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Lunch hour was over and most residents had retired to their quarters to nap, watch T V or read. A few had gone out by the pool but not Edna, she had taken Lionel back to her room to have sex.

She was sitting on his groin, his hard cock stuck deep in her pussy. Her hands were on his chest and she was smiling down at him. At least, she was trying to smile, but each time she rose up a little, his firm little prick rubbed against her ‘G’ spot and the erotic feeling made her gasp and her eyes roll back in her head.

She stopped for a moment and thought, “I hope I finish before they find out he’s not in his room.”

Her door was locked but she knew that the orderlies would break out the master keys if they missed him and tried her door. For some reason they always looked in her room first when any of the male residents were unaccounted for.

She still longed for Otis, the big black attendant that used to ‘service’ her. She remembered how she would get on her bed on her hands and knees, and he would stand behind her, throw her gown up over her ass and plug his huge, beautiful, black cock into her. He wouldn’t even take off his pants, just pull the zipper down, take out that magnificent dick and cram it in her hot box from behind.

The first time he fucked her it hurt a little but she soon learned to lube up just before he came by for the evening check. Early on she didn’t have the proper pussy grease but later she found that butter pats from the dining room worked almost as well. He wanted to fuck her in the poop chute but he was so big that, even with the butter, she feared for her ass hole. Still, they had a hot three weeks before they caught him and fired his ass. Oh, well…

Back to this puny little cock that was sliding in and out of her sensitive cunt now. By raising up a little she could massage her clit with her finger while Lionel’s dick massaged the inside of her responsive hole. Edna smiled at him again while she tickled the lips of her pussy. She had already had one orgasm but she wanted to cum again and maybe even a third time before she let him blow his load.

She renewed her posting and soon felt the unmistaken feelings that were overtaking her entire body. With a quiver and a gasp, she welcomed the euphoria of climax as it washed over her. She was sitting still, her head down and her face almost hidden by her hair when she felt him stir. He was trying to pump her from below, driving what little bit of cock he had even deeper into her. She sighed and resumed her posting although she was incredibly sensitive. Maybe she could cum one more time.

She was smiling down at him when she thought, “Come on you listless son-of-a-bitch, fuck me harder. Pound that meat into me. Don’t you let that scrawny little dick fade away now, just when it’s got me going again. Shit, if it goes soft you better be ready to eat my pussy till I cum one more time.”

She was still smiling when she said out loud, “Would it be better if I sucked on you in the sixty-nine position? When I was younger I was pretty good at that.”

She mused to herself, “Good hell, I could suck the paint off a fire hydrant.”

He mumbled something that she took as a yes so she switched ends, positioning her pussy directly over his face while she swallowed his almost soft dick. It was so small she could get all of it in her mouth and it didn’t even touch the back of her throat. She savored the taste of her own juice on his pecker as she tried to suck the semen out of his uncooperative balls. She plopped her body down, feeling his nose slip into her wet snatch. She rubbed herself back and forth on his schnozz while she licked his soft pole like a candy. Sucking the head into her mouth she lashed at it with her tongue, probing at the slit, encircling the rim and caressing the soft, sensitive skin of the helmet.

She knew she had him when she felt his tongue tentatively probe at her pussy and felt his cock growing in her hand again. She renewed her efforts, sucking and bobbing her head up and down and soon he was bucking from below, fucking her mouth with his prick and her cunt with his tongue.

He filled her mouth with his cum and at almost the same moment she pushed her pussy hard against his mouth and had her third orgasm. “Oh. God, YES! YES!! YES!!”

Edna didn’t want to swallow the yellow goop but it was better than getting out of bed right now and she sure as hell didn’t want to spit it out on her clean sheets that she just got that morning. Oh well, there wasn’t that much anyway. She rolled over and collapsed in the bed along side of Lionel.

Again he mumbled something she couldn’t hear or understand. “Not right now love, you just get your stuff together and run along. I want to take a nap. I’ll see you later at dinner or tomorrow at lunch. We’ll do it again sometime.”

She pushed him out of bed, leaving him standing there, nude, his dripping dick hanging down, completely spent. Like a man in a trance, he put on his under shorts and let himself out, walking illegal bahis down the hall with his shoes and the rest of his clothes in his arms. He still had his socks on.

