Eric’s Screening Pt. 03

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Mallory left for the cafeteria. Now that she was alone, she could spend some time thinking about all that she had just witnessed. Watching Eric orgasm like that was… incredible. She could feel a familiar rush in her lower abdomen just at the memory. And the prostate exam? She had offered so many times to touch him there and he had always refused. With the events of today, she hoped that he’d change his mind on that front.

It was a challenge to eat the sandwich and chips. She sat in the cafeteria, silent and trying to ignore the increasingly wet sensation in her underwear. Hospital food was far from sexy, which helped her keep herself together, but she kept thinking about Eric. The minutes went by slowly. She checked her watch. It had been thirty-seven minutes. Good enough.

Procedure Room 1 was easy to find. A nurse was outside and eyed Mallory suspiciously. “Can I help you with something?” he asked.

“My boyfriend is in there. Eric Montgomery.”

The nurse checked his clipboard. “Alright. You can go in.” He opened the door for her and Mallory was immediately greeted by the sight of her boyfriend, face down on an exam table. He was completely naked and the exam table had been bent slightly so he was essentially in the knee-chest position but the exam table was supporting him underneath. His legs were spread open and tied down with soft restraints. He was hooked up to an EKG and an IV stand was in the corner, although he didn’t appear to have an IV placed. He didn’t look up at her entry.

Around him, a few nurses and Dr. Hayes were getting set up still. She paid little mind to what they were doing and instead walked over to Eric and gave his hand a tight squeeze.

He looked up at her, his eyes sleepy. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” she said. “Did they sedate you?”

“A little bit. I’m tired.”

“You can sleep if you want,” she said, rubbing his hand softly.

“No no,” he replied. “I’m not that tired.” He cleared his throat. “Mallory, they gave me three enemas. Three.”

“Okay. How was that?”

“Terrible.” There was a sense of doom in his voice. Mallory had a feeling though that it was only going to get worse from here.

“How are we doing over here?” Dr. Hayes asked, approaching the exam table. She was already gloved.

“Ready for this to be over,” Eric answered.

“That’s fair. Well, we’re really just about done with everything. What I’m going to be doing now is a more thorough examination of canlı bahis şirketleri your rectum and colon. I’ll first use a rectal speculum to take a look. Then, we’ll be doing a colonoscopy. It’ll all be over pretty quickly.”

“Fine,” Eric said.

A nurse wheeled over an instrument tray and Dr. Hayes picked up a bottle of lubricant. She covered two fingers with the lubricant and got behind Eric, between his spread legs.

“Okay, you’ll feel me insert a finger now. The important thing here is to just relax. I’m ensuring that you’re relaxed before the rest of the procedures for today, okay?”

Eric made a mumbling sound that appeared to be a “yes.” Mallory could see very clearly as Dr. Hayes spread his cheeks slightly and then started to insert a finger. Eric didn’t move or groan this time. It would appear that he had grown more accustomed to the sensation now. Her finger slid in to its entirety easily and Mallory watched as Dr. Hayes gently moved her finger in and out and around.

“Very good,” Dr. Hayes said. “You’re quite relaxed. Two fingers now.” Her middle finger joined her index finger and she slowly began to probe his rectum with the two of them together. At this, Eric did let out a small gasp but he didn’t move.

“Deep breaths,” Dr. Hayes coaxed. Eric complied, inhaling deeply.

Dr. Hayes took her time with the two fingers. In and out. Around in circles. Mallory hadn’t picked up on the fact that nearly every muscle in his back and buttocks was tense until she saw them visibly relax. At that point, Dr. Hayes stopped and withdrew her fingers. “Good. The speculum will feel a bit different but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful, okay?”

She didn’t wait for a response. The nurse had already handed her the speculum-lengthy and heavy looking. Mallory could see the lubricant practically dripping off of it. Within a moment, Dr. Hayes started to insert the speculum.

“Oof,” Eric groaned, his muscles starting to tense again.

“Almost in,” Dr. Hayes said. And she pushed it in quickly, fully inserting the speculum.

“Not so bad,” Eric whispered, looking up at Mallory.

But then Dr. Hayes said “You’ll feel me open it now,” and his eyes got wide.

Mallory couldn’t see into his rectum the same way that Dr. Hayes could. But she could see that the blades of the speculum were widening. At this, Eric started to pant. Mallory rubbed his hand again.

