Ethan and Carrie Ch. 05

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She gasped when he yanked his cock out of her. The sudden motion left her feeling desperately empty. Ethan threw her legs aside and tried to quickly climb on top of her, but he started to come before the head of his cock reached her mouth. Carrie reached for it just as the first load shot out and splattered on her bare chest. She gasped again in surprise. Her mouth was wide open and she was trying to aim it in while she pulled it toward her. Ethan was clambering between her legs to get it close enough. The second shot leapt from the slit at the tip of the head and struck her left cheek. She flinched when she saw it coming, but it soaked her like she had been hit with a water balloon. Finally she got the head into her mouth before she lost any more of the fluid.

Ethan was holding her legs apart and holding himself just above her chest while he let his ejaculation flow into her mouth. Carrie had both hands around his cock and was sucking the come from the head like a baby sucks milk from a bottle. Her cheeks puffed out as they filled with come. She was swallowing fast but it swelled out at the corner’s of her mouth and dribbled down her cheek.

Her eyes were half closed and she looked drowsy. She was whimpering while she sucked. The flow ended, to her disappointment, but she continued to suck. Her eyes closed fully. She nursed dreamily. Ethan moved his hips back and forth and gently fucked her mouth. His come dripped from her lips, her chin, covered her tender cheek and had even splattered in her hair. The shot that had landed on her chest had soaked into the top of her dress.

She opened her eyes. They turned up to his eyes. She smiled with his cock in her mouth. It was still hard and throbbed occasionally, especially when the head touched her tongue or the inside of her cheek.

“Thank you,” she said, but it was slurred by the fat head of his cock that held her mouth open awkwardly.

“You’re welcome,” Ethan said. “I’m sorry I missed your mouth.” He used the end of his shirt as a rag to wipe it off her face.

“I forgive you,” she said. She pulled the cock out of her mouth so she could speak and salaciously licked around the head. “Do you think anybody was watching us?”

Ethan looked around at the clearing. The few cars he could see were dark. Anyone could have been watching them. They never would have known. But then, if they had cared if were watched, they never would have come to this location.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I think they were all too busy. Like we were.”

Carrie laughed. She was stroking his shaft, which was coated with his come and her saliva and juices from her pussy. “How many times can you come?”

Ethan shrugged. “How many times can you suck?”

“Let’s find out.” She had a look of eager determination in her eyes. She was obviously still very excited. He was glad because he had not fully enjoyed the sensations of her tight vagina and lithesome body attached to his.

He laid back and stretched across the seat as much as he could, which left his knees still bent up. He took her hands and pulled her down on top of him. She was laughing with excitement. Her dress had become nothing more than a flimsy rag around her waist and hanging off one shoulder. Her soft breasts flattened on his chest. She spread her legs over him, digging her knees into the vinyl on either side of him, reached between her legs with one hand and maneuvered the head of his cock to the wet opening of her cunt. She pushed the head into her hole and, with a sigh, straightened up over him to lower her weight on his pole. She slid down on him like she had been screwing him all her life. The corners of her mouth turned up in a satisfied smile.

Ethan put his hands around each of her breasts. They molded to his touch. He pinched her erect, pink nipples gently between his thumbs and first fingers, making her squirm. She stopped halfway down on him and slowly worked herself down the rest of the way until all her weight was settled on his body and all of his penis was inside her.

Her narrow waist was perfectly formed. Her long, blonde hair hung down over her shoulders and her face and bounced when she bounced. Ethan dropped his hands from her tits to her waist. He loved to hold a slender woman that way so he could pull her down tighter on his cock and watch her tits jiggle when he bucked her with his hips.

The roof of the car was not quite high enough for her to sit perfectly straight. She had to keep her head bent over to the side so she wouldn’t bang it when Ethan thrust her up. She spread her arms out to the side and pushed on the roof. Her body undulated like a snake with their hard thrusting.

Ethan was anxious to come inside her, unless, of course, she wanted him to shoot in her mouth again. Carrie was panting and moaning like a virgin undergoing some pagan ritual to cleanse her body of evil spirits. She was coming hard and Ethan was just about ready to blow another load deep inside her.

Suddenly, a bright light shined in the window and Carrie illegal bahis screamed as loud as she could, trying to cover her naked body. Ethan couldn’t stop himself and came inside her. She collapsed on top of him for protection, but he was still pumping come into her vagina. Ethan hugged her tight, but he was just as scared as she was. He was going to be pissed as hell if this turned out to be a prank by Bobby and the other guys that had made him waste such a great orgasm.