Edna mused to herself, “I’ve got to be more selective in my choice of men. These older guys can’t keep it up long enough to do me any good.”


She thought back to the time she first felt a hard prick. She had left many a young man panting on her doorstep after a hot session of kissing and groping but she really didn’t know what it was all about. She had seen her dad naked but his dick was soft and not very big. The other girls had told her how hard they got but no one had told her how big they got. She knew that her pussy dripped juice every time she got into one of these hot petting sessions and she let the guy feel her breasts and even let one put his hand on her cunt.

Just before she was ready to go off to collage in the fall, Edna accepted a date with Todd James, her best friends brother. Todd was home on leave from the army and on Friday night he took her to see a movie at the local drive-in.

She was in the front seat of Todd’s car, parked way in the back. He was kissing her and feeling her tits. Edna moved a little to give him better access and her hand accidentally brushed against the front of his trousers. The lump was huge and solid as a rock. She had to see it! She ran the zipper down and tried to pull it out but it was so big it was trapped inside his pants. He undid his belt, opened the top button, rose up in the seat a little and slid the offending clothing down his legs, out of the way. His beautiful cock leaped out at her, proud, long and very hard.

She marveled at the size and firmness of it and how good it felt in her hand. She caressed it a few times and was about to kiss it the way the other girls had told her when it erupted, spewing his young man-seed all over both of them. She continued to milk it while his hand found it’s way under her skirt and met her wet panties. As he had done, she slid them down her legs and gave him full access to her sloppy slit.

In just a moment his finger was inside her and she was lost in the ecstasy of sex. He only fucked her four or five strokes before she had her first orgasm with another person. She was jerking and quivering so spasmodically that it startled Todd.

“Edna, Are you alright?”

“Yes, I think so. I never did anything that felt like that before. I feel drained and want to go home now.”

“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Yes, I think I would like that.”

Saturday morning, she couldn’t wait to tell Thelma, Todd’s sister, what had happened. Edna told her everything and that she had another date with him that evening.

Thelma asked, “Are you going to let him screw you?”

“I don’t know. It just depends. I’ll just see what happens,” lied Edna. She knew that Todd would fuck her and if he didn’t, she was going to fuck him.

When Todd called for her Saturday evening about seven o’clock, he had a half-pint bottle of Southern Comfort and a six-pack of bottled Coca-Cola. They went directly to a ‘make out’ spot down by the lake and he spread a blanket out on the bank. Crouching on the blanket, he very carefully poured out about a third of the Coke in the sand and refilled the bottle with the liquor.

He handed Edna the bottle but she pushed it aside and rushed into his arms, kissing him so hard that he fell over backwards with her on top of him. They rolled around until he was on top of her, one of his legs between hers and his stiff cock pushed hard against her thigh through his trousers. The forgotten coke lay on the ground, the contents leaking into the sand.

She surrendered to him as he pulled her sweater up and sucked on her nipple, still covered by her bra. In just a moment she popped the tit out of the confining support as his hand went under her skirt and massaged the wet crotch of her panties. As she had done the night before, she hooked her thumbs in the waist of the panties and slid them down her legs and off, baring her pussy to his adventurous hands.

While he was busy exploring this newfound territory, Edna busied herself with undoing his jeans. In a heartbeat they were open, pulled down below his ass and his masterful cock was once again standing straight out, surveying that which it was about to conquer.

Todd dropped between her legs and rubbed the bulbous head of his prick against the wet lips of her hot pussy. Although, technically, she was a virgin, her hymen had long ago been ruptured so there was very little resistance when he slid his smooth meat into her. She winced a little at this first penetration but very soon was overtaken by the rapture of this wondrous instrument sliding in and out of her, tenderly caressing the ‘g’ spot and filling her lower body with it’s warm presence.

She almost screamed with the delight of her first sexual intercourse. The sensation of the hard piece of man-flesh rubbing, caressing, stroking the sensitive area between illegal bahis siteleri her legs was indescribable. She bucked against him so hard that her ass was off the ground while her arms beat a tattoo against the blanket. His ass clinched each time he drove himself into her. When the climax finally overtook her it was so intense that her entire body stiffened, her eyes rolled back in her head and she was gasping for breath, uttering a low wail.

