Family Affairs

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Family AffairsI’m 43 now but this all started thirty one years ago. You can do the math. I use to have to stay with my grandma in the summer when my parents were at work. My cousin was four years older than me so I thought he was really cool and wanted to hang out with him. But of course he really didn’t want anything to do with me so I just hung with my girl cousin May. She was 2 years older than me. We use to sneak behind the garage and smoke cigs she stole from grandma. It was blocked on 3 sides and only 3’ wide. One day she asked me if I wanted to make out with her. Before I knew it my tongue was dancing with hers. One hand was up her shirt rubbing her small tits and puffy nipples. My other hand rubbing her wet pussy. Of course she had to direct me, I was clueless. That summer I lost my virginity to May. Every summer we spent together. Luckily I never got her pregnant. I learned to pull out quickly. Two years later I was getting more head and pussy than most adults. But it faded as she was a popular girl and getting older. I was left at my grandmas with her younger sister who was not very attractive. One day April corners me . I want what you and may have! What?She grabbed my hand pulling me to the basement. She pushes me down on the bed and gets naked. Her body shaped like a board. Tiny tits but these great dark red hard nipples. Her pussy the opposite of Mays ,a perfect little clam. Grandma didn’t ever go to the basement because of her knees so we weren’t worried. As I pushed my cock inside April the tears started. I had to hold her mouth shut from the sounds of her crying. Eventually smothered her with a pillow till her loud crying stopped. Luckily grandma was hard of hearing. That summer was amazing and me and April were inseparable. My cock fit in her pussy like it was meant to be. Even that school year we would meet in the woods to fuck. The following year April had big tits like they grew over night, but she was still ugly so I knew she wouldn’t leave me to be with her friends cause she was a loner. We fucked anywhere and everywhere. One day she on all fours and I was pounding really hard. That’s how she loved it. I would pull my cock out and slam it deep. She would always beg me to fuck her harder. And I did my best. So I pulled out and went to slam it back in but she moved a inch and my cock slammed balls deep in her ass. She cried out and fell to her stomach. I fell with her . Reaching up I grabbed her mouth to muffle her crying. And continue to fuck. It was so tight. Her crying stopped eventually and she looked back at me. Cum in me she gasps. I couldn’t take anymore and shot my load deep inside her. I still thought I was in her cunt. I sat up looking down at my cock pulling from her asshole. Holy hell it’s in your butt I said. I was mesmerized as my cock left her hole, the cum following it. That hurt so bad she moans. I love it. Hurt me more often?Yeah ok.Our relationship took a new direction. April wanted to be hurt during sex. I started slapping her ass and tits, biting her thighs and nipples. And of course fucking her ass with only her pussy juices as lube. But I loved finishing in her ass. But it was never enough pain for her. I would spank her pussy, slap her face, choke her I even ended up punching her in the stomach. She loved it all. This lasted for years then I got my drivers license. One day I picked her up. We drove 4 hours to my family’s lake house cabin. We were staying a week. It was in the middle of no where. We knew nobody would ever find us there. We could sleep in the same bed and shower together. The first night we fucked for hours, just sucking and licking and fucking pussy and ass. I didn’t yet cum and she was begging me to cause her pain. I grabbed her throat in my hand and squeezing hard as she gasped for air. After I let her get air I slapped her face really hard and spit in her eyes. The look on her face I knew she wanted more. So I slapped her tits squeezed her throat and slapped her face over and over while I fucked her pussy. I pulled my cock out just before I was going to cum and rammed it balls deep in her ass. She cried which turned me on and right as I was about to cum I punched her in the stomach hard. My cum filled her hole. After I pulled out we kissed then she sucked me clean and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I dreamt of a way to cause her the greatest pain she craved. The next morning April was in the kitchen naked her large firm breasts and freshly shaved pussy made my cock throb. Good morning baby she smiles. I stood there with my morning wood at attention. Oh is that for me? She grinned I took her hand and led her to the yard. Yeah it is! Get on your knees!She dropped to her knees opening her mouth. I shoved my cock in her throat making her gag. The slobber dripping from her chin. Her eyes watering. Holding her by the back of her head balls deep. When I pulled out she gasped for air. She leans back on her hands. Oh yes she moans as she leans forward trying to swallow my cock. I push her back I’m in charge bitch I sternly spoke. Then I slapped her across the face. Yes daddy she moaned slutty. I shoved my cock back down her throat. Her hands tapping my legs as she fought