Dressed like a girl III

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Dressed like a girl IIILooking in the mirror I had to agree with Ann. The pink dress made my eyes look bluer and the white thights made the outfit. I turned side to side looking at myself. I lifted the hem up, and we seen the panties I was wearing. Megan slapped my hand and said good girls don’t do that. Ann went to the closet and came back with a black dress with white trim and a belt that tied in back. They unzipped the dress and slid it down. As I was stepping out of it Megan was sliding the black dress up my leg. When it was on and the belt tied I looked in the mirror. I had to admit it looked good on me.Ann pulled my hair back and held it back with baretts. I told them I looked silly like that. Megan agreed with me. We spent a couple of hours trying on dresses and skirts, when we heard Megan’s mother call her.I put my clothes on quality. Ann and I went up front. Thankfully Megan’s mother was in the kitchen. We went back malatya escort to my house. My mom asked who the girl was,I said she was Tom’s sister and we were playing since he was at scout camp. Mom said not to play any rough games with her. I said ok, and asked if we could play in my room. Mom said ok. We went to my bedroom and closed the door. I asked Ann to try on a pair of my underwear. She giggled and said ok. She reached under her dress and pulled off her panties. I handed her a clean pair, she pulled them up and shifted them around some. She asked how can boys wear these. She said their rough and the seam where the pee flap was rubbed her koochy. She took them off,before she put her panties back on I asked if I could feel her koochy. She said ok, I felt it,and asked where she peed from. She giggled and said from here silly and pointed at it. Oh, I said. She giggled and pulled her panties back on. She giggled escort malatya and said she knew where boys pee from, I said where,she said your peepee, that’s where.I knodded my head. She said we should go back to her house, I said ok. She asked if I had any of her panties, I said yes and went to my closet. I came back with three pair. She giggled and said I can keep two of them and I should wear one to school. I said I was afraid someone would see.She said no body would. I said I don’t know, and we went to her house. On the way there Megan and a friend met us. She said she wanted to show her friend what I was wearing. I wanted to die. Ann said ok, we’re going to my house. I told them I was going home, Ann and Megan took my hands and pulled me to her house. When we got there her mothers car was gone, so they pulled my to her bedroom. When we went in Megan pushed me on the bed. Her and Ann started pulling my pants malatya escort bayan down. When Victoria seen the panties and tights I was wearing, she said I looked silly. When they had my pants off, Ann pulled my shirt up. Victoria asked why I had her top on, Ann said she made me do it. Megan told Victoria to help her find something else to wear.When they came back they had a red dress with a belt and ribbon. I said I didn’t want to play this game any more. Ann said do it or else. She went to her dresser and opened a drawer. Victoria looked in it and pointed at something. Ann giggled and pulled out a full slip,and said to put it on. Victoria said I can’t wear white with the dress and gave me a pair of red panties and black tights. Megan and Ann started giggling and pulled down the other clothes I had on. Megan and Victoria stood there and stared at me. Victoria asked what that was, Ann said it was his peepee. She said that’s nasty. I said what’s wrong with it. She said I looked silly with it sticking out. I pushed my dick and balls between my legs and asked Better? I pulled up the panties and tights,Ann helped me pull the dress on and zipped it. We looked in the mirror.