The orgasm left her so weak she was just laying there when she felt his sperm pulsing deep into her receptive snatch. They fucked twice more before he took her home that evening. Edna couldn’t see him on Sunday but they had three more sessions before he left to go back to his post on Thursday.

Edna aroused herself with a start. “Enough of this reminiscence shit! I just cleaned myself up for dinner and now my pussy is dripping wet again. Oh well, as I remember, it was one of the best pieces of ass I ever had. I wonder what ever happened to Todd?”


Edna noticed the new resident the moment she walked into the dining room. He was a tall man, slender, with a bearing that hinted of strength and was sitting at one of the small tables by the door, alone.

She marched right up to him, stuck out her hand and said, “Hi, you’re new here aren’t you? I’m Edna Collins.”

He took her hand and stood up. “Hello Edna Collins, I’m Albert Finch but most people call me Al or Captain, and you’re right, I just got here today.”

“How come you don’t have an escort Al? They usually give you one for the first day or so.”

“They said they were short handed so I told them I was a big boy and could find my was around by myself. It looks like I already found my way around something nice.”

“Well, thank you, you certainly are a big boy. Can I join you for dinner?”

“Of course, I would welcome the company, especially company as nice as you.”

They had a pleasant meal with buffet items carefully selected from the steam table. She learned that he had recently retired from a life at sea. When he was younger, after he got out of the navy, he had been the captain of a small oil tanker and as he got older and married, he stayed ashore as a harbor pilot. His wife died five years ago so, with no other family, he sold everything, bought a 38-foot sailboat and spent the next few years bumming around the world. Last year, he found he could no longer handle the boat by himself so he sold it and applied to enter this assisted living facility.

Dinner was over, she was sipping a glass of iced tea and he had a cup of black coffee, when she said, “What you need is a shot of good bourbon to spice up that coffee.”

“Oh, God, what would I have to do to get that? They told me there was no booze allowed in here.”

She gave him a little sideways look and said, “Well, I’ve got a bootleg bottle of Black Jack in my apartment and I am sure we could find something for you to do to earn it, if you’re interested.”

He cocked his head, smiled and said, “I’m very interested.”

“They don’t like it when two residents go back to either’s rooms so wait a couple of minutes and then come up to A312. I don’t have anything to mix with the bourbon.”

“No problem, I like bourbon and water or even bourbon and bourbon.”

“Okay, see you in a few minutes.”

Edna left the dining hall, went straight to her rooms and slipped into something more comfortable (a dressing gown) without underwear.

At his knock, she cracked the door open, made sure there was no one in the hall and quickly ushered him inside. Before he had a chance to say anything, she jumped on the front of him like a monkey, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his groin. When she kissed him, it was long and lingering and her almost bare breasts were grinding into him. He had no option but to wrap his arms around her and support her with his hands. He was kneading her ass with his hands as he kissed and by the time they broke, they were both panting.

“Damn! I like the way you serve your bourbon!”

“I could tell! I think you’ve got a hard on. Well, if you want some more, it’s through that door in the bedroom.”

He laughed as he carried her into the bedroom and deposited her on the bed. Rather than lay down, she landed on her knees and busied herself with the buttons on his shirt. When he began to help, she moved down to his belt and the front fasteners of his trousers. She pulled the zipper and then his trousers down and, in one quick movement, shook her gown off, leaving her completely nude.

She “OOHed” when she pulled his boxers down and his beautiful, hard dick flopped out, standing proud. It had a slight upward hook and although it wasn’t overly long it was very fat. She couldn’t even close her hand around it.

He pushed her backwards across the bed and she raised and opened her legs, giving him access to her wet pussy from where he stood on the floor. He gathered her legs together and pulled them against canlı bahis siteleri his chest with her heels alongside his face, then positioned the head of his plump pecker at the opening of her oozing slit. When he pushed a little it easily slid into her warm skin-sleeve, causing Edna to gasp at the erotic coupling.