to keep conscious. The saliva pouring from her mouth, snot from her nose and tears from her eyes as I held her lips against my body. She started to panic and I pulled from her throat but left my cock deep in her mouth. The look in her eyes was of fear and pleasure. Not being able to hold my morning piss back any longer I released. Her eyes grew big as she realized what was happening. Piss filled her mouth dripping down her perfect body. She started gulping my golden nectar down. I pushed my cock further while pissing. She moaned as I knew she loved it. After my piss was finished i gagged her again making her spit up all the piss she just drank. She finished me off by sucking every drop of cum from my shaft. We went back inside where she made breakfast. After we ate I took her to the barn. Putting her over the table I grabbed a strap of leather. Don’t you dare move! I said Yes daddy!I slapped her ass with the leather . Oh she moans I slap it harder and harderSoon she was crying. One last time it cracks her ass so hard she loses control of her body. Her arms give out and her face slams down onto the table . She cry’s loudly as her pussy squirts all over the floor her legs give out and her tits drag across the old wood table and she falls to her back on the dirt floor. April’s body convulsed as she continues to squirt all over. I watch in amazement with a rock hard cock. Her thighs spasm. She opens her eyes. Looking at me she moans. That was amazing! I pull her to her feet and shove her back over the table. Pushing my cock head against her asshole. It’s not wet and I don’t care. I push harder popping my head in her dry ass. She cry’s loudly as the friction between my cock and her ass builds. Reaching up I pull her mouth wide on each side of her lips and pound her back door. Her ass lined with red marks, her tits rubbing the old wooden table. Her cry’s just making me the hardest I ever been. I was fucking her to hurt her like she wanted and it was working. I rammed over and over hard as I could. All of a sudden she cried like never before her body shuddering beneath me . She was having a massive orgasm. I finally came inside her. Holding my soft cock in her ass I waited as she continues to cry. Finally I had to piss. I pissed in her ass filling her bowels. She cried and moaned. Piss shooting out of her. I pulled my cock out. Now you will be clean I laughed. April full of piss dropped to her knees cleaning herself out onto the floor. I look at her left breast and there is a splinter piercing through her nipple. About 1 1/2” long. Oh that’s why you were crying I laughed as she continues to empty her bowels on the dirt floor.Yes daddy she moansCan I have casino oyna a towel please?I handed her a towel and she cleaned her ass up. Pull it out? She whimpered I grabbed it and yanked it out. She cried but was relived.I sent her to the shower while I cleaned up her mess. I sat out in the barn thinking about my next move. Thinking about April. I loved hurting her. I loved seeing her enjoy it so much, but I didn’t want to cross the line that she didn’t seem to have. Rooting through the barn I found a speculum, probably used on not people I took it to the sink and cleaned It up. I returned to the cabin to find April naked making lunch. I wanted to give her a break and just hang out so that’s what we did. I don’t ever want to be without you she smiled be my daddy forever. We can be together. And have a family together she smiled.Baby we’re first cousins. We’re not allowed to marry, have k**s…We can tell our family we are in love! She argued.Baby it’s i*****l…Please don’t leave me she begged.I’m not but we have to be careful. We laid on the couch making out about a hour later she grins beat me with the strap? I laughed again?I love the pain you give me. She smiles When will the pain ever be enough, I don’t want to hurt you permanently. Mmmmm permanent sounds amazing she moans. Do something permanent!Like what?Cut me!Hell no!I started thinking she was a bit crazy. But apparently I loved crazy. So I pulled out my pen knife and sliced her thigh not deep but enough for her to feel it. No that doesn’t hurt she complains.I grabbed her hand and led her outside. Ass up face down! I said I fetched the lube and speculum. Let’s see how wide we can open this asshole I laughed. Inserting was easy slowly I opened her up till she was in pain. Looking inside her piss cleaned asshole I was aroused. I kept cranking her open, faster than I should have but she wanted pain and that’s what I was giving her. Finally I had her opened enough for my hand to fit. But she needed more. I could see it on her face she wasn’t in enough pain. So I kept cranking. Finally I could fit both my hands in her ass. But she wasn’t really in pain. But it gave me a few ideas for later. I got up walking in the cabin as she waited with a open asshole. She slowly got herself to her feet and slowly walked to the barn. After about 10 minutes I followed. April was bent over the old table the leather strap at her feet. I removed the tool quickly leaving her hole wide open. Grabbing the strap I positioned my self behind her and raised it over my head swinging it down vertically. The strap slapped her open hole perfectly catching the bottom rim of her hole. She cried harder!Again