Drifting Off

5 Ocak 2021 0 Yazar: admin


She looked out the window at the cold night and sparkling holiday lights decorating houses on her block. She knew everybody else was asleep at this hour of the morning, except of course the paper boy. He’d be around in about an hour or so, she’d hear the paper slap the driveway pavement directly outside her window. Funny how the dogs barked at the mailman but took no notice of the sound of the paper when it hit.

She turned and looked at her clock that said 2:54AM and added seven hours, wondering what he was doing at this very moment in time. She checked her e-mail a couple of times but nothing back from him so he must be busy with work or driving.

She sighed deeply and wondered how she got herself into this situation. Beautiful roses on the kitchen table reminding her of him and wonderful notes left on her computer when he had a chance. He was a wonderful man, loving, caring, and passionate, but a whole ocean divided them. illegal bahis Maybe a good thing, she thought, or she’d make up excuses to spend time with him and never get anything else accomplished.

She laid back on her bed, lights off, the sound of the canary singing made her smile. The poor thing had no idea if it was day or night anymore. Her hands slid down over the soft shirt she loved to wear. It was well worn and had begun to fray on the edges a bit but that made it all the more comfortable.

She had socks on tonight, earlier she’d been out hanging up the Christmas lights on the house with her daughter and hadn’t been able to shake the chill. At least the lights were up and blinking and only one string had blown a fuse so she counted that as good fortune since the lights were already several years old.

She slipped her stocking feet under the covers and felt the warmth begin to creep over her toes almost immediately. Her illegal bahis siteleri hands began to wander up to her nipples and gently roll them between her fingers, they loved the attention and hardened almost immediately. Thoughts and pictures began to run through her mind as she touched herself, of his voice and his image on her monitor. Those thoughts began a throbbing between her legs that were encouraged by her teasing her nipples.

She could feel how they both connected with one another and let one hand continue to roll her nipple while the other slipped down to her stomach and in between her legs. She felt the warmth spreading there already and slipped her fingers between the curly hairs. She spread her lips and felt the familiar wetness as her fingers dove deeper.

She let her fingers glide past her clit to her warm pussy and slightly enter with two fingers, just enough to tease and not strain to reach. Once they canlı bahis siteleri had dipped inside they were even wetter and she slid back up to her eager clit and touched it lightly. She imagined it was his tongue caressing her and wondered what his lips would feel like and what his hands would be doing or touching. How that filled her mind with images and sent her imagination reeling.

Her hands continued to stroke and rub her clit as her other hand massaged her breasts, careful not to favor one over the other. Her breathing quickened and her head went back, eyes closed, letting her mind fill with fantasies. What if he was laying beside her watching her play, or even stroking himself as he watched her? Just the thought made her squirm. It never took her very long and tonight was no exception as she felt herself close to the edge. The heat and the prickling sensation took hold and she brought herself to a quiet orgasm that hit her hard but like the waves in the ocean continued to roll over her and she felt the cum ooze between her legs onto the sheets. With a sigh she rolled over on her side and began to let herself slip off into a deep sleep. Until tomorrow night.