a nipple each. As he picked up the pace Anna demanded one of the boys use her mouth. Jan moved above her and used her mouth like any sluts pussy deep and hard. He knew she could take it. Not to be left out kris mounted her chest. And squeezing her tits together proceeded with a tit wank. Occasionally the long tip of his cock would brush Jan’s arse. They joked in Polish and carried on. Anna considered there maybe all kinds of fun she could have with these boys. But for today..It was all about her. “Enough”she cried with a mouth full of meat. “I need a real filling”. The boys withdrew and kris lay back on the bed. Anna mounted him before Michael joined him, inside her sweet pussy….