and again I spanked her throbbing puckered asshole . She cried over and over . I could see her bald clam glistening wet. Another spank and her pussy was dripping down her thighs. I grabbed her hair and pulled her to the dirt floor on her back. I kicked her legs apart and stood my feet on each side of her head. The whip slapped her pussy and asshole with great force. She instantly came squirting uncontrollably. After she was done I told her to make dinner like a good whore. I watched her walk away with shaky legs and a partly gaped dirty hole. After dinner she showered . She came out her pussy beat red . I love you so much baby she said as she kisses me. I love you too. That night we got in bed I lubed her back door and cranked the speculum wide. After getting her where I wanted I removed it and put my hand in her ass up to my wrist. Go to sleep baby. We fell asleep with my hand inside her. The next morning my hand was warm and wet her asshole ring around my wrist dry. I tugged at it . Oh fuck she moaned. Yes baby this is gonna hurt. I smiled and kissed her mouth passionately. Should you lube it?No my little pain slut. Mmmmmm daddy hurt me she moans.I slowly pull it and her body trembles. Omg it hurts. She cry’s. I watch her pussy grow wet. Her stomach covered in goosebumps. She spreads her legs wide and I yank my hand from her hole. Her hands grabbed at the sheets. She gets instantly sweaty. I punch my fist back in and she squirts all over the bed. I don’t stop beating her asshole with punches. She shakes like she is having a seizure. Her body convulsing uncontrollably. She doesn’t know weather to to cry or moan. After I’m done assaulting her anus I slap her quivering pussy making her cum again. I dragged her out front by her hair and ram my throbbing cock down her throat making her puke. Choking her as I fuck her face. Her eyes looking at me like I’m a monster. Over and over I gag her finally ready for my piss . I let it go. She swallowed as fast as she could but I fuck her throat with my pissing shaft. I pulled my cock out and pissed in her eyes. It burns she cried. I slapped her face hard and shoved my cock back in. I wanted to really hurt her this morning. I wanted to go to far, to cross the line. It needed to be done. After I was done assaulting her throat I threw her to the ground and started shoving my fist back in her ass. She grabbed at the grass not knowing what to do. I spanked her ass over and over till her cheeks were dark red. I flipped her to her back and smacked her pussy hard then her face. Then kicked her over to her stomach. Don’t move whore I yelled as I ran to the cabin. I came back to a crying April laying on her stomach. I shoved my cock in her ass and fucked her like I hated her. Her ass being so loose it wasn’t even pleasurable. I grabbed the bag I brought out and pulled out hot sauce, holding her anus open I poured a bit in. She screams in terrible pain. I pushed her to her back, her calves on my shoulders my cock slammed into her pussy. Her ass was on fire and I was punishing her pussy. And choking her at the same time.You like that whore? You wanted pain! How’s this pain? You dumb cunt, why do you make me hurt you like this? You stupid bitch I yelled as I continue to destroy her clam. She cried loudly. I was just about to cum when I remember I was not in her ass. So I pulled out spit in her eye, slapped her across the face hard and released my load all over her face. I got up pissed off. She looks up at me in terror. I kick her in the thigh and walk into the house. About a half hour later I looked out to see her swimming in the lake. I sit on the porch smoking a cigarette. She sees me and heads towards me. Her beautiful body covered in bruises and red marks.Baby are you ok she asksMe I laughed I’m fineWell you seem a little bit off today. April I just stretched your asshole out poured hot sauces in you fucked your pussy, pissed, spit and came in your eyes, and beat the hell out of you!Yeah it was amazing she smiled What the hell is wrong with you?I love you and that was all our love making. Don’t you love me?Yeah I do. But…Look we’re already cousins it’s already taboo. I like when you rough me up. I want you to do anything you want to me. It’s our love she smiled. Yeah I guess your right. I need a beer. Want one?Sure daddy she giggled I stood over her and slapped her across the face very hard breaking her lip. Leaning down I kissed her sucking her lip clean. Her wet pussy glistening in the sun. After a few beers I asked. What if I go to far?You can’t…What if I give you a black eye?Makeup she giggled Broken nose?It will heal. She smiled Ok suck my cock now!Yes daddy.The rest of the week went the same. We returned to our regular life taking trips alone when we could. After we graduated, college wasn’t in the plan. We both got jobs and moved into a small apartment together. Our family was definitely suspicious of our tight relationship. But we vowed to stay together no matter what. We were both in love and nothing was going to stop us. April went on birth control so I could cum in her pussy. One day we were caught making out by her parents and they tried to break us up. We made the decision to move away but slot oyna not having much money it was hard. I few weeks later I joined the