“There,” Dr. Hayes said. The nurse brought canlı kaçak iddaa over a penlight and Dr. Hayes took her time looking inside. Mallory peered over Eric’s back again. The blades of the speculum had been opened at least 2 inches.

“Alright, everything looks good,” the doctor said after a minute. “I’ll close and withdraw the speculum.”

That part took just a few seconds. The speculum practically popped out of him and Dr. Hayes placed it upon the tray.

“Can you help get him onto his side?” Dr. Hayes asked the nurse.

Getting Eric onto his left side took the help of two nurses and Mallory, who helped him position his arms and heads comfortably with the nurses expertly guided his back and legs into the proper placement. Eric was completely passive and cooperative-an effect of the sedatives perhaps, but Mallory suspected that he was just hoping to get it over and done with.

Once he was positioned, the nurse brought over a stool for Mallory to sit on. She sat straight ahead from his face and took his hand again. Eric’s eyes stayed closed and his body was still.

Dr. Hayes stepped behind him. Mallory couldn’t see much of the equipment but could tell that there was a monitor. One nurse stayed next to Dr. Hayes and the other stayed by Eric’s head, clearly tasked with monitoring his vital signs.

“How do you feel, Eric?” Dr. Hayes asked.

“Fine, I guess,” Eric mumbled sleepily.

“Would you like to be further sedated?”

“No thank you,” he responded more clearly.

“Okay. We’re going to get started with the colonoscopy. You’ll feel some pressure from the scope and I’ll also be pumping in some gas to expand the walls of your colon slightly. This might feel a bit strange and you may feel bloated. But if you start feeling pain, I want you to tell me.”

From her position, Mallory could see the long black scope, lighted at the end. Dr. Hayes held it in her hand and then started to advance it towards his anus. Given that its thickness was barely more than that of the doctor’s finger, Mallory wasn’t surprised when Eric appeared to barely notice the initial insertion. The scope appeared to be moving through his rectum and into his colon quickly. Mallory couldn’t see much on the screen but could gather with the flashes of light that things were moving fast.

“Some air now,” Dr. Hayes said and Mallory heard a soft puffing sound. Eric flinched and jerked his hand back towards his abdomen. Mallory canlı kaçak bahis grabbed his hand again and clasped it tightly.

“It’s okay,” she soothed.

“Ugh that feels so weird,” he groaned.

Dr. Hayes had slowed down slightly, taking her time to get a better look. This part of the procedure seemed to last forever. The scope was very slowly advanced and Dr. Hayes kept peering into the monitor and occasionally pumped more gas. Each time Eric would shift slightly or mumble a protest. But Dr. Hayes continued. Mallory, for her part, tried to be a source of comfort. But how comforted could someone actually be when a scope was traveling through their bowel?

Finally, after a period of nearly a half hour, Dr. Hayes announced that everything looked fine and that she would withdraw the scope. That part took barely over a minute and then it was over. The scope was placed neatly on a tray and for the first time, Mallory got a good look at its length. It was at least five feet long! She was shocked at how well Eric had been able to tolerate something like that.

“Eric, you’re all done for today. You did well, and you’re approved to be a test patient. Nurse Emily is going to take you to a recovery room so you can relax for a bit and so the sedative can start to wear off. Do you have any questions for me?”

“Will I have to do all this every time?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like are all the medical students going to be doing this stuff to me? Like if I go in cuz I break a finger or something, they’ll scope me like this?”

“No, Eric. You don’t have to worry about something like that. However, you will be offered cash incentives if you submit to certain procedures. Today was just to ensure that there were no obvious health issues.”

The nurses helped Eric roll onto a gurney. The one named Emily looked down at Eric and said: “I’ll take you to the recovery room now.”

Mallory followed them. Another patient was wheeled by, and it was the same female patient from earlier. She was also on a gurney, but was attached to an IV and looked exhausted. Mallory wondered what she had gone through.

The recovery room was quiet, despite the fact that two other patients were in there along with a support person for each of them.

“Cash incentives,” Eric mumbled, as soon as Nurse Emily left them.


“They give cash incentives for some stuff. Mallory, you can do it too. Let’s save up for a house.”

Mallory thought of the exhausted looking female patient from just a few minutes before. But then she also thought of the way Dr. Hayes had stimulated Eric to orgasm and awakened a new source of pleasure.

“Yeah. I think that sounds like a great idea,” she smiled.