Edmond Junior College

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**This is an older story that was rediscovered while searching through old back up disks. Leave some feedback and I’ll continue it!**

It was the third week of school and the adjustment period to college life from home life was in full swing. Most of the girls at Edmond Junior College were excited and sad to leave their parents, feeling that they had their freedom at long last and would have no problems being on their own. Well, most except for Jenn Smith.

Jenn had been struggling with her class load; she wanted to complete her degree in 2 years, instead of the 3 or 4 that most girls took. She was dangerously close to failing her American History class, and she knew that if she failed, she wouldn’t graduate.

‘Oh shit,’ she thought while sitting in class one afternoon. ‘I just can’t take three years off my life for this shit hole.’ She was sitting in her History class and Mr. Johnson was doing his normal job of ogling her. He had moved her up to the front of the class so she’d pay better attention. The only thing that happened was he started paying better attention to her. She had tried playing this to its advantage, wearing short skirts and tight shirts. Then a thought struck her. ‘Ooh, maybe I can get out an A out of here.’ An evil grin crossed her face and she rose from her seat.

“Yes Miss Smith?” he sighed. He hated being interrupted in lecture. His eyes went down her body and then back up again, never going farther than her nearly exposed white panties under her mini skirt, never going up past her tight t-shirt clad tits.

“Sorry Mr. Johnson, I need to use the ladies room?” she said innocently, the tip of her pink tongue snaking out to moisten her lips. She bit lightly on her bottom lip while smiling and her sapphire eyes drifted over the top of her silver rimmed glasses, begging a response from the teacher.

“Yes Miss Smith, just be quick about it,” he said, gesturing to the door. Her face erupted into a smile and she nearly skipped out of the room, her tits bobbing ahead of her.

The hallways were just beginning to fill, with this being the second to last period of the day, several students simply left class for jobs or any other excuse they could come up with. She moved through the sparsely populated hall quickly, wanting to get down to the bathroom.

Jenn moved down the stairs quickly, and went into the bathroom on the second floor of the business school’s main building. She found an empty stall and sat down. Her shirt came off first, shaking her long hair out of her pony tail, letting it fall over her shoulders. She unsnapped her lace bra and took it off. The bra hit the floor and she noticed how cold it was in the bathroom, and she noticed too, the effect that it had on her nipples, making them stand out like little pink erasers on her tanned tits. Her hands went up to play with them, stroking the soft under flesh of her breast and twisting the nipples slightly at the same time. She sighed involuntarily, maybe a little too loudly, just as a small group of girls poured into the bathrooms.

They were giggling about something, Jenn thought they were freshmen from the sounds of it; no group of girls in their early twenties could be that bubbly. She should have known the girls, small as the classes were at Edmond’s, but she couldn’t place their voices.

“Oh my god,” one of them said in her high pitched voice, “I would have just died. I mean, if I was fingering myself and the coach walked in and saw it.”

“Uh huh,” said another girl. “But, even with the coach in there, Mandy didn’t stop or anything. She just spread her legs wider and opened herself canlı bahis up with her fingers, almost as if she wanted coach to see.”

“What did the coach do?” asked yet a third girl.

“Well, that’s the cool part,” said the second girl. “She went down on Mandy.”

Jenn’s world almost stopped. She came at once, without warning, and she suddenly had a whole new impression of their Physical Education instructor, Coach Green.

“Oh wow,” said the first girl. “Why does stuff like that never happen to me? Just hearing about it makes me want to finger myself, or better yet, have Coach Green do it.”

Jenn’s mind was going crazy. She had to get herself off, and she found that she was furiously rubbing her clit, her ample juices soaking her finger tips. She could picture the short fiery gym coach between her legs, Jenn’s fingers were replaced by the coach’s tongue. She had to work to keep her balance, even while sitting, to not fall forward with her rapidly building orgasm. She felt it start in her toes and at the very top of her head, her skin buzzing and her senses reeling.

“No kidding,” said the first girl. “I’ve been shaving my bush for Phys Ed for the last 2 semesters in this shit hole, and I think it’s about time my bald little cunt sees some action.” Jenn’s mind went ballistic. She heard every last word of what was said, she listened carefully, but she couldn’t place the voice. There were 350 girls in the school, but only 75 girls in her class, but surely, between the three of them, there should be one voice that she’d remember.