military. After boot camp I was stationed in California far from our family. She moved shortly after joining me as my fiancé. It was perfect. We got a place and she got a job. We were living our dream. When I got home from work she would be waiting for me nude on her knees in a submissive position. Our love making was unlike any other. She loved the physical abuse. Being a angry soldier that was easy. If I had a bad day I could take my frustrations out on her and she loved it. One night I got home, April was waiting in her usual spot. I had a really bad day at work and she was my release. I walked in and kicked her in the chest with the bottom of my boot she landed on her back. I stripped my clothes of and sat on her chest. April spreads her legs showing me her fresh waxed pussy. It was beautiful I spanked it hard and she moaned. Give me your cock . Pushing my ass hole back over her mouth. Eat it bitch ! Without hesitation she laps at my butthole and I spank her bald clam over and over hitting it harder with each slap. She cry’s as I press my ass into her mouth. I feel her tongue enter my hole, and continue to spank that perfect pussy. My hand started to hurt from the intense spanking. She cried and moaned. But I only wanted her to cry to beg me to stop. I watched as her lips became swollen from the spanking. Her pussy beat red and dripping with cum. Her tongue inside me. I beat her pussy for a hour before turning around and shoving my cock in her throbbing box. Fuck me baby she moans My left hand around her throat squeezing controlling her breath. I started slapping her tits hard and pinching her nipples. But she only moaned. I needed her to beg me to stop. I choked her u*********s but continued to fuck. A hard slap woke her back up, repeatedly I smacked her face over and over. But she kept moaning. So I pulled my cock out and slammed it balls deep in her ass. That made her cry a bit. But not enough. So I did the only thing I could think of to make her cry and as I fucked her dry hole I started punching her tits and stomach. Still nothing but moans so I punch her in the face. That brought on the crying . I came inside her ass but kept fucking till my cock went soft. When my cock fell out I started fingering her ass then trying to get my fist in her. She moaned yes baby fist me!I punched in and out but only got moans. I was bored with her. I got up and she stood up. What’s wrong baby?I can’t hurt you anymore!Baby I love the way you make love to me. It’s amazing she smiles.Pissed at the world I punched her the hardest in the stomach. She fell to the floor convulsing squirting all over the floor. I walked to the kitchen and sat down drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. Half hour later she walks in, her pussy dark red her stomach and tits bruised and her face very bruised. You did this to me! You make love to me every day. I love every Mark you put on me! Please I love you she begs. I sip my beer . If you love me so much, hurt yourself and show me. Without hesitation she grabbed a steak knife and stabs her hand into the table. She orgasms violently again. I pull the knife out and lick her clean, then bandage her hand. I drag the knife down her big tits to her stomach and between her pussy lips. A terrifying look in her eyes. The next day April’s pussy was purple and yellow. Her stomach bruised and her face red. Good morning my love she whispered. I stood naked in the kitchen drinking my coffee. She dropped to her knees and started sucking until I came down her throat. Kneeling at my feet she had her mouth open. I’m thirsty daddy she moaned. I released my piss and she gulped every drop down. It was Saturday so no work. So what you wanna do today daddy? She moans Idk beat your ass until you beg me to stop I guess I laughed Oh daddy I’ll never ask you to stop she moans as she fingers her dripping wet snatch . April never begged me to stop and it got very brutal. I was in the military for four years. She stood by my side no matter what. At the end of my enlistment we had a decision to make. Move back home and be outed from our family, stay in California or move somewhere else. We moved to a farm in Kentucky that was very cheap. We were going to homestead. Just live off the land. The entire time our love making never stopped it was always intense. To the outside world it probably looked like I was abusing her. But it’s what she wanted. Now the internet was popular and that opened my eyes to new ways of hurting my baby. I started browsing bdsm pages. Ropes and chains, shackles and hogtie came into play. In half of the barn I built a dungeon to torture April in. My favorite being the saw horse with sharp edge. I liked watching her asshole and pussy balance on the sharp edge while I slapped her tits with a leather strap I made. Second I had a hoist with rope. I’d tie her hands over her head hoisting her up to her tippy toes. She would struggle to stand still as my whips cracked her body. April always cums when she is hit. But to make her squirt, I have to work her up to and that’s what these were for. And also my pleasure. I enjoyed beating her, I loved to hear her cry. I loved to hear her have a explosive orgasm. And she did every day in that barn. We always knew what each other wanted without even