A face appeared in the window, the face of a lady. She was wearing a cap and a stern look. It was a lady cop, and she looked pissed as hell. Oh shit, Ethan thought. I’m in trouble now.

“Step out of the car, you two,” the lady cop said. She stepped back and watched through the window as they disentangled themselves.

“What are we going to do, Ethan?” Carrie whispered. Her voice was trembling with fear.

“I think we’d better get out.”

Carrie lifted herself from Ethan’s lap. His penis flopped out and all the come he had left behind inside her spilled right back out. Ethan could just see her face, despite the glare of the flashlight she was shining in on them. He was sure he had seen her eyes widen when his tool came out of Carrie’s cunt. He wished he could be sure.

Carrie straightened her dress as well as she could before she pushed open the door and got out. Ethan’s jeans were hanging around his left ankle. He decided to pull them up after he got out of the car and let this lady get a good look at him before she started giving them a hard time.

He put one foot on the ground and stood up, naked from the waist down. His long, semierect penis swung back and forth like a happy dog’s tail. Carrie was standing near the front end of the car, apparently shaken by the event. The fear of possibly being caught in the act was much less troubling than the experience of actually being caught in such a position, especially by a police officer.

The lady cop took another couple of steps backward. They were both watching him. As he slowly put his foot through his pantleg and pulled them up, Ethan wondered how many other people might be watching them right then. He looked up at her carefully. She was looking right at his manhood, and her mouth was open slightly. When he got his pants up to his hips, he grabbed it and stuffed it back into his pants.

“What’s your name?” she demanded, shining the flashlight at Ethan.

“Ethan,” he said.

“What’s yours?” she asked, turning the light to Carrie.

“Carrie,” Carrie said meekly. Ethan was more angry that she had frightened Carrie than interrupted their lovemaking.

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Carrie said.

Ethan looked around and noticed that all the other cars that had been there when they arrived were gone. Not far away was the squad car. The door was open and the engine was running.

“How old are you?” she said to Ethan.

“Eighteen,” Ethan said.

“I should bust your ass. Get out of here before I run you in,” she said angrily. She flicked off her flashlight and headed back to her vehicle. She stopped when neither of them moved. “Go home,” she repeated firmly.

“Let’s go,” Ethan said to Carrie. They returned to the car while the lady cop watched them go. Ethan was careful not to make too much noise with his car or go too fast. He had no desire to provoke her further.

As soon as they were on the main road and safely away from the lady cop, Carrie began to laugh madly.

“What’s so funny?” Ethan said.

“I thought I was gonna die,” Carrie choked. “When you put your hand around your dick and put it back in your pants like that. I almost couldn’t help laughing out loud. I’m so surprised she didn’t arrest you after that.”

“Yeah. I know,” Ethan said. He chuckled a couple of times and they began to laugh hard together.

* * * *

Ethan put the wrench down and selected the ratchet from the tool cabinet. He had black grease all over his hands. His bare chest and shoulders were smudged with it from his fingers. Even his shorts were marked with black smudges.

He paused for a moment to look at his work. The engine was clean, now that all the old grease had been removed. The three two-barrel carburetors shined on top of the manifold. He had spent all weekend rebuilding them, and he was proud of his work. Now, after replacing all the old jets, maybe he could get some serious power out of it.

He heard clicking heels approaching and looked up. At first, he saw a pair of rounded calves and a well-filled grey dress and a mane of long, blonde hair. He never realized how sexy Carrie’s mother really could be. The dress was tight on the curve of her hips and around her jiggling breasts.

“Hi, Ethan,” she said, smiling brightly.

“Hi, Claudia. Where’s Carrie?”

“Back at home.” She walked right up to him and kissed him. “I don’t have much time,” she said. Her hand slid up the inside of his thigh to his crotch and grabbed his penis. Her tongue plunged into his mouth.

Ethan illegal bahis siteleri held his arms away so he wouldn’t stain her nice dress with grease. His penis, however, quickly grew erect in her fingers as they squeezed and stroked.

“I’m going out of town for a week,” Claudia continued in a breathy voice. She looked away with a disappointed frown. “For some reason, I agreed to go the cabin with my husband.” She looked back up at Ethan. “He’ll probably want to have sex with me.”