Edna closed her eyes and just lay there, savoring the feeling of this firm man-meat as it eased in and out of her receptive cunt. Soon it was a lot more than just slipping in and out of her, he was hammering his cock into her like a pile driver. He too had his eyes closed. Holding on to her legs, he was lost in the euphoria of his sensitive dick being thrust, tine and time again, into the moist, warm gash that so readily accepted it.

His mind was completely closed to any stimulus except for the softness of the flesh caressing the length of his prick as it moved back and forth in her sweet spot. He soon became aware that Edna was moaning, obviously in the throes of climax. It was just the trigger he needed and he felt the unmistakable rush of pleasure through his body as he neared his own orgasm. Harder, faster he pumped until, with a final plunge he spewed his long pent up semen into her.

Edna was almost comatose with the exhilaration of climax and didn’t object when Al slowly withdrew his softening dick from her sloppy pussy. He pushed her aside, flopped down on the bed and within seconds was snoring softly. She lay on her back alongside of him, basking in the afterglow of the successful union of their bodies. Her last conscious thought before she drifted off to sleep was “I wonder if he eats pussy?”


The dream that Edna dredged up out of her past was vivid. It was her first boyfriend Todd fucking her again and again. Then she was telling Todd’s sister Thelma about it.

They were in Thelma’s bedroom and Edna was describing everything in intimate detail. She told how Todd’s prick had looked and felt in her hand and how he had put it inside her pussy. She described how it wonderful the sensation was as he pushed it in and out of her cunt.

Thelma was rubbing her own pussy when she said, “I knew he had a big dick. I once peeked into his room when he was jacking off. I was amazed at how rough he handled it and how much cum there was when he shot off. I went back to my room and fucked myself with a cucumber till I came.”

“It looks like you are going to do it again now.” Edna pushed her hand away and replaced it with her own. “Why don’t you let me help you? Slide your shorts down.”

“I will if you will.”

In just a moment both girls were nude and giggling. Cautiously, Edna rubbed her finger across the lips of Thelma’s pussy. Thelma gasped, put her hands on Edna’s hand, holding the finger against her weeping cunt, closed her eyes and smiled.

Edna was plunging the finger in and out of Thelma when she asked, “Have you ever done this before?”

“I’ve done it to myself but I never did it with another person. Let me do it to you while you are doing it to me.”

“Okay but let me try something first. Sit back and spread your legs. Someone told me about this and I want to try it.”

Edna got on her knees in front of her friend and put her mouth against the weeping pussy. When she parted the lips of the slit with her tongue, Thelma let out a loud gasp of exhilaration.


Although this was a new adventure for Edna, she just did the things she would like to have done to herself. Within a very short space of time, Thelma was squirming in pleasure as Edna’s soft tongue caressed her sensitive snatch. Thelma’s first climax caused by someone other than herself was indescribable and may have set the course of her future life.

When they kissed, Edna offered no resistance when Thelma licked the pussy juice from her face and then slowly licked her way down, across her stomach and on down to Edna’s cunt. Edna was lost! She couldn’t decide which was better, Todd’s dick fucking her or this supple tongue that was performing magic in her responsive slit. The orgasm that followed was every bit as good as the one caused by that wonderful dick inside of her but completely different and certainly, just as enjoyable.

In her dream, Edna remembered that she and Thelma had sex almost every night for the next two months, until they went off to school. Edna mused that perhaps it was a good thing that they didn’t both go to the same collage or she might have turned into a lesbian like Thelma. She really liked being bi-sexual.


The knocking on her door roused her from the dream. She was aware of the clock but was still groggy as she made her way to the door and looked through the security peephole. Recognizing the figure there, she quickly opened the door and threw her arms around him.

“Otis! What in the world are you doing here? I thought they fired you.”

“Naw, they just moved me over to the men’s residence in ‘C’ wing.”

“Well, come on in. What are you doing here? It must be almost nine o’clock.”

“That’s why I’m here. It’s way after nine o’clock and one of my residents is missing. Do you know Albert Finch?”

“Well, er yes, he’s in the bedroom. Do you have to take him away? I’m not finished with him yet.”