talking. We were connected like no other. Totally in love. One summer day April wakes me up. Laying on my chest looking up at me she says can we go further today?Baby we already go pretty far I laughed Yeah I know but I want to see how far we can take it. She grins I just want you to be really brutal I want to have to beg you to stop. I want to feel that rush ! I got up and had my coffee. I had bought this dog collar and leash in hopes of getting a puppy. April was in the bathroom cleaning her ass out. And I was making my plan to make her beg me to stop. April will do whatever I say with no talk back ever. So I was going to push her limits. I put the leash on the table along with the hot sauce. I drank my coffee plotting. I grabbed a large glass and filled it with my piss. And sat it on the table. In the drawer I found a roll of duct tape and clothespins. I went to my office grabbing my tattoo gun and black ink. I always wanted to brand April with tattoos so I bought a gun and practiced in my free time. She was still in the bathroom so I took everything but the leash to the barn then returned to the kitchen. I was drinking my second cup when she walked out in just high heels. Her long red hair down her back. Her pale skin with barely a bruise on it. Her pussy was hairless. And her eye makeup was dark and sexy. She was sexy. She was all mine. She was my true love. My soul mate. April walks out kneeling at my feet. Her smiling face looking up at me. My hand lifts her chin. Say what you want now! I love you baby, my mind and body is yours to do as you please. I trust you. I lean down and kiss her lips. Then I shove my cock down her throat watching her gag . Slobber running down her beautiful body. Her eyes big and in panic. I released and let her breathe then shove it back in. I do this over and over getting her covered in saliva. I pick her up and make her lay on her back over the kitchen table. Her head hangs off the edge and I push my cock in her throat. Holding her firm tits and pinching her nipples I fuck her throat like a maniac. I feel her spew fluid all over my cock and balls. I pull my cock out looking down at her face covered in slobber. Her makeup running down her face. Grabbing her by the hair I pull her to the floor on her knees. Handing her the glass of piss. Drink up baby. I watch as she drinks my urine down. Then I dry her mouth with a towel and duct tape it closed. I put the leash and collar on. And walk her outside like a dog. canlı casino siteleri When we make it to the lawn I lead her to the barn. Watching her beautiful body as she walks like my pet. There is a mud pit in the middle of the yard. I stop her and make her lay on her stomach and and grab the leash. I dragged her tits and pussy across the grass and into the mud pit then continue into the dirt floor barn. Once in the barn I leaned her over a table and tied her hands down. Then tied her ankles to the table. I spit on her asshole then rammed my cock balls deep inside. She squirmed her ass and cried a little. I continue to fuck making sure not to cum. After her ass was nice and loose I grabbed a large homemade hollow butt plug and inserted it. Leaving her hole open. I grabbed my leather strap and first whack cracked her ass with such force her body moved the table across the ground. Her muffled cry’s turned me on. A thick deep red line crossed her ass cheeks. I started rubbing her moist pussy with my hand after she was nice a wet I started slapping her cunt. Over and over harder each time, she went from moaning to crying in minutes. After my hand was sore I grabbed my leather strap. In a upward motion the leather hit her twat and the little cry’s turned to waterfalls coming from her eyes. Her body trembling and twitching as she squirts all over. By this time I had to piss again. With her asshole spread open I drained my self into her. As the salty piss drips out and runs down her sore pussy I knew it was painful for my beautiful slave. But I was far from done with her. Unshackling her ankles I grabbed a small stool I made. And sat it under her knees then strapped her calves to it. I only ever concentrated on her pussy, ass, tits and mouth. Now I was going to use every part of her body. The bottoms of her feet facing me I grabbed A thin piece of leather and began whipping her feet. April squirmed and cried as I beat her feet red. She wasn’t going to be walking any time soon. After I finished I set my tattoo guns up. I already had the stencils ready to go. First I started on her lower back with a proper tramp stamp. The tattooing took a bit of time so every once in a while I’d hit her asshole ring or pussy lip with the needle. Apparently it was painful. I finished her stamp in bold black letters it said “ ANAL WHORE” it looked really good for my first tattoo. I untied her and made her lay on her back I raised her feet high in the air and spread wide tying them to the rafters. Her hands tied down to the legs of the table. April’s throbbing pussy lips were dark red. Just the touch of my fingers sent shock through her body. Unable to speak her eyes were terrified. I moved closer shoving my cock inside her beat up pussy. She cried as I pounded with no mercy. My hands reached up slapping her tits and face. I didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out. Again