Ethan shrugged. “Maybe you’ll enjoy it.”

“I doubt it,” Claudia laughed. “Which is why I came to see you before we left.” She pumped his hard cock. “I have to have some of this.”

Ethan held his tongue for a moment.

“What?” she said.

“I don’t think we should do this too much more,” Ethan said. “I love Carrie too much to keep lying to her.”

Claudia nodded. “I understand. I shouldn’t be so selfish. I know how much she loves you. But will you help me out just this one time?”

Ethan thought about it. This was not the right thing to do. He knew he should tell her no, but he found it was much too difficult, much more so than he thought it would be. It was so much easier just to go along with it.

“Okay,” he said, and immediately regretted it.

Claudia’s face lit up. “Good.”

Ethan smiled, despite how he felt. How could he ever be honest to Carrie when he was betraying her every chance he got?

“Let’s go to the basement so I can wash up,” he said. He led her to the narrow exterior stairway that led down to the basement workshop. Another door led from the workshop to the rest of the basement. Claudia went to explore while Ethan washed his hands.

She discovered the small, finished office in the corner, opposite the washer and dryer.

“This is nice,” she said. Ethan stood in the doorway, drying his hands with an old towel. His erection pushed out the front of his shorts like a tent.

“This is my Dad’s office,” he said. “He doesn’t use it as much as he used to.”

“Good, then he won’t bother us,” Claudia said, holding out her hand for him. “Come on, my husband will be waiting for me.”

Ethan tossed the towel and went to her. “What do you want to do?” he asked.

“I want to give you head, what do you think I want to do?”

She pushed him back into the chair behind the desk and dropped to her knees before him. His shorts came down in her hands with a quick tug. Ethan’s cock jumped up in her face. Ethan held the arms of the large leather chair. Claudia’s hands closed around the shaft and she popped the head between her plump lips. She moaned. Her tongue rippled around his bare cock and her lips sucked it like a vacuum cleaner.

Ethan closed his eyes. Her mouth moved rapidly up and down on his shaft. She obviously didn’t have time to wait to make him come. She had to make it happen soon. He didn’t mind giving her what she wanted, but it didn’t make him feel any less guilty.

The phone rang and Ethan almost jumped out of the chair. Claudia froze with his cock in her mouth, looking up at him. The phone rang again. Ethan answered it.

“Hello?” he said, desperately hoping it was a wrong number.

“Hi,” Carrie answered in her cheery, lyrical voice.

“Hi, Carrie,” Ethan said, looking down at Claudia. Her eyes grew wide, and her lips broke into a grin around his cock. She sucked it deep to the back of her mouth.

“Are you busy?” Carrie asked.

Ethan wanted to say yes, but how could he tell her that her own mother was busy giving him head?

“No,” he lied. “I was just working on my car. I think I can make it go faster now.”

“Oh, great,” Carrie giggled. “That’s just what you need.”

Ethan laughed. Claudia sucked the head of his cock hard and he had to fight back a deep moan.

“Guess what?” Carrie said.


“My Mom’s going away.”

“Really? Where’s she going?” He looked at Claudia while he said it. She looked back at him, licking the head of his cock like an ice cream cone.

“She’s going to the cabin with my Dad for a whole week.”

“Yeah?” He grinned at Claudia. She blushed, closed her eyes, and bobbed her head faster. Ethan’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“You know what that means?” Carrie said. “We get to be alone for a whole week.”

“Are you sure you want to be alone with me?” Ethan joked.

“Yes, silly,” Carrie giggled. “Maybe we’ll do something we’ve never done before.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Tell me what you’d like to do.”

Ethan thought for a moment. “I’d like to kiss you all over,” he whispered. Claudia looked up at him with a startled expression. Ethan had to hold back a laugh.

“I’d let you do that,” Carrie said. Her voice sounded breathy over the phone. “I’d like to do that to you, too.”

“You would?”

“Yes,” she sighed. Her voice trembled. “Are you hard right now?”


“Will you take it out for me?”

“Yes,” Ethan said.

Carrie waited a moment. canlı bahis siteleri “Stroke it for me, just like I would. Pretend it’s my hand around it.”

Ethan sighed. Carrie’s mother was pushing the head of his cock deep over her tongue to the back of her mouth, like she was trying to take it down her throat.

“Are you touching yourself?” Ethan said. Claudia looked up at him again.

“Yes,” Carrie said. “I have my hand in my pants.”