“Oh, what I wouldn’t give to feel a nice velvety tongue against my clit,” the second voice said dreamily. “Mandy’s one lucky cunt. As much as Coach works out, she’s gotta be a lesbian,” the second voice said again.

“Jesus, what are you doing?” the third voice said. Jenn heard something hit the floor over her heartbeat thundering in her ears, but she neither knew nor cared what it was. The feeling of her fingers working her pussy over, the thought of Coach Green eating her out, with her short brown hair tickling Jenn’s thighs was bringing her closer by the second. The tingle had traveled from her clenched and curled toes up her legs, and it had gone from her head down her neck, filling her ears with a light buzzing.

“Holy shit! Someone might come in and see you!” the first voice said through Jenn’s fog. She started hearing Coach Green’s sultry voice moaning as she strummed her pussy.

“I’m gonna eat your cunt until you cum, Jenn,” she heard. “I want to taste your fucking cunt’s cum and I want to drink you. I’m going to eat your sweet virgin cunt until your cum soaks through my fucking shirt, clear to my tits. I want you to drown me in your fuck juice, you little cunt,” she heard. She bit her lip hard to avoid moaning out loud, part of her mind still locked on the conversation outside her stall.

“I don’t fucking care! I need a cum so bad right now,” moaned the second voice. Jenn could smell another juicing cunt over the sweet aroma of her own, and her excitement grew.

“Oh god, that’s so hot!” the third voice said. “Can I…” she started.

“Yes!” hissed the second voice. “Get your tongue in my…” she ordered, her next words muffled by what Jenn could only imagine as the first girl kissing the second.

The symphony of moans in the bathroom grew, adding to Jenn’s excitement. Every sound was a moan or the wet noise of finger or tongue on cunt. Jenn’s nipples seemed to hum with the blinding, numbing ecstasy that was building in her body. The feeling was slowly snaking up her thighs like her last girl friend’s tongue.

“You bahis siteleri want me, don’t you Jenn,” came the Coach’s voice. “You want to eat my shaved snatch and make me cum, too, don’t you, you little fuck toy,” Jenn let loose a quiet moan, hoping that it was lost in the orgy of noise coming from the three girls not 10 feet away from her.

“Oh my God, oh my God!” the second voice cried out as it broke free of the lips of the first girl. “That’s it! Right there!” she panted hard. Jenn could almost see her face clenching up, just as hers was, waiting, savoring, and needing the coming orgasm. Jenn’s body began to shake and the tingling sensation picked up speed, covering her abdomen in record time, the flames of need tickling her pounding pussy with their tips.

“Oh fuck yes!” cried the voice in orgasm. Her next screams were blocked by the mouth of the first girl again, but Jenn heard her muffled cum clear as day.

Jenn’s body came. Her whole body tingled and twitched and convulsed. Her fingers were a blur in her pussy and on her clit and her cum dripped out of her like a faucet. Jenn’s body rocked with her muscles’ spastic contractions and she ached for the release of a second hard cum she felt building immediately.

“Cum, you worthless little twat. Cum for me again. Make your little cunt soak my face!” she heard Coach’s voice. Jenn could only obey at that point. The next orgasm made the first pale in comparison. Jenn lost the world, there was only the fireworks exploding in her fuzzy mind that echoed those erupting in her cunt. She felt her pussy clench hard and she felt herself cum, the gushing juice washing over her freshly pounded sex, making her body twitch and convulse even more, prolonging the orgasm, making her body squirt a few more shots as the orgasm washed over her in waves.

Jenn came to with the ringing of the buzzer at the end of the classes for the day. Her mind shook itself awake with the speed of someone who realizes they’ve slept through their alarm. She frantically looked for her panties, but they were gone. In their place around her feet was a cum soaked note that simply read, “Candy. Call me.” A second quick search revealed that her lacy bra had also been taken, but she had the oddest feeling she’d be getting them back.

Jenn flushed with embarrassment, but her pussy betrayed her and crunched down on nothing but empty air, her body curling up with the power of her twin orgasms. She wanted this girl, even though she’d never seen her face. She wasn’t even sure which girl in the lesbian trio Candy was.