I grabbed a stencil and placed it above her twat. The look on her face as a began the tattoo was priceless. It was painful for her but once she relaxed it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t want her to get too comfortable so I tattooed her left pussy lip a small happy face. That made her cry and cum. After I finished her main tattoo I put a sad face on her right pussy lip. She yet again came. Her tattoo read” PAIN SLUT “ . I put my tools to the side. And grabbed the little leather whip. She knew what was about to happen and she fought to get away but it was no use she was tied. Crack the whip went between her lips and direct contact with her clit. Her orgasm lasted at least 3 minutes as her body shook uncontrollably and she lost every fluid in her cunt. I untied her and removed her taped mouth. She cried loudly sobbing loudly. I grabbed her leash and pulled her off the table to the dirt floor. She looked up at me with disappointment in her eyes. What’s wrong baby? I askedI was done after the feet! She screams but my mouth was taped I couldn’t say the safe word! She cried. Yeah I did that on purpose I laughed. I wanted to take you further than ever!I’m done I’m tattooed and in so much pain. She cried.No your not done until I say you stupid bitch! I grabbed the hot sauce and poured it in her open asshole then pulled the plug out. Standing over her I spanked her ass cheeks with both hands over and over. She cried loudly and screaming with the fire in her ass. I yanked her leash dragging her to the mud puddle. She scooped muddy water in her ass trying to cool the pain. I left her and headed in the house.I grabbed a beer and the phone rang. It was May her sister. She wanted to come visit us. I told her we needed 2 weeks. I really needed April to heal before her sister arrived. I hung up the phone and grabbed 2 beers and headed back to April. She sat there in the mud puddle resting. Baby how do you feel I asked handing her a beer. Better I guess. Baby the hot sauce is too much. She sobbedYeah I laughed You never came?Well I wasn’t done!Oh god she moans Your sister called she wants to visit…What? No she can’t come. She wants you again. Please no please. I will never leave you for her but she’s coming.Are you going to fuck her?Maybe. If I do you will be included I promise. She’s my sister Your my cousin so what. I laughed I tugged her leash and led her to the trough I threw her a bar of soap and watch her clean herself. How’s your ass?It’s better hot sauce is goneGood girl. Get out and lay down on your stomach She did I got behind her and shoved my cock in her ass. Pulling her head back with her leash choking her my cock destroyed her tiny hole with no lube. She was use to it so the crying wasn’t severe. Finally I filled her with my hot cum. I laid on her back whispering in her ear” your my only whore, I love you. I will never leave you I promise “I rolled her over and laying on top of her between her legs we made out passionately. After a half hour my cock was rock hard again and without hesitation I shoved it deep into her sore pussy. The tears rolling down her face a punished her cunt like she deserved. 2 weeks passed and may was coming into town I went and picked her up at the airport alone so I could talk to her. When I first seen her I thought to myself damn she got ugly and April got hot with age. But she had some big tits . We hugged and unexpectedly kissed as we met. We grabbed her bags and got in the car. I told her that me and her sister lived a bdsm lifestyle and April is my slave. Oh that’s kinda hot she smiled Well your sister is a bit of a pain slut I laughed. I told her some of the things I do to her and Mays reaction was “so can I be your slave too? She smiles Maybe I laughed I pulled over when I reached the backside of my property. There was a small barn I led may into. We’re nudist, take all your clothes off!She stripped naked with no hesitation. Do you like anal?Never tried…I bent her over the table lubing her asshole. Let’s see how good of a slave you will be. I said Slowly I pushed my cock inside her. Her hands gripping the sides of the table she started crying. You can cry all you want baby. But your ass is getting fucked.Yes sir she replied Once balls deep I started pounding away at her virgin hole. Spanking her ass as I plunged inside. The crying eventually stopped and the moaning began. My balls erupted filling her bowels. I pulled out pushing her to her knees and made her suck my cock clean. After I was done I put her back against the wall a whipped my leather belt across her tits. Leaving a nice red line. She cried more. Then I turned her around and whipped her ass even harder leaving my mark. I put her in the car and drove her to the compound. April walks out a red line across her tits. May steps out running over to April. Their tits press together as they hug. We have so much catching up to do may smiles. April looks at me.Not so fast ladies I laughed Sixty nine!We’re sisters may laughsI know now eat each other I said sternly holding my whip. April pulls may to the grass laying her down on her back. Straddling Mays head she lowered her pussy to her sisters mouth and April dives in sucking Mays twat. I watch as the sisters eat each other’s juices.