“Oh god,” Ethan moaned. He cupped Claudia’s jaw in his hand and shot a wad of come on the roof of her mouth. She squealed, her eyes wide open, and sucked it up as fast as she could. Ethan’s hips bucked up, jamming his cock into her mouth.

“What happened?” Carrie said. “Did I make you come?”

“Yes,” Ethan groaned.

Carrie giggled. “Good. Tonight you can make me come. I’ll see you after work.”

“Okay,” Ethan said. She said a quick goodbye and hung up. Claudia was already rising to her feet and wiping her mouth as he set the phone down.

“What was that all about?” Claudia said.

“She wants to lick me all over.”

Claudia smiled. “I’m not surprised. Just don’t hurt my baby with that thing,” she said, and glanced down at his penis. She tugged her tight skirt up over her hips, exposing her lower body and the garter belt and stockings that covered her firm thighs. Claudia’s body was perfect. If Ethan didn’t know her and her daughter so intimately, he might have trouble determining who was younger. Claudia folded her arms behind her, pulled down the zipper and loosened the front of her dress. She pulled it down and bared her breasts. She was not wearing a bra.

“If I was Carrie, and I had chosen you to take my virginity, I don’t think I ever would have wanted to be with another man,” she said, as she set her ass on the edge of the desk and parted her thighs. “Don’t be surprised if Carrie feels the same way.”

“How do you know she wants me to be the guy?” Ethan said. His penis was throbbing back to complete hardness.

Claudia stopped adjusting her dress and looked at him. “Trust me. I can see it in her eyes. Now come over here and give me that tool. I’ve been waiting too long.” Her hands rubbed the insides of her thighs.

Ethan lifted his feet out of his shorts and stood up. His dick was hard enough to stand up on its own.

Claudia’s chest heaved as she watched Ethan approach. He put his hand over her breast. She put her hand around his pole, spread her thighs wider, and rubbed the head along her slit. Ethan leaned forward and kissed her. Both of his hands squeezed her tits. Their lips were locked together and their tongues twirled around each other. She managed to slip the head of his cock into her vagina. She locked her legs around the backs of his thighs and began to pull him into her.

Ethan’s hands slipped down to her waist. “Turn around,” he whispered.

“What?” she said. Her calves slipped off his legs. His cock dropped from her hole.

Ethan spun her around. She put her hands on top of the desk. “Bend over,” he whispered in her ear. His cock lodged itself between the soft, white cheeks of her ass. He pressed his hips forward. Claudia moaned. She sprawled forward on the desk. Her tits flattened on the hard top. Ethan forced her stockinged thighs apart. Claudia tried to look back over her shoulder at him, but couldn’t turn her head that far. Ethan touched her pussy. His finger slipped into her.

“I hope this doesn’t wrinkle your dress,” Ethan said. “I wouldn’t want your husband to wonder what you were doing.”

“My husband can go to hell,” she said, her teeth gritted together. “Now, for god’s sake, get that thing inside me.” Her hands grasped desperately at the smooth desktop, but there was nothing to hold on to.

Ethan found the opening of her pussy with the head of his cock. She was extremely wet. Her mouth hung open in desperate anticipation. Ethan put both hands around her waist, just above the curve of her hips, held her tightly, and thrust his hips forward. His entire cock plunged up into her wet hole. Claudia’s head jerked up, but she only whimpered. Ethan drew back his hips and rammed his cock into her again. Claudia whimpered again. The muscles on the back of her neck and shoulders were tight.

Ethan wondered what the hell he was doing. He felt guilty for fucking Carrie’s Mom behind Carrie’s back because he knew how much it would hurt her if she found out, and he felt angry that Claudia was using him and betraying her daughter, and he was trying to take it out on her by fucking her as hard as could, as if he was trying to punish her or hurt her.

He slowed down and released his vise-grip around her waist. Claudia sighed gratefully. Ethan stroked her back tenderly and ground his hips back and forth slowly. His fingertips moved down her spine and made her shiver. Claudia let out a deep sigh. She lowered her head back to the desktop, resting her cheek on the surface. Her cunt made wet, sucking noises as Ethan moved his cock in and out of her. Each breath from her lips was followed by a soft moan.

Ethan ran his hands up her slender sides. He touched the sides of her flattened breasts. She arched her back in and pushed her ass up. The better angle let his cock slide a little deeper into her.