Jenn pushed those thoughts away, gathered her things, noting that her back pack was wet from her puddle of cum, and went back to Mr. Johnson’s room. She wove through the crowded halls, hoping that the smell of soaked pussy didn’t get traced back to her, but a small part of her getting very excited that it might. That small part started swelling just at the top of her slit, and it wasn’t long before her clit was demanding attention, loving the feeling of the air moving around it and the soft pussy lips caressing it as Jenn maneuvered through the hall way.

Jenn took a deep breath as she knocked on the door frame to Mr. Johnson’s class and let herself in, the heavy door closing silently behind her.

“Miss Smith!” erupted the angry voice of Mr. Johnson. Jenn knew the Angry Voice quite well from the last few weeks of college. She turned back toward his door and walked inside. “Shut it,” the Angry Voice said again. She obeyed and turned to Mr. Johnson’s desk. His face was red, his lips were drawn tight, and the familiar deep and angry furrows bahis şirketleri were etched into his brow. Jenn blushed and felt very small at that moment, but still extremely excited and horny.

“Miss Smith, what possessed you to skip the rest of my class? I can understand leaving early for work or for other reasons, but look at yourself! Sloppy dress means sloppy habits! You don’t want to go through life just drifting along, barely passing the tests we’re given, do you? I can assure you that your behavior today has gone a long way to cementing your poor grade in my class and strengthening the odds that you’ll not pass my class this year!” Mr. Johnson raved on. It was nothing he hadn’t battle-axed into Jenn before, but this time she had the upper hand.

“…and your performance lately in my class is deplorable! Not even your teasing me with your short skirts and knickers will influence my decision…” he said. He stopped in mid-sentence. Jenn lifted the front of her skirt, exposing her finely furred blonde bush, still soaked with her juice before, glistening along with her thighs in the fluorescent light.

“What knickers?” Jenn asked innocently.

“But, before…” Mr. Johnson stammered, turning bright red and the anger melting from his expression like ice cream on a hot sidewalk.

“Before what? Were you trying to look at my pussy?” Jenn asked, still maintaining the innocence in her slutty voice. She unfastened her skirt and let it drop, very thankful that Mr. Johnson had a strict schedule with his office hours and no students would be in at the end of the day. She swung her hips as she crossed the room to his desk, Mr. Johnson’s eyes glued to her gleaming snatch. Jenn felt her pussy starting to heat up to its near-volcano temperature from earlier in the day and she felt more of her cum beginning to issue out onto her exposed pink snatch. She slowly rose a leg up and away from her body, turning it to rest on a desktop beside her, giving Mr. Johnson a clear view of her dripping snatch. She spread it lewdly with her left hand, softly stroking her clit with her index finger.

“Miss Smith, this is highly…” Mr. Johnson said, still trying to maintain composure.

“Delicious,” Jenn cut him off again, taking her middle finger from her clit and up to her mouth, sucking her cum from her digit like it was the last cock on earth. She moaned as she sucked and her right hand went up under her shirt to start mauling her tits.

“Maybe a good look at my pussy wasn’t what you were after,” Jenn said, letting her leg down. She took another few steps forward and turned slightly, sitting her bare, wet ass on his neatly organized desk. She spun toward him on the desk, placing one foot on each arm rest and pushing her knees wide open, exposing herself completely to him. “Come on Mr. Johnson, what do you want? I’ve never had a man before…lots of girls, but never a man. Would fucking my virgin pussy get me a higher grade? How about my ass? No one and nothing has ever been in there, but for you, Mr. Johnson,” she said sultrily, pulling his chair closer to the desk. She moaned slightly, her hand still working her tit. “Maybe you’d like to titty fuck me? I know their not huge, but I could suck your dick while I pump them around your shaft. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Jenn teased, lifting her shirt from her tits, letting his hungry eyes devour her pink nipples.

“Tell me what you want, and I’ll let you make me be sorry for skipping. I really am a bad girl, Mr. Johnson. I need to be punished, right here, right now,” Jenn said, sliding her ass forward on his desk. Mr. Johnson stood up and took his belt off, his eyes not leaving her blonde snatch.

“Punished. Yes, that’s what it’ll have to be, you little blonde slut,” Mr. Johnson said, taking his slacks off and waving his meat in front of Jenn’s widening hungry eyes.